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  B, J
  B, R W — PEBD 6/18/2001. Did two deployments (Oki 02' & A-Stan 04') and four years with 1st Bn 6th Marines (2...More
  Bailey, Donald E
  Bailey Jr, Joseph R
  Baker, Alan — Joined HMM-266 back in '02 flying phrogs, floated with the 22nd MEU & went to Afghanistan in '04. D...More
  Baker, Gregory A
  Baker Jr, Jim h
  Balan, Jose D — Arrived to 2nd Tank Bn Alpha Co 1st Plt. with Lt. Catchpole as a driver/loader in '98, deployed with...More
  Ball, Jeffrey W — Served Jan. 1988 to Oct. 1996. Parris Island platoon 2031 graduation date April 18, 1988. NAS Memp...More
  Ball, Jeffrey W — Parris Island, MATSG-90, and Lowery AFB for Calibration MOS 6492. First assigned MALS-32 Cherry Poin...More
  Ballantine, Scott F — Member of the Military Police Detachment Operations in Kosovo, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Red Sea/Pe...More
  Barcus, John D — Manasquan High School 1984 - 1988 USMC 1988-1992 Mantoloking Police Department 1993 - Presant New...More
  Bard, Jason
  Bare, Randall L. — Started in Crash, Fire and Resue but due to a hearing loss I had to transfer to an Office Position. ...More
  Barnes, Jason E — Military background-- U.S.M.C Sgt. 2BTL 7th Marines Bravo 3036-2033 with tours in Kawait, Saudi Arab...More
  Bartz, Wayne A
  Bayarinas, Thomas m
  Beck, Andy T — I am a complete enthusiast, I love the military, but I am only 15 so I cant join yet, but I plan to
  Becksted, Jason D — Former Staff Sergant from the Marine Corps. I am a graphic artist and combat photographer. In my 14 ...More
  Begley, Matthew — slinging hash in the 1/8
  Behre Jenkins, Jaynellen
  Bellrose, Kevin
  Bellrose, Kevin P
  Ben, Gaui
  Bennett, Agnes
  Bennett, Patrick
  Bergstrom, Mark A — MOS 2531 First assignment to a communications section with MWSS 274 then deployed TAD as a Member of...More
  Bergstrom, Scott
  Berry, Jeff L — Was in Fox Co. 2nd Platoon in Desert Storm. Was in 2/4 Hotel during Liberia Embassy evac during 2...More
  Berry, Steven
  Bickham, Andrew D — Combat Veteran Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran Operation Enduring Freedom USMC Combat Cor...More
  Bishop, Alex — Attached
  Bixler, Clayton A
  Blackman, Mark C — Deployed on the USS GUAM and the USS Nassau. Worked in the ISMO and Communications Center.
  Blank, Tim W — Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti, Horn of Africa Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan
  blount, darlene
  Boas, James M
  Boles, Christian
  Bollman, Terry D — 0351,8151,3051,6323.......Been there, done that.
  Bolte, Douglas B — 2D LAR 2ND MAR DIV CAMP LEJEUNE, NC
  Bomar, Jonathan D — I am not old enough yet, but I plan to enlist in the military as soon as I graduate.
  Boomhower, Michael
  Boulley, Mike J
  Bowers, John C — Judge Advocate, U. S. Marines (Retired)
  Bowles, Larry — * Parris Island 08/08/94-10/20/94 Platoon 1014 * School of Infantry 11/94 - 1/95 * 2nd Battalion, ...More
  Bowman, Edward J — United States Marine Corps- 4th MAR DIV, Military Police, MCLSBPac Barstow, MCB Camp Butler Okinawa,...More
  Bragdon, William H — On active duty from 1991 to 1997: Family Practice internship at Naval Hospital Charleston; general ...More
  Branch, Mikel J — Attached to 464 in June of 1996 as 6113. WOrked with 2 composite squadrons while attached top 464 (1...More
  Briggs, Terry L
  Broaddus, Anthony — Joined the Marines as a fresh 17 year old in August 23rd 1988. Boot camp: MCRDSD Charlie Co. Plt 109...More
  Brooks, Brian C — Served for two deployments with the 22nd as a Cpl then Sgt. First on the Nashville and then on the ...More
  Brooks, David — Supply Officer with the MEU
  Brooks, Joseph L
  Brown, Charles T — MCSFCO Yorktown, VA 90-92 Bravo 1/8 92-96 Wpns Bn PISC 96-98 Lima 3/6 98-2000
  Brown, Johnny w
  Brown, Mark B
  Brown, Mike — Served as a Rifleman, Radioman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman, Team Leader, Scout Sniper Team Leader...More
  Brown, Richard
  Brown, Willard D
  Brunet, Greg
  Brunner, Chris S
  Bryant, Rodney L — Served with the 22nd MAU, before the name change to MEU, in 1987 as radio operater fro Solid Shield...More
  Buchanan, Tadd w — i was a corpsman with sta plt from 1988-1989 did med float. joined 2/8 g co. 1990 was part of OPERAT...More
  Bucher, Kim
  Buell, Terry L
  Bulinski, Steven G
  Burge, Brandon J
  Burgess, Leo — with 3rd heard in the 80's
  Burke, Rick — Prior Marine now proudly serving in the Coast Guard or as I like to say, "Used to specialize in taki...More
  Burke, Rick w
  Burke, Rick W
  Burkey, Michael D — I am the West Virginia State representative for the United States Navy, Safe Harbor Prgoram. I am th...More
  Burns, John S — Aco. 2nd Recon Bn. 1982-1986 US Army :( 1988-2000 Med Discharge. Me and the Army did not get alon...More
  Butler, Tommy l
  Butler, Tommy
  Byrd, Timothy J — i am in NJROTC at Gloucester High School ; Gloucester County,VA; I am also a Cadet Chief Petty Offic...More
  Byrne, Jay

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