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  Saffels, Charles W — I was FO with Capt. Riggs for "K" battery 4thbatt11thmar1stmardiv,fmfwestpac. After I was wounded 9/...More
  Saffels, charles
  Sagar, Michelle H — i'm not in the Marines yet, but i am looking to enter after i graduate high school and turn 18.
  Salazar, Cyrillo j
  Salazar, Joshua — i graduated from moody high school in 2006 shortly after i left for marine basic training i was in 1...More
  Salyers Aka Rodgers, Diane L — I was in for 12 years and some months of broken service. Worked with some great Marines. Always wa...More
  Samboy, Luis R
  Sanders, Jennifer
  Sandoval, Jennifer
  Sansone, Philip
  Santillan, Joel V.
  Santillanes, Mike
  Santore, Panteleone
  Sargeant, Debbie A — I was in the marines from 95' -99'. I was station in Camp Pendelton with 11th Marines HQ Btry Comm. ...More
  Sargent, Chuck
  Sarra Iii, Robert L — Am currently a HRST ( Helicopter Rope Suspension Training) Instructor at Division Schools. The...More
  Sauerwald, Charles
  Savage, Eva M — Gold Star Marine Mom LCpl Jeremiah was with the 2/4 Weapons Co from Camp Pendleton California Th...More
  Savage, James E — Boot camp paris island sept 10, 79 platoon 2078. kicked out of code school and sent to "S" battery 5...More
  Savchenko, Aleksey V
  Savica, Vincent
  Sayers, James — Served in Korea from September 14, 1950 until November of 1951.
  Saylor, Bennett W — Chief of Staff, 1st MarDiv (2002-2003) - OIF; CO, 11th Marines (2000-2002); National War College (19...More
  Scarberry, Bill R — 1st MarDiv Comm Co, Radio Platoon - Chu Lai / Da Nang / Hill 200, 10/66 - 2/68. 5th MarDiv 2nd Btn ...More
  Scarfo, Edward
  Schafer, Brian G
  Schafer, Dale E
  Schauer, Murphy M
  Schaufenbil, Bernie — Booth Camp: Platoon 151, Graduated April 30, 1966, MCRDPI.----------------- Field Radio O...More
  Schieder, George — Was with B-1-12 Aug 66-Oct 67. Attached to F.O. Team with G-2-3 and F-2-3 Would like to hear from a...More
  Schlechty, Thomas M — Squadron SgtMaj
  Schloendorn, Richard A — Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman
  Schmidt, James a — I was stationed at LZ Ross,An Hoa,and Red Beach with 3rd 175 mm gun battery(sp)11th marines.RVN
  Schmidt, Mike
  Schmucker, George E — Sgt.
  Schneider, Glenn — USMCR (Ret) current living in Cape Girardeau, MO and selling biotech.
  Schoole, Bob
  Schramm, Arthur
  Schrock, James G — joined military in 1989 as a junior in high school with national guard in Maryland,then south Caroli...More
  Schroeder, Philip
  Schrubb, Daniel E — Combat Photographer, Motion Media. 43 years old, prior Army Infantry and Army Reserve. Over 21 y...More
  Schultz, Matthew D — Served as a Marine from Dec 1993 until December of 2001. Did time in operation "Freedome Relief" (MP...More
  Schwartzman, Adam
  Scofield, John
  Scott, Anthony D
  Scott, Dell
  Scott, Jared D.
  Scott, Jeremiah
  Scott, Jessie
  Scott-Miller, Garrett
  Seals, Michael — Michael H. Seals MCRD Plt 180 April-June 1968 Alpha 1/1 3rd Plt Viet Nam 1968-69 mikey34201@yahoo.c...More
  Secure, Mehrdad m — I LOVE USMC and joining that is my goal for future.
