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  S, Mike — 187th asult helicopter company, 125th (ATC) 3rd PLt.- Also transfered to Ist. Inf. Div. as a rad...More
  S, Packer
  Sackis, John
  Sahlin, Terry P — Currently working for Research, Analysis and Maintenance, Inc. on the Airborne Threat Systems contr...More
  Salsman, Patrick
  Salvatierra Ii, Tony J — Was in 1/6 Infantry in Vilseck, Germany, later the 2/2 Infantry 10th Mtn Division, 2/87 Infantry ...More
  Sanchez, Ed — Served in Viet Nam with the 1st Aviation Brigade from 09/1968 thru 01/1971 at Long Bing, Tuy Hoa & C...More
  Sanchez, Paola
  Sanders, Diane — Retired 6/89,now school teacher,2sons,1-22,1-9.
  Sands, Jay — HQ Troop 7/17 Air Cav Pleiku VietNam 704th Maint Bn Pleiku 48th Trans Bn Bien Wa SP Battery Fort ...More
  Santamaria, Daniel — 125 air traffic control company Phouc Vinh RVN
  Sarver, John — Was with the 155th AHC at Ban Me Thout
  Sathre, Mike A — Sp/5Sathre RVN/Laos/July70/March71 (CE) (879'er) 48thAHC. (SKILL NOT LUCK) 2ND. Flt.Plt. (...More
  Sawyer, Daniel D. — Platoon Sergeant assigned to the 463rd Engineer Platoon (FireFighters) to train and support the unit...More
  Scarborough, Fred
  Schado, Michael
  Scharff, Bill N — 244th Aviation Company (SA) Can Tho, 122d Aviation Co (SA), Hanau FRG, 99th ARCOM Oakdale PA, Ohio A...More
  Scharff, Bill — Engineer OCS, 1967, Ft Belvior, VA; Flight School, 1968, Ft Stewart, GA, Ft Rucker AL, Ft Huachuca A...More
  Scheibel, Curt M — Flew with the 243rd ASHCo., "Freight Train(Dong Ba Tin), 196th ASHCo., "Flipper"(Lane Army Heliport,...More
  Schell, William
  Scherer, Douglas M
  Schippert, Patrick Skip T
  Schladweiler, Peter M — 114TH AHC in Vinh Long: became the crewchief of the GUARDIAN 6 aircraft of the HHC, 13th CAB in 1968...More
  Schley, Michael R — I served with the 243RD Assault Support Helicopter Company in Dong Ba Thin Vietnam in 1970 and 1971....More
  Schmidt, Larry L. — 147th Asault Support Helecopter Co
  Schott, Terry L
  Schroder, William d — retired real estate developer and general contractor living in Washington state
  Schultz, Larry A — US Army, Infantry: Jul1969 to Jul1971 AlArNG, Medical Corps: Mar1972 to Nov1992 DoD, Navy: Oct...More
  Schwartz, J, C.
  Sciapiti, Richard — 114th Assault Helicopter Company RVN 1968-69 "Knights of the Air" 'Red Knight's & Cobra's, Door G...More
  Scisson, Wallace
  Scott, Mike b
  Scott, Ronald W. — US Army Vietnam Veteran 1968-1970 26 years in the Army; Retired Command Sergeant Major. Tours incl:...More
  Scull, Kenneth T
  Sebor, Alan J — Crew chief, UH1-D, Huey, PhuBai, Viet-Nam
  Seiler, Don
  Seiler, Don
  Senft, Todd R — Basic,Ft Dix NJ Sept, 71 AIT 67N20 UH-1 Crew Chief Ft Rucker, Ala.Jan 72-April72 Ft Hood Tex,...More
  Sennabaum, David L — U S Army-Retired; Civilian Industry - Retired; Presently working as an Executive Protection Specia...More
  Senneff, Gerald B — helicoptor pilot with 120th helicoptor co.
