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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 17th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

08 Jan Gene (Richard Uhing)
I too was in c battery from 11/67 to 12/68 . I was the training nco at that frame . remember the
07 Jan Found memories (Gene Steele)
Found this site by accident, brings back some great thoughts. I was in C & A battery in the gun crew. Was suppose to leave the day they stole the Peblo ship. I had a great time there, and was a E5 a couple of times in the 1 1/2 years there. Sgt Steele
30 Dec John Francis (Peter Barrett)
You and I went to Basic at Ft. Gordon. We were both in B Btry. I was a gate guard for about 6 months, then training NCO. I ran into you years ago in front of Pace Univ. - you were NYPD at the time. I was a student just back from Vietnam.
30 Dec Remembering (Peter Barrett)
Looking at the message board and the roster. I remember Lt. Kusserow. Battery XO of B Btry. I was gate guard then training NCO. BC was Lt.Ayres. Lt. Kusserow was a nice guy (for an LT!) Rich Moore was a good friend -still have his Christmas card! We were buddies with Erlich Coker and a guy named... More
03 Dec Retired (Raymond (Ray) Kahmar)
Hi Tom, sure do remember you and Ridenhour, Juneau (great guy) Sgt Wallace and Ary. Do you remember Emmit the huge black guy. he was a likeable "Giant" from the South. There were many other guys that I'm trying to remember names. I'm doing fine. Married for 39 yrs with 3 adult children which... More
10 Nov Was there with you and Hernadez (JOE CARBONARO)
dont know if you remember me (Joe Carbonaro ) we were at Pelham together
25 Oct s-4 sergeant (Tom Temple)
I was the s-4 sergeant Tom Temple, remember ToM Ridenhour, Juneau. I remember you drove the POL truck. How you been
06 Mar XO, C 7/17 at CP Pelham (Gary Griffin)
Name is Gary Griffin. XO, C 7/17. Battery CO was CPT Vizcara. Later was S2, 2/17 and CO HHB, 2/17.
19 Jul Ray Kahmar (Ray Kahmar)
the first S4 commander was by the name Balisterie, he was a "WO" officer and we would part the Imjin River for him. 2nd was 1st L. Royce. He was a great leader also. 3rd was a 90 day wonder 2nd L. Thank god I only had less than 30 days short time. there was Sgt. Queen, Wallace and Ariy. Would... More
19 Jul Ray Kahmar (Ray Kahmar)
Camp Kensington, Thank you!. I also made a mistake listing "B" company. I was in Hq battery S4 Supply unit. I was POL man. Heating oil, gas and diesel that you received was me. I remember I corp, 8th Army and Pomkoji, DMZ, Imjin Scout. I'm sure I met one of you at the NCO club or in travels.

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