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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

17 Oct I think I remember him (Edward Braun)
e-6,black hair, had a bad back, remember J.D. Seaton
29 Sep SFC James Page (James Page)
I was in 2/81st from may 72 to dec 74. As an E2 to E4. We had the M102 howitzers until sometime in 73 when we received the new M109 long tubed howitzers, at which time we became the 5th/81st. Is the unit still there, if not, who is at stassburg kaserne.
22 Aug 2nd Lt. (Dennis Sugg)
Does anyone remember the newby 2nd Lieutenant that tripped on an aiming circle and moved it prior to a firing order?
22 Aug 1SG White (Dennis Sugg)
First Sergeant White was a leg who replaced 1SG Carden.
22 Aug Ranger Carden (Dennis Sugg)
I remember him restoring old German Motorcycles. He was quite a good hand at that.
21 Aug B Btry 5th 81st (ABN) Field Artillery Bn (Dennis Sugg)
I was assigned to B Btry in 1972 and served as the Battery CLerk (Personnel Specialist) through 1975. My 1st Sergeant when I arrived was 1st Sgt Carden. Upon arriving at the Strassburg Kasserne, the Battalion had just failed a General Inspection. I updated and revised all the B Battery files and... More
02 May More About 5/81 - 2/81 (Wayne Sayers)
I came to Strassburg Kasserne in March 1973. The guys were having spiesbrauten out back of B Btry. under the direction of 1st sgt Carden. I served as Motor Sgt, Training Sgt, Crew Chief and clerk. That't what I got for completing college before I came in. I stayed in Idar when the unit left for... More
02 May Ranger Carden (Wayne Sayers)
Sgt. Sayers, 1973-1975, B Btr, 5th Bn Airborne, 81st FA, Strassburg Kasserne, Idar Oberstein. Where is Ranger Carden today? Anyone know? I stayed behind in Germany when the unit moved to Italy. I should have gone too with all the good it did to stay behind.
11 Mar Medina in B Battery (gene banovatz)
i was b battery. I was sorta the go-fer / flunkie and not assigned any regular duties and bunked with Calvin Hayes in FDC along with the bigget guy in the battery, a leg-think his name was ?williams, not sure also FDC.
11 Mar 1st Sgt Medina (gene banovatz)
I was ther in B battery. Never heard he was 173rd. Bas ass, yeah but as 1st sgt he was fair. I remember his kicking some fat ass cook off jump status and sending him to Graf. for lending $$ to the inlisted guys as 100% interest rate.

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