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Bulletin Board for 2nd Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment

07 Oct Garlstedt 2-50th (Arnold Amesquita)
I am Arnold Amesquita and I was in CSC with 2-50th Inf. in Garlstedt. I was a 4.2 mortar crewman. Where are you from origonally and what company were you with?
19 May The fire (kenneth knott)
My name is Kenneth Knott. I was also in Germany at that time. I am also looking for my buddies. I was stationed out of Ft Hood, TX from 72-78. Looking for a buddy named Bill Boner and others. Any info email me at SuBHoney43@aol.com
24 Mar Hoenfels, Germany "The Fire" (Michael Slaughter)
It happen on a Saturday when we where all off. I saw the Military Police, Military Ambulance but especially when they brought the chared bodies of those fellows out of the burning building. We wondered(the fellows and myself) what could lure them to do such a thing in paintng around a water heater... More
05 May 1st Lt Harold Weinberg (Paul Cooley)
I too was at Hoenfels when Lt Weinberg died. They were using gasoline to clean the latrine showers in the officers barracks and somehow (a cigarette?) the whole latrine went up in a flash fire burning him and another LT to death. Years later I was at a neighbors house in Arlington Tx (a block... More
18 Mar Lost buddies (Melvin Walls)
I was With the 2/50 in Garlstedt, Germany from 1978 until 1980. I was a 60 gunner and I would love to hear from anyone in this unit. I remember a few names, Larry Scruggs,Freeman,? My e-mail is avyday@ yahoo.com If it helps I was a really small 16 year old at the time, I'm sure someone would... More
25 Mar The other Lieutenent's name (Jesus Martinez)
The other Lt that died in that fire was 1st Lt Harold Weinberg. He was awarded the EIB posthumously along with the rest of us that were fortunate enough to earn the same award... for the record I am Sergeant Jesus Martinez, B Co. 2/50, 3rd Plt...
25 Mar it was 1st Lt Stith not Smith (Jesus Martinez)
I was in B Co, 3rd Plt, when that fire killed those two lieutenents and one was Stith not Smith... Thanks
11 Feb Hohenfels (Arnold Amesquita)
I too rotated to hohenfels, both in 75 and in 77 with 1-41st Inf. 2Ad. My brother was in 2-50th Inf. during your time. His name is SGT. Rosendo Amesquita and he was assigned to the weapons platoon (TOW) in CSC company. I remember Ma Clappers, I spent a lot of time up there myself.
11 Oct Hohenfels Rotation (William Weber)
I was on the 1976 Hohenfels rotation and remember the fire. The two LT's lost were from my company, HHC. They were 1LT Larrabee and 1LT Smith. 1LT Smith was my PLT Leader. I was the Bn Aid station medic and that time. I remember coming back from Parsberg and hearing about it. The senior... More
21 Apr CSC 2/50th (Keith Mcnease)
Looking for members of Combat Support Company 2/50th Infantry who served from 1976 to 1980. Stateside or Germany. Also would like to hear from any 2/50 members who served at Hohenfels or Garlstadt.

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