  Shane, Patrick D — Joined the Army in 1970. Basic training Ft Lewis Washington 10/1970 to 01/1971. Aviation AIT Ft Ruck...More
  Sharon, Paul V
  Sharpes, Walter o — I recieved basic training at Ft Knox, AIT(67N20) at Ft Eustis, stationed in Can Tho Vietnam 1971-197...More
  Shaver, David H — I was doorgunner and crewchief for the 2nd airlift Ghost Riders from June 69 to June 70. I flew out ...More
  Shea, Patrick — Assigned to 129th AHC/Eagle Combat Aviation Battalion/Lane Army Heliport/Binh Dinh Province
  Sherfey, Kenneth L — Master Aviator, retired 1988, living in Kansas City Area
  Sheridan, James M — Flight Engineer on the CH 54A, in Vietnam, 478th Avn Co. 1st Cav, 5/67-3/68 and 355th Avn Co 1st Avn...More
  Shipman, W R — 11B (CIB, PH) w/Co A, 1/35 Inf, 3d Bde... atch'd TF Oregon/Americal, during Operation Wallowa, medev...More
  Shoemaker, Don
  Sibley Jr, James S
  Sickman, Alan — Served with the 213th Aviation Company, "Black Cats", in Viet Nam
  Silva, Terry J
  Silva, Terry J
  Silverman, Matthew A — CW3, BN Tactical Operations Officer/ Pilot- UH-1, OH-58A/C, and AH-64A/D Former SGT/88M
  Silversmith, John W — Served W/ 189th AHC.52nd Battalion, !st Aviation Brigade in RSVN 67-68. Now retired, living in Monta...More
  Simmons, John L — I served with the 242nd from May of 71 until it stood down and went to Alaska. I then went to B Troo...More
  Simmons, Marylin M
  Simmons, William T. — Cobra aircraft commander in III Corps area.
  Simon, Larry E — Retired Command Sergeant Major (Aviation)
  Simon, Larry E
  Simpkins, Richard l — i was a crewchief on a u21 based at long thanh and my rank was spec.5 I would like to hear from an...More
  Simpson, Ken J — Active 1969 to 1973 Vietnam 118th Ahc Bien Hoa 2nd Flt Plt Blue 10 Blue 6 (Doorgunner) 1991 Special ...More
  Simpson, Ken J — Active 1969 to 1973 Vietnam 118th Ahc Bien Hoa 2nd Flt Plt Blue 10 Blue 6 (Doorgunner) 1989 Special ...More
  Simpson, William K — After RVN went to Germany twice Giessen and Wertsburg, FT Hood, Ft Sill, and Ft Polk. Got passed ov...More
  Siples, William E
  Sirop, Robert L — 1st tour Viet Nam, was door gunner on stinger gunship for the 116th AHC at Phu Loi Nov.1965-May 1 19...More
  Slater, Donald W
  Slaughter, Chester D — Vung Tau, Viet Nam
  Sloan, John F
  Small, William M — 1952, drafted,Combat Engineer training Belvior Va.assigned 517th HM Co., 38th Ord Bn Ger. till July ...More
  Smedley, William R
  Smith, Clark — Fort Dix Basic Training 05/69-07/69, 240th AHC in Bearcat RVN 12/69-03/70, 128th AHC in Phu Loi RV...More
  Smith, Daniel william
  Smith, David P — 62nd Avn Co., 11th CAG, 1st Avn Bde
  Smith, Dee AC — Served as a crew chief in the gun platoon with the 61st AHC at Lane Army Airfield (An Son) and at LZ...More
  Smith, Emil C — served with the 101st airborne (4 months) 3/68-5/68 then went to 1st avn div duc pho 5/68-12/68 ...More
  Smith, H.B.
  Smith, Harold
  Smith, James J
  Smith, James D — US Army Helicopter pilot.
  Smith, Jerry
  Smith, Jerry D — After my cousin SP/4 Philip Neely served with the 3rd Herd, Sky Soldiers in Vietnam 70-71. I join t...More
  Smith, Jerry Dale — Served on Active Duty+22 years U.S. Army. Military Police, Airborne Infantry, LRRP (Recondo), Pathfi...More
  Smith, Joseph p
  Smith, Lee — O-1 Bird Dog F/W Reconnaissance Pilot & Maintenance Officer 203rd RAC [Avn Co.] Phu Heip RVN...More
  Smith, Peter M — Served with the 1st Air Cav at FSB Buttons (Song Be) as a GCA controller. Transferred to 322ADD, Mar...More
  Smith, Robbie
  Smith, Sammy A — A recovering FAT man.
