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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

20 Feb Hi (Daniel Settle)
I was there 66-68,72-75 S3 ABtry BC Dan Settle
19 Feb Hi Silva (Daniel Settle)
I remember you.
19 Feb BC (Daniel Settle)
I remember it well.
02 Jan R. Motsinger (Robert Motsinger)
I left on 4-4-72 from "C" battery
02 Jan Capt. "C" battery (Robert Motsinger)
Ramos was capt. of "C" bayttery
30 Nov John Henry Parkin ( )
Just wondering if anyone knew John Henry Parkin he was stationed in Germany when he died on the Rhine river
05 Oct Gary proctor (Thomas Greene)
My email address is tgreene468@gmail.com drop a e -mail
04 Oct Gary proctor (Thomas Greene)
Hay proc I know u were in b battery I was in c. U have to remember when your reserve chute fell off the harress when we were getting ready to jump. I think u had a friend of mine in your battery a brother name Martin. He was short. I know u where from chi town am I right go to find an old pix and... More
17 Sep Thomas Greene (Gary Proctor)
Remember the name. Can't put a face with it. I think we went thru Jump School together. I was in Como section B Battery....apr. 71 - apr. 72....
13 Sep C battery 1971 april 1972 (Thomas Greene)
My name is Thomas Greene this message is for gray prroctor from chi town I think you were in b battery, I remember the jump when your reserve fell off the haress and they made you jump. good to find someone from the same time

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