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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

11 Mar Medina in B Battery (gene banovatz)
i was b battery. I was sorta the go-fer / flunkie and not assigned any regular duties and bunked with Calvin Hayes in FDC along with the bigget guy in the battery, a leg-think his name was ?williams, not sure also FDC.
11 Mar 1st Sgt Medina (gene banovatz)
I was ther in B battery. Never heard he was 173rd. Bas ass, yeah but as 1st sgt he was fair. I remember his kicking some fat ass cook off jump status and sending him to Graf. for lending $$ to the inlisted guys as 100% interest rate.
01 Jan Medena (George Brnilovich)
He was one bad ass.When it came down to pervide courtesy patrol.It was him and I the motor sgt that pulled pulled it.He loved patroling down town.When he was with the 173d in Vietnam he got cought in the village.Gen Williamson releived him and he was sent to Macv.Yes he was one bad ass.
24 Dec His Name was (Robert Motsinger)
J. B.Medena and he is indian
21 Dec Hello (Frank Lesh)
I was in Alpha Btry but I had some friends in Bravo. I remember 1st Sgt Medena. I'm not sure but wasn't he an American Indian? I had a buddy in Bravo named Calvin Hayes. He was in FDC. A Btry 1st Sgt was Swittenberg. CO was Eastridge?
21 Dec 8th id patch (Frank Lesh)
There are 8th ID patches at my local Army surplus store. They also sell the "Airborne" patch separately. Are you James T Sullivan with the SSN ending in 6619? If so, I remember you even though I was in Alpha Btry. I was just looking through some old files and found orders promoting you to Spc 4... More
10 May Hello (George Brnilovich)
I was there 66-68 was motor Sgt Sve Battey and then B Battey.Medena was 1st Sgt and Scott was Sgt Maj.George Brnilovich.
23 Jan email address (Edward Braun)
EMAIL ADDRESS IS: edwardbraun47@aol.com
21 Jan RIP (Edward Braun)
James C. Leeks, Ernest Clifford Burch. anyone can email me edwardbraun@aol.com
21 Jan I remember (Edward Braun)
I remember the winerwald.half a chicken,potatoes,and grapes or cherries for 3m70p

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