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  b, a K — I'm from Grand Island Nebraska. I'm married at the age of 22. I have 2 older brothers. I was rece...More
  B, R — Joined Dec 69, Viet-Nam 70-71 w/E Trp, 17th Cav, 173rd Abn Bde(Sep), Spent 10 years in various Infan...More
  Babcock, Kevin J
  Back, Cheryl
  Back, Silver — 24 years is a long time! How could I sum it all up? If you know me then you KNOW me!
  Bagby, John
  Bagley, Kenneth l — Kenneth L. Bagley Sgt. E-5 11B4P 68-69 Co. C2/503 Inf. 70-71 Co.A2/503
  Bagley, Kenneth l — active duty 7-1967 to 2-1973 vietnam 1-1968 to 1-1969 10-1970 to9-1971 173rd abn bde c2503rd a2nd...More
  Bagley, Kenneth
  Bagley, Scott
  Bailey, Barry
  bailey, kwirh
  Bain, Jeffrey l — BASIC FT KNOX C-8-4, 2/17TH CAV 173RD ABN ,HHT -B TRP 2/17TH CAV 101ST ABN, C CO 5 BN-33RD AR,E TRP...More
  Bair, James E
  Baker, Ken
  Baker, Robert H
  Baker, Robert D — Was with B 2, 2 503, 173rd Airborne 1971.WIA 8th May 1971 Happy Valley. Now I am a Christian, Family...More
  Baker, Robert D
  Ball, David
  Ball, George
  Baltes, Michael — served with a/2/503 69-70 at LZ English
  banovatz, gene p — 1969 3/319 FA 173rd Airborne Brigade
  Baratka, Robert
  Barbero, Dominic
  Barch, Larry
  Barden, Kyle
  Barker, Fred Sr. R.
  Barlowe, Luther A
  Barlowe, Luther A.
  Barnett-Ali, Ishmeil B — SFC (Retired), currently working as a Section Manager for Northrop Grumman......
  Barreca, Charles
  Barth, Ernest C — Entered the Army 1969 in Chicago Basic at Ft Leonard Wood, MO Airborne Infantry AIT at Ft Gordon, ...More
  Barthelemy, John
  Bartholow, Sidney D
  Bartolin, Larry d
  Basallote, Roque
  Basallote, Roque
  Baskin, Jim — I was an arty FO/Recon Sgt with B/C co's., 4/503d ABN INF, 173rd ABN BDE (SEPARATE) in 1967-68 and e...More
  Bates, Matthew J — I am an Anti-Armor Section Leader in the 82nd Abn. Div. I have also served with the 1-501st PIR in A...More
  baum, steven — combat veteran
  Bayless, Paul R
  Baynard, Robert S — Served 6 years active duty, 2 over in Vicenza, Italy with the 1/508th and then went to Ft. Bragg as ...More
  Beard, Leroy — i was around bong son and lz english 1969 to 1970.i was with 173 rd. d2 503 inf. right before i dero...More
  Beasley, Jesse — Infantry-man, need I say more!!
  Beatty, Jane — Looking for anyone who knew my husband.. Sargent James Beatty..82 and 173 Airborne .. 1965-1967
  Beaudin, Jerry L
  Beaudoin, Nicole
  Beaver, Gerald R — None
  Beck, Bill
  Begley, Kevin
  Behr, Steven A. — grunt in central highlands
  Bell, Jeremy S
  Bellanca, Timothy J
  Belmore, Norman
  Benavides, Robert
  Benitez, Alberto
  Benjamin, Anthony S
  Benjamin, Richard A
  Benjamin Sr, Harold A
  Bennett, David P — I have several family members that served during World War II and trying to find out as much infomat...More
  Bennett, Melissa A — My uncle was killed 11/23/67 in South Vietnam (Kontum). I am trying to locate anyone that served wit...More
  Bennie, Richard
  Bennie, Richard
  Benson, Butch — E (Recon) 1/503 173d ABN, '70-'71 B Co. 75th Ranger, Ft. Carson, '69-'70
  Benson, Carl L
  Benson, D.J. — I married Butch Benson in 1974. He was with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Nam. The weird thing...More
  Benton, Charles P
  Berain, Raymond
  Berger, Pete
  bergeron, matthew
  Bermudez, Confe — I have been in the Army for 11 years. I met my wife while we both were serving in Korea. We have 3 c...More
  Bernier, Paul
  Betten, John E — 2yrs of service @ WRAMC 2005-07 2/503rd, 173rd ABCT 2007-present.
