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Bulletin Board for 6th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

23 Sep Bill Young (Garry Nale)
Bill, were you in Hdq. Battery? I believe I remember a Young on the floor. He was from California, and enjoyed Bob Dylan music.
21 Sep Herman (Bill Young)
Do you remember Bob Ingham? He was a PFC in the survey group while you were there. He lives in Yakima Washington where he has a ranch raising apples, cherries, and pears. Send me an email if you care to get in touch with him. byoung3rd@yahoo.com Bill Young
17 Sep A Btry 6/9 (Willie Burgess)
Hey Johnson, I was in A Btry commo section. SSG Joe Wilson was commo chief. I know you remember Willie Bell, Tisdale, Stringfellow. I believe I remember you. Call me or email me. whburg@bellsouth.net 678-467-6714 Willie (Joe Joe) Burgess
17 Sep Willie (Joe Joe) Burges (Willie Burgess)
Hey Cherry, I remember you. We were in the same BTRY. Remember "Big O", 1SG Oscar Mitchell? Email me at whburg@bellsouth.net. Any of you guys fell free to email me.
17 Sep 6th 9th (Herman Johnson)
Was at Fort Sill when it was formed. Was originally at McNair in Frankfort, before moving to Giessen. Was originally in B Battery FDC. Moved over to HQ Battery survey section. Went into the service in Nov. 1962 and got out in Oct. 1965. Came back on the Rose. Went over on the Darby. Got out... More
07 Aug wilds (oz stamm)
Thanks for the reply, Statz was from cross plains Wi. Have had no contact from him or Grobush since my army days. I started off in the wire section when I got to germany, but that quickly changed. Remember you telling gary Nale and me about Amsterdam, how much fun it was. Of course we ended up... More
03 Aug STAMM GOOD MEMORY (Norman Wilds)
Can't believe anyone but me remembers my football injury. It knocked out my short-term memory and I had amnesia for about a week. Couldn't remember how I got hurt or who was battery CO. I spent that week in the 97th Hospital down in Frankfurt. I think Statz was from around Detroit and someone... More
03 Aug jim wilds (oz stamm)
remember you did get a concusion playing football, didn't know where you were for a day or so. I took up with richard statz, at that time he was a short timer also, hans grobush was another name I remember. he had family that lived in germany. I was only in c batt. for about 6 weeks transfered to... More
02 Aug OZ Stamm (Norman Wilds)
My last two weeks with C Battery I was well into being a "short-timer". My only concern was catching that bird back to the world and not who would handle morning reports. I do remember a "school-trained" replacement so that must have been you. That actually was a great job. Only extra duty was... More
02 Aug jimwilds (oz stamm)
If u were c batt clerk I remember you, trained to take your place for about 2 weeks, maj borum wanted me in hq bat fdc. had no choice. was there fr. aug 65 to feb 67

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