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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

12 Feb Germany, Pershing (Bill Pyle)
I was there about 1961- 63 I think. Was armorer, then supply. Anyone out there? Bill Pyle.
08 Nov Capt Jarvis Driver to Harold Bunnell (David Reed)
I arrived in Ger in 67 while D battery was on alert. Capt Jarvis's short timer driver picked me up and upon arrival at base told Jarvis i WANTED TO BE HIS NEW DRIVER! Well I got the job. I was the one who 1st put the Red Devil cover on the spare tire of Jarvis' jeep. Started a new round of... More
08 Nov D Battery 1/81st 1967-68 Wackerheim, Germany (David Reed)
Looking for D-Battery "Delta Demons" serving 67-68. Capt Larry Jarvis was CO
10 Feb Bravo co. 1978-1981 (Glenn Fagen)
Mike Smith(Smitty),Stew,Lane, served with you guys 78-81 , anyone still out there ? G.Fagen Spec-4 Infantry Platoon
24 Oct bline baby griffin cook. spc. 5 (gilbert fraser)
Fraser E4 NYC. Case Site B Battery. HQ co. Were the fellows. Babe. Twist. Tony eubanks.Ray the Boxes. sprorty Short. kidd Dynimite . Kenny. Maw Maw. lowdown ed. miller.
10 Aug Felix Gonzalez (Felix Gonzalez )
Under Sargent hornes & korne first Sargent lotts not a very nice time
16 Feb 13b (mark bagby)
I WAS A 13B IN D 1ST/81 79-82 CPL MARK BAGBY mwbagbu@gmail.com
15 Dec peter curry (cpl mark bagby)
sorry mark bagby @ mwbagby1@gmail.com
11 Dec motor pool 79-81, B,Btry (oliver cayou)
11 Dec motor pool 79-81, B,Btry (oliver cayou)
skaggs,bibbo,davis,cooly,therlo,sgt. carr,ernest Deroseir, can't remember all. i do remember the good times!! I'm the native guy!!

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