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  S, C D
  Saam, James G
  Sackis, John
  Saez-Santiago, Aricely
  Saffell, Timothy
  Safrit, Shane S
  Sagas, Mayra Mickey
  Sage, Charlene — My fiance is in Iraq right now. He has 20 years active duty in the Army National Guard. I am very pr...More
  Sahler Iii, Henry T — I was station at Illishime in 4th of 35th Co. C 2nd PLT I was SFC McCoy's Driver.
  Sakovics, Eric
  Salaam, Yaminah — I was known as Cheryl Pettyjohn in basic Ft Jackson July 1988-Sept 1988 went to AIT Fort Gordon Sep...More
  Salazar, Baloise J
  Salazar, Jim — Joint Military Commission: (BOSNIA) G-3 Plans, 1st Armored: (Desert Storm) Bde G4: (Iraqi Freedom)...More
  Salazar, Jorge H. — I joined in 1976. Did basic at Ft. Leanardwood and A.I.T at Ft. Benning. Served with 1/8th, 1/51st a...More
  Salazar, Michael — 301st Tactical Psychological Operations Co (ABN)
  Saldaņa, F
  Salinas, Johnnie M — 2nd Ar 81st HHC
  Sallee, Tara D
  Salseda, Christian — stationed at Ft. Bliss
  Salter, Sean D — 1/1 CAV
  Salvatore, Nick
  Salyer, Jeremy d — Anyone from 5-77 Armor , Mannheim Germany 1992-1994 or 1-32 Armor Ft.lewis, Washington 1994-1996 em...More
  Salzman, Kevin T
  Sammartino, Tim A — spent 2 years in 2/6 infantry erlangen germany. 1 year at bragg and 1 year at campbell
  Samson, Robert J
  Samson, Robt. J — Working in law enforcement field, own my own business in the specialty advertising field.
  Sanchez, Andrew R
  Sanchez, Edward H. — Commo Specialist Active Duty 4 yrs Gulf War 91'. 5 yrs TXANG Infantry. 9 yrs Law Enforcement. 2004 ...More
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanders, Ken R
  Sanders, Kevin — Worked as a 63 T Bradley Systems Mechanic
  Sanders, Michael S
  sanders, richard
  Sanders, Roger O — Operation Iraqi Freedom Viet-nam Deseret Storm
  Sandoval, Francisco
  Sandoval, Serina Y
  Sandy, Mike
  Sanford, Ronald — Tanker out of Ft Lewis WA 2/77 Armor B company 9 ID Cav tanker out of O'Brian barracks 1/...More
  Sansabrino, Andrew J — Support Plt 1/37 Armor "Bandits". I am a 77F stationed in Friedberg,Germany and loving it. Looking...More
  Santana, Emilio
  santana, felix
  Santiago, Euridice — 177TH PSC; 1979 TO 1982 ANBACK;HINDENBURG KASERNE.
  Santoro, David A
  Santoro, John E
  Santos, Rafael A — Service as follows: 1974 - 1976 RPC Ansbach, GE 1976 - 1984 MEDDAC, Ft Carson, CO 1984 -...More
  Sargent, Kelly E — ETS in Sep 2000. Now live in Texas with my wife and kids. I am a Criminal Investigator with the Uni...More
  Sassaman, David C — Did basic with B Btry 2/80 FA and AIT with E Btry 1/31 FA at Ft. Sill. Served with C 2/1 FA from Pi...More
  Sassine, Joseph
  Sateren, Kris
  Saucedo, Victor H — Not much.
  Savage, Stephen B — I Joined the Army in Dec 1975 and Retired in Dec 1997 as an SFC/E-7. I spent my Army Career as an Ar...More
  Savage, Zolen s
  Savoy, Rusty
  Sawhill, Jeffrey J
  Sawyer, David
  Sawyer, Rob D
  Sayar, Ken — Currently serving as Operations Officer at the Warrant Officer Training Division, at Redstone Arsena...More
  Scarboro, Douglas
  Schabel, Ned — I was assigned to HHC 1st AD working in the HQ Commandant and Command Sections as a driver and later...More
  Schaefer, J — HHC 2-81, HHC 4-70
  Scharf, Benjamin
  scheidel, peter
  Scheirman, Paul R — Was a 13F Plt Foward Observer in the 101st than became a COLT Team Cheif in Germany and Ft.Lewis. 1...More
  scheren, arthur
  Schermann, Kirk v
  Scherrei, Bob
  Schickowski, Brian M — 1-1 Cav, Wisconsin National Guard to Dec. 2007.
