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Bulletin Board for 6th Cavalry Brigade

07 Dec 1-6 Camp Eagle (Jeff Smith)
Retired Cw4 Smith A Model driver. 99-00. looking to get in touch with FSO. Red headed fellow
19 Jan AH-64 crash in germany (james bussby)
my name is james busby and I was the first on the seen for the crash that killed laster bagget and LT murphuy. it was the Lt's first day in country. I had known mr. bagget for 5 years. i was on staff duty and when I got the call it was to the the site the aircarft was still burning.
14 Nov Ft Hood TX (Gary Hart)
I remember you. tried to teach you to swim but bricks dont float LOL
23 Aug 5th Squadron 17th Cavalry (Robert Swarbrick)
I was with A Trp under Col Clausen and I knew Capt Gabram and CW2 Oliver in B Trp.
18 Feb HHT 6th CAV BDE (AC), HHC 2-158 AVN REGT (James Cook)
Looking for anyone that served in the Brigade Headquarters Unit or with HHC or B Company of 2-158 AVN REGT. Served in Desert Storm with 2-158 but the other 6 years were with HHT. Really like to find James E. Larsen who I know made it to at least LTC.
01 Jun 3/5 platoon (Elvis Green)
was with 6th calv,moved down by checkerd tower ,we became hsc 1/3 avn.......spc green(1986)find me on facebook El Green
25 Mar 5th Squadron 17th Cavalry (Stewart Clark)
Does anyone remember 5/17th was attached to the 6th Cav Bde? Was in like 1985 time frame
25 Feb 2-58th (Robert Roberts)
I was in this unit from 1988-1991, I Went to desert storm with this unit as well.
09 Aug Another Old Cav soldier (Bill Vaughan)
Felipe, I too was in 5/17 when we moved to 2AD. I was in B troop with Cpt. Kelly (CO) & Faustino Martinez (1SG).
06 Oct Sgt. Rose (kerry rose)
I was in 2-58 Avn Regt ATC 6th Cav attached to 4-1 Avn Ft. Riley, Ks. during those years.

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