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Bulletin Board for 7th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

15 Nov Anthony Laws E5, 68-70 Bravo 7/9 (Anthony Laws)
Did you know my father? Please email me at denicelaws@yahoo.com.
15 Nov Sgt Anthony Laws (Anthony Laws)
Did you serve with my father?
15 Nov Anthony Laws E5, 68-70 Bravo 7/9 (Anthony Laws)
I'm looking for men who may have served with my father during this period. You can email me at denicelaws@yahoo.com. Thank you!
11 Nov Junction City (Ted Hardin)
Thank you Terry. Sometimes its hard to remember things and sometimes its hard to forget things !! I could remember Junction City And I remember the rubber trees and------ I am sorry. Thank you ,Brother>
18 Sep Sgt Douglas gunner b/btry march 67 (Bob Douglas)
The section chef was S/Sgt Mc Donald, it was not a night i like to think about. At first light there were mortor duds and dead cong everywhere. My gun fired alot of rounds most were alom,then the jets come, what a wonderfull sound. the next morning here come the choppers, I never seen so many... More
09 Jul CPT Ron Rubinstein (Ronald Rubinstein)
larry. Don't know if you remember me I was C battery commander after the move from xuan loc until we turned the battery over at Tay Ninh and left for home
18 Jun Ted-- Battle site (Terry Staudenmayer)
Yes it was. I have articles from the 1st & 9 Inf. Div's that discuss this battle. Here's part of the article: "The Battle of Ap Bau Bang II was the 3rd major action in as many weeks during Operation Junction City. It took place 3/20 -- 30 mi N of Siagon. 3rd/5th Cav, 9th Div was under... More
07 Jun Battle site (Ted Hardin)
That wasnt Junction City was it ?
26 May Thanks (George Kachmar)
Thanks for the information. I haven't been here for a while, but I just added yuo as a friend and will IM you when it is activated.
30 Apr Battle Site info (Terry Staudenmayer)
Hi George. The name I think you are looking for took place on Mar 19, 1967 at the Battle of Ap Bau Bang. I have some info I located that I'd be happy to send you on the battle details. Be advised: You are a real hero for taking part in the defense of the compound. The Presidential Unit Citation... More

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