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  M, R A — Ranger Class 4-70. 2-6 INF, Berlin Brigade. 5th Special Forces. 2-508 ABN INF, 82nd Airborne. ...More
  Maccuish, Don — Entered service as an LT in C/1/504 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV. Went to Vietnam as a platoon leader in B/3/50...More
  Mace, Jim
  Mace, Jim — I served with the Berlin Brigade from July 1977 to Oct. 1979 in combat support 2/6
  Macion, Lionel — Berlin Brigade: Company Clerk HHC 3/6 Inf APO 09742 - 1973. 3rd Bn / 6th Infantry S-1 Clerk ...More
  MacLuan, Rob
  Maddison, James
  Maddox, Billy E — Served in every branch of the Army except for the Women's Army Corps in my thirty years of active du...More
  Maddox, Billy E
  Madeya, Craig
  Mahan, Martin A — communications specialist
  makulit, shay
  Maloney, Lawrence
  Manchester, Seth
  Mandolfo, Dominick R — 42nd Engr Co 88-91 3rd Herd 10th Engr Bat Cco 85-88 2nd Plt
  Mangers, Jim
  Mann, Larry L — I'm still kickin. I love where I'm at in the Pac.NW. Miss the days while in Berlin. The parties w...More
  Maples, Ray J — Legal NCO at the Office of The Staff Judge Advocate
  Marable, Micheal E
  Marcello, Tony
  Mariano, David
  Marriott, Brenda J
  Marschke, Inga — Born in (West-)Berlin, Librarian for a pharmaceutical company. Contacts with some members of the 3D...More
  Martin, Eugene — 55 yo, Retired, widowed
  Martinez, Jaime
  Martinez, Joesph — I was assigned to B CO 6-502 INF. During my tour of duty My unit was depolyed to support Operation P...More
  Marvin, Bruce W
  Mathena, Gary
  Mathena, Gary D — Berlin Brigade 1979-1981 Co F 40th Armor and 2nd Batt 6th Infantry . 498th Medevac Ft Benning Ga. I...More
  Maughan, David — I was in Charlie Company 5/502 Infantry from 92 to 94 I was a M60 Gunner rank Spc 4 and served with ...More
  Maxson, Jerry
  Maxwell, Hugh Dean
  Mayfield, Asa — I was assigned to HHC, Berlin Brigade (Andrews Barracks) from 1973 to 1974. I worked in AG Personne...More
  Mc Gowan, Houston — Married, two kids, retired 1995; enjoy music and sporting events
  Mc Kenzie, Timothy
  Mcaleer, Michael G — Basic - Fort Dix Feb/83 Fort Devens - 05H Fort Polk, LA ~Dec/83-Jan/85 Field Station Berlin Jan/8...More
  Mccalla, Thomas L — I was assigned to the SigSec Detachment from 1975 to 1977. It was a good, but very sobering experie...More
  Mccalla, Thomas L. — Active Duty for training, 1973, Ft. Bragg, NC. ROTC Graduate, UT, Knoxville,TN 1974. Active Duty, ...More
  Mccarty, Mario A — I joined the military in 88 and after basic training and AIT in Ft Jackson, SC; I was sent to Ft Cam...More
  Mcclellan, Francis — Enlisted into the army From Boston, Massachusetts, in jun of 1949.took Basic Training at Fort Dix an...More
  Mcclusky, James D
  Mccollum, Robert
  Mcconnell, Brian W — Married to Eileen Work as University lecturer at U of Minnesota V.P., Retiree Affairs, AUSA Vesse...More
  McConnell, Brian W — LTC, AUS, Retired; now working at a major airline; homes in MN and FL.
  Mcconnell, William D — 20 months until I retireme, HOOAH!.
