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Bulletin Board for 2nd Battalion, 19th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

28 Feb RE: Jimmy Holmes FSB JAY (Mark Ulrick)
Didn't arrive in battery til June 70 but heard many stories of that horrific nite . Never heard names of actual victims of sapper attack only that three members of battery were killed that nite . Nice to have one name of heroes after all these years. My buddy Bill Cannon had arrived in battery that... More
22 Oct March 29, 1970. (glenda dryden)
John, I am so sorry for your loss. My fiancÚ was killed March 29th. 1970. Easter Sunday. His name Jimmy Holmes. James Robert Holmes. He was killed when a satchel charge was thrown into his bunker. A good friend of his Rick Holt, (they went through AIT together) pulled him out of the bunker and... More
13 Oct kelley b-battery 2/19th 57-58 (donald kelley)
sfc marco was my radio sgt.
09 Mar March 29th 1970 (John Barton)
My brother was in this unit and received a bronze star, he is no longer with us but it has always haunted me as to what happened during this time, he would not talk about it and pretty much walked away when we had brought it up.
10 Oct Iceland 1959 (Bill Terry)
I was battery clerk/mail clerk in C Btry 19th Arty March-Oct 1959
09 Feb I'm only years late... (michael protasiewicz)
I was there (Trailspike 8 FDC) and medevaced out as were another 90 plus wounded the 14 that died that morning and the four later from their wounds. Remember Mike Blodin? He was with me when he was mortally wounded. I've been in contact with some of the others Dennis Owen was there (Minnesota) as... More
29 Jul reply to Keith Wilbur (Brian Landry)
Hi Keith, I was in C btry then HQ btry 2/19th from Sept 76 to June 78. my last name is Landry and I worked at battalion HQ as a clerk and eventually became the unit mail clerk and hung around with Ken Phillips. Were you a driver of a jeep for an officer?
02 Jul Yes, I was on FSB Jay (Mike Miller)
In reply to Jack Morrison's request. Yes I was there. I was a member of 8th Engineer Bn. there were just a hand full of us there. Mike Miller, Elizabeth Colorado
05 May C/2-19th in Vietnam March 29, 1970 FSB Jay (Jack Morrison)
I am looking for any one who was or knows someone who was on FSB Jay on 29 March. There is a chance that a recommendation for a Presidential Unit Citation may be submitted and I need to obtain information from participants. I also need to find anyone who can tell me what the Unit ID Code was for C... More
02 Mar Reply (Keith Wilbur)
Lester My name is Keith Wilbur and I was with C/2-19th from Oct 1975-Dec 1978. I remember our Motor Sgt was SSG Moody. Does that help?

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