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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 69th Armor (1960s - Present)

23 Mar Sgtsea B co The battalion mech. (Marvin Seagroves)
I miss germany. I miss the good friends.
04 Mar Howdy! (James Hunter Iii)
Great to hear from you! Thought you might have gone to the big barracks in the sky. I should have known that you're too ornery for that. At least in this centruy. Hope Rita and the family is doing well. You can reach me at jamesw.hunter@spansion.com jim
03 Mar Hey Dale Pratt (David Mosley)
Is this the same Dale that left Mainz and went to Ft. Bliss? Dude if it is get in touch. David (TEX) Mosley
03 Mar Yo Brothers (David Mosley)
Hey Stew and Jim, thought I would check over here while I had a moment at the plant and ha both of you are chating. Good to still make como this way as well. I give you a call around March 4th-2013 Mosley
25 Feb JIM HUNTER (Charles Steward)
Here is a message from the past, way past. I was your platoon sergeant from a short time. Still have contact with Mosley and Pearson from time to time and still live in El Paso, in fact, I retired here at Ft Bliss 24 years ago. I know you still stay in contact with Mosley as he has told me so. I... More
11 Nov Spec 4 Joe Steele (Bill Lyons)
We served in mainz from 1980 to 1982 or 83 you left first.
13 Oct Pictures (Charles Freundl)
You get those pictures scanned in, I would like copies. I will include my email when you respond.
13 Oct HHC Col driver (Charles Freundl)
Hi - I was the Col Slepers driver while in HHC 75-76, I remember your name - mines chuck freundl
06 Sep Hey Jim Hunter (Kim Campbell)
I remember you. I think I was 3rd plt C Co, 4/69. If I am right you are from Texas and was a cop near Austin before you joined up. Do you remember Ric Joy, Sgt Collete and SFC Galvin?
02 Jul Charlie CO, 4/69 (Chuck Orchowski)
I was the 3rd Platoon Leader and Company Training Officer in Charlie Co - 4/69 from June 74 thru July 75 - Lee Barracks. John Hobrle was the CO back then. Would love to hear from C Co guys who were there during that period! Chuck Orchowski

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