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Bulletin Board for 7th Infantry Division

23 Oct Need Info on Agent Orange (Ronald Weber)
Hi Military Buddies. My name is Ron Weber and I was at Camp Casey, 7th Infantry Division, on the DMZ, from September 1967 to December 1968 (about 16 months). I have just recently (Two days ago) found out that Agent Orange was used in Korea. I have had a myriad of strange health problems for... More
05 Jul Agent Orange (Dan Saylor)
Hey Brothers, When I posted my message regarding Agent Orange, not that it makes a big difference but I meant Camp Casey, not Fort Casey. I was there 1967, that's when I think I came in contact with Agent Orange. Still hoping to get some more feedback from anyone who was there. I was also at... More
19 Jun Agent Orange (Dan Saylor)
Hey Brothers, Has anyone heard of Agent Orange being used prior to Sept., 1967. I have developed Type II Diebetis, and other serious health problems. I served on the DMZ during June 1966 to July 1967, company B., 2nd of the 32nd Infantry.
08 Jun 7th DivPalace Guard (Robert Ferguson)
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who was assigned to the Palace Guard during 1947-48.
12 Apr Looking SSG Williams/jeff payne (Shelia Payne)
12 Apr SSG Williams (Shelia Payne)
04 Mar http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/20518 (Joseph George)
Read Desert Storm: Dreadnought
31 Jan January 2004 VFW Magazine Article (Tom Courbat)
The article in the January 2004 VFW Magazine spoke of Agent Orange exposure and benefits for vets on or near the DMZ in Korea in 1968-69. It leaves the impression that if you were NOT a member of the units they mention, you don't qualify for disability benefits due to exposure to Agent Orange. I am... More
26 Jan 13 Armored Batallion (Donald Kimsey)
Dont find anyone connected to this unit in the years 1961-62. I know some of you are out there. Let me hear from you! I was in the 707th Ord. Btn. that was TDY to your outfit as a support unit. Got to know you pretty well.
02 Oct checking in (Victor Webb)
I was in Korea about the same time as you. I was in Headquarters company..on a tank called the Hellbound Queen. It would be nice to hear from anyone who served during that time. Vic Webb

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