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  Babish, Bruce K. — Staff Officer 759th MP Bn XO 532nd MP Co
  Bacheller, Herb L — Classified.
  Badia, Albert F. — 29+years mil service, enlisted and WO. helicopter pilot, evaluator and flight commander. civilian in...More
  Bagley, Kevin L — Alternate email:
  Bailey, William
  Baker, Dennis M — Raised in Coos Bay, OR. Graduated from Marshfield High School in 1965 and Southwestern Oregon Commun...More
  Balas, George f — retired 1sg. served vietnam 1970-72 101st airborne div, Aco.2/506inf also Aco 5th Trans also B trp3...More
  Baldwin, Byron k — I was in the 2/2nd 1st inf from aug.69 to march70 then I went to 282nd asult helo, from march 70 to...More
  Ballinger, Phillip s — enlisted nov. 65. with 79trans. may,66, thru oct.66,at Qui Nhon. also door gunner for 498th. medivac...More
  Balmer, Gerald D — flight engineer, crewchief 1967-1968 A&E Mechanic-Boeing, Lockheed, Columbia Helicopters, Army Co...More
  Barger, James — I graduated from UC Davis ROTC with a US Army Reserve Commission in 1967. Went to Fort Sill for Arti...More
  Barndt, Robert — Helicopter 67U20 (Chinook) in Vietnam
  Barndt, Robert C — My MOS was 67U20 Chinook Mechanic, however they needed a Machinist when I got to the 205th so that'...More
  Barnes, Bill J
  Barnes, Kelly l — AIT 1/13th avn training brigade FT RUCKER, ALABAMA
  Barnes, Stephen d
  Barnhart, Lee — 125th Av Co. July '68 - July '69. Da Nang, Siagon and TayNinh West. All as Flight Follower
  Barrett, Bob H — short white american male, second generation irish, masters degree in aeronautical technology patric...More
  Barrett, Scotty — Avid golfer with an interest in keeping up with old friends. Married to the love of my life for 32 y...More
  Bartholomew, Curtis H. — I served with the 205th Assault Support Helicopter Company at Phuloi, RVN during 1970 and the 213th ...More
  Bartkus, Saulius Mr
  Bartley, Larry B — infantry with c/1/8 in 1970 1st Cav and door gunner on a Huey 1971 c227 1st Cav and 1st Aviation Bri...More
  Bayer, John
  Beach, Joseph
  Becker, Lawrence H — U.S. Army 54th Aviation Co.; 1st Aviation Brigade, Vietnam 65-66
  Beecher, William R
  Behm, Josh r — I was assigned the 604th trans co. My mos was 67a1f.
  Bell, Ken c
  Bellah, Douglas r
  Bellerue, Rikard N — Served with the 187th Aslt Hel Co (Crusaders), 1st Avn Bde from Apr 70 to Feb 72 at Tay Ninh and Di...More
  Bellerue, Rikard
  Bellerue, Rikard N — Assigned 187th AHC, Tay Ninh, RVN Apr 70- Feb 72
  Bender, J. M.
  Benjamin, Ronald A
  Benner, Jim S — I am retiring next May1, 2001. I am moving to the Delaware seashore. I like fishing, making beer, an...More
  Bennett, Allen R — I was a SP5 Crewchief on a UH-1D with the 117th AHC Vietnam Feb.1967-Feb.1968
  Bennett, Michael E
  Bentley, William H
  Bereniski, Donald Arthur — I like the outdoors. I mostly work and have a great family with three kids. I am a gun nut, but I ...More
  Berg, Jerry
  Bergeron, John
  Berry, John M
  Bess, Gene A.
