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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 84th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

22 Mar C Battery 1st 84th 9th inf (drew sanseverino)
I served with 1st 84th artillery from june 1968 to june 1969 my name is Drew Sanseverino
05 Jan my name is Drew Sanseverino was called Sam (drew sanseverino)
I servied with C Battery from june 1968 to june 1969 on one mission we were droped in a 105 base camp on are 1st fire mission our gun cut an electrical line I was stuck to the gun I belive you were the man that knocked me off of it please let me know my e-mail is poppopdrew@yahoo.com Thanks
31 May seeking to reconnect with old Army buddies (Brian Ssulllivan )
I was stationed at Fort Lewis from 1972 to 1974. Interested in finding out about future reunions. I can be contacted at redsullivan@gmail.com
05 May C Btry 1st Bn 84th Artillery 9th Inf (Reynolds Gill)
My name is Wayne Gill and I served with C Btry during Oct67-Oct68. I can't find anyone or anybody that knows anything about C Brty.
27 Apr !st 84th FA B-Btry. (James Ferguson)
I was with the !st 84th FA B-btry from 1985-1988 as a Generator Mechanic 52 Delta
19 Mar VietNam (Reynolds Gill)
Vernon I served with C Battery 1st Bn 84th Artillery Battalion from Oct67-Oct68. I have been trying to find any information about the time I served there and have been unable to find anything. My Name is Wayne Gill and I'm from Tenn. Would love to talk about the time that you were there and share... More
17 Feb Matt austin e4 1986 1989 (Matt Austin)
I was there from its inception till dec 1989 am looking for old friends
07 Jan looking to reconnect (michael bowman)
A battery 1/84 MLRS 85-89 looking to reconnect and catch up. you can email me at Mikebowman1968@gmail.com
16 Sep Viet Nam Veterans (Tom Bailey)
Hi, My name is Tom Bailey. US Army "66-68". If I am not mistaken I trained with your father at Fort Riley Kansas and then went via the USS Geiger to Viet Nam. Stationed in Bear Cat then was transferred to the 1/83 II Field Force. He probably wont remember me but he should remember SSG Randy... More
05 Dec Ammo Animal (david garmon)
The day I got to the 84th was the day we moved from Bear Cat to Dong Tam. So that day, I became a truck driver. Got to Dong Tam, and ended up in HQ battery, In the ammo section. TALK LATER. David

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