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  W, R J
  Wade, Jabin K
  Wade, Michael L — 4 years artillery, 12 years generator mechanic, currently chemical specialist
  Wade, Mike
  Wade, Nicholas — Commo Chief C CO. 1/506INF
  Wadzinski, Jeff
  Waggerby, Ron
  wagner, rick
  Wagner Jr., Ronald L — G Co., 52nd Aviation part of the 1/214th Aviation
  Wake, Rodney L — I spent two years in the army. I was in 1st Armored div. & 2nd Armored Div. I love to ride Harley`s...More
  Wakly, Brian p
  Walden, William e
  Waldron, Douglas G — Joined the Army in 1978. Went to Armor OSUT at Fort Knox, KY. Assigned to; K TRP, 3/2 ACR, 1978-1...More
  Walker, Bill J — Basic and AIT Training at Fort Hood Texas--9/66--South Viet Nam 9/67/--8/68 Stationed at LZ Ross
  Walker, Crystal
  Walker, James H
  Walker, Jerry R.
  Walker, Keith
  Walker, Mitchel P — Stationed at Ray Barracks Friedberg Germany Deployed to Iraq
  Walker, Richard J
  Walker, Tony
  Wall, Brian — I was in 2 6/8 AR in Baumholder Germany from 90-92 and in Fort Riley 3 3/7 AR from 92-94 looking for...More
  Wall, Thomas a — Bravo 1-51 infantry. Was tool man for a year. roomates were Thibaudeux and Huffman. Carried m203 mos...More
  Wallace, David H
  Wallace, Howard
  Wallace, James c — Tank systems mechanic
  Wallace, John R — 1st Armored Divarty 1986-90. 101st Airborne Div 1991-94. Czech Military Academy 1995-96. Colum...More
  Wallace, Micahel w
  Wallace, Patrick B
  Wallace, Patrick
  Wallace - Young, Sherri — Basic: Ft Jackson, SC 1985 (A co) AIT: Ft Dix, NJ 64C 1985 (A co) Katterbach: 1985-1987 ...More
  Waller, Max Rafael — I have some ongoing life goals:Seeking associations from all walks of life; Maximizing my Freedom o...More
  Walschot, Michael L — Married, 5 Children, M.B.A. Degree, Comptroller: June 1980-Nov 1981 2/10th Cavalry (Air Cav Sir)-Fo...More
  Walter, James
  Walters, Mitch — Retired Army Aviator, Cobra, Apache SIP/IE, Huey, A, B, C, D, H, IP/IE, OH-58 A & C IP/IE Vietnam, B...More
  Walters, Thomas
  Walton, Chandra — I am 32 and a mother of 2 children. I am a medic stationed with MEDDAC at Ft. Campbell and my husba...More
  Walton, Douglas B
  Walton, Greg W
  Walton, Leslie
  Wangler, Kevin P — Was with the 1st Armored Division 2/78FA in the FRG, from Feb77-Jun79. Went to FT. Lewis WA. with th...More
  Wanzie, Richard M
  Ward, Auman d — I Started out at the old 400th PSC, I was reaasigned to Bliedhorn Kaserne with the 177th PSC and af...More
  Ward, Elizabeth A
  Ward, Joel J
  Ward, Joel J — Served as a mechanic in Bamberg from 85-87. Got out and went to work on my In-laws dairy. When my f...More
  Ward, Tim — THEN: Was a 13F that never worked in the MOS. Became the Radar O'Reilly of the units I worked in t...More
  Warlick, Curt
  Warman, Clyde — 1/37 AR
  Warner, Donald W — Donald W. Warner Colonel, United States Army Deputy Commander / Deputy Chief of Military History ...More
  Warnke, Robin l
  Warren, Chad J
  Warren, Edward S — Enter service on 9/24/1973 retired 1/4/1995. unit I served with, 3/5 Air Cav. 9ID Ft Lewis Wash. 2/...More
  Warren, Robert K — MOS 98G - DLIFLC (Monterey); G Co, 1st Avn Regt (TF Phoenix - QF Platoon); 15th MI Bn; 504th MI Bde;...More
  Wasson, Chris — best unit i served with, second worst country(s.korea) i served in
  Wasson, Chris J
  Waterbury, Michael
  Watkins, Roger
  Watkins, William E — Pleiku to Dak To: WIA - Hill 1338 - Nov. 1967: Recon (LRRP), HHC 3/12 4th Infantry- Inlisted Sep...More
