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26 Oct Info on brother (James Kein)
Looking for other men in my brothers unit 1969-1969, Robert Kein, E3, Quang Tri Province, D Co., 1st battalion, 11th infantry 5th inf div. Any info would be welcomed, he died non-hostile, death of other causes. I can't find any answers
03 Aug add me (Sandra Brown)
hey add me to ure friends
28 May Any one remember 9/8/1968 Hwy 1 1300? (Rex Ritchie)
Sorry; here is my email 8ritchie@att.net
28 May Any one remember 9/8/1968 Hwy 1 1300? (Rex Ritchie)
I had been assigned to the 4/21 Co A. base camp LZ Baldy. Taking suppies from Duc Pho to Chu Lai for a stand down. We were on Hwy 1. Two truck convoy. Suddenly truck in front sped up, people yelling! Next thing I knew I was in Hospital in Japan with critical head injury and it was the end of... More
11 Mar Jerry ( Tiny ) Brown (Jerry ( Tiny ) Brown)
11 Mar Jerry ( Tiny ) Brown (Jerry ( Tiny ) Brown)
BBQed Mar., 1969 - HHC - 1/20th - 11th. Infantry - all memories of Nam this there - ???
28 Oct looking for squad members (Larry Ellis)
I was in 4/21/11th INF D company. In country March 68. Chu-Lai base camp. Henery Berthelot , George Horvath, Sgt Sontago,Paul Maldonado, Ben Boyd, Bobby Smith, James Smelley. My spelling might be bad. Looking for these guyes but also for Leo Sexton. Thanks Larry E Ellis
05 Oct looking for larry johnson from alabama chu-li ( )
looking for anyone who served with charlie co 11th infantry brigade americal division based in chu-li that trained in hawii before leaving in 67. my father was in that unit from 67 to 69 and I would like some info if possible on his unit and what he done. he mentioned to me one time something about... More
17 May Norman Jensen (Ken Benson)
Looking for anyone who knew him. oct 68 to feb 69 (kia)
21 Jan Charlie Company, 3/1 (Michael McQueen)
I have a list of e-mail addresses for about 10 men from Charlie Co that served at least part of their tour during 1968. My address is mikemcqn@verizon.net . Micheal McQueen

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