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  Caarroll, Christopher C
  Cabatbat, Cavan UK
  cabrera, roy
  Cahill, Peter — My name is Peter Cahill. I was with the 173rd airborne on LZ English, Vietnam. I was 11B, Medic, and...More
  Cain, Charles w. — 6th FA 3d AD Germany, 10 Inf 1st BG. 79th Ord. Co Ft. Ord Calif, 3d Sq. 3d ACR Germany, 41st Inf. F...More
  Cairns, Terry — 173rd Airborne Brigade 1970 - 1971 Viet Nam
  Caldwell, Belinda
  Call, Greg
  Callahan, Jeremy
  Callahan, Stephen P
  Calvert, Clifton
  Camacho, Jaris
  Campbell, Howard f — Univ of Pennsylvania, MA Georgetown, PhD Clemson. Retired after 30 years. Served with the best: Rang...More
  Campbell, Howard F
  Campbell, Judy C — Gold Star Sister of Sp/4 Keith Allen Campbell KIA 02-08-67. Secretary for Chapter IV 173d Airborne B...More
  Campofiore, Joseph
  Candia, Abel
  Cannon, Hugh — served with the herd in 1/503d until April 1971, then with E Troop 17th Cav, 173rd Airborne Brigade....More
  Cantando, Mary Pat
  Caporiccio, Richard C
  Carbonel, Ralph B
  Carlson, Fred V
  Carlson, James G — Turned 21 in a fox hole in D Zone South Vietnam. wireman for C Battery 173rd 320th Art Bien Hoa.15 m...More
  Carnevale, Victor N — Served with A /4/503 in LZ North English June 1970 to June 1971. 11B in Bin Dien Provence. Also se...More
  Carr, Richard — Assigned BB-61 from NTC San Diego 1986: Deployed Persian Gulf 1987-1988- Earnest Will Ops Med/Guant...More
  carrothers, willie h
  Carson, Roger N — Entered service in Jan, 1961 at Ft. Gordon MPOB. Served at Ft. McPherson, GA; 728th Mp Bn, Korea; 51...More
  carte, paul r
  Cartier, Gene — Retired paratrooper who served 3 tours in RVN one with 1SFG and 2 with the 173 Airborne Brigade. Wa...More
  Cartwright , Robert
  Casady, Cliff
  Casmaer, Dan f — combat medic november 67 april 68 wounded in nov 67 c co 1-503 returned dec 67 went to b co. 1-503 ...More
  Cast'On Jr, Cicero E — Served in US Army total of 28 years. I am not married and residing in Kingman, AZ I Have a Ph.D. i...More
  Castle, Dana l — Served in the bush with B Co. 3/503 173rd airborne (sep) Viet Nan Feb.70-Jan71.
  Caulder, Gary
  Cauthen, Charles
  Cavener, John F
  Chambers, Bob
  Chandler, Carl D
  Chapman, Corissa
  Charliefoxtrotsix, Charliefoxtrotsix
  Chase, Theodore H — I was assigned to Company D (Maintenance), Support Battalion, 173 Airborne Brigade, as 34D20 (Comput...More
  Chastain Sr, James F.
  Chavez, Hector A
  Cheney III, William B — Service 11/1/66-7/26/69 Served with Co B & C, 1st Bn, 50th (M) INF, 173 ABN Bde APO 96250 as Rifle ...More
  Chess, Rick
  Chilcutt, Gary R — B Brty (SLT) 29th Arty,Attached to 173rd Airborne/4Deuse, An Khe. I was the Eye in the Sky in 1969 t...More
  Childs, John A — I was in the 173d 3/319th atryH/Sbtry from march of 65 to may66 I have been looking for burne folw...More
  Chioke, michael Z
  Chittum, Tom
  Choy, Philip
  Christ, Michael
  Christopher, Partridge A — Medical Corps Officer, deployed with 86th CRG as augmentation to 173rd airborn for parajump into Ira...More
  Church, Rol
  Cinco Jr, Emilio R — Viet-Nam w/173rd Airborne Brigade @LZ English 82nd Airborne @Ft.Bragg Ft. Lewis Feild Artillery S...More
  Clark, Brian T
  Clark, Newman J — 173rd Engr. Co. 173rd ABN BDE (SEP), Vietnam 1970-71.
  Clark, Richard L
  Clark, Samuel
  Clarles, Sgt.Charles
  Clay, George
  Coates, John
  Coates, John — Joined the Army at 17 and got out after doing my time as aparachute rigger. Unhappy with civilian l...More
  Coats, James N
  Coats, Tom — I was a "teen aged" Lieutenant in Vietnam with the 173rd ABN BDE, spent time with 82d ABN DIV, befor...More
  Cobb, Terry L — Rank: Sp/5 Bronze Star,, Army Commendation Medal, Parachutist Badge. Served with 1/509th Inf. (A...More
  Coffey, Kathy
  coggins, marvin w — Entered army jan.1968 Viet Nam july 1968 til march 1970, then Ft. bragg til jan 1971. All time in Na...More
  Cole, Larry — 173rd Abn LRRP...'66-'67 MACV Recondo School Class 0
  Coleman, Larry
  Coleman, Woody — 508th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division.
