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Bulletin Board for 787th Military Police Battalion

17 Oct I miss basic sometimes (Pappa Smurf)
I was in 4th platoon echo co. from July -nov 88. Ft. Mac. Anitson alabama Steven Crouch
13 Sep yup (Noah Ballard)
Sure do. I "know him" if the definition means getting the dog you know what smoked out of us by him lol.
23 Feb 787TH BRAVO CO THE 3RD HERD 1988 JULY (greg bournias)
Looking for any in bravo co 3rd platoon under DS True and DS Gerowski. Lookin for pictures or a yearbook for that CO. Took basic / ait at the bama
31 Oct Trained under Drill SGT. Gillum (Kevin Kaltenberg)
Went through OSUT from July31st-November 25th 1992.2nd Platoon Wardawgs. Drill Sergeant Gillum and Drill Sargeant Conklin. Great time in my life. Kevin Kaltenberg kantthinkof1@yahoo.com
21 Oct I Rember (Dan S)
2nd plt echo 787. Summer/fall 87!
05 Oct D -787 (Cristie Heffley)
My Name is Cristie Heffley...I was in first plt in July- Nov 1995...Just wanted to send out a whats up to any body who was there at that time...
09 Sep Bravo (Jon Green)
Does anyone know a DS Lane?
08 Apr Thanx (Scott Forster)
I have been thinking about him, he was a great guy and was the best DS I met while there.
08 Apr I remember DS Hansen (Scott Forster)
I was finished BT before you got there but I remember him. He was not one of the DS in my platoon.
19 Feb It is me (Donald Gillum)
What is going on Freddie?

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