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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

27 May Pictures of Lee barracks (Steven Cimbora)
I guess I will have to scan all of my pictures from Lee barracks, Grafenveer, Hoenfels, Wildfleken, and Mainz soon. Remember what Sgt. Lowe used to look like? I do.
27 May Hey there Jeff! (Steven Cimbora)
Sederquist! Hey man, haven't seen you since St. Louis. Give me a shout and let me get your E-mail, you too Sgt. lowe.
27 May Holy shit! (Steven Cimbora)
What the hell is up Sgt Lowe!!! Man I've tried to find you several times over the last twenty or so years. Hit me back.
20 Mar I was there!! (Timothy Burns)
I was at Lee Barracks from Apr. 83 to Apr. 85
27 Jan B co (Joe lowe)
hey Jeff its Sgt, Lowe you were my driver, hope all is well with you, Im down in Fl.. get in touch.
27 Jan 4-69 mainz (Joe lowe)
Sgt Lowe here, Just saying hello to all those who was at Lee Barracks in the 80's
08 Oct Hit Me Up!!! (Liborio Lee Palermo II)
To all my ole Brothers from Aco4th/69th hit me up I've been waiting for years to reconect. Lee Palermo
08 Jun hey Lt. (Mark Norris)
what's up Howie?
07 Jun speed and power (Mark Norris)
I was with "C" company from 78 to 81. Any of you guys out there?
19 Feb Lt Markheim, 1966 Battle at Duc Co (Vance Hall)
ROK Army Lt Han, (now MajGen Han, ret.) is his friend from 1966. If you think you can help find (then) Lt. Markheim, please contact me. This would make an old General very happy. Vance Hall

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