  Schilling, Tim
  Schimpf, Chris — Service Battery, 4th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery - Baumholder Germany 92-95
  Schlosser, Mike A — 11 CHARLIE MORTAR
  Schmidt, Chris J — --01AUG01 Enlisted in Regular Army MOS19K--18JAN02 Assigned to B Co. 2/37 AR in Friedberg Germany--...More
  Schmidt, James E
  Schmidt, Ken
  Schnarr, Eric M — Member of D co 4/12 Infantry from 5/1994 to 12/1996.
  Schneck, Patrick R
  Schneider, Daniel l
  Schneider, Kurt A — Mortarman
  Schnoebelen, Gina
  Schnuerer, Richard D
  Schoonbeck, Jeffery A — Joined U.S. Army in 1972 and retired as a CSM on 28 Feb 1994
  Schraedley, James W
  Schraedley, James W
  Schraedley, Jennifer r
  Schramm, William
  Schroeder, Michael — started with 2/2cav in bamberg f troop oct 91 to feb 92 moved to 4/67 ar in friedberg feb 92 to may ...More
  schroeder, schaun
  Schuessler, Philip L — Brand new Private
  Schultz, James K
  Schultz, John F — Served 27 years.
  Schultze, Eric
  Schumacher, Fred S — I served as an M1A1 tanker in Desert Storm with B co. 4/70 Armor. Was stationed at Ferris Barracks i...More
  Schuster, Dieter
  Schutzendorf, Mark D — 1993-1994 SSA Issue Section 2003-2004 SSA Issue/Turn In NCO Army Supply Excellence Award
  Schwandt, Leslie A — The first year In Vietnam I got sparyed with Agent orange now I can be one of the walking de...More
  Schwanke, Donald L
  Schwartz, George M
  Schwartz, Martin
  Schweer, Randy d — 1st Bn 46th Inf CSC Ground Surv. Radar
  Schweighardt, Fred
  Scobie, Harvey C — Started out as a 13B with both the B, 5/41st and B, 1/77th FA at Ft. Knox and then re-enlisted as a ...More
  Scott, Amber — I joined the army may 13, 2003 for active duty. I joined as Amber Romel and then was married later t...More
  Scott, Jason R — I served with Dco 2nd Battalion 70th Armor during Desert Storm.
  Scott, John F
  Scott, Jonathan
  Scott, Joshua D
  Scott, Kevin
  Scott, Michael I — Spc. Mike Scott. I joined the Army August 19th 1987. I had boot camp at Fort Dix N.J. as well as A.I...More
  Scott, Quinton
  Scott, Rob — Deployed ISO 3/25 Marines in 2005 as TPT 981 Tactical PSYOP Team Leader Served in 1st Armored Div...More
  Scott, Robert
  Scott, Shell
  Scott Sr, James C
  Scott Sr., Timothy L. L — looking for any one from A Co 501 S&T BN furth germany from Sept 1974 to Oct 1976 at montieth barric...More
  Scott-Simons, Damien
  Scruggs, Solomon N
  Scurlock, Robert E
  Seager, Joseph A
  Seagraves, Jamie t — served as a light wheel vehicle mechanic. spent 2 years in the 99th. 3 years at ft. bliss with 1-1. ...More
  Seales, Tony R — Proud Gunny bunny!
