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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 68th Armor (1960s - Present)

28 Apr Wildflecken today (Stephen Willis)
Hi folks, had an opportunity to visit WF in Feburary. Went space-A to Ramstein and rented a car for a week. Found my family quarters, had trees growing up so thick you couldn't open the front door. Went by the B 3/68 building. Windows open, looking like a ghost town which it is. Very few german... More
13 Apr Hello (April Spencer)
I am an ex military spouse, looking for a few old friends. Charlotte honey, if you find me, reply please. Formerly April Vasquez. Now divorced and remarried.
11 Oct 8th ID Patches (John Wypyszinski)
I saw 8th ID Patches on battlezone.com, almost bought some myself, mine are MIA from all the moves over the years.
18 Jun Any Crests? 8th ID Patches? (Gary Hall)
I was in CSC 1/68 from 77 - 80 at Baumholder and Wildflecken. I'm going to put together a display case with my awards and other "atta-boys" from my Army service. Does anyone have, or know where to get, 1/68 AR crests and 8th IDS patches? Thanks, Gary Hall CSC 1/68 AR 77 - 80
10 Jun Looking for Info on Father (Ramona Angelo)
E-Mail correction: imalittleman2000@yahoo.com
10 Jun Looking For Info on Father (Ramona Angelo)
Hi, my name is Ramona Angelo. I am half-German and 36 years old. I have very limited information about my father. I will leave a brief description in case he sounds familiar to anyone on this site. I know his name is Fred Smith; black male; stationed in Wildflecken 1966; presumed deceased in... More
03 May Wildflecken, Germany(1967-68) Ray Clodfelter (H Ray Clodfelter)
My name is Ray Clodfelter and I was stationed on the Hill with 144th Ordnance Company. I was a Courier Driver as well as driver for the ASP's. I have some good memories and met some great people along the way. It would be good to hear for any and everybody that was in... More
14 Jan Missing the Rock (Paul Asetre)
To all the soldier that served in Wildflecken from 1982-1984: Great memories specially the beer at Kreuzberg monastary. Those monks knew what they were doing. I loved all those beautiful freulines (specialy the fat ones). Keep up the faith! Tankers lead the way. HOAAAHHHHH!!!!
24 Dec Kitzingen Germany 1959-60 (Gary Wilkinson)
My name is Gary Wilkinson and I was Stationed in Kitzingen Germany 1959-60 with the 1st Med Tk Bn-68th Armor-3rd inf Div-Delta Co. 1st Platoon
27 Dec Wildflecken, Germany (1985-1991) (Doretha Roulhac)
My name is DoRetha and I was stationed on the rock with 144th Ordnance Company(the best barracks on post), and worked at ASP#3. Some of my friends were: Ruben Rosario Mike Romano Andre Lacky Dave Sargent Eric Boyle ... More

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