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  Pacitti, Albert B — Inducted May 24, 1968, completed "A" school Great Lakes, Ill. Flew aboard the hawk (in a COD) while...More
  Paddock, David G
  Padilla, David
  Padilla, Rodrigo P — USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) Nov 86 - Nov 90; COMOMAG Charleston, SC Nov 90 - Jan 93; USS Saratoga (CV-6...More
  Page, Timothy W
  Pagtakhan, Robert joseph G
  Pagtakhan, Robert Joseph G
  Palmblad, Shawn S
  Palmer, James — Vents an Voids Division, during Dry Dock at Hunters Point, Naval Ship Yard.. AIMD Power Plants Div,...More
  Palmer, Rick — Bootcamp RTC San Diego 1982, served on USS Halsey CG-23 1982-1986, USS Marvin Shields FF-1066 1986-1...More
  Palsis, Nina
  Pamenter, Megan
  Pamintuan, Rafael Kimo — I was stationed with the Bandits from 92-94, transfered to HC-5 now (HCS-25) Guam from 94-99, did a ...More
  Papillon, Alfred L — air traffic controller, E-7
  Papillon, Alfred L — Retired Navy 1994, BS Forestry-Resource Conservation 2001, States lived in LA, VA, CA, WA, MA, Il, S...More
  Parker, Michael
  Parrow, Ron — Had a great time on the Hawk. Did two WestPac's enjoyed both. I have a DVD of the 2nd one. It's from...More
  Parry, Monique t
  Parsons, Bill w — It is with deep regret that I infom you that Bill passed away May 25,2008, up to the day that he pas...More
  Parsons, Douglass A — .July '71, .Glakes, Ill, CC212 .ET"A" 71-72, Nuc School June 72 to Dec, .CSTSC, Mare Island, Ca. 73,...More
  Parsons, Frank L
  Parsons, Walter L
  Partlow, David L
  Partrick, Bobbie J
  Pasalich, Joseph A — AT1 (ret). Had two brothers at Miramar during the 19 year tour at NAS Miramar. Working a a Field E...More
  Pasallo, Francisco
  Pasquale, Gregory J — Joined Navy 1967....retired 1992 USS SIMS DE/FF1059, USS NASHVILLE LPD-13, USS EDSON DD946, USS KIT...More
  Pat, Paresh n
  Pates, Andrew
  Patrick, Crystalin
  Patrick, Dwayne v — my name is patrick,dwayne(pat) i was on the uss kitty hawk cv-63 1989-1993.I was in V-1 div CRASH CR...More
  Patterson, Carole
  Pawloski, Joe
  Paynter, Donald J — I served aboard from the S.L.E.P. till her return from Westpak 92' -93'. I was in Engineering Dept.
  Peacock, Larry D — Married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Maint/ Supervisor at a plastic mold factory.
  Pearson, Lori B
  Pearson, Richard S
  Pechkurow, John D — Damage Controlman 2nd class. I was in charge of Co2 and Halon shop.
  Pedersen, John
  Pedrus, P.K. — I came, I saw, I got conquered...
