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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

15 Nov Anthony Laws E5, 68-70 Bravo 7/9 (Anthony Laws)
I'm looking for men who may have served with my father during this period. You can email me at denicelaws@yahoo.com. Thank you!
11 Nov Junction City (Ted Hardin)
Thank you Terry. Sometimes its hard to remember things and sometimes its hard to forget things !! I could remember Junction City And I remember the rubber trees and------ I am sorry. Thank you ,Brother>
18 Sep Sgt Douglas gunner b/btry march 67 (Bob Douglas)
The section chef was S/Sgt Mc Donald, it was not a night i like to think about. At first light there were mortor duds and dead cong everywhere. My gun fired alot of rounds most were alom,then the jets come, what a wonderfull sound. the next morning here come the choppers, I never seen so many... More
09 Jul CPT Ron Rubinstein (Ronald Rubinstein)
larry. Don't know if you remember me I was C battery commander after the move from xuan loc until we turned the battery over at Tay Ninh and left for home
18 Jun Ted-- Battle site (Terry Staudenmayer)
Yes it was. I have articles from the 1st & 9 Inf. Div's that discuss this battle. Here's part of the article: "The Battle of Ap Bau Bang II was the 3rd major action in as many weeks during Operation Junction City. It took place 3/20 -- 30 mi N of Siagon. 3rd/5th Cav, 9th Div was under... More
07 Jun Battle site (Ted Hardin)
That wasnt Junction City was it ?
26 May Thanks (George Kachmar)
Thanks for the information. I haven't been here for a while, but I just added yuo as a friend and will IM you when it is activated.
30 Apr Battle Site info (Terry Staudenmayer)
Hi George. The name I think you are looking for took place on Mar 19, 1967 at the Battle of Ap Bau Bang. I have some info I located that I'd be happy to send you on the battle details. Be advised: You are a real hero for taking part in the defense of the compound. The Presidential Unit Citation... More
16 Apr Battle site name (George Kachmar)
Does anyone remember the name of the place where B Battery and a troop from the 11th Cav were attacked by several hundred VC and NVN regulars in a rubber plantation clearing in 1967? They had brought ox carts to haul away the guns and munitions. "Puff", bee hive rounds and carrier jets dropping... More
28 Nov Ring Any Bells, Boys? (Terry Staudenmayer)
B A T T E R Y A D J U S T Azimuth: OneSevenHundred;___Shell: HE;___Lot: Bravo;___Charge: 7;___Fuze: Quick;___Battery, Three Rounds;___Deflection: ZeroOneTwoNiner; __Qudrant: ThreeThreeZero

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