  Segur, Jeremy S
  Segur, Jeremy S — I am currently an Engineering student, married and looking to start a family. Proud to have served m...More
  Sehrt Jr., James W — Delta Company 1/7 1st Division MOS - 0331/3531 Company Commander Captain T. Copper
  Seiler-Curtis, Carolyn S — Parris Island July 1995-Oct 1995 NTTC Pensacola Oct 1995-Feb 1996 1st MARDIV G-2 Feb 1996-Apr 2000...More
  Sellin, Frank S
  Seltz, Robert L
  Serrano, Ismael
  Sevier, Rodney
  Shacklett, James L
  Shaffer, Rick
  Shain, Gary D — Married with two children: Travis (18)and Kimberly (12). Served in the Navy for 12 years as a Religi...More
  Shanks, Gary
  Sharbono, Michelle C
  Sharp, Gary a — tha call me theduck i drove a truck and was on gun 1 and 3 wass at dangnag phobay and on ship and hi...More
  Sharp Jr, Louis J — us.marine 1969 -1971 nam vet south bend marines 1975 -1985 0311 national gruard 1985 - 1...More
  Shaw, Brit
  Shaw, Harvey O
  shearer, william — veitnam
  Sheehan, John F — Organizing a reunion of the Marines 38th OCS Class which was commissioned on Dec 17, 1965 and The Ba...More
  Sheldon, Michael
  Shelton, James A
  Shepard, Charles E
  shephard, deron — 5th bn 11thmar fmf 29 palms ca.
  Sherlock, James j — went to okinowa in 1965 with radion platoon, ist marine division. went to viet nam attached to 11th...More
  Shimek, John J
  Shinkle, Michael r
  Shipley, Bill — I was in Nam in 1970-71 with 3/5 Marines and 3/1. I was a Mortarman. I spent alot of time on hill ...More
  Shipley, Blake m
  Shire, Patrick L — Served first part of my tour with H&MS-15 in El Toro, CA and when MAG-15 was moved to Iwakuni, Japan...More
  Shoemaker, William
  Short, Homa
  Shulgay, Peter — 1st Anglico 1950-1953 Amtract B Co 1954-1955 11th marines 1955- 1956 2nd Bn 7th Mar's 1953-1954 ...More
  Shull, Celyne F
  Shull, Harry
  Shupe, Jason b — pp&p box shop baby
  Shurts, Ronald D — I went to MCRD in San Diego, then SOI, 0341 mortorman. Then off to Sasebo, Japan for security duty....More
  Sickmiller, Rick
  Sidorov, Oleg I. — Good and kind beautiful and clever
  Siemon, Matthew L
  Sigward, Richard a — spent 13months in viet nam 1968-1969
  Silva, Joe D — SVC CO HQBN (S-1) Desert Storm 90/91
  Silvano, Mike J — nicknamed "slick" "sharky"
  simjian, charles
  Simon, William H — was with Wishey brty.1 / 11 4.2 mortors 1967-1968 stayed with marine reserve's Wilmington Del. Ader...More
  Simons, Steven — 1968 to 1970 USMC D 1/5 RVN 1976 to 1989 104th FG CATM 1989 to 1998 125th FG CATM Now retired fro...More
  Sims, Gregory M — Since leaving the Corps,I married and have two great boys.One being a Marine Vet. I also have three ...More
  Sines, Wyatt
  Sisson, Phillip C.
