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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 17th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

26 Feb Battery c7/17 (jessie Cook)
Mr Floyd Bufkin you were my battery commander I was on gp martin when you arrived can't remember if we ever met I arrived may 1969 and left july2 1970 was a sgt cook.stayed from august 1969 thurjune 1970 0n gp martin, I belive I replaced lt Higginson and he became co of charlie until you arrived... More
24 Feb C COMPANY 7TH 17TH Art.1967 68 ( )
Robert i was with "C" 7th 17th. in 67 68 my name is E Wynn i was the Recon Sgt.did not spend a lot of time in camp.Do you remember Lt.Eisenberg. i was also an Imjin scout. do you remember Brewer or White.
24 Feb Sgt. E.Wynn ( )
I was with Charlie company What is your Name
30 Jan Sgt. E.Wynn ( )
I was with the 7th/17th Charlie Co.1967-1968 Was anyone there when Lt.Eisenberg was the co. c.o am looking for pictures of the camp.
03 Nov Pomkoji ( )
C Btry 7th Bn 17th Arty from March 68. Went to ACTA April 68 & became Imjin Scout. Was not 18 until August 68 & made Cpl. one week before 18th birthday. Transferred to Division G-2 (intel) camp Howze. Made many, many trips to DMZ. Before I transferred, spent some great times in Pomkoji. Hell, I was... More
28 Sep camp sabre (Richard Uhing)
I was in c btry 7/17 nov. 67 to dec. 68
25 Sep Sergeant (monrow mabon)
Looking for any one who was there when I was
18 Sep B Battery 7/17 (Michael Jones)
Served from Dec 68 to Jan 70 with Jim Gardiner, Jim Hall Gene Cinti, Ron Brown, Ernie Singleton, Fred Maas, Ken Aldrige..
28 Jun C battery 7/17 (jessie Cook)
I was there from may 1969 till july 1970.
21 Jun c batty 7/17 may 1969 till july 1970 (jessie Cook)
I started out HHQ than was tranfered to c battry and spent the rest of my tour on g.p. martin in the dmz I would be on duty when the artty lt.was off. Sgt. Cook

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