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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

13 Oct HHC Col driver (Charles Freundl)
Hi - I was the Col Slepers driver while in HHC 75-76, I remember your name - mines chuck freundl
06 Sep Hey Jim Hunter (Kim Campbell)
I remember you. I think I was 3rd plt C Co, 4/69. If I am right you are from Texas and was a cop near Austin before you joined up. Do you remember Ric Joy, Sgt Collete and SFC Galvin?
02 Jul Charlie CO, 4/69 (Chuck Orchowski)
I was the 3rd Platoon Leader and Company Training Officer in Charlie Co - 4/69 from June 74 thru July 75 - Lee Barracks. John Hobrle was the CO back then. Would love to hear from C Co guys who were there during that period! Chuck Orchowski
16 May Sp/4 Walden (Ken Walden)
I was in B co from 1982-1984. I still miss B-66 & have some good memories from Terminus & the Palm Beach! How are you doing Meekins ?
26 Nov Yes! Lee Barracks! (David Beavens)
I was there in C-Co. from July 1979 thru September 1980 when I ETS'd. Tank commander on C 25. Think I'll go tip one for all of us!! Speed and Power!! God Bless!!
18 Aug I was (Stephen Duckett)
I was in 4/69 in 82-83 a/co I was capt. pusey jeep driver. Repyl
16 Aug Brian Sands (Brian Sands)
I was in HHC at the same time
30 May SPEED AND POWER... (Rafael Fuentes)
Fellow unit members, I was in the 4/69th in 1974-1975 in C co, I drove the VTR C-69 ( m88 ). I wonder if our barracks are still there? believe it or not I do not have any photos if any one would share some it would greatly appreciated. Rafael
08 Sep pfc meekins (roland meekins)
had a great time at lee barracks miss my friends crazy sexy s
01 Jun Lee Barracks (David Mosley)
Yep, I was there as well, 77-79 in HHC then C-Co. Some of the best times of my life. Good people and great BEER.

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