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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 81st Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

28 Jun was their in 68--70 (merle wolgamott)
think i remember you were you a clerk for colone or bannon ?
08 Jun Cooper (Robert Cooper Jr)
I'm posting this for my father, he knows very little about computers. He was assigned to D-Battery for a few months when he first got to Germany in '67 before being sent down to Mainz. He said your name sounded familiar was curious to see if you two knew each other way back when. His name is Robert... More
12 Feb Germany, Pershing (Bill Pyle)
I was there about 1961- 63 I think. Was armorer, then supply. Anyone out there? Bill Pyle.
08 Nov Capt Jarvis Driver to Harold Bunnell (David Reed)
I arrived in Ger in 67 while D battery was on alert. Capt Jarvis's short timer driver picked me up and upon arrival at base told Jarvis i WANTED TO BE HIS NEW DRIVER! Well I got the job. I was the one who 1st put the Red Devil cover on the spare tire of Jarvis' jeep. Started a new round of... More
08 Nov D Battery 1/81st 1967-68 Wackerheim, Germany (David Reed)
Looking for D-Battery "Delta Demons" serving 67-68. Capt Larry Jarvis was CO
10 Feb Bravo co. 1978-1981 (Glenn Fagen)
Mike Smith(Smitty),Stew,Lane, served with you guys 78-81 , anyone still out there ? G.Fagen Spec-4 Infantry Platoon
24 Oct bline baby griffin cook. spc. 5 (gilbert fraser)
Fraser E4 NYC. Case Site B Battery. HQ co. Were the fellows. Babe. Twist. Tony eubanks.Ray the Boxes. sprorty Short. kidd Dynimite . Kenny. Maw Maw. lowdown ed. miller.
10 Aug Felix Gonzalez (Felix Gonzalez )
Under Sargent hornes & korne first Sargent lotts not a very nice time
16 Feb 13b (mark bagby)
I WAS A 13B IN D 1ST/81 79-82 CPL MARK BAGBY mwbagbu@gmail.com
15 Dec peter curry (cpl mark bagby)
sorry mark bagby @ mwbagby1@gmail.com

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