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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

29 Jul Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
Do you remember the name of B Battery 1st Sargent during the time of Churchill? He was a Green Beret, was there when I left in April 72.
28 Jul did you know Alex Ramos? (M Landry)
Hi, I'm looking for Alex Ramos, he was a specialist 4 for sure 1966-1967 same station. Please let me know. Thanks!
26 Jul Brain Dead Churchill (Robert Motsinger)
Oh you bet I remember Capt. brain dead total leftover. The most useless commander in the battalion. He would have lasted 2 min. in combat. R. Motsinger
25 Jul Robert Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
I was in B Battery. como section. Left in April 1972. Do you remember Capt. Churchill as B Battery BC.
15 Jul Reply (Robert Motsinger)
C Battery & B Battery
13 Jul Robert Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
When were you with the 5/81 FA (ABN)
12 May I REMEMBER (Robert Motsinger)
Capt. Miller ran C battery I remember you all I was CID, had the rank of E-2. Everybody was thinking I was someone else.
23 Feb Capt Millar (Robert Motsinger)
Which battery were you in charge of
15 Feb Hi Jim (Timothy Bannecke)
I was in "C" Battery also, (FDC) !68-71, and I remember you! I had to purchase 8 Div patch and Airborne patch separately! Nice to see a familiar name. AIRBORNE!
28 Dec A-5/81FA (Abn) (Tim Millar)
Frank, was your BC Wayne Sharp? I got there in February 1970 and finished jump school at Wiesbaden in May. I was AS-3, then Bn Motor Officer until 4/72. We were Direct Support for the 509th in Mainz, 8th ID, and I'm on their Airborne Facebook pages. Tim Millar

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