  Sites, Bob
  Sivess, Harry
  Sivret, John R
  Skolte, Ronald O
  Skorubaki, Albert
  Skrdlant , Donald e
  skrzat, anthony j — 1st Marine div. 2nd Battion H Q Battery
  Slaurhter, George r — 2/10 late 63 t0 late 65 motor transport. hq. battery mtm 3rd fsr 66-67, mabs 31 67
  Slaymaker, Ronald
  Small, Sanford W — 0811
  Smart Jr., Russell O
  Smathers, Paul — Retired Local Veterans Employment Representative from Job Service North Dakota
  Smith, Aaron L
  Smith, Bob
  Smith, Brenda
  Smith, Calvin W — Worked in the G-4 as a Cpl/Sgt. Fond memories of Col Brown, LtCol Bloom, LtCol Rhodes, Maj Feegan I...More
  Smith, Carl E — I have been in the Military since 1992. I have served in the Marines, Air Force and the Army. I have...More
  Smith, Don L — Was station with Alpha Co 1/3 in Kanehoe. During 1976 to 1978. 1979 TO 1981 was stationed at Divisio...More
  Smith, Ed
  Smith, Fred W — I was with a CAP unit while in RVN off of hill 37,everyone called me Smittie.Was a D.I. at MCRD PISC...More
  Smith, Gene P — Served as combat correspondent with 1st Marine Division in Vietnam and editor of base newspaper at P...More
  Smith, James
  Smith, Jeremy
  Smith, Joshua
  Smith, Lisa M — My husband is currently with 1/1 h&s co HQ platoon
  Smith, Melissa R
  Smith, Raymond L. — Disbursing Office 1st Mar Div, FMF 1970-71 MCFC Kansas City 1971-74
  Smith, Robert W
  Smith, Ronald
  Smith, Sam
  Smithwick, Jason
  Smoke, Dan — Joined 3rd Platoon Fast (SSGT EBY)and was later shifted to 5th Platoon (SSGT PITTS). Attended Marks...More
  Smoot, Glen
  Snow iii, David
  Sommerville, Michelle A — 1980-82 worked in HqBn on Mainside CampPen. Have kept in touch with some. Looking for others with ...More
  Soria, Joseph R — Served with Lima Company 3/7 1st Mar. Div., Camp Pen., also served with Kilo Company 3/6 2nd Mar. Di...More
  Sorrell, Ralph L — Infantryman, 3BN, 5th MarRegt, Lima Company, 1967-1968
  Sosa, Michael C — Boot Camp in San Diego from April 19, 1993 - July 16, 1993, MCT from Jul-Aug 1993 & PA School in Cam...More
  Sosa, Sherry L — Served from 06/1989 to 06/1997 Camp Pendleton,Ca and Twentynine Palms, Ca
  Soto, Edson J
  Soukouang, Dokketh
  Spadaro, Anthony A — Entered 1985, Parris Island, Plt 3044. MOS: 0844/0812/0848. Served with 11th Marines, (R 5/11, G 3...More
  Spann, Corey T
  sparks, charles
  Spaulding, David D
  Spencer, Scott S
  Sperry, Jason S — Served 4yrs as an Infantryman with 3rd Bn 6th Mar at Camp Lejuene, NC and served another 4yrs as a M...More
  Spicher, Erick J — 0151 1STMARDIV DIVISION AIR UNIT
  Spiller, Curt
  Spires, Marianne — Mom of deployed Marine
  Spires, Richard L — Married,03 children, served 15 years Marine Military Police, last 3 years (89-92) as Military Police...More
  Spiva, Sherilyn K — I am looking for a Michael Joseph DeSare who served with in this Division
  Splonskowski, Tim J
  Sponheim, James Skip L — 100% DV from Viet Nam as a Captain, but currently a Lt. Col. with the Florida Guard.
  St.Andrew, Karl R — GySgt USMC Retired
  St.John, Robert J — I was in the Marine Corps from 14 Apr 1976 to 10 Feb 1986. Boot camp Plt 337 HCo3rdBn RTR PISC, Sc...More
  Stacy, William D — We are very proud of our Daughters and their husbands. Who are in the Navy and the Air Force. God B...More
  Stai, Steven
  Stallings, Michael E — Looking for anyone who knew my Dad Michael E. Stallings 1962-1966
  Stallworth, Shelia — xxx
  Stamper, Christopher R
  Stamper, Jeff L — Served with numerous Cavalry Squadrons & Regiments, Infantry Div., North-South, East-West Borders, O...More
  Stanley, Rick — "A"Co,1stBn,5thMar,1stMarDiv Feb.1969-Feb.1970 Rick Stanley
  Stapp, Brandon T — Please contact me if you are a Marine Corps Recruiter!
  Stark, Debra L. — Originally from Sacramento, CA. Attended MC Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC September/November, 1979...More
  Starkey, Brandon L — infantry squad leader, ropemaster, and many other schools to my credit to many to list
  Staunton, Simon
  Stawasz, Nicole
  Stearns, Floyd n — entered into koren campaing in feb 1952 left when div came back to states station at camp del mar !...More
  Steben, Jerry E
  Steele, Fred L. — Office Clerk for the 3rd division 27th Marines at Camp Pendltion,Calif.