  Sears, Glenn R — Come from a military family. Dad, Oldest brother Toby - Navy, One older brother Kevin - Marines. Unc...More
  Seavey, Michael
  Sechrengost, Fred J
  See, Malcolm
  Segarra, Carlos D — military instructor to central and south american soldiers
  Seidl, Kevin — I served as Platoon Leader in B CO 1-37 Armor 1987. B CO XO 1988. Support Platoon Leader HHC 1-37 Ar...More
  Self, Bobby
  Self, James R
  Self, Jamison
  Sellers, Richard I
  Selvidge, Christopher M
  Sergent, Timothy l — I was in echo company.1st bn 6th inf.REGULARS BY GOD.I was stationed at storck barracks from 87-89 i...More
  Serkedakis, Tom c — I was in B Co. 501st REGT. Ansbach Germany
  Serneo, Dante
  Serrano, Thomas
  Servantez, Jason T — E-4 in the Army. Stationed at Ft.Riley am in the 1st Armored Div on a PSD team. Am an 11B
  Service, Matthew P — Scout Platoon HHC 2-70 Rmor @ Ft. Stewart 24ID. 3rd Platoon B Troop 3-7 Cav @ Coleman Barracks Mann...More
  Sevignny, Chris
  Sevilla, Charles l — retired, employed at cerritos college.
  sexauer, steve
  Shafer, Shamus
  Shaffer, Jeremy W — SPT. Co. Huntsville AL
  Shaffer, Jeremy W — HHC 4-70th AR (2-81st), B co. 29th INF Reg, 4th RTB, 2071st Med Co., 20th SFG, DET 7 STARC 40th INF...More
  Shaffer, Paul W
  Shaffer, William — HHT 2/2 ACR, Support Platoon under MSG Brown, Squadron Courier 79-81 under LTC Lyle
  Shanks, Claude — Born in Orlando Fla 1955 Raised in Danville IL.since 1957 Entered service May 23,1972 Discharged ...More
  shannon, kevin — Combat Engineer
  Share, Michael C
  Sharland, Richard L — Active Duty (1967-73) USAR (IRR/IMA) 1980-1991 USAR TPU 1991-2006 Retired USAR February 2006
  Sharp, Daniel e — basic training & ait
  Sharpe, Alexander M — Platoon Leader / Asst. S-4 2-7 IN, 24th ID / 3 ID 1994 - 1996; Company Executive Officer 1-503 IN, 2...More
  Sharples, Keith A — Battalion Commander 638 Military Intelligence Battalion and the 38th Special Troops Battalion
  Shatto, Joseph m
  Shaw, Ashley R
  Shaw, Calvin d — GSR assigned to and deployed with C Co 501 MI BN
  Shaw, Calvin D
  Shaw, Derek
  Shaw, Jack
  Shaw, Martin B — I was in Aco. 2/68 armor. I was in 3rd Plt.
  Shaw, Richards A
  Shawley, Jonathan
  Shearouse, Julian — US Army Reired, MSG E-8, 25+ years active duty. Korea, Vietnam, and Germany. HHC 93 Sig BN.; C Co 53...More
  Sheffield, Robert
  Sheffield, Robert
  Shelden, Lisa
  sheldon, brandon
  Shellenberger, Michael E — 2/319 AFAR 2/508 PIR
  Shelley, Andrew B
  Shelton, James
  Shelton, Johnny
  shelton, powell
  Sheme, Ronald B
  Shepard, Merritt L — Joined the Army on 17 Dec 1975 in Richmond VA as a 76P. Retired on 1 April 1998 in Heidelberg Germ...More
  Shepard-Dwyer, Jodi L — Army 1983-1986, as a 71D, HHC, 3d Bde, Bamberg, Germany, where I met my husband. Married in 1986, fo...More
  Shepherd, Rick — loved it
  Sherfey, Donald W — This is the divisin that I was assigned to when I originally enlisted back in 1988. I was stationed ...More
  Sherfey, Donald W
  Sherk, James E
  Sherman, Lorraine
  Sherman, Robert R — Basic / Airborne School at Ft benning Ga. 1983. 1984-1985 Germany, Aco. 2/6 Inf. 1986-1987 Ft Brag...More
