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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment

27 Jan 3/8th 4th ID. C Co. (John But was Kay in 1965/74 Keatts)
Look up Ivy Dragoons. There will be nothing added to the name. Click onto it and look up friends. I was also with the 4th ID. B Co, 3/8th. 1966 to June 67. John Keatts oldhardass@aol.com
09 Sep A lost Brother ( )
I think we may have served together. My name is Harold Glenn. I went by Doc. Please feel free to call me @ 740-820-5453!!
09 Sep Co.D 3/8th infantry Division October 69'-70 ( )
I'm trying to contact Fernando Perez. Anyone w/ info please contact me. SP Harold Glenn
05 Mar none (william harvey)
I was in delta co until I was wouned nov.1967
02 Apr love company in butzback germany (ron spyker)
was with L co at butzback germany 8th regiment 3rd battalion 4th div. until thet gyro home then went to the 9thh div for 3 months in furth germany
27 Nov B Company 3/8 Infantry Division (James Mathis)
I would love to converse with ANY BROTHERS that served in the aforementioned unit from 1967-1968 give me a shout-out at James_ace1@verizon .net
27 Nov Dragon Mountain (James Mathis)
I served with the 3/8 Infantry 4th Division from 1967-1967. Give me a shout-out my brother. my email addressis: james_ace1@verizon.net
27 Nov Maybe (James Mathis)
Give me a shout-out I was in Vietnam the same time that you were there and i served in the same unit. email: james_ace1@verizon.net
27 Nov Maybe (James Mathis)
I served with B Company 3/8 Infantry Division from 1967-1968, is it possible that we crossed paths? I would love to know.
27 Nov Seeking Friends (James Mathis)
I served with B Company 3/8 Infantry 4th Infantry Division from 1967-1968 I would like to converse with any one that served in the aforementioned unit along with me. Here are the names of some brothers that were with me in the aforementioned unit: Hector Canman from New York, Jackie Williams from... More

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