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Bulletin Board for 112th Armored Cavalry

02 Mar Old vs. New 112th Cav (Paul Mancuso)
After WWII, the 112th Cav Regiment came back to Texas and the Governor transformed them into 7 Medium Tank Battalions under the 49th Armored Division. Through the years, the Army and Texas have re-configured and reduced the amount of Armor in Texas and the National Guard. In 2008, the last Tank... More
02 Mar 112 CAV Regimental Affiliated Brass (Paul Mancuso)
I have a few of the Cavalry Branch Insignias with the 112 embossed noting the Regimental Affiliation. If interested, please reply.
21 Oct Troop B (Natividad Campos)
Nat Campos Former Troop Served from Feb. 1941 to June 1945, Ft Bliss Ft Clark Tx Lusiana Big Army Manuevers New Caledonia and all the Pacific Campaigns including Libeartio of the Philippines, Missed Army of Ucupation Japan
19 Jun THE 112TH CAV IS BACK (Kendall Metcalf)
The 112th cav is back in in Texas out of Rosenberg first spur ried is in July
20 Mar the south pifc (Ralph Mcfadin Sr)
my dad was in the south pacefe i have a lot of photo he had a buddy that he calld max and one randlf thay calld my dad ralpheboy one of the last name of one nesmist mike nesmit dad of the grope the monkeys my dads name was ralph gordon mcfadin
03 May 112th Cavalry (Marylee Alaniz)
My father was in the 112th Cavalry in the South Pacific when it was horse. He would love to about it.
22 Apr 112th AC Shoulder Patch or Collar Pin (Steve Summers)
Dear Friends, I am looking for shoulder patches that have the 112th AC emblem and or collar or garrison cap pins. Suggestions welcomed. Sincerely, Steve Summers son of 112th Cav. Reg Trooper, Clyde S. Summers.
15 Jun Searching
Looking for men in the 112th. in the late 30s and early forties when it was horse, not mechanized. I was told that there was a cavalry charge in the South Pacific but I have never read of it anywhere.

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