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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

13 Dec cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
hey stan let me no my phone # 574 656 37 66 i would be there if anyone would like to call fill free
27 Nov c btry 7/9 arty viet nam (stan holladay)
trying to find members of c btry and 7/9 arty for get together reunion.lets reconnect at srholladay@yahoo.com. we have about 8 plus now. lets get togethersoon
24 Nov Does anyone remember.... (Eddie Fields)
I am looking for the first name of my captain of B battery 7th battalion 9th artillery Vietnam. I was there from October 1966 to April 1967. My captain's name was Marion, but cannot place first name. I believe he was from the Carolinas.
31 Jul hellcat charlie (stan holladay)
Stan DOC Holladay, commo sect, 69-70. Xuan Loc to Tay Ninh. I was there at Xuan Loc that night May 18,69. Welcome home. srholladay@yahoo.com
31 Jul hey Madison (stan holladay)
glad to hear from you. Have not look at this site for awhile and am sorry I did not. could have connected sooner. srholladay@yahoo.com
29 Jun Captain Ron Rubinstein (Ronald Rubinstein)
I was the battery commander once we mover to Tay Nin
15 Apr Welcome Home Robert Meece (Terry Staudenmayer)
I was with Bravo Battery 9-68 to 11-69-- so you beat in country. Hope you can connect with some of your Brothers here. Best of luck.
11 Apr Sp 4 Robert Meece from Texas. (robert meece)
my name is Robert Meece i was with sev bat last part of 67, I was in supply room. I was the guy who shot off rife while cleaning it, sgt drove under his desk. I cant remenber very any names.Can any one out there help? thanks &WELLCOME HOME TO ALL.
05 Jan cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
sgt MAC sgt MCdonald was you in charlie battery at xuan loc tet 68 i was with sgt gunther gun 4
05 Jan cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
i was on gun 4 base pice in charlie battery oct-67 to oct-68 i was the asst gunner then the gunner before i left i dont no why i didnt get other guys phone numbers or address . when was you there stan

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