  Steele, Kevin R — I went to Boot Camp in May of 1996, and graduated from 3rd RTBN, Mike Company on 16 August. Upon co...More
  Steele, Kevin R — Became a Marine on 16 Aug, 1996. Dec 96-Dec 97 - MCB Camp Foster, Okinawa JP (Comm Ctr Oper). Jan ...More
  Stegall, Ralph L — For now I have nothing to say.
  Stegall, Ralph L — I am just one of many ,Viet Nam combat veterans that for the government and the VA are still alive. ...More
  Steinman, Sarah A. — I am currently writing two men in the Iraq/Kuwait area. I have been wearing an MIA bracelet since 1...More
  Stem, Adam e
  Stephens, April L
  Stephens, Charles
  Stephens, Leigh
  Stephenson, Teresa
  Stephenson, Teresa
  Steur, Curtis
  Stevens, John R — Enlistred in Sept 1939, retired in april 1962. Served with the Division late 1944, after Peliliu. M...More
  Stevenson, Matthew M — Veterans Advocate, enjoy bicycle riding and motorcycling. Collect military history books especially ...More
  Stewart, George W
  Stewart, Michael e — Served w/ HQ Co TOW PLT 92-95 TAD to 1/9 WestPac 93-94
  Stibbens, Steve — Marine Combat Correspondent
  Stinson, Anaiz
  Stinson, Deborah
  Stolarski, Mark A
  Stoll, Sammy — Served with E 2/7 in the Nam in 67-68. 2nd Platoon. Fellow Marines called me Sammy
  Stout, Joyce
  Stover, Ku s — HQ Bn. Field Skills Training FST Mainside/Margarita HQ Bn. Comm. Co. Wire/LongLines Plt./Margarita
  Strauss, Derek B — 0151/0121/0331 USMC. Served in MCSFCO NWS Earle in Colts Neck NJ, Headquarters Company, 3rd Battali...More
  Straw, Michael R — Sgt and member of 2nd SSCT 1st MARDIV DaNang from 69-70. During tour was sent TDY/TAD with 1st RADB...More
  Streltsov, Evgeny N.
  Strickland, Jack C
  Strohmeyer, Mark A
  Strome, Robert C
  Strong, Kevin M
  Strout, Kristen I — My father served in Vietnam and I came here to hopefully understand more about him and those he serv...More
  Stubbs, Deborah
  Sturgeon, John — Stationed at Kaniui Air Station
  Sturgis, John R. — Intelligence Chief, S-2
  sullivan, clinton — love to have fun
  Sullivan, Edward J — Served as a 5811 with MPCO HQBN 1st MARDIV 1984-1986. FSD Subic Bay NS 1986-1987.
  Sullivan, Ralph E — Born 1927, raised and schooled in Gary, IN. Enlisted in USMC on 17th Birthday, 1944. Retired in Ma...More
  Sulyok, Robert j — u.s.m.c. com chief high speed radio code/2533
  Sumner, Robert D
  Suter, Jack — served with Bravo Co at camp talega and in RVN
  Sutter, David C
  Sutton, Matthew E
  Swan, Freddy Dee
  Swander, Linda
  Swearingen Iii, Russell — I was a field radio operator for the following units: 3rd Recon, 1/4, Hq 1st Mar Div, 3/12, 4/12 and...More
  Syahrial, Asri m
  Sykes, John
  Sykes, Thomas
  Symon Now Aplin, Russel — I am now retired from construction. I was injured a few years back and con no longer work in the tra...More
  Szankovich, Markus — SIR HAY SIR! I WAS NOT BY THE US-ARMY! MY NAME IS Markus Szankovich,I WAS BORN IN AUSTRIA1976 in VIE...More
  Szanto, Dale L — I was with the Headquarters,3rdBn,7thMar,1stMar Div(rein)FMF. In the supply unit in Vet Nam from 196...More

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