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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

06 Sep Hey Jim Hunter (Kim Campbell)
I remember you. I think I was 3rd plt C Co, 4/69. If I am right you are from Texas and was a cop near Austin before you joined up. Do you remember Ric Joy, Sgt Collete and SFC Galvin?
02 Jul Charlie CO, 4/69 (Chuck Orchowski)
I was the 3rd Platoon Leader and Company Training Officer in Charlie Co - 4/69 from June 74 thru July 75 - Lee Barracks. John Hobrle was the CO back then. Would love to hear from C Co guys who were there during that period! Chuck Orchowski
16 May Sp/4 Walden (Ken Walden)
I was in B co from 1982-1984. I still miss B-66 & have some good memories from Terminus & the Palm Beach! How are you doing Meekins ?
26 Nov Yes! Lee Barracks! (David Beavens)
I was there in C-Co. from July 1979 thru September 1980 when I ETS'd. Tank commander on C 25. Think I'll go tip one for all of us!! Speed and Power!! God Bless!!
18 Aug I was (Stephen Duckett)
I was in 4/69 in 82-83 a/co I was capt. pusey jeep driver. Repyl
16 Aug Brian Sands (Brian Sands)
I was in HHC at the same time
30 May SPEED AND POWER... (Rafael Fuentes)
Fellow unit members, I was in the 4/69th in 1974-1975 in C co, I drove the VTR C-69 ( m88 ). I wonder if our barracks are still there? believe it or not I do not have any photos if any one would share some it would greatly appreciated. Rafael
08 Sep pfc meekins (roland meekins)
had a great time at lee barracks miss my friends crazy sexy s
01 Jun Lee Barracks (David Mosley)
Yep, I was there as well, 77-79 in HHC then C-Co. Some of the best times of my life. Good people and great BEER.
28 May Old friend (Joe lowe)
Hey steve hope all is well, use my email address and send me some of the old pictures. (lowefoodbrokers@msn.com) Get in touch with me, I would really like to talk with you and catch up on old times.

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