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  Badger, Terry
  Bagwell, David Paul — May 29th 1967 Boot Camp Parris Island Plt 378, Nov 9th 1967 2nd bn 5th mar., to Oct, Last part of 19...More
  Baker, David — Kill one person, Terrorize a thousand
  Baker, Jamie R — was with the 2/5 from 90 to 94
  Ballard, Richard J — G 2/5 3RD PLT. 1990-1992
  Ballesteros, Hector J — BALLS
  Ballesteros, Hector j
  Barges, C — 3RD PLT E CO 2/5 90-92 2ND PLT L CO 3/9 92-94
  Barker, Dale L — USMC OCT 1986 - Aug 1991. 5th Marines while in the Gulf War
  Barker, Red
  Barnes, Larry b
  Barnes, Terence
  Barr, Richard p — Semper-Fi E2/5 Weapons Platoon Its been a long time. If you remember me give me a Ring, or E-mail me...More
  Barrett, Everett
  Barry, Bill
  Barry, Kevin — Parris Island F Co Dec 84 to Feb 25, 85 ITS Camp Pendleton Mar 85 to May 85 MarBks Concord Ca ...More
  Bartlett, Casey M
  Basaldu, Michael
  Baschnagel, Walter T — Enlisted 1949. Boot camp at PI. Served with E-2-5, Korea 1952-53. Recruiting Duty, NYC 56-60. Selec...More
  Basham, Justin W — I am currently a supporter the the United Sates marine Corps. Every man on my fathers side of the fa...More
  Bates, Colin C — none
  Bates, Scott
  Batey, James M
  Batson, Dean R.
  Battistella, Robert A — 1983-1987, Weapon's Company 2/5 81's Platoon Airborne School Fort Benning, GA Only made 5 jumps
  Battistella, Robert A — 1983-1987 Weapons Company 2/5 81's Looking for Scott Hatch. Semplonius, Joe Vaughn & Major Kiefer a...More
  Bautista, Robert
  Becerra, Sergio
  Beers, Chip — member of Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled American ...More
  Beisker, Jeffrey
  Beitler, Phil — Line Corpsman E 2/5 1st Plt
  bell, jerome c
  Belt, Wade L
  Benitez, Oscar R — I was in the Corps from 1962 to 1966. MCRD, SD, Plt. 360. Served with 2/7, 3/9, 2/5. I was mostly a...More
  Bergman, Donald
  Beringer, Thomas J — Vietnam 1970,purple heart. Camp Pen 2nd ITR training section. Embassy duty Guatemala.
  Berning, Joel s
  Berry, David — David Berry
  berry, ryan
  Besson, Greg — Was at Marine Barracks Guam from 90 to 92.3rd Herd Echo from 92 to 94. Did Quickdraw in Somolia and ...More
  Best, Dennis M — G 2/5 5th Marines 1st Mar. Div. AnHoa RVN.
  Best, Gary E. — Sgt. TACP Chief, H&S Co. 2/7 Comm. Plt. Vietnam, Chu lai, Dongha, Quangtri, Started out in 2/5, ...More
  Best, Joseph P.
  Bevans, James A
  Bez, Juan M — First Platoon, Hotel 2/5 Squad Leader, Right Guide and Platoon Sgt
  Bierman, Jack jr. L
  Birck, Bruce T. — .I was with Hotel 2/5 RVN1969-1970-0311-Stationed at A conpany SDT at Quantico Virgina my last six m...More
  Bird, William c — VIET NAM " MUD MARINE" 69/70 ECHO 2/5 1st MARDIV; O331; (Machine Gunner).... U.S Army (Texas Army N...More
  Bishop, Dan j — lcpl. bishop d.j 0341 wpns. plt 85-89, two division mortor competition championships 87-88,deploy...More
  Blaylock, John D
  Blevins, Ronnie L — Military Police
  Bodnar, Thomas S — Motor Transport - HQ Co 5th Marines (Photo: I'm on the right. "V" is on the left and Henson is in...More
  Boelk, Justin D
  Bohannon, Steven r — Belong to 2/5 cp group from1/1/ 69 to end of tour. was the forward s4 rep or your friendly resupply ...More
  Boland, Lance E
  Boldin, Kevin R — 1st Duty Station: USS Long Beach, Mar-Det. May 86 / May 88. AKA "Rat" 2nd Duty Station: Echo Co....More
  Bones, Brian L — Was a member of Fox Company
  Bonham, Todd H — Former US Marine Corps 0351/0341/2531
  boren, brad
  Bouchie, Tom J — I was in Comm plt. H&S co. and served under (then) SSgt. Hester during Desert Storm (90-93).
