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Bulletin Board for 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

25 Jul 68th and D Co. 52nd engineer co. 1974 76 (richard barnhart)
I was assigned to the 68th engineer Co with the 3rd armored cav. We were later changed to D Co. 52nd engineer batt and had to move to different barracks several blocks. This was in 1974 to 1976. I was with 1st platoon construction with Sgt Ken Payne.Platoon Sgt. was SSG. Richards. Anyone else... More
23 Jul BRAVE RIFLES!VETERANS! (Thomas Smiley Sr)
you have been baptized in fire and blood and havecome out steel
09 May HHT 2/3rd 1981-1983 (Bart Scovill)
I was originally assigned to F-Troop, but was transferred to HHT when I showed up in shined boots. I was dissapointed at first until I got a look at the open bays of F-Troop. HHT had 1 & 2 man rooms. Spent my time in El Paso as a driver for the S-3. I remember our platoon sgt keeping us at the... More
21 Feb Hey Shaw (Robert Solomon)
this Solomon, we were in the same PLT at Ft. Riley, looking for people that were at Ft. Riley, KS. 1st Brigade with 1/16 Inf from 2000 to 2003
27 Jan aircav trp (Thomas Smiley Sr)
looking for anybody who served from 80-83 with the air cav on biggs army airfield,i was in P.O.L refueling the birds had alot of friends in the recon plt ,just wondering how everyone is doing
23 Jan apache 1/3 acr (Dana Charette)
hey... i do remember you. you were a 19k and i think you were in 2nd platoon?? dana charette i was in 3rd plt then was the training nco
20 Jan you are right (Thomas Smiley Sr)
i pulled out an old certificate they gave us for beating the general and he was the general.that was actually fun
29 Dec A Troop (Michael Edwards)
Anyone remember SSG O'Donnel. 1973/74
28 Dec I do (David Wellman)
I believe it was Gen. Oblinger??
07 Dec do you remember (Thomas Smiley Sr)
does anybody from the air cav trp 80-83 remember maj starr,or maj rapp company commanders. BRAVE RIFLES,

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