  Sherron, John Wesley — My dad, John W. Sherron, joined the Army in Nov 66 & went thru BMT @ Ft Campbell, KY where he later ...More
  Shifflett, Pete
  Shiller, Kevin J — D/1-37 AR - Platoon Leader and Company XO HHC/1-64 AR - S3 Air and Battalion Unit Movement Officer ...More
  Shiner, Jeffery L
  Shirley, Darryl L — 1984-1986 US ARMY Reserves; 1987-1990 GERMANY-8TH ID; 1991-1996 FT. STEWART-24ID/3RD ID; 1997-2...More
  Shiroma, Myles T
  Shoots, Steven K — Airborne, Infantry, Mortars. 2-187th(Panama 84-86), 5-502(Berlin 88-91). 82nd(2/325 86-88), 1st In...More
  Shore, Scott
  Short, Andy
  Short, Andy — Spent 2 years in Erlangen Germany in 3/34 Ar Dec 1983 to Nov 1985. Spent my last 2 year in Ft. Stew...More
  Short, Robert
  shoupe, gary
  Shrader, William
  Shrader, William
  Shugrue, William J — Ft. Hood, TX. Served in 1/8 Cavalry as battalion S-4, Battalion S-3, C Compnay Commander 1974-1976. ...More
  Shulda, Edward J — Served in US Army From 11/62- 5/69 and then from 8/71-6/85 served in the 3rd Inf Div Marne Scouts (...More
  Shuman, John C
  Shumate, Danny P — Entered service 23 sept 71 and retired 1 Oct 94. Served as 1SG of Canadian Army Trophy Team in 1990...More
  Shupe, Jim
  Shupik, Rudolph
  Shurte, James
  Shutter, David
  Sias, Lucien — SGM Retired, U.S.Army Customs Supervisory Inspector, GS-12 Ret. Retired after 43 years federal ...More
  Sibel jr, F. leonard — 1964: E-3 broadcast spec & journalist (MOS 703) in PIO (Pub Info Ofc), Hq & Hq Co, Ft Rucker, AL. ...More
  Sicklesteel, Donald E
  Siegel, Eric — Served at Camp Demi and Camp Linda in Bosnia during 1996.
  Siegel, Eric
  Sifford, Eric E
  Siler, Daniel a
  Silfen, Fred — 4th Army Automatic Rifle Team(M14) Ft Hood Tex 1964 Amphibious Training Camp Pendelton Ca 19...More
  Silva, Joe L — Basic Ft. Benning Alpha 5-1----- Ft. Ord California 1983-1984----- Ft. Clayton, Panama 1984-1986--...More
  Silverman, Matthew A — CW3, BN Tactical Operations Officer/ Pilot- UH-1, OH-58A/C, and AH-64A/D Former SGT/88M
  Simmons, Clifton b — ACTIVE DUTY 9 YRS & WAS 19K IN THE 1ST AD/GERMANY FROM 83-88 AND THEN FT. LEWIS, WA FROM 88-91. MY ...More
  simmons, eddie
  Simmons, James h
  Simmons, William T. — Cobra aircraft commander in III Corps area.
  Simmons Ii, Alan D — Assigned to C Co, 2nd-75th briefly, injured after Operation Just Cause (Panama), medically reclassif...More
  Simonsen, Eric P — Retired U.S. Army currently serving as a Department of the Army Civilian at Ft Bragg, NC.
  Simonson, Anthony
  Simpson, Richard C
  Simpson, Sandra
  Sin, Steve S — An Army officer stationed in Seoul, Korea, who enjoys the sport of fencing and tries to live everyda...More
  Sinclair, Adrian L
  Sinclair, Brian
  Sines, Nichole l — Hi all started out in the 501st HEY 1ST AD!!, went to the 60th, then we dactivated to Ft. Carson, ...More
  Singer, David
  Singer, Marty
  Singer, Serena M — Would love to connect with friends from units that I served with! Especially 91A(35G) personnel. I w...More
  Singer, Serena — Attended the Biomedical Equipment Repairer (Basic) Course on the Fitz campus. BMETs!!!!
