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Bulletin Board for 4th Armored Division

10 Jan 126th Maintenance in Neu Ulm (Doug Lorey)
I have the same question. Was 126th stationed at Nelson Barracks or Wiley Barracks? I believe there was a Ford Barracks too. I was in 126th in Neu Ulm in 1964. I was also stationed in Schwabisch Hall in 1964-1965.
10 Jan 126th Maintenance in Neu Ulm (Doug Lorey)
Am trying to find out if 126th Maintenance was stationed at Nelson Barracks or Wiley Barracks while in Neu Ulm.
25 Dec Looking for anyone station in Schwabach 1960 (Keith Andrus)
like to hear from anyone from the 15th Cav Schwabach Germany from 1960 to 1963 I was in both Hq. and D troop
14 Dec For John Calabrese (Miriam Daugs-Jones)
Hello John. Did you know Donald Daugs when you were at Ferris Barracks from 1957-59? If so, please e-mail me at miriamlee2003@yahoo.com I am his daughter and am looking for information for a book about my dad.
13 Dec 2nd ARB 50th infantry 1957-1959 (Miriam Daugs-Jones)
Hello. My name is Miriam Daugs Jones. I am not exactly sure how this site works or how to go about what i am looking for. My father, Donald Daugs, recently passed away. I am doing research about his life during these years, for a book. Does the name Donald Daugs sound familiar? I don't know if he... More
10 Nov Erlangen (Dennis Fitzroy)
I was stationed there from Dec 1968-March 1970
06 Nov Ferris Barracks, (William Shrader)
I was with, Co.C, 1stBn.35th Armor, 4th AD. Erlangen, 1965 to 1967 Billdee26@comcast.net
21 Oct SP/5 Manuel Puga (Manuel puga)
I was in c company 1962-1965
05 Oct Little bit forward 1966 to 1969 (Valerian Popkoff)
I joined HQ, A co at the end of the year in 1966 around last two months of the year where I was stationed for a brief stint at Schwaebich Hall. If you were still on duty our paths may have crossed. I loved Schwaebish hall 4 men cadre rooms, wooden polished floors. That did not last long after we... More
12 Aug Lamar Kitchens (Lamar Kithe a)
Hello my name is Ethan Kitchens, my father is Lamar. He was stationed in Erlangen with you. From October '69 to September '70. He would enjoy being able to chat with you or anyone else from then that you could put us in contact with. Also we have some pictures from Erlangen with you and others in... More

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