  Colen, Ed
  Coles, Lavon — Served in Viet Nam
  Collins, Daniel M — 1st enlistment from '68 to '71, tour in Viet Nam with 173rd Abn Bde. Re-enlisted in the Army '88 to ...More
  Collins, Donald
  Collins, Ron B — Basic training and Field Wire Commmunications at Ft Polk,La 1965,Ft Benning,jump school,from there 1...More
  Colwell, Jerry W — Married May of 1969 to Sharon. I served with the 173rd from June 69 to June 70 in Vietnam as a mili...More
  Compton, Ray R
  Con, Km
  Conetta, Frank N — viet-nam 69-71 I was point man for C company
  Conley, Roger — WVA NATIONAL GUARD
  Connell, Walter — I am a Fifty + (50+) year employ of the Departmant of the Army. Active service 26 years, civil serv...More
  Conners, Jerry L — RANGER Jerry Conners, Captain (Class 502),Master Parachutist (Honor Graduate of 101st ABN Jumpmaster...More
  Conradis, Gilbert Eddy — D-1/503 173rd Airborne Brigade, 11H and 11 B HQ mainly located in LZ Uplift, II Corp area
  cook, alan
  Cook, Brian
  Cook, Chris K — I am currently stationed in Vicenza, Italy. I have a beautiful wife, 3 beautiful daughters, and an...More
  Cook, Denise R — Document Supervisor
  Cook, Jack P. — 1st Platoon 1st Squad Leader C/326/E LZ Sally. 67'-68' 173rd Engineer Co. Hq.Platoon( Okinawa) ...More
  Cook Rasool, William E — William E. Rasool was William E. Cook until 1975, I retired from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airbo...More
  Cooney, Kathleen
  Cooney, Richard
  Cooper, Jerry L — 6/66- Basic Training Ft Bliss 8/66- Infantry AIT Ft Jackson 6/67- Infantry OCS Ft Benning 3/68- R...More
  Copeland, James a — I was with the 3rd plt E/17 cav 173rd abn Would like to hear from any one that i served with. I was...More
  Copeland, Peter b
  Coples, James ,W.
  Corbin, Gregg
  cordero, hector
  Cosmo, Michael J — Hello, my name is Mike "Doc" Cosmo, I served with C/2/503 173d Airborne Brigade in Bong Son from Jul...More
  Costa, Ned — UH-1 Huey Crew Chief & Door Gunner. HHC 173d ABN BDE - Casper Platoon LZ English, 7/68 - 7/69 B...More
  Cotney, James w
  Counselman, Gene
  Courtaway, Joe T
  Coverdell, Bill
  Covington, Russell A — 1ST SFG 03/66-09/70 6TH-SFG 09/70-04/72 3RD=SFG 04/72-UNTIL DISBANDED, 5TH-SFG 01/73-04/82 RETIRE...More
  Covington, Russell A
  Cowart, Pozzie
  Cowen, Gilda
  Cox, Gary E — 6 March 1967 - 6 March 1968 C & D/2/173 Airborne Brg. /503 Inf. Most of my time was spent in the...More
  Cox, Gary E — March 1967/1968 C/2/503 and D/2/503 . I was on Hill 875 all 5 days. I turned 20 years old on Nov ...More
  Coyle, Mona — Daughter of James Edmunds (ret '69) and Aunt of Jeremiah Minor (173d)
  Crews, Sam d — I was with the 173d in Viet Nam. (1971) My base camp was LZ Uplift. I now have 3 children and have b...More
  Crews, Sam d — My name is Sam Crews. I'm looking for my old grunt buddies who were with me at LZ Uplift. A/2/503rd ...More
  Crissafis, Eric
  Crouch, James
  Crowley, Mike
  Crrafter, Darius
  Cruse, Billy Z
  Cruz, Isabel G — This photo is of me in Anchorage AK on my way to Vietnam in 1969. I served in the Veitnam War in the...More
  Culver, Jesse Lee — paratrooper, grunt, 11b, oef 8
  cundiff, john — recon 4th bat e co 69-70
  Cundiff, William E
  Cundiff, William E — Cco, 1/508th ABCT 173rd
  Curry, Paul M
  Curtis, Charles C — I served w/ the 173rd ABN BDE (Sep) May65 - May 66, C /1/503rd. I turned 20 years old in War Zone D...More
  Curtis, Charles C. — Served with US Army 173rd in Viet Nam 65-66 C company 1/503rd Infantry 173rd Airborne Bde.(Sep) Re...More
  Curtis, Floyd C — Served as a combat tracker with the 75th ctt 173rd abn bde. retired in 1991 after 21 years. Served a...More
  Curtiss, Laura — I'm the very proud mom of Sgt. Adam Boyle, former 173d ABN (2001-2004), w/2003-2004 Iraq service & c...More
  Cusack, Cara L
  Cusack, John k

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