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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

08 Oct Hit Me Up!!! (Liborio Lee Palermo II)
To all my ole Brothers from Aco4th/69th hit me up I've been waiting for years to reconect. Lee Palermo
08 Jun hey Lt. (Mark Norris)
what's up Howie?
07 Jun speed and power (Mark Norris)
I was with "C" company from 78 to 81. Any of you guys out there?
19 Feb Lt Markheim, 1966 Battle at Duc Co (Vance Hall)
ROK Army Lt Han, (now MajGen Han, ret.) is his friend from 1966. If you think you can help find (then) Lt. Markheim, please contact me. This would make an old General very happy. Vance Hall
20 May lee barracks
I was there from 1987 -1990 does anybody have pics from this time period, that is how i would like to remember lee barracks. thankyou sgt thomas
03 Apr 4th Battalion, 69th Armor-CSC, FIST (Dennee Kraige)
I was stationed at 2-81, Idar Oberstein. I really enjoyed hearing so much so far from Mainz, just my first day on the web site. I thank everyone for a very memorable experience for today. In talking to some people I learned how things have changed, I feel more confirmed. I miss the PX stores where... More
09 Dec CSC 4.2 Plt and FIST (William Ragsdale)
Hell I got to CSC in "76" and Scouts still had those little 114's they could haul ass. Then they switch to the 113's about a year later and also got the three tanks Scout Platoon Sgt was Camacho I was in the 4.2 Mortar Platoon as a FIST (Foward Observer)
13 Nov Pictures of Lee Barracks (Jeffrey Wells)
Hi Rick, check out my profile. I put up some pictures I took in 2006 of Lee Barracks. It is not what it used to be. I was stationed from 1979 to 1982 and again from 1985-1986. ttyl Jeff Wells, Mainz Germany
06 Nov Did anyone ever count the APC's in CSC (Mark Sarro)
When I was in in Mainz the Scout platoon was in CSC Co. the 3 HQ's tanks were assigned to the scouts for training and deployment as was the GSR unit. The ground suvailance radars were all on jeeps. Any way 2/22 of the 4th ID was going home in 1980. some how we got 4 of their APC's for our... More
24 Oct Pictures of Lee Bks (Rick Fink)
If anyone has any pictures of Lee Bks. Id love to get them, I really miss the place. I was in Dco 4/69 From 85-87.my email is ricmarfink@aol.com

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