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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

16 Jul 3/81st Sergeant Missle (Randy Creeden)
Looking for anyone who served, with Sergeant Missle. from Jan.70-to-June.74.
24 May What years were you S2 at 1/81st? (Allan Ramsay)
I worked with CPT Bishop & LT Matthews in S2 from 70-72...
12 May Service Club Bombing in'72 (Charles Nesbitt)
Yeah, I remember when we were looking for that Commie gang. We were locked and cocked. Almost shot a German that night when he didn't halt when I told him to. He was all shook up and then the MP's got him when I was through with him. I told him to halt 3 times and was in the process of squeezing... More
25 Mar HHB 1/81 (Michael Johnson)
I was in HHB from Oct 76 to Oct 79. I worked at the PAC at Bn HQ for part of that time and was in the Orderly Room for the final year or so. Anyone around from that period?
14 Mar quarter to 4 (James Wright)
percy was from chattanogga tenn heavy was from rhode island
01 Jan svc battery 1970 BEARMEAT (ron brown)
Where are Poncho,Parsons, Tom (Bill Sowers),Percy,BJ,Lottes,Heavy,Go to the back corner of the bay!! Quarter to 4
11 Dec looking for fellow Unit members ( )
Hi, my name is Willie King I am doing a search for people who were in the army unit D-Battery 1st/81st FA in Neu Ulm Germany. If that is you please respond to this message. Trying to connect with old friends.
13 Nov HHB (Carlos Untalan)
Charles, the spelling of "kittwa" appears to be spelled "Quitugua"-does it ring a bell? I will check around and see if he may be here on island. Oh, yes, I was in TRC-80 from 74-75; had very good times and enjoyed my tour. My Platoon Sgts were SFC James and Bantham, I think!!!
25 Sep Knew him well. (Edward Hanzel)
Served with him in the 81st, and again in the 579th where he eventualy was the 1st Sgt. I was XO for a while. Ed Hanzel
07 Jun Earl Blevins (Earl Blevins)
Am looking for people who knew my father while he served with the SVC BRTY 1st BN 81st ARTY USAREUR. He was a Elec. Con. Sec.Ch If you knew him please send any pictures or info to jblevins18@cox.net Thanks for YOUR service

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