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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

31 Dec Ha Martin (Robert Motsinger)
where you the "C" battery clerk. From bobby motsinger
03 Dec I was there 62/64 email sgtjdj1@sbcglobal.net (John Johnson sr)
My name is Johnny Johnson, does any one remember a blk guy named sgt Walker from Detroit. What ever happen to him, or 1st sgt West, Sgt Ivy, or Burney
02 Nov 2/81 (Gregory Gwiazda)
i remenber smg mackey, i was in bn maint recovery, 73-76 m578- m816 ltc stipe, towed a lot of 109s in and out of the field. the best of times. spc g gwiazda
27 May i was there (charles dissinger)
i was with the 5th 81st abn from 65 to 67 in charlie baty. you can contact me at charliedissinger@charter.net or charliedissinger@yahoo.com. i may have extra patchs.
21 Apr 67-69 (Terry Warren)
Robert Mullett, I remember the name but not the face. I was a 17 year old punk when I went to Germany. Volunteered for Airborne and went to jump school at Wiesbaden AFB. Best time was going to Greece, but can't remember the name of the exercise. I was in Alpha Btry. They dropped the 105's in... More
05 Mar i was there (charles dissinger)
my name is charlie dissinger, i was in charlie battery 65 til 67. i left germany in march 67. i remember willie maintance, does any one else? i would love to hear from any one who was there during these years.
16 Feb C/5/81 (Phillip Martin)
Wow, I was Als at Rhein Kaserne in Wiesbaden and ws there for the transfer to Idar-Oberstein.I was In Germany from 71 to 73. Phillip martin
16 Dec Sgt Vallad (Mark Vallad)
In all reality. Strausburg Kaserne was right on the Rhine River in Idar-Oberstene, suburb of Wiesbaden. I was at the NCO club the night the E-6 that came from Nam Blew away Sp-5 Galaway with his 45.
15 Dec 5/81st Abn To 2/81st 155 Howitzers sp (Arthur Peavie)
Mr O'Hanley from reading your message you posted back in 05 you didn't miss a step on how the unit moved from Wiesbaden to Strausburg Kaserne I join the 81st in 72 and made the move.I became hhb commo chief (ssgt peavie) and ssgt young was radio sgt.We all made our last blast with the 81st in... More
15 May weisbaden germany 1967-1969 too ( )
i am looking for a gary brown that was in hq. btry and a pretty good carpenter i was a ssg and also n hq, would like to hear from any one from that time chuck ivey

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