  McDaniel, Danny
  mcdonald, Stephen
  Mcdonough, Edward
  Mcduffie, Danny — Joined the Army in '89. Spent two years as an 11B in Berlin, Germany and Ft. Carson, CO. Honorable...More
  McFarlane, Tom Mac Philip
  Mcgarity iii, James M
  Mcgarry, Thomas P — in CSC 3/6 Mortar Platoon Berlin Brigade(1978-81) current MSG in the Army Reserve member with over 3...More
  Mcglone, Craig
  Mcguffin, David A
  Mchenry Jr, Russell — 287th Millitary Police Company Berlin Brigade From 1982 to 1984. 89th MP Brigade 411th MP Company F...More
  McIntyre, Marc A — Lea MP Co, Ft McPherson, Ga / Support Branch, Det B - U.S. Army Field Systems Office, Berlin, Germa...More
  Mckim, Michael
  Mckittrick, Wayne
  Mckittrick, Wayne E
  Mclaughlin, Robert H
  Mcmillin, James K
  Mcmillin, James K
  Mcmullen, John P
  Mcwhirter, Edward A.
  Mead, Kelly D — 11yrs, 9mo. 21days! From; Bragg to Benning / Stewart / Berlin / Saudi, Silopi and return. Not to...More
  Mead, Kelly D
  Meagher, Jeff A — Army then Coast Guard now
  Measner, Jim
  Medina, Andres — 1980 - 1983 (B Co, 82 Signal Bn) Ft. Bragg, NC 1983 - 1986 (B Btry, 3/4 ADA Bn) Ft. Bragg, NC 1986...More
  Medina, Andres
  Medina, George — Birthday:April 3, 1967 Hometown:Turlock, CA Relationship Status:Married Looking For:Networking P...More
  Meehan, Scott A — Twenty-five year veteran of the U.S. Army as both an enlisted soldier and a Commissioned Officer via...More
  Meisenholder, George A
  Melcher, Randall C
  Melendez, Victor m
  Meloy, Dewayne
  Melvin, Dale W
  Menke, Mitchell
  Menz, Karin
  Merkle, Kenneth
  Merrill, Keith — Served in Berlin from 1968 to 1969 Company C, 1st Bat, 6th Infantry
  Merritt Jr, Aubrey T — worked as nurse from 1989 until 1993 worked as home health QA and Medicare compliance manager 19...More
  Messick, Joe F
  Messick, Joseph
  Meyer, Douglas
  Michael, Jim
  Michalkiewicz, Joseph
  Mickley, Darryl
  Millard, Keith
  Miller, David — C 5/502 1st Plt 89-92 A 5/87 INF (L) 91-94.5
  Miller, Donald
  Miller, Gerald R — married 1 child occupation: repulper operator at Georgia Pacfic paper operations Crossett Ar
  Miller, Gerald-Janie — we were both in the Army: Berlin Brigade; 7th ID (Ord); 56th FA Bde (Pershing); 82d Abn and Figh...More
  Miller, Mark A — I joined the Army in 76 and retired in 96 after various assignments. After I retired from the Army I...More
  Miller, Michael
  Miller, Trevis A
  Mills, Johnny
  Mills, Johnny
  Mitchell, Bob — Retired Army Warrant Officer SF 180A and Huey Pilot; Special Forces SCUBA
  Mitchell, Caleb
  Mitchell, Cliff
  Mitchell, Ronald E — Ft Polk, La Basic B-4-1 65-66; Ft Polk, La AIT C-2_4 66; 283rd Avn Co Dom Rep 66; 82nd ABN Co...More
  Mitchell, Todd
  Mitchum, Wolf O — 3 years in Berlin Brigade.1960-1963 6 months in army security company 102(asp) 7 months 83rd ordin...More
  Mize, Keith
  Mock, Charlie B
  Mondore, Robert J — HQ 2/6, McNair Barracks, after starting in B 2/6.
