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  Gaehle, Scott
  Gaehle, Scott
  Gaehle, Scott
  gagne, david — g div ordance second class
  Gagner Jr., Edward G — Owner of ED & Zil Services Inc. WE provide complete home and commercial building repair and remodel...More
  Gaitley, Scott J — Served in the Navy active duty from 1989 - 1993 as an HT on the USS Kitty Hawk and USS LaSalle. Oper...More
  Gaitley, Scott J — Served active duty Navy from 89-93, served on the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 served on the USS La Salle A...More
  Galey, Michael T — US Navy Veteran 69-78 with 23 mths Viet Nam service. 13 in country MACV PBR MoBase One,West Pac CVA-...More
  Galladora, Nicholas
  Gallo, Joseph
  Gan, Alix C — Stay at home wife with a husband in the Army.
  Gandy, Barry
  Gann, Johnathan W — Hard charging salior from Aurora, Missouri, Shellback
  Garbacki, Peter Paul
  Garbe, David
  Garcia, Arnel A
  Garcia, Carlo P
  Garcia, Frisly
  Garcia, Jerry G
  Garcia, John A
  Garcia, Sean f
  Gardner, Heather E
  Gardner, James A
  Garner, William
  Garnes, Fred (Popeye)
  Garrett, Charles R
  Garrett, Don
  Garza, James F
  Gawel, Julietta
  Gebhard, Kevin E
  Geiger, Pete
  Gendreau, Robert J
  george, dustin
  German, John f
  Gershen, Craig J
  Geshan, Len
  Giannotti, Vince
  Gibbons hosterman, Michelle R — On the USS Kitty Hawk until 2008.
  Giblin, Louis — "What a long strang trip it has been." Gery Garcia
  Gicking, Charles
  Gifford, Mariah
  Gilbert, Charles W.
  Gilbert, Galguerra
  Gilbert, William
  Gillispie, Stephen
  Giordano, Andrew a
  Giunta, James A
  Giunta, James A
  Glasgow, Steven L. — USN 1982-1986 AW3 (Naval Aircrewman). Crossrated to QM3 1984. Special Warfare Group One, SBU 12 1984...More
  Glenn, Kimberly
  Glenn-Sullivan, Victoria J
  Glennon, John P
  Glimpse, Alan — Hi, I was on board the Kitty Hawk from '82 to '86. I started in G-1 Div. Then ended up in the MAA f...More
  Glover, Jeff
  Godin, Shawn A.
  Goetz, Roger L — USS Tarawa LHA 1 Flight Deck V-1 ALPO, wonderful opportunities and excellent training. USS Kitty ...More
  Gohranson, Bill — Served 1974-1998 and retired from COMTACGRU ONE in San Diego, CA. Air Traffic Controller with servic...More
  Golden, Charles — Chief Golden?s first duty assignment was onboard Naval Hospital, Orlando Florida. (1987-1990).USS OR...More
  Golding, Jack — Served entire tour of duty in V-3 Div. as a "Kitty Cruiser". Made two WestPac cruises and 1 yr.drydo...More
  Gomez, John
  Gonzales, Jerry
  Gonzales, Michael
  Good, Scott L
  goode, converse
  Goodman, Alan H — Was stationed at NWEF at Alberquque NM from '61 -'62. Joined the "Kitty Hawk" Feb '62, in San Franc...More
  Goodman, Harold
  Goodrich, Mark j
  Goodwin, Heath — Hanging out here in P'Cola......Instructing new sailors here at "A" school.
  Goodwin, Kevin J — I was onboard The Shitty Kitty from 1983 until 1986. I worked in the Public Affairs Office as a jou...More
  Goodwin, Ross — USN for 6 years on USS Sturgeon, USS Bennington and USS Kitty Hawk Then: BA Physics/Math MBA Berk...More
  Gordon, Frank R — 4 years on the USS Kitty Hawk (CVA63) 1973-1977
  Gorra, Raymond
  Graham, David
  Grant, Michael — I served as a Navy Journalist, . I was a writer , Newman, Producer, and Disc Jockey aboard ship for ...More
  Gravatt, Charles
  Graves, Randy — after 30 days in the brig for punching an e-9 (my lawyer said i would get 1 yr for that 6 mo. min.) ...More
  Gray, Jim Sleepy — cat & arresting gear is the way
  Gray, Joseph c
  Gray, Richard C — 1985-89, USS Carl Vinson 1989-91, USS Proteus 1991-94, SIMA, SD 1994-96, USS Holland 1996-98, US...More
  Gray, Richard
  Gray, Yvonne
  Grayson, Michael
  Grebner, Michael s
  Green, Ben J — 20 Year Career 1971 - 1991; Spanning Vietnam to Gulf. LaSalle's Photographer (PH1) during the Irani...More
  Green, Byron
  Greenaway, Sean
  greene, daniel
  Greene, Montie R. — Communications Officer
  Greenwood, D X — 28th Company, 6th Wing, 4th Deck 10th Company
  Greenwood, Kay
  Greer, Art — USN 1959 - 1987 E1 - E8, W1 - W4, O2-O4. Ships Uss Gearing, Uss macDonough, Uss Helena, Uss Worden, ...More
  Gregg, Robbie A
  Gregory, Edward J — Hello I am known to most people who know me as "MADDOG" I am presently the Chief Master-at- Ar...More
  Greive, William
  Grey, Thomas M — I was a CTO5 attached to the Flag aboard the Constillation and the Kitty Hawk in 65-66. Most of my s...More
  Grey, Thomas M — My first duty station was NSGA Hanza, Okinawa - 1966-1969. I was assigned to the Flag - CCD5/CTF77 ...More
  Grey, Tom M
  Griffith, Brianna N
  Griffith, Joe
  Griffith, Mark G
  Grimes, Andrew — Duty Stations are as follows: USS MIDWAY (CV-41) 1985-1990; NAS Whiting Field 1990-1992; USS INDEPE...More
  Grisham, Sondra
  Grosik, Katherine M
  Grover, David Jon
  Grumbles, Travis L — Did almost 9 yrs. 3 on the Kitty Hawk from 97-2000, then 3 on Recruiting duty from 2000-2003 and wi...More
  Gschwind, Mike
  Guerin, John F — Summer, '66, Boot camp, Great Lakes/ '66-'68, MMR2 USS Kitty Hawk, Yankee Station, BT/ Summer '68,...More
  Guerra, Juan
  Guest, James W — Former RMC(SS) who retired as a CDR in Oct 2006 after 30 years of Naval service. Currently working ...More
  Guidry, Donald
  Guill, William N — I was assigned to the Kitty Hawk, while she was in the yards in Philly from 87 to 90. Got in a littl...More
  Guill, William
  Gurzell, Donald A — SN - Assigned to deck crew. Med. cruise 1960, Road out Hurricane Donna out of Norfolk. Transferred t...More
  Guzman, Gener M — Aviation Machinist Mate, Jet engine mechanic

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