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Bulletin Board for 1st Cavalry Division

15 Sep B 1/7th and D 1/7th (Zan Kushmaul)
Looking for anyone that served in these units in 1972. Especially Michael Dawson.
06 Sep D 1/5 Cav May 1970 (Alexander Nides)
Searching for anyone who served with or knew about S/Sgt Ron Sagers, KIA May 1970 Contact Alex Nides, anides@aol.com
07 Aug george michaels (george michaels)
i was with c company 2/7 1968/1969
26 Jul looking 4 these people (Elliot Hagen)
john bloom, bill warick, & terry king
26 Jul looking 4 these people (Elliot Hagen)
john bloom, bill warick, & terry king
10 Jul Cpl. James Tierno (Joe Tierno)
Looking for anyone who may have known my brother Jsmes KIA, missing in action, 15 December 1967. He was a member of D company 1/12 Cav. 1st Calvary Division. He died while missing in action. Binh Dihn Province. Battle of Tam Quan. He's listed on the wall 32E, line 6. Thanks, joe tierno
08 Jul 15th T.C co (donald rall)
anybody have any info from this unit. Ihave not heard or saw anybody since I left ?
05 Jul Vietnam 1970-71, 1st Calvary, 8th Eng. Bat. (Jerry Clark Sr.)
Looking for anyone that was stationed on Firebase Powder Ridge in 1971 when 1st Calvary was disbanded to come to the US. Anyone that can remember an injury I sustained in May 1971 when we were clearing and lz to remove weapons, ammo, and explosives. When doing this, there was another explosion... More
26 Jun Pictures (Ron Mills)
I'm looking for a recent picture of An Khe, I have pictures from 67-68. What does it look like now? Library & puter not much help.
23 Jun 501st airmobile engineer co 1st cav 3rd brgd (thomas tompkins)
anyone who served with the 501st eng. co. 3rd brgd separate fom march 1972 to june 1972 cantact sfc retired army at sctt12@msn.com

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