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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

15 Jul Reply (Robert Motsinger)
C Battery & B Battery
13 Jul Robert Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
When were you with the 5/81 FA (ABN)
12 May I REMEMBER (Robert Motsinger)
Capt. Miller ran C battery I remember you all I was CID, had the rank of E-2. Everybody was thinking I was someone else.
23 Feb Capt Millar (Robert Motsinger)
Which battery were you in charge of
15 Feb Hi Jim (Timothy Bannecke)
I was in "C" Battery also, (FDC) !68-71, and I remember you! I had to purchase 8 Div patch and Airborne patch separately! Nice to see a familiar name. AIRBORNE!
28 Dec A-5/81FA (Abn) (Tim Millar)
Frank, was your BC Wayne Sharp? I got there in February 1970 and finished jump school at Wiesbaden in May. I was AS-3, then Bn Motor Officer until 4/72. We were Direct Support for the 509th in Mainz, 8th ID, and I'm on their Airborne Facebook pages. Tim Millar
25 Dec A btry 5th BN (ABN) 81st FA (Frank Lesh)
I was in Alpha btry from '68-70. Calvin Hayes and I were at FT Sill with an FDC MOS. We went to jump school at Benning, but Calvin was held back at Tower week because he kept hitting his big head (size 8 1/4, I think) during the PLF training. He finally made it to Rhine Kaserne a week or so... More
19 Nov Jan '63 to Jun '5 HHB Commo Section (Phillip DeWitt)
Great days as a young soldier. Imagine, they actually paid us to jump! Buddies: Ted Heidepriem, Pat Daugherty, Richard Valdivieso, James Tibberts, Lamb (Chops), our Platoon Sergeant, the best - SFC Moses. Lots more memories than words.. we all hated it when they took away our Ridgeway caps, and... More
09 Sep My Friend (Robert Motsinger)
were you in ammo
09 Sep My Friend (Robert Motsinger)
Ross were in AMMO

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