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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

30 Jul First Sargent (Gary Proctor)
Sorry....not 1970-71......1971 - 1972
30 Jul First Sargent (Gary Proctor)
Not Medina, this guy came after Medina. He came to B Battery around the end of 1970 - start of 1971.
30 Jul First Sargent (Robert Motsinger)
His name was J. B. Medina He was one big SOB One of the best
29 Jul Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
Do you remember the name of B Battery 1st Sargent during the time of Churchill? He was a Green Beret, was there when I left in April 72.
28 Jul did you know Alex Ramos? (M Landry)
Hi, I'm looking for Alex Ramos, he was a specialist 4 for sure 1966-1967 same station. Please let me know. Thanks!
26 Jul Brain Dead Churchill (Robert Motsinger)
Oh you bet I remember Capt. brain dead total leftover. The most useless commander in the battalion. He would have lasted 2 min. in combat. R. Motsinger
25 Jul Robert Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
I was in B Battery. como section. Left in April 1972. Do you remember Capt. Churchill as B Battery BC.
15 Jul Reply (Robert Motsinger)
C Battery & B Battery
13 Jul Robert Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
When were you with the 5/81 FA (ABN)
12 May I REMEMBER (Robert Motsinger)
Capt. Miller ran C battery I remember you all I was CID, had the rank of E-2. Everybody was thinking I was someone else.

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