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Bulletin Board for 193rd Infantry Brigade

21 Jun I remember Ron Larsen (Peter Pan)
Ron I remember you and that ugly car. I was in 3rd plt with sgt meager
21 Jun A,co 4/20th Infantry- 1972-1974 (Peter Pan)
I was in A. 4/20 back in 1972 - 1974. What a tour that was. Sgt Meager was psg. cpt mullins was c o, and 1sg was lucas. hit me up ron Larsen or anyone else down there then.
30 May B co (Robert Fafard)
I had a lot of fun in all the bars from 65 to 67 rafaf263@ouylook.com
30 May B co (Robert Fafard)
I had a lot of fun in all the bars from 65 to 67 rafaf263@ouylook.com
30 May Bco (Robert Fafard)
I was there in 65 to 67 coB what years were you there rafaf263@outlook.com
30 May ships (Robert Fafard)
sure do remember the ships I used to sit there and watch for hours back then there was no fence we used to swhake hands with the crews as they came thru that ws 1965 to 1967 rafaf263@outlook.com
30 May great tour (Robert Fafard)
I wqas there from 65 to 67 great tour I was in B co will be going back again soon for vacation for the 3rd time great place rafaf263@outlook.com
09 May Miller, Tracy USA 1SG Retired (Tracy Miller)
I was assigned to 193rd 4/20 CSC, Scout platoon the only 19D Cav scout platoon in Panama from 11/1979 - 11/1981. Scouts Out! I married a Panamanian from David Panama, we have been married 35 years, 3 kids 5 grandkids. I travel to Panama quite often from my home in Tampa. The Battalion at Clayton is... More
08 May cook (Alvaro Quesada)
Did you have a twin brother stationed with you at b co
28 Apr We served together (Anthony Walker)
Hello Ken, I hope you are doing well. My name is Anthony Walker and we served together in C. Co. 4/20. I remember you and all the people you have posted. Do you remember any of these guys: Hearld my roomy, West, Burge, Williams (Big Will), Strickland, Codrington, Bell, Ham, Sgt. Gay and I could... More

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