  Singh, Melissa
  Singletary, Ricky D — I was in HHC 4/12 inf I worked in the PAC an I was in Delta company
  Singleterry, Marcus — I was a logistics assistant and primary track operator as part of the 1st A.D.'s second Brigade, thr...More
  Sirtoff, Frank
  Sisler, Joseph
  Sisseck, John L
  Sisson, Barbara A — My Units: F Co. 3/13th Inf. Regt Ft. Jackson, SC A Co. 16th Ord BN Aberdeen Proving Ground, ...More
  Sisto, Theresa
  Sivley, Jenn
  Sizemore, Robert
  Skaggs Jr., Joseph M — I went to Bandit Troop maintenance in 97 just as SFC McNiel was leaving and SFC now MSG(RET) came on...More
  Skierski, Louis P. — Hq Brty, 1st. Target Acquistion Battalion, 25th Artillery Cp. St. Barbara,I Corps, Korea, RTO, Commo...More
  Skiles Jr., John D — Hq& Hq Company, 1/46th Infantry
  Skinner, Robert R — During my time in the Army I've been involved with Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, Operation ...More
  Skinner, Robert R — Recently retired from Active duty and currently working as a Deputy Sheriff for Arapahoe County Sher...More
  Skousen, Keith
  Skura, Jeff — Illustrator for HHC, a very memorable experience
  Slade, Arthur — I joined in 1986,was injured in boot camp at Ft Knox kentucky.trying to find some of my old freinds
  Slagle, Ann M
  Slater, James
  Slaughter, Chester D — Vung Tau, Viet Nam
  Slinkard, Timothy
  Sloan, John
  Sloan, Mark l — stationed at ft . bliss from 1981 to 1982 I troop 3/3 ACR then to Germany with 1/37 AR first HHC dro...More
  Sloan, Tommy D
  Slowinski, Sean
  Sluss, John L
  sluzenski, george — Sr Retention NCO
  Small, Lloyd V — 1st Plt Ldr, Trp A, 2nd Sqdn 9th Cav HHC, Hq Cmd, Ft Stewart, GA 1st Plt Ldr, Btry A, 1st Bn 265th...More
  Smallcanyon, Kelvin — 19kilo
  Smallcombe, Sam
  Smead, George r — C Company, 1st Bn 13th Armor, Illishiem, FRG HHC 1st Bn 1st AD, Illishiem, FRG C Company, 3rd Bn 7...More
  Smiley Jr, Thomas
  Smith, Andy O.
  Smith, Anthony — Currently a Drill Sergeant on Sand Hill, Ft. Benning, GA.
  Smith, Bryan
  Smith, Carl — D Battery 1-509th ABCT; 2nd Bn 37th, FA; FA School, 1st Bn 9th FA (Pershing); 1st AD (Desert Storm);...More
  Smith, Christopher
  Smith, Craig
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Daniel L — B3-7-1 OSUT 80 Ft.Benning,- B co 2/13 Inf. 8th ID,Mannheim FRG 81-84,-Instructor US Army Chemical Sc...More
  Smith, David R
  Smith, Derrell — C co., 2/6 INF
  Smith, Diana
  Smith, Earl C — Enlisted 6 years on active duty (1st Bde, 9ID; HHB 210th FA Bde during Desert Storm; 40th En Bn, 1AD...More
  Smith, Eldon R
  Smith, Harry
  Smith, Jack
  Smith, James E — 3rd Platoon Bravo Comapny 3rd Squad Team Leader. Iraq 2004
  Smith, Jason C — I am now officialy retired from the US Army and reside in Apache Junction, AZ.I am a FreeMason, I ha...More
  Smith, Jeffery M
  Smith, Jeffrey E
  Smith, Jim
  Smith, Jon R
  Smith, Joseph G — Charlie Company Motor Pool, Johnson Barracks, Furth, Germany.
