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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

10 Apr bat maint 1982-1990 (thomas kelly)
Im looking for poeple that was in that unit in ft lauderdale fl? looking for micky or baron
10 Apr 7/9 FA (thomas kelly)
I was in the unit when it was in fort lauderdale fl. i was the btn maint. sgt
07 Apr CD Johnson (Charles D Johnson)
I would be very interested in that history. Gun chief on gun 6, A bat. Aug69 /March70
03 Apr service battery (melvin BENNETT)
hello steve thanks for the welcome home welcome home to you also we dident hear many of those back in 69 i was with service batt from march 68>march 69 we brought ammo to the guns
14 Feb cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
i was on gun 4 xuan loc 67 68 my home phone 574-656-3766 call any time would like to talk to anyone frome charly battery 7th -9th
29 Jan xuan loc ( )
name is wm mcdougall served c battery fdc july 67 aug 68
20 Jan 23 Grp Tay Ninh (Stephen Pasichnyk)
We later were transferred to the 23rd Arty Group and attached to the 25th ID in Tay Ninh.
20 Jan Xuan Loc, Tay Ninh (Stephen Pasichnyk)
My name is Steve Pasichnyk served with C/7/9 on gun2, 10/68-10/69. Welcome home.
13 Dec cpl howard wiseman (HOWARD WISEMAN)
hey stan let me no my phone # 574 656 37 66 i would be there if anyone would like to call fill free
27 Nov c btry 7/9 arty viet nam (stan holladay)
trying to find members of c btry and 7/9 arty for get together reunion.lets reconnect at srholladay@yahoo.com. we have about 8 plus now. lets get togethersoon

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