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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

27 Jun Strasburg Kaserne 1973 - 1975 (Ulrich Smith)
Looking for anyone during this time period; Arrived there in March of 1972 and I wound up being a clerk for the 1st Sergeant in one of the batteries. Was airborne until they deactivated (total of 14 jumps); I remained at Strasburg until October, 1975. I went back a couple of years ago to... More
31 May MARTIN (Robert Motsinger)
Martin wee you battery clerk for "C" battery
14 May Looking for old friends (Paul Scalf)
My name is Paul Scalf from tenn. I was in b btry commo sec from 1969 to1971 at Rhine kaserene If any body remembers me e mail at. Ps1952@icloud.com
06 Feb C battery 1971 april 1972 (Thomas Greene)
My name is. thomas greene battery armorer looking to locate Thomas Steward, James Whitten,John black, Richard cambell John allen. And Lloyd brown. (All the way and then some) ,
06 Feb C battery 1971 april 1972 (Thomas Greene)
My name is thomas Greene serve has the armorer in C battery. Trying to locate Thomas Steward ,James Whitten,John Black, Lloyd Dale Brown, Richard Cambell and John Allen. Phatback_51@hotmail.com All the way and then some
13 Jan Biebrich 1967 second try ( )
forgot to give my name Terry Silva
13 Jan Biebrich 1967 ( )
I was a headquarters mutt, 1967 ? 1968. The Kassern was in Biebrich on the river. It was kind of weird being on the Air Force side of the river, but hay no MP?s????. MOS 91B2P medic, drove for the colonel for about six months until I was AWOL during an alert. They frown on that so?.. back to... More
02 Dec Capt Millar (Tim Millar)
Just saw this. If you mean Hugh "Tim" Millar, I was AS3 with Capt Dave Orban as the 3, then I became Bn Motor Officer. Arrived Feb 1970 and went to Jump School at the Air Base. Got RIFd in April 1972. Can all of us communicate better in a different forum?
21 Nov may interest you ( )
The flight you missed (Flying Tiger 923) has a web page you might be interested in. http://flyingtiger923.com/ I also was in Hq Co at Rhine Kasern.
21 Nov Hello ( )
I was there from mar 61 to mar 64. Sgt Brown and Sgt Ikes were my NCO's

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