  Smith, Joseph
  Smith, Kenneth F — Basic training @ Ft Dix N.J. Dec 1958- Mar 1959 2nd Trng Reg Co I. Advanced Signal Trng @ Ft Gordon...More
  Smith, Kevin C Charles — I was stationed in Ansbach, Germany with HHC 1/37th Armor BN. I did my basic and AIT in Fort Knox, ...More
  Smith, Lamar D — Motor sargeant of Bravo Battery 2/18 FA. ,MST NCOIC of 1/16 Iron Rangers, MST NCOIC 3rd ACR, 183rd m...More
  Smith, Lance W — After my Infantry and Airborne training at Benning, my first duty station was with the 82nd Airborne...More
  Smith, Mark a
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Mark A — served with 1st plt 1/35 ar. from dec.90 to aug. 91.also severed with 2/69 ar. 3rd. inf. div. n...More
  Smith, Michael A — Went to MCRD Parris Island, SC 2nd Bn H co. Left there went to MCT at Camp Gieger, then MOS at Camp...More
  Smith, Paris J
  Smith, Paris
  Smith, Philip m — I LIVE IN FLA I AM 81 YEARS OLD
  Smith, Ray L
  Smith, Raymond j — Hello, Just did Nijmegen for the 13th time. Did first one in '76 with A1/46 Infantry, 1st Armored Di...More
  Smith, Richard A
  Smith, Robert J
  Smith, Robin
  Smith, Russell E — Motor Sergeant
  Smith, S. R — 11b40p.. Airborne GRUNT..As good as it Gets !
  Smith, Sandra J — Was in the Army from 1996-2001: Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft Sam Houston, Ft. Riley, Baumholder, GE. I woul...More
  Smith, Stephen J
  Smith, Steve f — hi my name is steve smith from Hamlet nc. I served in the great us army from 1971 to1973 illeshiem g...More
  Smith, Thomas W — I worked in Army food service until retiring after 20 years of service, I returned to Ohio then aft...More
  Smith, Timothy K — Formerly, Sr Rad NCO, 18th Field Hospital. Currently in the 2290th USAH, at WRAMC. From 1984-86, in ...More
  Smith, Tod L — 14 juliet... did my time
  Smith, Tom K
  smith , wesley
  Smnith, Philip F — I WAS IN THE 805TD
  Smothers, William E
  Sniffen, Andrew C — 551st SIG BN, 15th SIG BDE, Military Liaison @ Brandt Hall.
  Snodgrass, Guy L — Married, 3 children, enjoy outdoor activites (Hunting, fishing, camping,etc)
  snow, henry — Currently manage a tire store in orlando. I am very proud of my service in 1/35 armor and 1st AD
  Snow, Lawrence S — I'm enjoying my retirement.
  Snow, Marcus S. — 2 yrs as Combat Engineer with 23rd EN BN; served in Bosnia
  Snuffy, Joe
  Snyder, Michael L
  Snyder, Michael L — 1976-1986 Infantry, Berlin Brigade, 1st AD, 7th ID, 2nd ID, 1986-1998 USA Rctg Cmd, 6th Rctg...More
  Snyder, Phillip
  Snyder, Windy
  Snyder , John E
  Snyder,Iii, Robah L
  Soellner, Jimmy h
  Solla, Daniel R — White Hispanic, Puerto Rican-American. I was born at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Both parents born in P...More
  Sommerfeldt, Thomas — Retired in 1992. Now teaching science in a small rural school district in NE Missouri.
  Sommerfeldt, Tom — Retired 1st Sgt Served with 1-6 Inf in Illesheim; C 2-4 Inf in Heilbronn; 2-9 Inf, Ft Ord; 2-16 Inf...More
  Sommerkamp, Tom F
  Soper, Peter R — D co. 464th Eng: 90-91 / HHC & A co. 2-68 AR: 92-94 / C co. 2-69 AR: 94-95 / B co. 2-63 AR: 96...More
  Sopher, Jeff
  Soriano, Cesar G — Full-time journalist; former Army Guardsman. Basic Training, 1993, Fort Jackson. DINFOS, 8/94 (Fort...More
  Soto, Angel — Joined the Army in 1983 out of Newark N.J. and to Ft. Jackson S.C. for basic Tank Hill. Ft. Sam Hous...More
  Soto, Macharrys J.
  Soto, Toni
  Southern, Phillip K
  Sovereign, Scott W.
