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Bulletin Board for 2nd Marine Division - HQ Unit

27 Jan HQ btry 10th mar cbr (Damon Jones)
I was stationed with cbr 1992-1996. If you have any questions, contact me at jonesdc13@gmail.com. Are you any relation to Bill Volz? Damon Jones
03 Oct Super Dave Clements (William Franklin)
Trying to make contact with Gunny Dave Clements who served as Golf Battery and Lima Battery Gunny from 1989 to 1993 and after. If anyone knows of him, his whereabouts, or any contact information please contact me at HMCFRANKLIN@MSN.COM Thank you, DevilDoc Scrunt (half squid/half grunt) Doc... More
12 Nov James Stelts - USMC 1961-65 (Marsha Juniper)
Sorry, my previous post was in response to someone looking for Jim Stelts USMC Spec Ops 2nd Recon Co BN Camp LeJune NC 1961-65. He would really like to hear from any of his former Marine friends. He is an inmate at London Correctional, P.O. Box 69, London, OH 43140. You can get is ID number... More
12 Nov James Stelts (Marsha Juniper)
Jim is an inmate at the London Correctional Inst., P.O. Box 69, London, OH 43140. I believe you can get his identification number from the ODR web site. He is a friend of someone we know who is also an inmate. We were told he is anxious for any contact from former military friends.
25 Nov Happy Thanksgiving (Richard Ferguson)
To every one a blessed Thanksgiving
11 Nov Veterans (Richard Ferguson)
Have a blessed Veterans day. It was a honor to serve.
11 Nov Happy Birthday Marine Corps (Richard Ferguson)
It was a honor to serve.
07 Jul Spike (Barbara Ryan)
I will give him your info, so he can contact you.
04 May 2003/2004 Calendar (Charles Baxter)
I'm assisting the mother of a deceased Marine, William J. Allen III, who was in Company C, 2nd ABn, 2nd Marine Division who I believe served in Iraq in 2003. Either his company or the 2nd Marine Div produced a calendar for 2003/2004 which had a picture of him on the cover at one of the palaces in... More
12 Jan counter guerrilla center (William larry Sloop)
I was an Instructor at CGWC from mid 69 thru may 1970 I received an early out in May 70 was only NCO Instructor..Instructed mines, boobytraps/caves and tunnels Sgt. Larry Sloop

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