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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

17 Aug Pershing professional Badge (DENNIS SELVAGE)
I was awarded the Silver badge (PICKLE BADGE....POCKET ROCKET) while stationed with the 1st Battalion 81st Field Artillery,in Germany from 1971-1974, but have lost my Award Certificate over the years and wondering if there is any way of getting a replacement. 402-416-4694 Dennis D. Selvage 5221... More
30 Jun HHB 1/81 REUNION ( )
We had a great Reunion after 40 years.
30 May HHB (David Brewer)
I was there between 1973-1975. I was in the Wire section. I remember Cpt. Jone and Lt. Provadkes (sp). SSG John Fulton was section chief at the time. He went to SSB later on.
20 Apr HHB 1/81 (Richard Willenberg)
I was in the BOC from DEC 74 to DEC 76 1/81
23 Mar A Battery (Willie Chevalier)
Willie Chevalier, E-5 across the Parade Field in A battery from 1976 to 1979, Whats up.
19 Mar sfc Dixon Neu Ulm Nelson Barracks 1970 (John Wilson)
Hallo, am looking for sfc Dixon he was in Neu Ulm Nelson Barracks 1970. Do some one remember him? regards
18 Mar post horn (John Wilson)
Hallo Harry, do you remember maria from post horn and sgt roundtree? regards
20 Jul HHB-70-72 (Dave Warren)
Was he the mail clerk 70 or 71? Don't remember first name, just Brubaker, good guy.
28 Jun was their in 68--70 (merle wolgamott)
think i remember you were you a clerk for colone or bannon ?
08 Jun Cooper (Robert Cooper Jr)
I'm posting this for my father, he knows very little about computers. He was assigned to D-Battery for a few months when he first got to Germany in '67 before being sent down to Mainz. He said your name sounded familiar was curious to see if you two knew each other way back when. His name is Robert... More

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