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Bulletin Board for 4th Battalion, 37th Armor (1960s - Present)

14 Apr Fort Knox (THEODORE Schwartzhoff)
1964-66 looking for Robert Whitaker and Keith Wachter who I served with at Fort Knox
29 Nov c company 4/37 armor (bryan bates)
i was once in c company 4/37 armor back in the 80's and was wondering if anybody remembers capt leslie rynott or 1sgt buchannon??
10 Feb WAZBTO in 1996 ( )
I was in D Co from 94-96.
30 Nov chris hogan (chris hogan)
I was b 4th 37th fort knox maint. ( 63C later 63Z) from 77-80 then in georgia 81-83 I went to basic leadership-1st pfc to pass--later bnco worked 2 years at armor and engin. board on "projects" like abrams tank..slufae..himag
02 Jun Desert Storm Vets 1st Inf Div, 4/37 Armor (CHRIS AUSTIN)
I am looking for some old buddies from 4/37 Armor HHC Maintenance Recovery section....1989-1991
30 Nov UIC for HHC 4-37th Armor (Nicky Blade)
Does anyone know what the UIC was for HHC 4th-37th Armor
15 May Aco 4/37AR 1993-1996 (James Gilman)
hi anybody 93-96 i was in Aco and i remember sgt manoogan from 1/63Ar and korea terry weiss,gardner,hanley,sgt smith cant wait to hear from you
30 Nov Vietnam (Mike McDonough)
Looking for anyone that was assigned to A co. 4th BN 37th AR from 1966-1968, who may know Reynaldo Alvarado
18 Jan Looking for anyone from BN Maint 4/37th 1977 (Larry Felix)
Larry Felix looking for anyone from BN Maint 4/37th Ft.Knox I drove the M88 at BN Maint.
20 Dec looking for SGT Joel Ivy (Michael Brown)
Looking for the gunner from the tank I served on in Desert Storm

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