  Watson, Michael W — Joined the Army in 1986 went to 16th engineer bn C-co from feb87-mar90 Went to Fort Polk from 90-93...More
  Watson, William t — Company C, 1st Bn 37th Armor, 1st A.D. Katterbach, FRG. 19K/L and 19J MOS's Company H 2/6 Cava...More
  Watty, Nathaniel K — Training/Supervisory Police Officer(Federal Police Officer) Interest is to attain a MS in Crimina...More
  Waugh, Rick — Born: Paris, KY BASD: 19850708 Served: Bamberg, FRG '85-87 ...More
  Waymire, Ken M — Started on the M60A2 and ended on the M1A1. Always known as "Haywire" to friends and others. Bord...More
  Weathers, Lonnie M
  Weaver, Anthony A
  Weaver, Norman R
  Weaver, Pearlie
  Webb, Charles E
  Webb, Charles — U.S. Army, Infantry (heavy weapons) - Camp Casey Korea, Fort Hood Texas; Arkansas State Police, reti...More
  Webb, James K
  Webb, Mike — I was in HHC 122 Sig. Bn has a 63B20 would like to hear from you
  Webb, Patrick a — Marion Military Institute, AL; ROTC Ft. Knox - Basic Course; NRTC Orlando, FL; NCTC Gulfport, MS ...More
  Webb, Paul
  Webb, Roy
  Webber, Gerald
  Weber, Gary D — 5 years active army. 6 months national guard. 3 years correctional officer.
  Weber, Jeff J — Job: Systems Engineer Interests: Weapons (of course!), Off-road vehicles Family: Married
  Weber, Joshua L — Basic Fort Knox KY E 2/46 INF 4TH PL 1989/ HHB 6th 1st Fa at Pinder and then Vilseck from 1989 to 19...More
  Weber, Scott L — 1-13 Ar.
  Weber, Steven C. — I joined the US Army in 1994. I went to Basic Training at Fort Knox, and Advanced Individual Trainin...More
  Wederski, Ken
  Weed, Raymond G — Paid Fire Fighter for 19 years also had 27 years in the services i was on the barry from feb 1968 t...More
  Weedman, Travis L — I have been away and have not been able to get to a computer in a while if you have tried to get aho...More
  Weedman, Travis L — I served in Bamberg, FRG, with 3/1FA, later changed to 2/78FA, from 1987 thru 1989. I am interested...More
  Weekley, James — 20 year Armor Veteran
  Weese, George
  Weese, Randy A — I enlisted as a 13B and served 10 years with various units. I am currently a 88N serving in the 383 ...More
  Weglinski, Justin P — First unit I was assigined to upon arriving to Fort Riley
  Wehner, Cheryl G — Husband was a Polar Bear when it was at Fort Sill, OK. We were stationed in Drum from 95-01 and sev...More
  Wein, Joe H
  Weiner, Sander
  Weisberg, Noah
  Weiss, Beau A — 19K M1 Tank Crewman
  Weiss, Carl I — Served twice during the 70's and 80's. July 1974 thru July 1978, then again Feb 1980 thru July 1987...More
  Welch, Anthony C
  Welch, James F — I am currently divorced. I have four children and five grandchildren, one still living in Heidelberg...More
  Welch, James F — I retired from the Army in 1986. I served in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama and Europe. I have been...More
  Welch, Mark A — Mos 63E , Served in Vilseck Germany from 94-97 under 1stSgt Funk as well as a few others.HHC 1/37 ch...More
  Welch, Robert B
  Weldon, Shane a — Marne Dogs,Bad kissengen2/41FA--Bravo 3/29FA Ft.Carson
  Wells, Brian E
  Wells, Carl G — Never really in the military I just have this incredible desire to pose as one who was. I'm really ...More
  Wells, Carl G
  Wells, Matthew Giles — originally from Atlanta, I joined the army in 2000 (active-duty). Currently married with a daughter...More
  Wells, Stuart — A-21 Aco 5/77 LDR AR 93, A-23 LDR and DRV A-24 DRV and A-7 DRV Aco 1/32 AR 94-97.
