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16 Jan 4th armored division research (bedigie cedroc)
Hi sir, I allow me to contact you because I'm interested by the history of the 4th Armored Division. I'm French and your father's unit liberated my country, my city on August 1944 next to the Marne river. have you documents, photographs of your father at that time? I would be very interested to... More
28 Dec Sargent A.J.Bender (arden bender)
I met a lot of good guys them and would like to hear from them
28 Dec Sargent Bender (arden bender)
Am looking for guys that were in 4-76th in Korea in 1968 1969 My e-mail addfree is dj.bender44@yahoo.com Thanks-
27 Dec TEC 4 37th Tank BN 4 Armd Div (Sindye Martin)
My great grandfather, William Warren Bentley Sr, was enlisted Nov 2, 1943 at Camp Croft. Died in France Dec 5, 1944 just before Battle of the Bulge. Can anyone please provide me any information regarding my great grandfather or anyone he may have known, just anything at all. My grandfather (his... More
15 Dec Brown1960 (Charles Brown)
Anyone who was at Monteith Barracks, Furth Germany, in 1961 & 1962, 14th Artillery, C & Svc Battery, i would like to hear from you. Charles (Charlie) Brown,
15 Dec Brown1960 (Charles Brown)
I was with the 14th Artillery, "C" Battery, at Monteith From Nov 1960 - Mar 1963. I remember when this happened.
15 Dec John D Foley (Charles Brown)
Was he in Germany at Monteith Barracks. Sometime in the years 1961963?
02 Nov Addendum to post on Nov 2 by Henry Yuswak (Henry Yuswak)
If anyone has the information I requested, my email address is hcyuswak@gmail.com Again thank you
02 Nov 24th Armored Engineer Battalion, WWII (Henry Yuswak)
I'm trying to find an image of the Battalion patch for this unit in WWII. My father served in Company B in the Ardennes, Central European, and Rhinelander campaigns and am trying to recreate his uniform jacket with the proper insignias and any PUCS and MUCS that may have been awarded as well. ... More
19 Oct Looking for unit of Chris Vaseff 4th Armored (James Vaseff)
18 Looking for unit of Chris Vaseff 4th Armored My father, Chris Vaseff was in the Third Army and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge -ending "his war.". He once told me that he was next in line to have the BAR and the wounds relieved him of that "opportunity." His records were lost... More

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