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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

23 Jan email address (Edward Braun)
EMAIL ADDRESS IS: edwardbraun47@aol.com
21 Jan RIP (Edward Braun)
James C. Leeks, Ernest Clifford Burch. anyone can email me edwardbraun@aol.com
21 Jan I remember (Edward Braun)
I remember the winerwald.half a chicken,potatoes,and grapes or cherries for 3m70p
07 Jul Remembrance (Marcel Boiteau)
I was B Btry CO from Apr - Oct 69. If you recollect the Brty was the first to pass the CMMI conducted by the 8th Div in 1969. LTC Gilbert was BN Cmdr at that time.
23 Jun Hi (George Brnilovich)
Was with the 5/81st at Rhine Kasern 1966 to 1969.Was in Svc Battery then assigned to B Battery.Madena was my 1st Sgt.Scott was are Sgm.I was a Motor Sgt.5/81st was the best assignment in my Army career.Regards to all.George Brnilovich.
04 May Wheres Every Body At Guys, Lets hear from you (Robert Motsinger)
Is there anymore of you out there. Lets hear from some of you guys out there. This Battalion comander met me after I filed 7 complates A.G. and a week later he had to change all 7, longer air, motorcycle ownership, painting rooms, etc.
12 Feb Marty linendolly (Gianni Bocchetti)
Say linny was the best clerk c battery ever had. we would stop at winerwald and eat chickens then go to lindsay air station, he was a chomped on dude
09 Feb I Remember March 1960 (Jack Hurt)
I was with B Brty 5th how Bn 81 field arty at lee Barrack's In mainz germany march to dec 1960 jack hurt
05 Feb Sgt Vallad (Rich O'Hanley)
I think you have your geography wrong. Rhine Kaserne in Wiesbaden was on the Rhine. The air stunk all the time from the factories. The motor pool was a few miles down the road. I was on post the night that guy was killed, but I didn't remember the names. I was a relative FNG at the time.... More
05 Feb 5/81st Abn To 2/81st 155 Howitzers sp (Rich O'Hanley)
Dear Mr Peavie Yes, the unit was disbanded. My wife and I returned to Idar-Oberstein and Strausburg Kaserne in 1989, but I honestly can't remember what units were there. I do recall they built a highway through the middle of town. I also recall that the food at the gasthaus just outside of post... More

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