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  Ableiter, Michael P
  Abrahamson, Ron C
  Adams, Bill
  Adams-Thompson, Kathryn R
  Allbaugh, Charles W — Was in the 123rd from 84-85.
  Allen, Bill
  Allen, John A
  Allen, Tim — Married, 2 kids. Retired from military as of 12/2011,
  Allen-Panos, Geraldine G — When I was on Active Duty, my last name was Allen. I have been married for 15 years. I have two wo...More
  Almond, Glenna
  Alston, George w — trac 110s
  Alvarado, Roy
  Apel, Loren
  Applegate, Christopher R — Post military life- Network engineer for Wachter network services. Walmart is our primary custom...More
  Arcand, Jason r — got shafted at good ol' Alpha company from april 96 to july 99...shipped to kuwait during '98-99 des...More
  Arnold, Scott T
  Artz, Jason
  Askew, Jeffrey B
  atwell, Ralph
  Avila, Randy — C Co 442nd 1989-1990 ... Had a great time and enjoyed my short time there. Then on to Germany and Hi...More

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