  Bevan, Earl J — Medic at the 269CAB Aid Station and was transfered to muleskinners as there medic in Jan 69. Reassig...More
  Bevan, Sherwin A — 13th Sig Bn 1Cav Div
  Birdseye, Donald C — MOS 76T20 (Aviation Tech Supply) in 5th Aviation Det, 1st Avn Bde in beautiful Vung Tau. Unmotivate...More
  blackburn, wayne
  Bladl, Richard J
  Blaney, Scott A — Enlisted Sep 1969, Basic at Ft Polk, LA Jan 70, WOFT Apr 70 - Jan 71 (70-45), RVN Mar 71 to Feb 72, ...More
  Blankinship, Zachariah D — both my parents were in the military my father retired Staff Sergeant for the army
  Bock Iii, Karl M — 1st Tour RVN June 68 - June 69 w/1st Aviation Brigade assigned to 922 nd Sig. Det. attached to the ...More
  Bodie, Steven D — I was with the 184th aviation co. in Phu Loi. I was in the 1st platoon and we were TDY @ Duc Hoa ver...More
  Bogan, David
  Bogle, Charles S — UH-1 Gun ship pilot, A Company, 501st AHC/71st AHC
  Bogle, Charles S — Assigned to A Co/501st Aviation Company, (later the 71st Aviation Company) Firebird gun platoon, as ...More
  Boone, James Patrick — Crewchief The Barbarian. Basic at Knox AIT at Mutha Ruckah // 117th Avn Co "Toros" // 52nd Avn Bn "...More
  Borigo, Gary J — Gary J Borigo D Troop 17th conbat Aviation Group DaNang Vietnam Crew Chief UH1H 71-16761
  Bourne, Harold O — In 1951 I enlisted in the US Army. Basic Training with 47th Infantry Division, Camp Rucker, AL. So...More
  Bourret, Jr., Gustave William
  Bowman, Ellison — Served in Viet Nam with the Ist Aviation Brigade, 116 Assault Helicopter Unit-----April 1970 - Sept....More
  Bowman, Joseph
  Boyd, Phillip — Army 1968-1971 Air Force 1971-1976 Arny National Gaurd 1980-2001
  Boyer, Carl DAVE — 273rd ASHC (SkyCranes) stationed in Vung Tau, 1968. Also the 652nd Trans Det. served as maint com...More
  Boyles, Calvin E — RA officer with Infantry, Aviation, Military Intelligence. Retired February 1993 as Coonel, MI.
  Boyles, Don E
  Bozeman Sr., Richard
  Bradley, Lisa k
  Bramel, Michael d — Vietnam 1/5/68-1/6/69 Crewchief 176th AHC-Chu Lai -2nd Flight Platoon - Slicks-Minutemen
  Brannan, Martin E
  bray, david
  Breaux, Michael
  Breithaupt , Michael P
  Brennan, John — Spent 13 months with the 114 AHC as a 71P20 Flight Opns Coordinator, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta, 19...More
  Brewer, John H — I was with the 196th. Avn. Co. of the 1st. Aviation Brigade in Quinhon Vietnam in 1967 to 1968 We s...More
  Brewer, Rodney L — E-1-3 BCT FT DIX, NJ, 1975-76. A-1-3 AIT, FT POLK,LA 1976. C-3/5 INF,193D INF BDE, FT KOBBE,PANAMA...More
  Broadway, Garan C
  Bronkhurst, Phil — Gunner with 205th Jan.- Nov. '69. Have lived in Wyoming for 25 years. 4 grown kids.Like the outdoors...More
  Browder, Stephen R — SP/4 HHT, 7/17th CAV , 1971 AN SON, RVN.
  Brown, Donald W — I was assigned to F-Troop 8th cav as a helicopter pilot.
  Brown, Gary P — Saint Bonaventure University - Supply Sergeant
  Brown, Kirk
  Bryan, Ronald
  Bryant, Robert H — Cdr D Co in Karlsruhe 1971-1973
  Buchanan, John D
  Buckley, Tim
  Buisker, Theodore M. — Served as an Army Helicopter Pilot from 1966 to 1970. Now a disabled Veteran due to illness contra...More
  Burdeshaw, Lynn — Born in 1946 in Fort Pierce, FL. Lived in Florida all my life and worked in quality assurance, manuf...More
  Burell, Donald S — 62nd Aviation Company Phu Bai, RVN UH-1H Crew Chief 04/68 - 06/69
  Burell, Donald S — Marrird, wife's name is Jeanne, 1 daughter Lisa, 2 grandchildren Cameron 9 and Serena 4
  Burley, Richard L — 7/17th Air Cav. Pleiku, Phan Rong, An Khe, Ruthless Riders any of you out there. "ABBIE" ANYONE REM...More
  Burns, Bill
  Burns, Charles
  Burr, Joe
  Bush, Lawrence D
  Butler, Alvin D — I was with the 1st MIBARS Siagon Air Platoon June-Sept 67. D Det at Na Trang till June 68. 73rd SAC ...More
  Butler, Daniel R — ETS 2 Nov 71 Went to work for the Air Force as a Civilian Mar 73 used GI bill for school but only g...More
  Butz, Tom R — Enlisted July 1967, Graduated Warrant Officer Flight School Aug 1968, Viet Nam 68-69 and 1972. Re...More
  Byington, Michael S.

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