  Wells, Stuart — Aco 5/77 Ar, 3rdBCT, 1AD in Germany from 93-94, reflagged as Aco 1/32AR, 3rd BCT 2ID in Ft. Lewis WA...More
  Wentland, Dave
  Wentland, Dave
  Wenz, Michael j
  Werline, Lawrence F
  Weske, Philip j
  Wesley, Arlinda D — Charlie Rock!
  Wesolowski, Jerome L — SKI MAINT. A CO 2ND 66TH AR. 71/74 A CO 2ND 54 AR. INF.63/65 HHC. 1 BN. 6 INF. 67/...More
  West, Markallen
  West, Michael
  West, Steven r
  West, William R — HHB 3/84 FA (Pershing) 1971-1972 Neckarsulm, FRG (Artillery Kaserne) Co B 1/51 Inf (1st AD) 1972-...More
  Westbrook, Greg K
  Westby, Ernie T
  Westman, Bob J — I served with HHC 2nd BDE during the first Gulf War. I drove a 577.
  Whalen, David P — US Army Recruiter 1975 to 1985, PAC Supervisor 1985 to 1986.
  Whalen, James J
  Wheatley, James K. — US ArmyTraining Center, Ft. Jackson, SC '56'59 Served with 2nd BG, 28th Inf, 24th Inf. Div, Munich,...More
  Wheatley, Sean
  Wheeler, Dave — Ft. Knox, KY 9/91-12/91; Mannheim, Germany 12/91-6/94; Ft. Lewis, WA 6/94-2/96; B.S. Illinois ...More
  Wheeler, David — Served from Sep 1991 to Feb 1996 in Mannheim Germany and Ft Lewis WA, was involved in 3rd Bde, 1st ...More
  Wheeler, Terri l — I am 45 ,a single mom. My son and only child completed boot camp at Ft. Benning Ga. in November, 200...More
  Whetstone, Amos E — Served C TRP 1/1 Cav with 1Sgt Rolf Vobelt /Jan 1976-Jan1979 Schwabach Germany. Served B Co,A Co,...More
  Whipkey, Mark a
  Whitaker, Angelica
  White, Andy — Was stationed at Ft Polk, LA in the armored company that was next to the infantry companies.