  Bower, Austin S
  Bowling, Frederick l — plt 350 mcrd san diego, 65. to rvn with h/2/5, transferred to h/2/7 after arrival in country. wpn ...More
  boyd, garry — 81 mm motars,batt armorer
  Boyd, Richard
  Brambilla, Tony — Echo Company 2nd. Battalion 5th Marines 1st. Marine Division. M-60 Machine Gunner, Vietnam 1969/1970...More
  Brantley, Joseph D
  Bredthauer, Nicholas S — I am a network administrator now
  Bressem, Adam
  Bressem, Adam
  Bresser, Al
  Brewer, Brenden n
  Brewer, Don — 81mm morters
  Brewer, Rodney L — E-1-3 BCT FT DIX, NJ, 1975-76. A-1-3 AIT, FT POLK,LA 1976. C-3/5 INF,193D INF BDE, FT KOBBE,PANAMA...More
  Brito, Gerardo
  Broberg, Gunnar A — I served in the 2nd Bat, 5th Marines, Hotel co., 81 mortars, in Vietnam, '68 - '69.
  Brockman, Chad W — HRST instructor
  Brogan, Patrick E — Battalion Aid Station
  Brooks, Josh — R.O
  Brookwell, Stewart — Weapons Co 2/5 83`to 86`0351 Dragon Plattoon.Camp Pendelton, Ca. Army National Gaurd 87`to 88`Infant...More
  Brott, Bruce W
  Brouse, Terence
  Brown, Doug — Get hard or die!
  Brown, Kenny R — Hey 2/5 guys (1994-2000), im now 33, I am looking for other guys who was in 2/5 3rd Plt. (ssgt...More
  Brown, Phillip Q — Still Gung HO from Pensacola Fl was in the corps from 1979 to 83 looking for some of my old budd...More
  Brown, Phillip q
  Brown, Richard Donte — Radio Operator with 2/5
  Brown, Rockford m — wpns 2/5 1999 2002 tow gunner A/A platoon and CAAT 1 and 2
  Brown, Terry L — 2/5, Weapons Co., Heavy Guns; MCSF: NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Italy
  Brown, Terry L — I am a proud single father raising my two son's (ages 7&9) on my own for 3 years now. I have tak...More
  Brown, Thomas l — Desert storm baby!
  Bruce, Jeff W — Fox Co 2/5, 1st Mar Div, Black Hearts 92 - 96 Continue/Restore Hope Somalia, Uss Daluth, Uss Bellowo...More
  Brumfield, Arthur
  Brumlow, Christopher B — Active Duty USMC 2000-2004 Served as M1A1 Tank Gunner in Operation Iraqi Freedom March 2003-June 20...More
  Buckler, Jason l — I served with fox co from 97-00 as a 0351 in wpns plt under the 0351 from hell cpl danny gunderson
  Buckley, Cory W
  Budzynski, Brad
  Bulkeley, Jim
  Burchard, Robert J — 0311 Golf 2/5 been in for about a year. Been in Twenty-Nine Palms for Sea horse wind, yuma AZ for W...More
  Burger, Lee R
  Burke, Harold
  Burlingame, Stephen M — fox 2/5 3rd plt 97-99 india 3/5 99-00 mcsfco 01-02 gtmo oifII 04-05 rct7 1/23 3rd lar
  Burns, Justin
  Buttermore, Paul L
  Button, Josh — Fox Co 2/5 1997-2001
  Byrd, Keith A

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