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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 17th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

03 Nov Pomkoji ( )
C Btry 7th Bn 17th Arty from March 68. Went to ACTA April 68 & became Imjin Scout. Was not 18 until August 68 & made Cpl. one week before 18th birthday. Transferred to Division G-2 (intel) camp Howze. Made many, many trips to DMZ. Before I transferred, spent some great times in Pomkoji. Hell, I was... More
28 Sep camp sabre (Richard Uhing)
I was in c btry 7/17 nov. 67 to dec. 68
25 Sep Sergeant (monrow mabon)
Looking for any one who was there when I was
18 Sep B Battery 7/17 (Michael Jones)
Served from Dec 68 to Jan 70 with Jim Gardiner, Jim Hall Gene Cinti, Ron Brown, Ernie Singleton, Fred Maas, Ken Aldrige..
28 Jun C battery 7/17 (jessie Cook)
I was there from may 1969 till july 1970.
21 Jun c batty 7/17 may 1969 till july 1970 (jessie Cook)
I started out HHQ than was tranfered to c battry and spent the rest of my tour on g.p. martin in the dmz I would be on duty when the artty lt.was off. Sgt. Cook
04 Jun 7/17 (jessie Cook)
I was at camp pelham in may 1969 thur june 1970 started out in HHQ than was transferd to c battery and was sent to G P Martin as relief for the lt that was the F.O.was a sgt. At the time spent the rest of my tour on gp martin I belive I replaced Lt. Mark Higginson on gp martin and he became xo of... More
08 May may 1969 thur june 1970 (jessie Cook)
I was at camp pelham in 69 and 70 started out in Hhq battery than was transferd to c battery than I was sent to gp martin as FO for cbattery stayed on gp Martin rest of my tour.
03 Mar Member killed (Larry Parks)
Fell free to contact me the name is wrong but I know the right name and exactly what you are talking about.
03 Mar Military member killed in 1967 (Larry Parks)
I know exactly who you are talking about his name was Harry Humminghouse. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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