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Bulletin Board for 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

27 Jan aircav trp (Thomas Smiley Sr)
looking for anybody who served from 80-83 with the air cav on biggs army airfield,i was in P.O.L refueling the birds had alot of friends in the recon plt ,just wondering how everyone is doing
23 Jan apache 1/3 acr (Dana Charette)
hey... i do remember you. you were a 19k and i think you were in 2nd platoon?? dana charette i was in 3rd plt then was the training nco
20 Jan you are right (Thomas Smiley Sr)
i pulled out an old certificate they gave us for beating the general and he was the general.that was actually fun
29 Dec A Troop (Michael Edwards)
Anyone remember SSG O'Donnel. 1973/74
28 Dec I do (David Wellman)
I believe it was Gen. Oblinger??
07 Dec do you remember (Thomas Smiley Sr)
does anybody from the air cav trp 80-83 remember maj starr,or maj rapp company commanders. BRAVE RIFLES,
07 Dec Generals Run (Thomas Smiley Sr)
Does anybody remember running in a little thing called beat the general the whole cav did it,80-82 don't remember the year,they gave us this little beat the general cert.
07 Dec i remember that (Thomas Smiley Sr)
I was pissed off that berets would have look cool back then,i think all us cav vets should start wearing the black berets with the cav emblem ,plus those baseball caps were ugly as shit,we would have looked more like troopers with the berets
03 Dec PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT (Roger Cooper)
The "CAVALRY COUNTRY USA " group now has its own web site on Multiply! I want you to join so you'll be alerted whenever we add new photos, messages, events and other information to our site. This will make it extremely easy and fun to share info and stay in touch with fellow "CAVALRY COUNTRY USA "... More
03 Dec 3rd ACR in Black Berets (Herb Walker)
I remember when they said 3rd Cav will be wearing the black berets! THEN, someone made a stink about it & said ,"No, thats only for Special Forces" ,so we went BACK to the baseball caps (with fatigues). I wonder what ever happened to my Cav belt buckle? :) 3 tours with 3rd ACR & lived to... More

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