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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 79th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

11 Sep Honest John (jimmy burdette)
I was in c battery 3rd missile bn. 79th artilley station at rivers barracks in 1966. sent to vietnam 68 -69 (honest john)
27 Nov Other Rivers Barracks website (G Weyland)
This place is a forum of Rivers Rats. http://www.voy.com/77114/
07 Oct photos from the Zoo 74 to 75 (Jim Tharp)
http://s103.photobucket.com/albums/m126/JimmyT_02/US%20Army/ Password is HardCharger.
17 Aug Hot chicks at the zoo. (Stan Lindahl)
How about Jennifer Bell? She was a medic in HHQ. Later married Tim Reninger. I always thought that she was GORGEOUS!
06 May Qm. Depot - 1961-1964 (Dwight Blakeney)
Hey, I was Radio Repairman for a couple of years while 3/79 was at QM Depot. I remember good times - GI friends, German "bier", and nice German folks - and not-so-good times, including lots of field training time, guard duty, and KP. I see from Google Earth that the old U-shaped barracks where we... More
24 Apr Where's the ZOO's hot chicks? from 84-87 (Tom Peak)
Oh fuck thats right there wern't any!
11 Feb To Marvin Fugate (Richard Campbell)
Now I do remember you, in fact we were pretty friendly nd I can remember we had a good time downtown and at Graf. See if it comes to you and let me know Rich Campbell
11 Feb Unit crests (Richard Campbell)
Go to Saunders MIlitary insignia.com
24 Jul Check this out (David Magahan)
you can see the "ZOO" pretty good with google earth lat-50.574755/lon-8.709063 you can see that not much has changed well no one is pulling guard there any more..
14 May Joe Winchester (Richard Campbell)
I'm trying to figure it out myself. I was in c Btry from 72-74 worked in the motor pool as a mechanic. I'd like to know how to get the unit crest, mine are all long gone, and it would be nice to talk to some of the fellas from back then.

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