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Bulletin Board for 19th Special Forces Group

28 May interested in joining (Shawn Mooney)
I am 30 years old and interested in joining the 19th special forces group. I know there is a detatchment in Rhode Island and iI am considering joining. How would I go about this? Or am I too old?
14 May FIDLER (Lynn Bernhard)
I remember him. Never worked the same ODA or deployed with him. I worked out of B Co. 1/19 Springville UT 1989-2000 and I think he worked out of Salt Lake during the same time period. ljb
10 May 1/19th REC Home Page (Al Yardley)
Interested in challenging the Special Forces Course? Check out the Readiness Enhancement Company at: www.UtahSpecialForces.com
10 May re: for the Utah elements (Earl Hart)
I joined the 19th in 1974, was a full-time tech from 1975 until I converted to AGR in 1981, then continued until I retired as Gp Ops SGM in 1989; may have overlooked him, but I remember no one of that name, and all school apps came across my desk. Earl Hart
26 Apr FOR THE UTAH elemnts: (A J)
Was there ever a Major (or Captain) David Fidler in th Utah units of 19th? He claims he enlisted in UANG for SF, and was in it through comissioning and up thru rank of Major, but parts of his story don't add up...anyone know anything? Can message me on Military.com or email me at... More
24 Apr Right on the Money Earl (John Crosby)
Earl I found that guy to. I think he's my newest Hero! John
13 Apr A Joke! (dan ric)
2/19 in WV is nothing but a JOKE. ESPECIALLY the MAJ they now have running things....PLEASE About the only thing they have shot is e-mail. HEY MIKE WHERE'S YOUR KEVLAR BLANKET?
08 Apr hah (Stefan Hawkins)
hah, that dude got around
17 Mar phoney heroes (Earl Hart)
First, let me say I salute Military.com and what it stands for. But I am tired of the phoney b.s. on the part of certain members. I am personally acquainted with a guy I once served with who has misrepresented himself here. Now I find someone who says he served on AD 1980-2004 in my same unit,... More
27 Dec Anyone know Jon Nelson (S J)
Does anyone know Jon Nelson 19thSFG Washington State?

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