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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

30 Jan SGT (Aaron Davenport)
Would like to connect with comrades
06 Jan If my recolection is correct... (Richard Sylvestre)
I think I remember a Sargent in the mess hall that we called Ski. I don't know for sure if his last name was Kowalski but I am hopeful this is the start to finding some of my comrades. My name is Richard Sylvestre and I left Germany as a Spec. 4. Do you remember Sargent Lewis, Sargent Dunn, Sargent... More
06 Jan Would Like To Connect with comrades some day (Richard Sylvestre)
I don't remember dates so well right now but I can say this. I was a spoon in the 4/69 Armor Battalion from roughly 76 - 82. Hope to find some paperwork so I can one day be more precise. I often think of Lee Barracks and dream of reuniting with comrades some day. My Name is Richard Sylvestre and I... More
31 Oct Speed and Power (William Miller)
Rafael, I remember you and the other guys in maintenance. You saved our bacon many times on road marches. I was in 3rd platoon and then battalion maintenance. Those were some of the best times in the Army.
31 Oct Charlie, 4/69 (William Miller)
Chuck, You were the guy who showed me the company and Maintz when I first got to Charlie in April 75. I took 3rd Plat from you. Where are you now? Dave Miller
01 Oct pfc steve hartzler 73-75 (steve hartzler)
It was 1979 when Ernest Borgnine visited lee barracks
30 Sep pfc steve hartzler 73-75 (steve hartzler)
I remember u fuentes, u and michael michalek
30 Sep pfc steve hartzler 73-75 (steve hartzler)
I was c company, was the xo's driver, Lt. williams
19 Apr HHC 4/69 Bros 81-84 (Daniel Aldrich)
Tough times, great times and great friends ... And of course great memories. Let me hear from you all brothers! We delivered anything from diesel to 105mm rounds and drove about everything for everyone's support - jeeps to Goers, all that fun on the ice in Graf, Baumholder... Hehe (c; Pvt-Sgt... More
23 Mar Sgtsea B co The battalion mech. (Marvin Seagroves)
I miss germany. I miss the good friends.

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