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Bulletin Board for 6th Battalion, 9th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

24 Jun Dr. Cruz (Garry Nale)
Norman, I was in the same room with Dr. Cruz. Cruz left shortly after I arrived. He was from Texas, on the coast. He ran the pharmacy when we were in Giessen, but was the medic for C battery when in the field. Dr Fleishner lives in Arizona now. He moved there from NY. Garry Nale
09 May Garry Nale-E-4 (Garry Nale)
Gearld, I remember these names, I was a medic in Hdq. Battery during this time. I was Dr. Fleishner driver.
21 Apr I knew Larry Sullivan (Dave Wagar)
I was in survey from 72-74, I was there until Sept 74 when the section was broken up. I was transfered to 2/92 for my last month. The whole survey section was crazy. If I remember right Sullivan came to survey in 73.
13 Jan Rivers Barracks 1/75-1/77 (Rector Johnson)
A Btry 6th Bn/9th FA Gun Section Attitude Check, The Best Gun Section in the US Army. email rectorjohnson@centuryte.net.
26 Nov Sgt. Semian (Marion Thornberry)
Hi sgt. remember me SPC.4 Thornberry. I was in charge of the Arms Room. I was with "B" Battery from Jan. 1967 till Aug. of 1968. I now live in Belvidere, IL. 61008
18 Oct Sullivan 62 - 64 (Norman Wilds)
Hi Fred, We crossed paths back in Charlie battery back in 1964. I was the first replacement into the battery when about a third of you guys rotated back. I took over for George Skopis with 1SG Williams. Seem to remember you in the third gun section with SSG Woodall. Bill Reedy was a good... More
16 Oct Sullivan (Dewitt Elledge)
Sullivan aka:Catfish was in survey around 74 to 76. Is he still alive? He was one crazy dude.
16 Oct Hi (Jen Dumouchelle)
Are you looking for Sullivan?
16 Aug Dumbrowski? (Dewitt Elledge)
He sure did like to fish. Every weekend he would be off fishing. He was one of the good guys.
15 Aug Dumbrowski? (Jay Graves)
I almost forgot him. I lived in Queckborn from 83-84 and his daughter used to babysit my kids. WOW old memory their!

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