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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

05 Jan cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
sgt MAC sgt MCdonald was you in charlie battery at xuan loc tet 68 i was with sgt gunther gun 4
05 Jan cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
i was on gun 4 base pice in charlie battery oct-67 to oct-68 i was the asst gunner then the gunner before i left i dont no why i didnt get other guys phone numbers or address . when was you there stan
02 Jan I remember you, Sgt Laws (Terry Staudenmayer)
I've got some pictures of Anthony Laws, "B' 7/9. I will contact you.
02 Jan a note of thanks (HOWARD WISEMAN)
thank you to LT Duffy for telling me about this unit page .
02 Jan looking for member of gun 4 charlie battery (HOWARD WISEMAN)
tony catrone were you on gun 4 charlie battery ian cpl howard wiseman get a hold of me thanks .
15 Nov A. Laws Profile site with pic (Anthony Laws)
15 Nov Anthony Laws E5, 68-70 Bravo 7/9 (Anthony Laws)
Did you know my father? Please email me at denicelaws@yahoo.com.
15 Nov Sgt Anthony Laws (Anthony Laws)
Did you serve with my father?
15 Nov Anthony Laws E5, 68-70 Bravo 7/9 (Anthony Laws)
I'm looking for men who may have served with my father during this period. You can email me at denicelaws@yahoo.com. Thank you!
11 Nov Junction City (Ted Hardin)
Thank you Terry. Sometimes its hard to remember things and sometimes its hard to forget things !! I could remember Junction City And I remember the rubber trees and------ I am sorry. Thank you ,Brother>

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