  White, Bryan C
  White, Bryan C
  White, Burle
  White, David A
  White, David
  White, Douglas R — I served in Vilseck, Germany with A company 1/37 Armor from January 1990 until March 1992 as a gunne...More
  white, elburt
  White, Jay V — Just another dumb scout pv1 Made CPL by the time I left drove for 1SG Collins after his accident ...More
  White, Jerry
  White, Jerry w
  White, Jim
  white, lawrence
  White, Philanders p — Did basic at Fort Knox, KY in 1988. AIT at Ft. Benjamin-Harrison, IN. My first duty station was the ...More
  White, Ronnie L — Served from 30 Oct 1973 to 01 Jan 1995. From Alexandria Louisiana, the son of Alford and Josephine ...More
  White, Terry — 31U Communication support for FA Unit
  White, Tim — I was stationed in Bamberg Germany in the 1st Armoured Division, 1/52 Mechanized Infantry Battalion....More
  White Jr, Albert G
  White Jr., Richard n — 1971 arived in country may 13th,was stationed in Phan Rang--5th bn 27th arty-was a 71h30. based c...More
  Whitecotton, William A — HHC 3-12 IN(M) HHC 1-6 IN(M)
  Whitehead, Ron J — - Aco. 6/6 Inf. 1st AD Bamberg Germany (89-91) Desert Storm BFV driver - Dco. 4/6 Inf. 5th ID Fort ...More
  Whitehead, Steven
  Whitfield, Sam — Looking for people in the near future to hire as military consultants, keep in touch. Ever been to ...More
  Whitish, Andrew B
  Whitney, Mark
  Whitt, Thomas g
  Whittaker, Chris — SETAF G4; CJTF-76 AFGHANISTAN
  Whitted, Ken R — *Entered Active Army March of 1993. *Basic at Ft. Knox with Delta 2/46. *AIT with Alpha 1/81AR. *Fir...More
  Whitten, Harold R — Served with the 1st Bn 83rd artillery in Vietnam from Aug 1967 to Aug 1968.Was with them at Nui dat ...More
  Whitten, Harold R
  Whittle, Steve E — Enlisted in 1988 after OSUT I was stationed in Vilseck, FRG with D 2/37 AR, then moved to 1st BDE in...More
  Whitworth, Jack
  Whorton, Curtis E — served with bravo company 1-37 ar. from 1987-1993 in Ansbach and Vilseck Germany charlie company ...More
  Wicks, James w
  Wideman, Frank J
  Wiedrick, Daniel L
  Wigglesworth, Humphrey
  Wike, Sean E
  Wilcox, Mark
  Wilding, Timothy J. — Charlie Battery- Fire Direction Center Section Chief, Squad Leader - 428th TC, Field Ordering Office...More
  Wiley, Greg W — Prior enlisted E-6, six years Army active duty. Currently a Company Commander of HHC 1ATB
  Wilhoite, Gary — CSC, 1/46 Inf. GSR and Tng NCO Ferris Barracks, Erlanger.
  Wilk, Carl
  Wilkinson, Chris E — 4 years active duty overseas and in the states. 2 years national guard in Kansas. Back in active d...More
  Wilkinson, Chuck
  Wilkinson, Matt S
  Wilks, Henry — USMA 1984 Infantry
  Willard, Paul B — I have served as a Redeye Gunner, Team Chief, Chap crewman, Gunner, Squad Leader. Stinger Team Chief...More
  Willars, Albert — It was a pleasure serving with Charlie Company
  Willbanks, Patrick G
  Willeu, Jerry
  Willey, John L
  Williams, Alfred B
  Williams, Anthony L — Served in Electronics Maintenance shops in all these units, this shop goes by many names; EMS, EMP, ...More
  Williams, Billy
  Williams, Charles A — Served in the First Armoured Division of the Fifty-Fourth Infantry at Bamburg, Germany.
  Williams, Charles j — I was 1SG from 2000-2002, very good unit.
  Williams, Dante R — Currently assigned to HHD 47th FSB 1st AD
  Williams, Geoffrey P
  Williams, Howell T
  Williams, James D — 4th Bn. 35th Armor. C Company First Sergeant
  Williams, Jeffrey
  Williams, John K
  Williams, Kathlyn S — Grew up in southeast Iowa, joined the Army in January 2007, left for Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood in Au...More
  Williams, Lonzie L — Basic Training - May 77, Ft Jackson, SC AIT - August 77- Oct 77, Ft Benning, GA Hawaii 25th ID - 1...More
  Williams, Marc D — My first permanent unit was HHC, 11th Aviation Regiment (Commo Section) in Illesheim, Germany (The A...More
  Williams, Matthew
  Williams, Norman R — Veteran of 4 military deployments Desert Storm,Bosnia,Cuba & Iraq. My units were the 168TH Combat Su...More
  Williams, Paris A — I have served in various positions from Stinger Gunner to First Sergeant. I have been lucky to serv...More
  Williams, Richard D — tanker crewman on a m60
  Williams, Robert
  Williams, Ronnie — 1/16th cav F TRP COMMO
  Williams, Russell
  Williams, W B — I have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  Williams Sconyers, Lori R.