  Smith, Tom — RVN 5/69 to 8/71 Door Gunner Crew Chief 147th ASH , Combat Engineers 169th Engr Btn. B.S. Earth Sci...More
  Smith, Wayne
  Smith , Eric E
  Smock, Neal
  Soboleski, Ted
  Sopocy, Samuel
  Sprader, Lawrence George — Assigned to D Trp, 3/5th Air Cav and C Trp, 3/17th Air Cav, attached to 1st Aviation Brigade at Vinh...More
  Spradlin, Evender G
  Sprowl, Richard E. — 2nd Avn Bn Maint NCO SSG E-6 Korea, 175th Avn Co Vietnam, 121 Avn Co Vietnam, HHC 2nd Braigade, 82n...More
  Spurlock, J W — 1-75 Rangers 88-89, 3-7 Infantry 89-93, 1-11 Aviation 93-97, PL 2-69 Armor 97-00, Commander B / 2-34...More
  St james, Charlie — Medi-Vac Pilot in Di Nang, Shot down 02/08/71 Looking for anyone that served with 1st Avi. Bdg, and ...More
  stagg, steven
  Standridge, Rickey S — Still working for the U.S. Army as a Defence Contractor With DynCorp, CSC. 51 years old and still go...More
  Stanis, John W — US Army 1st Aviation Brigade, 114th Assault Helicopter Company, Flying Red Knights, active duty Sou...More
  Stanley, Robert — Graduated H.S. in 1968 in N.Y.C. Enlisted in U.S. Army in 1969, served in viet nam 1970-1971 as doo...More
  Staunton, Ralph H — 134th Assault Helicopter Company Tuy Hoa, Vietnam Devils & Demons
  Stearns, Richard N
  Steinke, Louis J — me
  Stephen Czarnecki, Stephen Czarnecki
  Stephenson, Arnie R — I was a member of the 12th Combat Aviation Group which was the the first unit under the 1st Avn Bde....More
  Stephenson, Bertha e — Gerronimo from Oct 83 thru April 87, but was Beth Frazier back then. Joined the Unit in the Sheet M...More
  steuer, raymond
  Steward, Lavaughn E
  Stewart, Michael
  Stichler, Jerry L
  Stigler, Ronald
  Stinchcomb, Steve
  Stinson, Marvin O — 1-8-e recon 11/67 3/68 hensel air field 3/68/5/68
  Stockdale, Everett E — Operation SGT Of 220thAvn Co
  Stokley, Edward F — I joined the 1st Aviation Brigade, 269th Combat Aviation Battalion, the 242d ASH, the Muleskinners, ...More
  Stone, James M
  Stookey, Frank Thomas
  Storey, Randy D. — Served in Pleiku, Camp Holloway, Viet Nam from August 1969 to August 1970. Flew with Avenger gun pla...More
  Stotts, Gregory m — Sp5 Gregory M. Stotts . Jan. 69 to Dec. 1971. I served with B troop 3rd of 17th Air Cav. 1st. Avia...More
  Stoutamire, Michael a — commo
  Stoutner, David — 1) 1963, Basic Training, Fort Ord, CA 2) 1963, Interpreter-Translator, Bulgarian 3) 1965, Airborn...More
  Strazinsky, Jim
  Strickland, Sidney L — Sidney L Strickland, LTC, USA Retired. Was G1 of the 1st Avn Brigade and Commander of VUNG TAU AAF....More
  Strobel, Francis J — CW2 - 1970 Vietnam - 114th AHC A/c CW2 - 1977-82 Pennsylvania Army National Guard
  Strong, Roger
  Suarez, Peter — 68th AHC 69-70 DG / CC 1st Lift C Troop 1/17th Air Cav 71 Scouts/ Lift
  Sullivan, David W — U.S.Army since 1966 from high school to flight school and retired from National Guard with 38 years ...More
  Sullivan, Gene
  Sullivan, James J — Air Traffic Controller in Vung Tau 363rd Avn Det 71-72 in VN
  Summer, Robert M
  Summers, Harold W — Was the NCOIC (MSG - E 8) from May 1969 - late April 1970 of the Public Affairs Office at Brigade He...More
  Summey, Samuel T — Stationed Camp Holloway, Pleiku RVN, Sept 70-Sept 71, 3rd Platoon, 614th Maintenance Company, 52nd B...More
  Sumners, Jeff A
  Sumners, Jeffrey A
  Sutton, David
  Swan, Keith p — CH-54 mech
  Swank, Will
  Swanson, Dave
  Swanson, Scott J — Currently living in Tempe, Arizona (dry heat). Still living with my wonderful wife of 18 years -TANY...More
  Swearingen, Richard L — A/C Maint Off., 199th Avn Co. Vihn Long, RVN HHQ Cmndt., 164th Avn Gp., Can Tho, RVN Jul 11 1968-1...More
  Sweeney, Jim — B/228th ASHB, 1st Cav. Div. 1966-1967. 205th ASHC, 1st Aviation Brigade - Feb. 1968 to May 1968 ...More
  Sweeney Jr, Edward J — Scout Platoon Leader
  Sweigart, Robert J. — I am a Viet Nam Veteran. Basic Ft. Dix, N.J. , 1968. A.I.T. Ft. Lee, Va. 1969. Viet Nam, Bien Hoa...More
  Swiech, Bruce
  Swiech, Bruce
  Swift, Jeffrey S.
  Swinford, Angela — Trying to find information on my father, Charles Swinford. He served from 1969-1971. From what I kno...More
  Synal, Jean f
  Szuba, David — Still working with 47 Chinooks; currently supporting U.S. Army Aviation and Misile Command as an MH-...More
  Szucs, Lorand

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