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Bulletin Board for 5th Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

21 Nov may interest you ( )
The flight you missed (Flying Tiger 923) has a web page you might be interested in. http://flyingtiger923.com/ I also was in Hq Co at Rhine Kasern.
21 Nov Hello ( )
I was there from mar 61 to mar 64. Sgt Brown and Sgt Ikes were my NCO's
05 Aug Spec 4 (Frank Buller)
Hdqtrs Battery/ Bn. Ammo 1968
20 Jul That was "Chip"...aka Patches (Tim Millar)
That was "Chip"...aka Patches
20 Jul Ben Ramos (Tim Millar)
i served with Ben Feb '70 - Apr '72 at Rhine Kaserne. I was Bn Motor Officer. Tim Millar
29 Mar 2/81st HQ Battery (Paul Meyer)
Paul Meyer. I was your room-mate after Breyfogle left. They made me Battalion Legal Clerk to take His place. I remember you & John Horan listening to Lou Reed albums in that small room. 1st Sgt. Johnson & Col. Aquila Stipe, III. That was Stipe's jeep that they torched in Graf. I remember... More
08 Mar 1960-1961 (William Schroeder)
I served in Mainz Germany with HQ battery(airborne) Please message me if you were in this outfit during this time . May 1960-may1961
20 Feb I was ther (Jim Kober)
Upon completion of jump school. had orders to fly to Germany.. Put in for a 2 wk leave. The flight I was suppose to be on went down in the Atlantic Sep. 1962. I later arrived in Germany. Was there 4 months then transferred to Lee Barracks, Mainz. Hq Co. 504 Inf. ABN. While at Rhine Kasern I was... More
22 Jan Hi (James Sullivan)
Hi Tim, it is been awhile since I visited this it was good to see you on the blog it been a long time since I have had contact with anyone from C Btry. Good to see your name on the blog. I think we had the best FDC in the Battalion. LOL Hope to hear from you soon.
07 Jan Capt. Ramos (Robert Motsinger)
Anybody remember Capt. Ben Ramos "C" Battery after Capt. Miller. From Motsinger

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