  Spain, Terry J — 1975-1996 - Except for a 3-year tour in Germany, my entire career was in the world's only Airborne A...More
  Spalding, Brad R
  Sparkman, Morris R
  Sparks, Don
  Sparks, John A
  Sparks, Timothy — served as a medic in HHC 1/37th Armor Vilseck Germany. Was attached to D co. during Desert Storm
  Spatig, Andrew E — Home Reserve Unit
  Spear, John
  Spears, Robert
  Speicher, J M
  Spell, Darrin
  Spence, Jack
  spicer, lyle
  Spier, Rick l — Retired medic 1SG last duty station C Company, 172nd SB, Ft. Wainwright, AK. Other assignments inclu...More
  Spier, Rick
  Spivey, Michael
  Springer, Bryant
  Springer, Jason W
  Sproesser, Eric
  St, B — Been in the AF since 1998. Went to TACP training out of Basic and been with it ever since.
  St. Pierre, David A
  Staats, Justin J
  Stachow, Zbigniew A — Born in Germany became US citizen 1970 married 1 child served with Co.C 169th engrs.
  Stack, Bill — Arrived in Germany Nov 1990; first assignment was to deploy to SWA. Served as LNO, Platoon Leader (...More
  Stadler, Robert g
  Stager, Jackson C
  Staggers, Robert L
  Stagner, Charles
  Staley, David K — Married over 30 years, 2 children, 1 college graduate, and 1 in college now. Spent 21 years serving ...More
  Stamper, Adam — Served in Alpha Battery and Service Battery between 1998 and 2003.
  standfield, calvin
  Stanford, Gerald R — Bravo Btry.
  Stanley, Barret
  Stanley, Kevin A — HHT 1stSq /1st Cav Schwaback, Germany '81 - '84
  stanley, scott — Bamburg Germany
  Stanley Ii, William E — HHB DIVARTY Medical Section Chief, HQ Platoon Sergeant, Desert Sheild / Desert Storm
  Stanzak, James M — AH-64 Apache Crewchief C-3/227 AVN 12th Aviation Brigade
  Staples, George M — 101st Abn Div, 20th Engineer Bn, 12B 86-88 1st AD, 16th Eng Bn, 12B: 88-91 DFLC, Russian 98G: 91-9...More
  Staples, William F — With 307th Med Bn, 82nd Airborne Div. 2/70th Armor, 1CD (1/7th Cav) and C, CO., 115th Forward Suppo...More
  Staples, William F
  Stark, David C — Married to Maureen A. McDonald, 1 Oct 1983 Three Children - Chris, Rachel, & Michael Active Duty...More
  Starkenberg, Richard
  Starkey, Patrick
  Starr, Rachelle M
  Staubach, Doug — MOS 16H - Operations and Intelligence Assistant. Mostly worked for Battalion HQs, specifically S3 (O...More
  Stead, John l
  Steed, Meriwether
  Stefano, Mark L
  Stefano, Richard J — Army-1985-1988 Basic-Ft. Dix, NJ AIT-Ft. Rucker, AL Duty: I Co. 1st Avn Regt. DISCOM Katterbach...More
  Steffens, Tadzia A
  Stein, Mitchell k
  Steinback, Daryl E
  Stellmach, Douglas j
  Stender, Brad — 124TH Maintnence Co. newby, cruit training garrison, 1st duty station.
  Stengel, Joseph R
  Stephens, Gerald M — New to Dallas and seeking new friends, currently enrolled at the Art Institute Jan '09.
  Stephens, Kent — Basic trng, at Ft. Jackson, SC,. B Co, 8th Bn, 2nd BCT BDE. June-July 1970. Wheel vehicle mech scho...More
  Stephens Ii, Terry W
  Stephenson, Herbert Wayne
  Stevens, Benjamin
  stevens, benjamin
  Stevens, David L — 1977 US Army Military Police School 1977-1978 US Army Aviation School 1978-1980 9th Infantry Divis...More
  Stevens, Erik d — i have been in sence 2003 and am deployed in iraq
  Steward, Lavaughn E
  Stewart, Carin
  Stewart, James E — 6 1/2 years active duty. 1 year California National Guard Served in Baumholder, Germany and FT. C...More
  Stewart, Kenneth M
  Stewart, Susan A — Came in as a medic in 1986. I spent the majority of my career in field support units...which meant a...More
  Stewart, Warren A.