  Williams Sr, Gerald L
  Williamson, Jessie L
  Williamson, Jon
  Williard, Mike — Served with B/4-113 FA NCARNG 82-86; HHB & A/2-3 FA in 3AD & 1AD in Germany 89-92; attached to C/5-5...More
  Willis, Bobby W — I was the plt mg gunner in 1-6th in Illeshiem, Germany. Then the bn s-2 577 driver in 1-8th in Color...More
  Willis, Bobby w — I served in Aco 1-6th , back in 1986 to 1988. Then with HQ 1-8 1988-1989 Still a "nightfighter" at ...More
  Willis, Daniel
  Willis, Earl — Served from3/71 thru 4/73, Hg platoon, motor pool, mechanic, tool clerk and tamms clerk and log book...More
  Willis, Jay — lots of friends in 1ad 35th
  Willis, Thomas L. — Basic in Fort Polk, LA 1969 AIT & NCO in Fort Knox, KY 1969 Vietnam 1969 to 1970
  Wills, David L — Father of blessings, husband of a beauty, FAA certified pilot
  Wilson, Billy R — 54th QuarterMaster Company 89-91 Desert Shield/Desert Storm . Medic Assigned to HHC 1/52 "The Zoo" ...More
  Wilson, Cathy
  Wilson, David S — Platoon Leader, 1st & 3d Platoon, A 1-37 AR, 1AD S3 Air, 1-37 AR, 1 AD HHC XO, 1-37 AR, 1AD S1, 3...More
  Wilson, Dennis S
  Wilson, Eric L
  Wilson, Eric L — I was with the 3rd Infantry Division when it was in Germany.
  Wilson, Erik B
  Wilson, James D — 1st Armor Division HHC 1-35 Armor Scout Platoon 1st Infrantry Division Ft. Riley Scout Platoon
  Wilson, James
  Wilson, Jerry — I was in D co 1/12th Inf in Vietnam as a medic 1969-70. Valley Forge GH 1971. A co 1/28th 1972-73 Ft...More
  Wilson, John
  Wilson, Kory S — I'm Kory. Formerly known as SGT Wilson. I've been surveying since ETS in 2005, both on land and offs...More
  Wilson, Marcus E — Stationed at Warner Barracks Sept 1971 to May 1974. Bravo Company. MOS 11ECHO. I found myself in ...More
  Wilson, Mark
  Wilson, Quentin
  Wilson, Roger S
  Wilson, Ronza
  Wilson, Steve — VMI Class of 1968; VMI PMS 1993-1995
  Wilson Jr., Gerald R
  Winar, Karl — None, I hope to join the Marines straight out of high school, and i've read a lot about 3/4's exploi...More
  Windley, Daniel J
  Windsor II, David E — I was assigned to A CO 3/28 IN at Wiesbaden Air Base, FRG in JUL '83. It was the best. I had a whole...More
  Wingmen, Osso
  Winkler, Jake
  Winning, Harry H — Served Jun 1967 to Jun 1997. RVN 69-73
  Winter, Joseph D
  Winters, David N
  Wirwahn, Allen
  Wise, Curtis V — married with three beautiful kids, Other than that same Curtis Wise.
