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Bulletin Board for 11th Infantry Brigade

26 Mar nam brother update (Alton Oliver)
hi donald freeman you might not remember me my nams is alton lee oliver was in 11 th inf A CO 4th /3rd jungle worriors my add here is msmansingleaav@yahoo.com
26 Mar nam brother (Alton Oliver)
hi bonald you might not remember me my name is alton lee oliver was in a co 11th inf 4th / 3rd jungle worriors my add on here is msmansingleaav@yahoo.com
08 Jan retract memo regarding Fred Ferguson (Dale Truman)
I need to retract my memo regarding Fred Ferguson. I was thinking that it was someone else. My apology.
07 Jan Seeking old Nam buddy (Arthur Flasher)
I am searching for Ralph Bray whose home was in Medford, Oregon when we were in Nam together 1968 - 1969. I would really like to talk with him.
06 Jan to Fred Ferguson (Dale Truman)
I served with a native American from Minnesota named Fred Ferguson. He was a spec 4 I believe. We were in the 2nd plt 1st and 20th 11th brigade americal div. Is this you? Dale Truman
06 Jan Veteran from the duc pho area (Dale Truman)
I served with a soldier we called Roddie but I can't remember if it was his first or last name. He was afro-american, very tall and slim. He was new to our unit sometime before Aug of 68. I remember while searching a village he was attacked by a water buffalo and was sent out on a medi-vac... More
14 Dec E Co. 4th & 3rd, 11th and 198th Bgd (William Leasure)
Hello all, I was in Viet Nam from June of 1970 through Aug. 1971. I served on San Juan Hill in the Ground Surviellance Radar squad. We were in charge of "Bunk No 1" and spent many nights together on bunker guard and in the "WoodStock" hooch. I am looking for those that were there and want to... More
13 Aug Loretta ( )
I am looking for anyone who knew Willie Gene Wilson that was killed on Apr 9, 1968 in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam. He was my Uncle so I want some information on him. I was also in the US Army from 1973-1975. Please email me.
06 Aug San Juan Hill... Sept 1969 thru Sept 1970 (Ronald Owan)
Greetings... Yes, I was there also and would like to correspond by email. Have been trying to establish contact with some others; especially out in the Pacific NW. My email: rmowan@gmail.com Ron
01 Aug spec 4 Roddie Perry 1968-1969 ( )
I'm looking for anyone who knew my brother Roddie Perry who was kia on june 3 1969. He was in the 11th light infantry brigade and Duc Pho. Trevoroenmorgan@juno.com

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