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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 84th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

17 Feb Matt austin e4 1986 1989 (Matt Austin)
I was there from its inception till dec 1989 am looking for old friends
07 Jan looking to reconnect (michael bowman)
A battery 1/84 MLRS 85-89 looking to reconnect and catch up. you can email me at Mikebowman1968@gmail.com
16 Sep Viet Nam Veterans (Tom Bailey)
Hi, My name is Tom Bailey. US Army "66-68". If I am not mistaken I trained with your father at Fort Riley Kansas and then went via the USS Geiger to Viet Nam. Stationed in Bear Cat then was transferred to the 1/83 II Field Force. He probably wont remember me but he should remember SSG Randy... More
05 Dec Ammo Animal (david garmon)
The day I got to the 84th was the day we moved from Bear Cat to Dong Tam. So that day, I became a truck driver. Got to Dong Tam, and ended up in HQ battery, In the ammo section. TALK LATER. David
18 Nov Jimmy Risinger (Jimmy Risinger)
Our base camp was Bearcat. D battery 84th artillery 1967 - 1968.
16 Oct Ken Horan (Kenneth Horan)
I was in 1/84th A battery 67-68 . Our base camp was BearCat and we moved to Dong Tam. Hardly ever seen base camp after that.
26 Aug What Happen (Gordon Akiu)
Anyone Heard or know where joseph Poue
22 Feb My Dad ( )
My dad is Capt. Thomas M. Carey (ret) and he served in the 1/84th from 1966-1967. I was wondering if anyone has the names of the 4 soldiers killed in an ambush coming back from the beach?
30 Jan 1/84 1977-1979
Fort Lewis till 1977-1979 ets out. Germany 2/81 1974-1977 then fort Lewis 2/84
26 May c brty (Clark Namias)
i was on gun two from late 68 till we all left to hawaii remember being a NG unit then the 25th id

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