  Biccum, Richard W — Viet Nam Sgt=E5
  Bihari, Robert — 1/50 Mech Inf 11BGrunt. Worked out of LZ Uplift in the Bong Son-Binh Din Province-(II Corp Area, Nor...More
  Bilal, Muhammad — Regular Army early 1980's. PL NYARNG late 1980's. Regular Army continious until 20-year retirement 2...More
  Birdsall, William
  Birge, George J — 173rd, 4th, 503rd
  Bittinger, James L
  Bivens, Edward J — I served as a medic with the 4th, was tdy with the 1st cav, 173rd while in vietnam from 1967-1968
  Bixby, Jim
  Bjoin, Arthur M — I am 54 years old, married, and have five children. I have been married for 35 years to my loving wi...More
  Blackburn, Allen
  Blake, Mark J
  Bland, Doyle L — regular army 1970-71, viet 1970-1971, 173rd airborne bde, sept 1970-aug 1971, 489th eng bn feb 1973-...More
  Blango Sr, Robert L
  Blaylock, Sarah
  blue, joseph
  Bobby, Stephan — A/1/503 - 173rd. Abn. Bde. out of LZ UPLIFT,Vietnam 1969-1970. 82nd. Abn. in FT. Bragg, N.C. 1970-1...More
  Boddy, Donald
  Boelman, Heather A — My husband is in 173rd he is part of 1-91 Cav here in Schweinfurt, Germany. I have been married to ...More
  Boggs, John
  Bohart, Frankie e
  Boland, Col. Richard H — WWII (101st) / Korea (82nd) / Vietnam (173rd) -- Battalion Commander 1/503 173 ABN
  Bond, Francis B — Was one of 575 men who surivived a pentrating brain in VietNam on Fathers Day 1968.Was put on TDRL b...More
  Bono, Loiis
  Borland, Donald
  Bostic, Timothy
  Botens, Brian
  Boudreau, Fred
  Boughter, Michael P — I was with B/4/503 Dak To 1967
  Bowdon, Kelley S
  Bowley, Bryan
  Bowman, Rickey L. — Fire Team Leader (11B4P),A Co.,3rd Bat./503rd Inf.,173rd Airborne Brigade---Combat Duty in Viet Nam ...More
  Boyce iv, William A
  Boyd, Sam
  Boykin, Dante W — Regulator 7
  Bradby, Di'Monique D — I'm independent, outgoing, & just myself. Rememberin' AIT Bravo Co. 16th ORD BATTALION, Aberdeen, MD...More
  Bradford, Lindsey
  Bradley, James R — Joined up at age 17 and started out as a 11D Recon-Scout, ended up with various Airborne units. Afte...More
  Brammer, Larry — 173rd Airborne, Combat Eng, "C" company 1st of the 50th infantry.
