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Bulletin Board for 80th Infantry Division

08 May Aurelien F Demers (Daniel Morfin)
Aurelien F Demers
08 May are you looking for him (Daniel Morfin)
i know him. he is my best friend and lives two houses away. are you trying to contact him
05 Dec 318 Infantry Company C ( )
My uncle was Staff Sgt Stephen J Toth Jr in the 318th infantry Company C He was killed in action Nov. 8th 1944 near Nancy, France His basic training was at Camp Forrest, Tenn. Any information on him or is outfit would be appreciated
19 Aug Szenderski Picture (colin lau)
Hi Laura, I think I have a picture of your grandfather in a group picture. My grandfather has a picture of C Company, I believe, right before they left the States. I can email it to you if you send me your email add. My email is publicemail81@gmail.com
24 Apr Military Records For Corga Wallen (REX ALLEN)
I need help trying to find any information or document's about Corga Wallen when he served in the United States Army in the 80th Infantry Division, 314th Field Artillary Platoon in Germany from December 1942 til January 1946. 10 months were served in combat and he was awarded the Citation medal. ... More
15 Jun Harry J. Szenderski 317th Infantry, C Co. (Laura Lueck)
Wondering if anyone knew my grandfather, Harry J. Szenderski, or has any historical information? He fought in the 2nd wave of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. He died in September 2003, but I never really got to know him, and only now found out about his WWII past.
22 Mar Interview WWII Veteran or family member (Heather Teal)
I am looking for some one to interview via email, phone or chat room. I am in college and for my American History final I need to turn in an interview report of a WWII veteran or family member. Please email me at hteal1@aol.com. Thank You for your time and service.
30 Dec PFC Leo W Nall (Jane Ashley Eppolito Cordi)
I have PFC Leo W Nall was in Company D and he was reported WIA in the 318TH "HISTORY, 318TH INFANTRY, LIST OF CASUALTIES" FROM 1 FEBRUARY 1945 TO 28 FEBRUARY 1945. Much of that information can be found in morning reports (available at the Archives in St Louis. You can request copies for a nominal... More
22 Dec Allen Rouillier (Lindsey Rouillier-Reynolds)
My grandfather received a Purple Heart during World War II. I'm trying to information as to what happened and why he received it. He was in the 80th Infantry Division 317th Infantry Regiment.
17 Jun Timeline for 318th Infantry (ROBERT NALL)
My Dad, Private, Leo W. Nall joined 318th Infantry Company D on or about 30 Jan 1945. Where and how can I find information about the activities of that company between then and his being wounded on Feb 18th, 1945.

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