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Bulletin Board for 6th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

22 Jul Cruz (Garry Nale)
Norm, Cruz did have a big smile, really a great guy. Another medic in our room spoke to Dr. Cruz after he returned to Corpus Christi area in Tx. He was studying to become an X-Ray technician. Do you remember Bilbery or Ozzie Stamm? Stamm started in C battery before being transferred to Hdq. I keep... More
06 Jul SPEC. 4 Thornberry (Marion Thornberry)
Hey sarg. I was there from Jan. 1967 till 08/16/1998.When I first got there I was in the 4th gun Section. Later I became The Arms room Specialist. You were a corp. when I got there and SSG WHEN i LEFT.
29 Jun GARRY (Norman Wilds)
Thanks for the return on Doc Cruz. He was a great battery medic. Helped me out a few times. After all these years, I can still remember his wide smile and eagerness to help. Hope he's living a long, happy life down in Texas. Jim Wilds
24 Jun Dr. Cruz (Garry Nale)
Norman, I was in the same room with Dr. Cruz. Cruz left shortly after I arrived. He was from Texas, on the coast. He ran the pharmacy when we were in Giessen, but was the medic for C battery when in the field. Dr Fleishner lives in Arizona now. He moved there from NY. Garry Nale
09 May Garry Nale-E-4 (Garry Nale)
Gearld, I remember these names, I was a medic in Hdq. Battery during this time. I was Dr. Fleishner driver.
21 Apr I knew Larry Sullivan (Dave Wagar)
I was in survey from 72-74, I was there until Sept 74 when the section was broken up. I was transfered to 2/92 for my last month. The whole survey section was crazy. If I remember right Sullivan came to survey in 73.
13 Jan Rivers Barracks 1/75-1/77 (Rector Johnson)
A Btry 6th Bn/9th FA Gun Section Attitude Check, The Best Gun Section in the US Army. email rectorjohnson@centuryte.net.
26 Nov Sgt. Semian (Marion Thornberry)
Hi sgt. remember me SPC.4 Thornberry. I was in charge of the Arms Room. I was with "B" Battery from Jan. 1967 till Aug. of 1968. I now live in Belvidere, IL. 61008
18 Oct Sullivan 62 - 64 (Norman Wilds)
Hi Fred, We crossed paths back in Charlie battery back in 1964. I was the first replacement into the battery when about a third of you guys rotated back. I took over for George Skopis with 1SG Williams. Seem to remember you in the third gun section with SSG Woodall. Bill Reedy was a good... More
16 Oct Sullivan (Dewitt Elledge)
Sullivan aka:Catfish was in survey around 74 to 76. Is he still alive? He was one crazy dude.

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