  Branch, James
  Brandon, Bennie Mack
  Branford, Don C — Hq. Hq.299 C Bn.S4
  Branford, Don C
  Branford, Don C — M ember of A Co.1st 46 Inf. 1st Armored. 1963-1965 Member of C Co 32 Inf.Regt. 7 Inf,Div. ...More
  Branford Sfc Ret Usa, Don C — Past District Commander of the American Legion Past Post Commander of VFW Past County Council Chap...More
  Branham, Tom — with 2/503rd providing close air in vietnam
  Branstetter, Mason J — E5 completed Ft Benning OCS, Airborne, Ranger & Pathfinder. Served with: 1/17 Cav,82 Div; Co E, 3/50...More
  Brasher, David E
  Bratcher, Leon D
  Braycewski, Roger S — Weapons Platoon B Company 4/ 503 arrived in Viet Nam June 66 from Fort Cambell KY B/1/501st Sailed...More
  Breedlove, Thomas
  Brest, Dave W — Commissioned Infantry-1968, Tng Officer,FT.Knox. Jump School, Ft. Benning. Plt Ldr,D/16 Armor(173r...More
  Brewer, Rodney L — E-1-3 BCT FT DIX, NJ, 1975-76. A-1-3 AIT, FT POLK,LA 1976. C-3/5 INF,193D INF BDE, FT KOBBE,PANAMA...More
  Brewer, Vernon E — I arrived in country on the 10th of April, 1968 and was assigned to HHC ofthe 4th Bat, 173d Airborne...More
  Briceland, Michael J — Rear Area HQ G-3
  Bridges, Grady E
  Bright, Terry
  Brinkley, Johnny L — Served in country 1968-1969 173 Airborne 4thBat?? H&H company?? Unit locations : Ahn Keh - Bon...More
  Broadhurst, Gregory E — VietNam -303rd RR to 8thRRFS 04/05 '67 to 404th RRD Abn (Pleiku,Ban Me Thout, Dak To ((Hill875 DSU))...More
  Brockmiller, James
  Brodie, Harold M — After training, I joined the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Viet Nam. I was assigned to Company B 2nd Bn ...More
  Brooks, Anthony R
  Brooks, Johnny
  Brooks, Philip s — 1/503rd at LZ Uplift from 69 to 71
  Brooks, Tim W — Vietnam 67-69 173rd Airborne Brigade. D Comp 2nd Batt. Dak To, Bon Son, Hill 875 (3rd day)
  Brooks, Tim W
  brough, dan
  Brouillette, Everett — 173 rd in Vietnam during 1970 BSOC ( FWD) spec 4 retired as SFC in 1990.
  Brown, Charles D — Infantry Officer with assignments with 173rd Abn Bde in RVN and follow-on postings at Ft Benning. L...More
  Brown, Herman — i would like to dedicate this site to my uncle PFC. herman brown who died on the 8th of november 196...More
  Brown, Herschel l
  Brown, Joseph G — Artillery Forward Observer, member of C Btry 2/19th Arty attached to A Co. 2/8th Cav 1st Abn Brigade...More
  Brown, Julius R — I was active duty from 9 May 61 to 30 Sep 81. Three trips to Vietnam. Was assigned to: Co D Spt Bn,...More
  Brown, Richard E — USMC '66 to '70, Tour of duty in vietnam '67- '68 near DaNang. Camp Love; 1st Marine Division, 7th e...More
  Brown, Ronald e
  Brown, Tom — 4/503 173rd ABN BDE 1969. Stag team. LZ North English.
  Brown, Tommy
  browning, mike
  Bruce, James m
  Bruce, Ken
  Bruce, Richard — D CO. 4 TH BATT..173RD AIRBORNE BRIGADE:1969-71: 82ND AIRBORNE DIVISION-1971-72.
  Bryant, John
  Bryant, Michael D
  Bryant, William L — william l bryant e-4 headquarters & headquarters co.seperate 173 airborne brigade okinawa,vietnam...More
  Buchanan, Carolyn
  Buck, Edward
  Budek, Hermann J.
  Bullard 3rd, Robert A — Married to the same gal for ever with two children ages 37 and 38 there 13 months apart. Seven grand...More
  Bunker, Leon W
  Burghduff, Terry L — I was in active duty in 1967-1968 in Vietnam. I was on hill 875 and hill 823.
  Burgin, Terry
  Burke, Dennis
  Burkepile, Kenneth I — I was born in Springfield Ohio raised in Brisbane Australia moved back to USA in 1965 join the Army ...More
  Burks, Donald — 173rd Airborne Brigade Seperate 1966 to 1968. Working in the DFW area. Missing Colorado!
  Burnette, April
  burnham, leland — I served with B Med in An Khe and Bong Son (LZ English). My name is Leland (Lee) Burnham. I was a Sp...More
  Burns, Corey a
  Burriss, Brad
  Burrow, Thomas l
  burton, jack
  BUskirk, Richard
  Butler, John

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