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Bulletin Board for 10th Special Forces Group

05 Mar Rebuttal (Darryl Carpenter)
Actually it is latin but it means "Liberator of the Oppressed" Thanks
28 Feb Paris Davis (Kenneth Bradley)
Ms. Damm: The no good scum sucking, air wasting, drege of society COL. Richard Kattar had COL. Davis relieved for Larceny at the Post Exchange. COL. Kattar wished to get involved in 10th Group Pre-Deployment activities and overall operations and planning. COL. Davis almost physically threw him... More
23 Feb Looking to contact CSM P.M. Quinn (Ernest Sams)
This is Ernie Sams from the ROCK in Germany.It would really be nice to make contact.
30 Jan Looking for MSG Dotty, William (Major Ross)
if anyone knows where I can find him please email rmajor1@cox.net Msg Major retired
24 Jan MSG Felcher? (Mike Cassel)
Just a guess...
11 Dec Below Message (R P)
The below message was intended to be a reply to an earlier message posted about a Sgt. in Germany with the 10th. Tim Paone, you know him?
11 Dec Noone (R P)
Noone knows this man? If you've met him, you won't forget him. Thick Boston accent and crazy as hell! Contact me if anyone knows this man!
10 Dec FALLEN HEROES 10TH SFG (Rodney Brewer)
All casualties from 9/11 on and other things can be found at the following sites; www.afgedefcon.org (click on casualties) , www.fallenheroesmemorial.com , www.armyaircrews.com , www.defenselink.mil , www.defendamerica.mil , www.icasualties.org , www.andyyost.com , www.stewart.army.mil (you can... More
04 Dec James W. (Jimbo) Christensen (Rusty Beck)
Does anyone have any idea where he is at? Haven't seen or heard from him since he moved to Carson in 1994. Let him know Rusty is hunting his A#* down.
04 Dec Douglas Lusk (Rusty Beck)
Found him. He is located in Panama City Beach Florida. Doug is a friend of mine who I just meet this year. After some conversation I learned that Doug was a fore father to my time in the 10th. ODA 084. Doug Joined Special Forces in 1952 and retired as a CSM in 1977. A long career as a SFer. ... More

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