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Bulletin Board for 43rd Infantry Division

08 Aug SFC Joseph L. Regina (Joseph Regina)
I am a staff seargent in the Ma. national guard . My father was in the 43rd infantry division during thr early 50's and was deployed to Korea during the war . He never talked about it much . He died in Sep. of 2007 . I am trying to find out anything I can about his service history . Any help... More
12 Apr LTC R. W. Rozman Soldier of the 43rd ( )
On 5 April 2008, LTC (ret) Robert W. Rozman died at his home in Lititz, PA. His career with the 43rd Infantry division spanned 15 years from October 1939 to August 1954. During that time he rose from private to first sergeant in Company F, 169th Infantry and from 2nd Lieutenant in 1945 to captain... More
12 Apr 43rd Infantry Division History ( )
Another veteran of the Ipo Dam Battle has reported to his ultimate command. On 5 April 2008 LTC (Ret) Robert W. Rozman died at his home in Lititz, PA. He retired from the Army in 1965 after his last posting in USAREUR as Commander, 112th Service Center Headquarters, Pulaski Barracks,... More
25 Mar Robert Kelso (Robert A Kelso)
Here is the names of Ray Latchaw & Tex hodges, do these ring a bell with anyone? All were in C Co.
01 Feb Robert Kelso (Robert A Kelso)
I was stationed in Augsburg with the 102nd 43 div from 1952-1954. I have not been able to locate any one from that time . There is a lot of info out there but none that 's helped me. Anyway here's my email add. fenderaxe29@msn.com
28 Jan 43d Veterans Assn. (David Thiede)
Hello all, My name is David Thiede and I am the Sec/Treas. for the 43d Infantry Division Veterans Assn. Please visit our web site for lots of photos and memorabilia - plus reunion information, the 43d Division Memorial Project and more. www.43d-research.com Regards, David Thiede
04 Jan 43rd Division, 103rd Inf. Hdqtrs. Co (Harold Eckert)
I served in the Ipo Dam operation on Luzon. I would exchange photos
23 Dec L Company (Raul Hidalgo)
Anyone from L Co. 169th
13 Dec 43d infantry (Pierre Boissonneault)
Do you have more information? Do you know what regiment and company he was in? A world war 2 division was about 5,000 men, a regiment about 1,500 and a company aboyt 200. If you are lucky you will find someone from his company.
13 Dec 103d (Pierre Boissonneault)
I have a photo of my dad at Antipolo Co D 103d. Email me if you want a copy bosono@comcast.net. Pierre Boissonneault

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