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Swagger Sticks & Short Timing

Swagger sticks and short timer sticks were frowned on by the powers that be in the 504.  Most officers and NCOs looked the other way when they saw a short timer carrying one.  I had not bothered to make a short timer's stick since I didn't know when I was getting out.  Once I got my orders I started looking around.  Most of the outfit was in the boonies as I was clearing post.  I spied a guy I vaguely knew from another company who was sporting a short timer stick.  I found out he had 60 days to go and asked him to sell me his, which he did for $5.00.  He had made it in the shop well in advance of his discharge.  I display it on my mantle to this day.  It is made of wood, has a 7.62mm round on the tip, mid way down the stick is a small set of parachute wings, and corporal stripes, (we both were speedy 4s but that insignia was not available, and on the bottom of the stick is a 50 pfenig coin.  I brasso it up every now and again.
Short timers had many expressions to denote their status, here are a few.
I'm so short I could walk under a pregnant ant with a high hat on.
I'm a double digit midget.
I'm a single digit midget.
I'm so short you can't see me.
I'm so short I don't have time for a butt.
I'm so short I need a ladder to get into bed.
I'm so short I need a chute to jump out of bed.
I'm so short my helmet covers me from head to toe.
I'm so short color me gone.
Lou Schreiner

Louis Schreiner


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