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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion 63rd Armor

21 Apr 3/63 history (Larry Framke)
I was with HHC 3/63 in Augsburg 72 to 74. Trying to find out what happened to the unit.
09 Jun 8/18/1969-3/20/1971: HQS. Co. (Robert Pierson)
I started in Charlie Co., 3rd/63rd as an 11E10. My TC's last name was Custer. I was moved to S3 in 9/69. I drove for CPT. Fredrick Carlisle Ruger, then CPT. Alexander J. Capers. I also delivered & picked up prisoners from Mannheim. Was in REFORGER II. A guy by the name of Stephenson from Wisconsin... More
18 May Pictures (Eric Rennier)
ALCON, I am 1st Bn, 63rd Armor Regt's BN Historian. I am searching for pictures of YOU or anyone you served with in the battalion from 1963 to Present. The type of pictures I am looking for are patrols, missions, training, combat, unit pictures, command pictures and nothing crude or distastefull... More
11 May Name remembered (Wayne Wyatt)
I saw a message from a Bobby Nichols. What years were you in Augsburg. I was there for over 2-1/2 years and was on C-24 in Charlie co. I got there in Feb 71 and left Sept 73.
09 May remembering thr good times (Michael Wolfe)
I was in charlie company from 72 to 77
28 Mar B-33 (Denny Gaskins)
I was in B co 3rd platoon from 75-78.. when I got there B-33 was in the dead line pit with missing everything, my driver was Troy Osborn, and gunner was John George..the tanks name was Berth Butts...
26 Feb Howdy (Bobby Nichols)
Wow been a long time. I Sometimes wonder about good ole Charlie Co. Good to hear from Ya
30 Apr remember me ? (ron keaton)
I was in c co. from 72-74 I remember you. I talked to steve croker a few years back. let me know
17 Nov Howdy all (Bobby Nichols)
I was a driver for C 22 in charley company. Had some good times in Augsburg.
28 Aug Help! (Robert Young)
Lost my dog to lung cancer please talk to me!

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