  Montague, Rebecca J
  montes, jose
  Moore, Donald W
  Moore, James F
  Moore, Jimi
  Moore, John S
  moore, roger
  Moot, Raymond M — Retired at US Transportation Command, Jan 1993
  Morales, Daniel A — CSC 3RD BN 6TH INF Berlin Brigade 592D Signal Co (SEP) Berlin Brigade 72-75 414 MP CO (PW PROC/RD...More
  Morales, Daniel A — CSC 3/6 4.2 Oct 72-Apr 73 592d Signal Co Apr 73-Feb 75
  Morales, Daniel — Assigned to 592D Sig Co (SEP) with duty at Brigade HQ C-E Div//CSC 3RD BN 6TH INF Berlin Brigade 592...More
  Morgan, Ronald H — HHB, 1/10th Arty, 3rd Inf Div, Schweinfurt, West Germany, '66-'67 1st Inf Div Arty HHB, AO: Hwy 13 ...More
  Morgan, Stefan A — Both of the Units I served in were changed. C 4/9 at Ft. Wainwright changed and the Berlin Brigade ...More
  Morones, Rafael — I served with CCo.6/502nd Inf , and I am talking about drinking from sun up to sun down standing tal...More
  Morris, Brandon L — Was stationed in Berlin,Germany and Ft. Eustis,Va. Four and a half years as a 63B. Got out in Nov.19...More
  Morris, Brandon L — HHC 5/502nd Inf Regiment - McNair Barracks, Berlin Germany- Maintenance Platoon
  Morris, David
  Morris, Dean — I served in Berlin from 1963 to 1966,with co F 40th armored as the 1st sgts driver and mail clerk
  Morris, James
  Morris, Jay E
  Morris, Jay — A, CSC, HHC, 2/6, Berlin Bde;HHC 2/34 & 1st Brigade, 24ID
  Morris, Scott R — Brigade Trial Counsel
  Morrison Ii, Freddie J — Served at Tueflesburg
  Morrissey, John J
  Mort, John
  Mott, Owen
  Moye, Albert — Served in C 6/502 IN. Guarded R. Hess just before he died. I was there for the destruction of Spanda...More
  Mross, Franklin T — What up to everyone from the 4 Duece. Damn those were the days. The Ku'damm was the SHEEEE IITTTT! I...More
  Mulalley, Kevin J — Enlisted Combat Engineer from 1981 to 1984 Attended Southern Oregon University 1984-1990 2nd Bn 41...More
  Muller, Frank S — I stated my carrier in 1980 with the United States Army. I was discharged in 1993. I reaffiliated ...More
  Mullins, Andy — Lowry AFB (1982). 95th Maint. Co. - Ft. Riley Ks. (1983) ATST-Berlin - Berlin, germany (...More
  Munoz, Joe
  Murphy, Jack F
  Murphy, James — Stationed in Berlin, Germany from 1985 to 1987 in the 6/502nd Inf., CSC as a TOW gunner. I am now a ...More
  Murphy, Raymond P — Korea 82-83 - 1/23 IN Ft. Polk 83-85 - 1/61 IN 1st AD Germany 85-88 2/6 IN - USMCA-N Ft. Jackson ...More
  Murphy, Sean C — Served In: 1st Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, Berlin Brigade, TF 4/505 INF-MFO Currently s...More
  MURPHY, Thornell — Hello. My name is Thornell Murphy and I am looking for my uncle William Martez Murphy he served in ...More
  Murray, Michael E
  Murray, Pat
  Musgrove, David W — Served in Artillery, Infantry and Personnel Units. Served as a Drill Sergeant for two years and as ...More
  Musilli, Louis — Medic in HHC, usually went out with Bravo Co.
  Muzikar, Elizabeth J. — I enlisted in the Army on March 24th, 1976. I went to basic training in B-7-2 at Ft. Jackson from S...More
  Muzikar, Michael P — Joined US Army in 1976 Stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, Ft. Ord, CA, then the Berlin Brigade. MOS wa...More
  Myers, David — Retired Corrections Officer from Michigan now enjoying retirement and family. I have 2 grown sons an...More
  Myers, Terry — I was in Company F 40th Armor from 85 to 87 in 3rd platoon on F31.

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