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Bulletin Board for USS Duluth - LPD 6

05 Jun Pinder (Todd Branson)
Bob was from the Portland Oregon area, if that helps. I was on board the Duluth from 84-88 and remember him well. Great guy. Todd Branson
16 May Matthew Brandt (Matthew Brandt)
I'm very interested in seeing any of her last photos. I was a GMG1 on her from 84-89, what a crew we had then.
18 Feb MS1 JOHN BAKER (John Bradley)
Thank you for the great chow during WestPac 1983. The Marines never had it so good. The only time I missed a meal in your chow hall was when USS Duluth (LPD 6), enroute to Beirut, Lebanon and rounding the Horn of Africa, encountered rough seas that rolled the Duluth so bad from side to side that... More
26 Jan John Baker (Byron Wood)
I remember MS1 Baker, he used to drink coffee cans full of iced coffee. He was pissed when they made him become a chief. I used to sleep out on the catwalks during smoke watch for #1&2 enginerooms and would see him out there all the time on his cardboard. He would go the extra mile for anybody! BT3... More
22 Jan Ms1 Baker (Jack of the Dust) (Jeff Gurnee)
I was a cook on board the Duluth during that time in Somalia and worked in the Bake Shop. I think the Petty Officer you are referring to is MS1 John Baker. Baker was the backbone of S-2 division without doubt and always willing to go the extra mile. The guy would work 20 hours a day, sleep 4 hours... More
18 Jan Snipes Eng Rm 1&2 Where ya at? 91 to 93 (Mario Leyva)
Looking for some old friends. my name is Mario Leyva MMFN. Can be reached At Ltshunt@yahoo.com or 806-228-1427. Currently living in Perryton, Tx
11 Jan 82-85 AFT FIREROOM SNIPES (Byron Wood)
Just wanting to touch base with anyone who remembers BT3 Woody 82-85 from the aft fireroom. Email me if you get a chance and let me know how your doing. I sure do miss the good old days! I was wondering if the flag I painted on the gauge board lasted and for how long. woodbyr62@netscape.net
01 Dec 1990-1994 flight deck fuel dude (Michael Macomber)
I just found out about this site.Just thinking about the salty days onboard that great lady! things are good now, not so creepy, but i do remember some cats that tought me that you gotta appreciate life cause it is worth every minute. You kick ass abf3 Green.
01 Dec Duluth LPD-6 Brother Fuelie (Michael Macomber)
90-91 Grapes "Purple shirts rule" Mr. Burg was such a geek. ABF2Parks; ABF3Marvin Davis;ABF1Williams;ABFARKeith Brown :What up Baltimore?" ABF3James Phelps Jr. "Pound Puppy 4 Life" ABFShawn Scarlett, "Watch 4 Scorpions"ABF2Andre Cope "FM No Static" and to you ABFSheldon Spence "bombaclot"
15 Nov cruise book (Roberto Barney)
Does anyone from the 2003 Deployment know which was the publishing company that made the cruise books, or how to obtain one?

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