  Wise, Daniel S
  Wise, Gary W — HHT 1-1 Cav Avum Platoon 1st Armored Division in Katterbach, Germany 0H-58 phase team. D Trp 1-4 C...More
  Wise, K W — Deployed in support of OIF/OEF (Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan) 03-04 and again for OIF (Iraq) 06
  Wislo, Steve
  Witcher, S.janes
  Withers, Ron
  Witmer, Tim O
  witt, william
  Wittenberg, Jeffrey A — Infantry
  Wittum, Eric c — A BTRY 1-189 FA BLACKWELL, OK(1989-1991), HHD, 28 TRANS BN MANNHEIM, GE(1991-1993), C BTRY 5-8 FA FT...More
  Wojtkowiak, Matthew
  Wolcott, Charles H — Chaplain
  Wold, David G — C 2/78 FA BAMBERG FRG,83-85, B 2/10 FA FT BENNING GA, 85-87, B 3/8 FA FT BRAGG NC 87', C 1/143 FA ...More
  Wolf, Darrell — 11C20
  Wolf, Rand
  Wolfe, David — I was a 63D mechanic in svc. then B battery
  Wolfe, Douglas W
  Wolfe, James D
  Wolgamott, Brodie
  wolny, Lawrence W — Wanting to join as M1 crewmember
  Wolowiec, Szymon — was on active duty big emphasis on the was
  Wolz, Bob L — Served with the 69th Chemical Company during the Gulf War. Served in the 4th Chemical Company at Ca...More
  Wong, Johnny W — Enlisted 93-96 as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Mechanic stationed in Baumholder, Germany as part of 3-...More
  Wong, Kelvin ka
  Wood, James — I was a mechanic and drove an M88 while stationed in Bamberg Germany,Warnner barracks.I was attached...More
  Wood, James W
  Wood, Marvin D
  Wood, Michael L
  Wood, Patrick L
  Wood, Timothy
  Woodard, William P — I did basic training at FT. Dix prior to it's closing followed by AIT at Edgewood Area APG HHC ENG...More
  Woodberry, Crystal G —
  Woodman, Craig L
  Woods, Charles — Retired E7,Joined Army Jan.1957,discharged Dec 1959,rejoined March 1961 Retired 1 June 1979.Served ...More
  Woods, Christopher k — well I joined the military in july 2005 finished basic at ft benning in nov, i get with my unit ( 2/...More
  Woods, David m — mechanic 63b/63w
  Woods, Eric A
  Woods, George J
  Woods, Janet — Germany
  Woods, William C
  Woodward, Forrest W. — I have to say that service with C Company 793 MP BN., in Bamberg was the BEST duty of my Army career...More
  Woody, Brian M
  Woody, Brian
  Woodyard, Joe
  Woodyard, Joseph S
  Woodyard, Robert A — came to 1st ad in jan of 2003 deployed with them i in mayof 2003 and a member of 2-37 AR out of frie...More
  wooley, william
  Workman, Sharon A — My husband is serving currently in 1st AD 2nd Brigade in Baumholder Germany. This is our first duty...More
  Worley, Cindy
  Worrell, Mark D — CH-BOLC 8 June 2008- 5 Sept 2008
  Worthington, Daniel J — Cco 3/77 AR on C13 then C24
  Worthington, Michael C
  Wozniak, Robert
  Wren, Christopher R — Im a 91A now and a 19D.
  Wright, David E — Honorable Discharge after 16 years active duty with the rank of SFC Served two tours in Vietnam w...More
  Wright, David
  Wright, James B — 1 year with 8th Engineer Bn, 1st Cavalry Division - 4 years with 54th Engineer Bn, 130th Engr Brigad...More
  Wright, Rick M
  Wright, Ted
  Wright, Ted D
  Wright, Wayne M
  Wright, Wayne M, Battlefield Collection Inc — Battlefield Collection? Authentic Military Sportswear is the nation?s premier military inspired spor...More
  wyant, john c
  Wyatt, Bradley JAMES — Retired US Army, MOS 63T30D3
  Wyatt, John J — I was a SGT in the US Army from 1972 thru 1981. I spent 6 yrs in Germany, 501st S&P, 141 Infintry, 1...More
  Wyatt, Jonathan M — Career firefighter and currently assigned to FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Team, Texas Task Force 1...More
  Wycoff, Tim — OIF 05-07
  Wymer, Thomas L — 1st AD 1st AD Army Band 283rd Army Band 3rd AD 3rd INF 173rd PSD (TNNGR) 4th PSD (NYNGR) 116...More
  Wynn-Martin, Bev. — Army wife of Moffitt in Ft. Bliss, Tx.-1973-1974, and Mannheim, Germany- 1975-1977 Army wife of D...More

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