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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

20 Feb I was ther (Jim Kober)
Upon completion of jump school. had orders to fly to Germany.. Put in for a 2 wk leave. The flight I was suppose to be on went down in the Atlantic Sep. 1962. I later arrived in Germany. Was there 4 months then transferred to Lee Barracks, Mainz. Hq Co. 504 Inf. ABN. While at Rhine Kasern I was... More
22 Jan Hi (James Sullivan)
Hi Tim, it is been awhile since I visited this it was good to see you on the blog it been a long time since I have had contact with anyone from C Btry. Good to see your name on the blog. I think we had the best FDC in the Battalion. LOL Hope to hear from you soon.
07 Jan Capt. Ramos (Robert Motsinger)
Anybody remember Capt. Ben Ramos "C" Battery after Capt. Miller. From Motsinger
24 Dec VCO/RTO 1964-1966 (Ronald Matuska)
I was a member of the 81st ABN Arty at Rhine Kaserne from 1964-1966, when Ronald Barrett and I volunteered for the 1st Bde, 101 in Vietnam. They were asking for volunteers from other Airborne units worldwide to join them in forming the 1st Bde. I served with the 2/320th from June 66-July-67 in Tuy... More
10 Sep Wetzler (Gary Proctor)
Were you one of the first guys to move into Rhine Kaserne?
30 Aug 1961-1962 J.G. Wetzler (Sp 4 to PFC) (J. Gary Wetzler)
Moved from Lee Barracks in Mainz to Rhine Kaserne across the river. 81st Artillery Airborne 8th Division Headquarters. Made a night jump into Pau France and DE Gaulle had a disagreement with Eisenhower and we had to wait before they would let us out of France.
22 Aug By By (Robert Motsinger)
Left in April 71 Work on project was done
19 Aug Motsinger (Gary Proctor)
When did you leave Rhine Kaserne?
16 Aug First Sargent (Robert Motsinger)
Your right, I remember now. The guy I'm talking about was after him
15 Aug First Sargent (Gary Proctor)
He was Green Beret. He he took us out one time and taught us to repel down a cliff. He called Churchill a "BOY SCOUT".

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