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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

30 Nov cpl mark bagby (mark bagby)
I was with d battry 1st plt 79-82
21 Nov From Phil Metcalf (Philip Metcalf)
Hello, I was stationed at Colbern in 68-69 Headquarter's Btln as a survey crew chief...a long time ago.
20 Nov SSG Worley HHB 1/81 Re-up NCO 1980-1983 (mike worley)
I also worked with SFC Jacobs in BN HQ.
04 Nov cpl mark bagby d 1/81 (mark bagby)
from 79-82 looking for old buddies tapped for florida fun times
24 Oct Facebook page (Paul Brundage)
There's a Facebook open group Page for 1st Battalion /81stFA. It's name is "1st Battalion 81st Field Artillery" (without the quotes) https://www.facebook.com/groups/167402168540/10150350906983541/?notif_t=group_activity
13 Sep Looking for A Battery (Marshall Watkins)
Hey, this is Marshall Watkins, A battery, 1/81 from 1981-1983. Inf Plt. Any of you guys out there?
16 Jul 3/81st Sergeant Missle (Randy Creeden)
Looking for anyone who served, with Sergeant Missle. from Jan.70-to-June.74.
24 May What years were you S2 at 1/81st? (Allan Ramsay)
I worked with CPT Bishop & LT Matthews in S2 from 70-72...
12 May Service Club Bombing in'72 (Charles Nesbitt)
Yeah, I remember when we were looking for that Commie gang. We were locked and cocked. Almost shot a German that night when he didn't halt when I told him to. He was all shook up and then the MP's got him when I was through with him. I told him to halt 3 times and was in the process of squeezing... More
25 Mar HHB 1/81 (Michael Johnson)
I was in HHB from Oct 76 to Oct 79. I worked at the PAC at Bn HQ for part of that time and was in the Orderly Room for the final year or so. Anyone around from that period?

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