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Bulletin Board for 1st Engineer Battalion

31 Mar MIA (Darrell Cordar)
I was in Vietnam with the 1st Engineer Battalion Company E from 1965-66. I'm just searching for anyone that was in my company at that time. I went over to Nam with the 1st in September 1965 out of Fort Riley. Oh so many memories.
10 Mar Searching (Daniel Simmons)
My name is Dan Simmons; I'm looking for old friends that was with D Co. 1st engineers stationed in Neu Ulm Germany from !976 - 1978.
08 Nov 1980 1982 (Jerry Perry)
SSG Young I was there 1980 to 1982 I'm sure we don't know each other but I'm also sure Wiley Barracks had not changed from the time you were there until I left? When I Ets.'s The Barracks was given back to the Local community and turn into refugee housing I think if you pull it up on Google earth... More
23 Aug A Company 1st Eng 1st ID Vietnam ( )
My friend Don DeCesare is looking for buddies who were in the 1st Engineer Bat, 1st Infantry, A Company in Vietnam 1969 time frame. Ed Edspectre@att.net
19 Apr Mr (George Mitchell)
Looking for anyone from B Company
07 Apr Don't remember you, but I'm sure I saw ya! ( )
I've lost all addresses of the guys I was there with between 72-75 and was hopin' to reconnect. Have a good one!
07 Apr D Co, 1st Engr Btn, 72-75 Neu Ulm, GE ( )
I'm lookin' for old friends SSG Curtis Atherton, 1SG Tarkington, or anyone else stationed at Wiley Barracks between 1972-1975. I was SSG Young, Company Clerk/ Squad leader and a whole lot more! Hoping to make contact with friends I lost contact with because I lost their contact info in a robbery.
27 Oct email address ( )
John your email address working. Contact me at tegptarmigan@q.com. My name is Terrence Gleason I was in Echo at same time you were.
27 Oct shep447 ( )
I was in echo the same time. I know it is too late to help with your problem but would still like to hear from you. I was 2nd Plt with SSG Shipley. Sgt Key,Sgt Potter,Sgt Birdshead and others I can't remember. I am 81yrs old and my memory doesn't work so good. Would love to hear from you and them.... More
04 Jun 1st, Plt, C CO 65-66 (Bernard Boulden)
I was in SSG Randy Sqd, I think I remember you. Stay in and I retire in 1989.

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