  Pelletier, Leonard F
  Pena, Alberto L
  Pena, Michael
  Peninger, Arnold
  Penley, James A
  Pennell, Nicole L
  Penney, David J — Search and Rescue and CSAR Aircrewman
  Pennock, David R
  Pequeno, Mike N — I started as a FN on the USS Kittyhawk when we were still stationed in San Diego. I worked in 2MMR a...More
  Perdue, Michael W. — I was a Machinery Repairmen 2nd class
  Perdun, David
  perea, sonny
  Pereyra, Ramiro
  Perkins, Mike — USS Kitty Hawk: VA-52 Airframes Shop USS Independence: VAQ-131 Airframes Shop
  Perkins, Zebbie g
  Perry, Dennis
  Perry, Jim C
  Perry, Vincent
  Perry, William R — NNPTC "DTP" Master-at-Arms
  Peters, Dennis
  Peters, Kevin S
  Peterson, Charles J — I was assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk in Summer of 1960. Pre-commissioning in Little Creek, VA then ...More
  Peterson, James
  Peterson, John C
  Peterson, John C — On the Kitty Hawk, worked in OZ Division (first IOIC then CVIC). Transferred from there to NPRDC (N...More
  Petricka, Patricia A
  Petrone, Robert A. — Recruit; Sailor; Aviation Electrician-Jets/Helos; Flight Deck Trouble Shooter / Final Checker; Shell...More
  Petts, Bob
  Pfeifer, David a — i spent 4yrs on the hawk 1980-1884 part of that time i was in vf-1
  Pfeiffer, Timothy S
  Philipps, Dave — Two Tours in Persian Gulf, One in Samalia, Then One in Korea
  phillips, bronko
  Phillips, David w — retired from the United States Navy 1997. Former high school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, and no...More
  Phillips, David W — was stationed onboard naval air station norfolk va from 1978 until 1979. I was stationed onboard uss...More
  Phillips, James R — Data Systems Technician in OE Division
  Piech, Lawrence — original crew
  Pilger, David
  Pine, Kevin j
  Pinto, Fernando R
  Pipkin, David m — I was stationed on CVN-65 Bow Cats from 78-82 on board CV-63 from 83-86 arresting gear been married ...More
  Pipkin, David M — I was in Aircraft launch and recovery stationed on board uss enterprise 78-82 and kitty hawk 83-86 I...More
  Pitman, Winston C — Active duty Navy from August 1984 to August 2004. Served aboard USS Canopus (AS34), USS Orion (AS18)...More
  Pitts, Roy — I was an eletronics tech with va-112 and was on the uss KITTY HAWK when it was in the gulf of tonkin...More
  Pizarro, Ruben A
  Pizzato, James W
  Plant, Jackson V — CTR1(SW) 2009-Present NSA 2008-2009 Blackbird Technologies 1988-2008 US Navy 1988-1997 QM 1997-...More
  Platt, Mark W
  Plemons, John E — I was aboard The Kitty Hawk during tha West-pac 72 deployment . It was CVA-63 then . I was also abo...More
  Plott, Patrick K
  Plumb, Richard L — Retired July 1988 from FCTCP. Moved to Washington state. Retired from programming career in 2002. ...More
  Po, Jo
  Polensky, Warren D — Joined Naval Reserve in Chicago April '64. Entered active service June '65. ET Class A and B School...More
  Policastro, Andrew
  Polston, Michael
  Ponce, Douglas G
  Ponton, Jay D — I was stationed on Midway from 1987-1991. I worked in 4 Engine room. On Independence I worked in 1 M...More
  Pool, Delvin
  Poorman, Kenneth R — USN 1960-1966; USNTC San Diego; US Naval Station Anacostia, Washington DC School of Music; COMCARDIV...More
  Pope, Stephen
  Popwell, Clyde
  Porter, Charles W
  Porter, Derald — Entered active duty June 1977 after high school. Went to Data Processing Tech (DP) 'A' and 'C' scho...More
  Porter, Randy L — it has been a journey
  Potechin, Joseph
  Potter, Hannah
  Potts, Steve J — USS Kitty Hawk CV-63, 87-90, PN3. Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Member Kitty Hawk Alumni Assoc. Alo...More
  Poulton, Doug
  Pouncy, Tim
  Pouncy, Tim
  Powell, Frederick l
  Powell, Michael — Born and raised in Meade county Ky, That is where I returned to after the Navy. Married 26 years to ...More
  Powell, Owen
  Powell, Rebekah
  Powell, Rebekah J
  Powell, Richard S
  Powers, Michael
  Prager, Erik M
  Prater, Marshall D
  Prendergast, Frank
  Presher, Erik
  Presson, Jake
  Prewitt, Dave
  Pritchett, J R
  Proehl, Marvin H — I retired in Dec 1989 on board the Uss Indy. The units I was in VP-31, VA-195, NRD MIlw,Wi, VA-85, N...More
  Pruett, John B
  Prukop, Jeff — An Agent for a large corporation. Loves racing cars, skydiving, and working in the yard.
  Pryor, Thomas O — 24 years as a navy Radioman. Special training in Communications Security Procedures and Material Man...More
  Pulley, Sean
  purkiss, lorraine
  Pyatt, Daniel
  Pyatt, George

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