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Bulletin Board for 6th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

02 Aug jimwilds (oz stamm)
If u were c batt clerk I remember you, trained to take your place for about 2 weeks, maj borum wanted me in hq bat fdc. had no choice. was there fr. aug 65 to feb 67
28 Jul Jerry (Garry Nale)
I remember Capt. DeJesus, Sgt Schumacher, and Sgt. Morrow.
24 Jul Cruz (Garry Nale)
Jim, I went home in Aug. 1966. Yes, after 47 years it seems if you pick right up with old friends. BILBREY and I contacted an E-5 that was in the medics with us, however, his wife said he passed away at age 49.
24 Jul Garry (Norman Wilds)
I don't remember a Bilbery or Stamm. I left C battery in Jan 66, so I must have missed them. It's great you keep in touch. I've found and contacted about eight of my old buddies in the last year. And it's so easy to reconnect even after 47 years. Jjim wilds
22 Jul Cruz (Garry Nale)
Norm, Cruz did have a big smile, really a great guy. Another medic in our room spoke to Dr. Cruz after he returned to Corpus Christi area in Tx. He was studying to become an X-Ray technician. Do you remember Bilbery or Ozzie Stamm? Stamm started in C battery before being transferred to Hdq. I keep... More
06 Jul SPEC. 4 Thornberry (Marion Thornberry)
Hey sarg. I was there from Jan. 1967 till 08/16/1998.When I first got there I was in the 4th gun Section. Later I became The Arms room Specialist. You were a corp. when I got there and SSG WHEN i LEFT.
29 Jun GARRY (Norman Wilds)
Thanks for the return on Doc Cruz. He was a great battery medic. Helped me out a few times. After all these years, I can still remember his wide smile and eagerness to help. Hope he's living a long, happy life down in Texas. Jim Wilds
24 Jun Dr. Cruz (Garry Nale)
Norman, I was in the same room with Dr. Cruz. Cruz left shortly after I arrived. He was from Texas, on the coast. He ran the pharmacy when we were in Giessen, but was the medic for C battery when in the field. Dr Fleishner lives in Arizona now. He moved there from NY. Garry Nale
09 May Garry Nale-E-4 (Garry Nale)
Gearld, I remember these names, I was a medic in Hdq. Battery during this time. I was Dr. Fleishner driver.
21 Apr I knew Larry Sullivan (Dave Wagar)
I was in survey from 72-74, I was there until Sept 74 when the section was broken up. I was transfered to 2/92 for my last month. The whole survey section was crazy. If I remember right Sullivan came to survey in 73.

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