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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 70th Armor (1960s - Present)

18 May Dennis Oehmen (Dennis Oehmen)
Looking for anyone who had served with me at Ft.Polk, La 1979 to 1982
01 Aug Yes, Cephas I do remember you. (Jon Carpenter)
Hey Cephas... Yes, I do remember you well. Not sure when you wrote your note as it's been a while since I've been here and it gives Month and Day, but not year. Hopefully it was this year. I have been thinking about how to get a hold of the guys I use to hang out with when I was there. To include... More
04 Mar mess hall (Arnold Burton)
i was with hhc i was in the dining facility
17 Sep alpha company (joe jollie)
I was in alpha company ,1980 to 1982. I was then sent to 3/11 a.c.r. bad herself germany...
28 Mar 3/70th (Spillman Cephas)
I was in 3/70th Headquarters from June 77 to Sept 79
27 Mar Strike Swiftly Sir! (Spillman Cephas)
Hello Jon, remember me, we worked in the PAC together under SFC Hamblin .
22 Feb sarget (ernesto gonzalez)
Help me find my buddy's from HHC Trans
25 Jan B Co. 3rd Bn. 70th Ar. from 83-86 (Timothy George)
Would like to know how some of these guys are doing, Garcia, Maneice, Daffin, Kearney, Ninelist. Great softball team. Lots of fun, maybe to much. Would like to hear how there doing, and what they've been up to.
25 Jan B Co. 3rd Bn. 70th Ar. (Timothy George)
I was in Bravo Co. from 83-86. Get in touch, let's talk
18 Jan mess hall hhc (Arnold Burton)
i work in the mess hall

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