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Bulletin Board for 4th Armored Division

28 Aug Co A 24th Armd Engr. (John Hinckley)
Just found out my fatherinlaw served with Co. A. Armd Engr. during WWII. He passed back in 1996, and we are cleaning the house out after the passing of his wife.
21 Jun 61st Tank Battalion (donald moore)
Anyone remember C Company members or Elizabeth Goering (Service Club Librarian)? If so, send a reply. Also if you were gyroscoped to Ft Carson.
19 Jun Clarence "Tiny" Adams (Bill Adams )
Dad was with the 84th Armored Recon. Battalion (later the 25th Cavalry Armored Reconn. ) at Pine Camp in '42 through to his discharge in Oct. '45.
12 May 25th Recon during 1944 -1945 (Jim Durkin)
My uncle Martin Papoi served in the 25th Recon, he was a Silver Star recipient but never told his story. I'm searching for someone who knew him.
19 Mar cowboy_1@frontier.com (Milton Patrick)
I was at Ferris barracks from the move from Crailsheim McKee Barracks in HqCo. 3rd Bn. 37th was in charge of ammo. for you tankers. Left there Dec. of 66, with Leon Becker.
13 Feb lt.col imbriglio (armon imbriglio)
does anybody remember my dad armon imbriglio he went by the nickname Brigg. he served with the 4th armored and the 473rd half track division
12 Feb close (Emmett Bland)
I was stationed at crailshiem,germany.hh&c co 1st battaiion 51st infantry 4th armored div.was close and have been to Erlangen,don't remember the occasion though.
24 Dec John D. Foley (Janet Moody)
Does anyone remember my dad John D. Foley? He might have gone by the nickname Jack, and/or the last name Moody. He was Canadian by birth and a non-commissioned sergeant. Thanks!
29 Nov Looking for Someone Who Remembers (Janet Moody)
The discharge papers for my dad (John D. Foley/Moody) say that he separated from the 273rd Infantry 69th Division. It also says he was in Ardennes & he had always said that he was in the Battle of the Bulge. To the best of my knowledge, that unit did not fight in the Battle of the Bulge. The Army... More
22 Nov Horst Uttech (Horst Uttech)
Sorry for the omission. Previous message was in response to the person looking for members of 3rd BN 51st INF 4th AD. Prior to my time in 3/51 I was in HHC 2nd BDE, Also in Erlangen.

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