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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

09 Feb I Remember March 1960 (Jack Hurt)
I was with B Brty 5th how Bn 81 field arty at lee Barrack's In mainz germany march to dec 1960 jack hurt
05 Feb Sgt Vallad (Rich O'Hanley)
I think you have your geography wrong. Rhine Kaserne in Wiesbaden was on the Rhine. The air stunk all the time from the factories. The motor pool was a few miles down the road. I was on post the night that guy was killed, but I didn't remember the names. I was a relative FNG at the time.... More
05 Feb 5/81st Abn To 2/81st 155 Howitzers sp (Rich O'Hanley)
Dear Mr Peavie Yes, the unit was disbanded. My wife and I returned to Idar-Oberstein and Strausburg Kaserne in 1989, but I honestly can't remember what units were there. I do recall they built a highway through the middle of town. I also recall that the food at the gasthaus just outside of post... More
13 Jan where are they (Robert Motsinger)
Capt. Ramos, C Battery. Capt. Churchill, B Battery where did they go
31 Dec Ha Martin (Robert Motsinger)
where you the "C" battery clerk. From bobby motsinger
03 Dec I was there 62/64 email sgtjdj1@sbcglobal.net (John Johnson sr)
My name is Johnny Johnson, does any one remember a blk guy named sgt Walker from Detroit. What ever happen to him, or 1st sgt West, Sgt Ivy, or Burney
02 Nov 2/81 (Gregory Gwiazda)
i remenber smg mackey, i was in bn maint recovery, 73-76 m578- m816 ltc stipe, towed a lot of 109s in and out of the field. the best of times. spc g gwiazda
27 May i was there (charles dissinger)
i was with the 5th 81st abn from 65 to 67 in charlie baty. you can contact me at charliedissinger@charter.net or charliedissinger@yahoo.com. i may have extra patchs.
21 Apr 67-69 (Terry Warren)
Robert Mullett, I remember the name but not the face. I was a 17 year old punk when I went to Germany. Volunteered for Airborne and went to jump school at Wiesbaden AFB. Best time was going to Greece, but can't remember the name of the exercise. I was in Alpha Btry. They dropped the 105's in... More
05 Mar i was there (charles dissinger)
my name is charlie dissinger, i was in charlie battery 65 til 67. i left germany in march 67. i remember willie maintance, does any one else? i would love to hear from any one who was there during these years.

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