  Stichter, Bruce k — armor crewman bravo company 1st platoon based in katterbach Germany
  Stickman, Cody L — Served on active duty from Sep 97 thru Sep 01, I spent my time at Walter Reed AMC Spent time in th...More
  Stiles, Jess — Devoted Wife to a wonderful man!!! Former military, now a mother and Nursing Student, awaiting the r...More
  Stiles, Robert — US Army retired
  Stilley, Shawn — GWI
  Stives, Donald E — Joined 06/1982 Ft. Leonardwood Mo (basic and AIT) -- 10/1982 16th Engineers, 1st Arm. Div. John...More
  StMartin, Gregory
  Stockman, Tom E.
  Stoddard, Brian
  Stojanowski, Slawomir — I served with 1/94 FA in Idar Overstein Germany from Sept 02 until Feb 05. I deployed with the unit ...More
  Stoll, Charles
  Stone, James C
  Stone, Jeffrey c
  Stoner, Lawrence D — A Co. 3/5 Cav from 1993-1996 Bosnia Vet. Aka "Stoneman"
  Storey, Mark
  Stotz, George M — Service Army and Air Force (Vietnam Era). Retired Army. Gulf War - Rear Detachment Commander for 141...More
  Stough, Theodore — Did same farming, setup & ran punch press, drive semi truck & trailer, Temp jobs run machines& ware...More
  Stout, Sean W — Medic HHC 3/34 redesignated to 2/70
  Stout, Sean W
  Straite, John M
  Straka, Doug — Operations Officer-Johnston Atoll, Senior Instructor US Armor Center-Fort Knox, Corps G2 CBRN Office...More
  Strand, George A
  Stratton, Jerry S — Active Duty from 1968 to 1970. Stationed in Ft. Knox, Ky, Ft. Hood, Texas and Korea. Retired from ...More
  Strausbaugh, Charles E — Retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Forward Air Controller (AFSC 27550/1C4x1). 2045 Comm Gp, Andrew...More
  Strazza, Nick g — Nick Strazza was in D Bttry. 1977 to1980
  Stretz, Don g
  Strickland, Thomas D — I live in Alabama and am Self Employed. Married to a wonderful Ukrainian Lady. Have two grown child...More
  Strickland, William E — 1971-1972 D5/1 FT. JACKSON, S.C.,1972-1974 4/69 & 2/69 ARMOR, FT. BENNING, GA.197 INF. BDE.), 1974-1...More
  Strong, Christy E
  Strong, M — I was stationed in Ansbach Germany with the 1st MP Company, 5th PLT of the 1st ID and stationed in H...More
  Strong Ii, Edward T — I served in both the National Guard as well as the Regular Army from 1982 - 1987. My last duty stati...More
  Stroupe, Major L — Former Director of Veterans Services for Alachua County, FL; Former County Veterans Service Officer ...More
  Struve, Corry J — Maintenance PLT South ECP NCO in Iraq Dco Contact Team Leader Motor Sergeant in Kosovo
  Stuart, Michael E
  Stuart, Mike W
  stuart, tim
  Stubbs, James — I was the stinger Plt Sgt. for Combat Btry 1/5 ADA, during the GULF WAR I meet SGT MICHELLE MAL...More
  Stuber, Michael J — 19D Cav Scout basic training Oct 87. I Troop 3/3 ACR 1988 - 1992 (Includes Desert Storm). 1992 - 1...More
  Stuckey, Christopher R
  Stucki, Kyle — was a member or 1/32 armor which was reflagged as 2/12 cav from july 91 until nov 95
  Study, Melissa E
  Stuhl, Charles J
  Stumpff, James d
  Sturgill, Bryan D
  Stutler, Thomas M — Just kickin it in WV Army National Guard. So any of you 40th Engineers who know me "What's up?" lik...More
  Suesakul, Robert E — G2 NCOIC for (CA)
  Sugar, Chris
  suggs, stephen m — Raised in Gilchrist County,Florida.Went to Trenton High School.Went in the US Army in 1976 and disch...More
  Suitor, Thomas F — Co B, 3/35th Armor, Bamberg, Germany 1973-1974
  Sullivan, Edmund
  Sullivan, Leonard P
  Summers, Levi Keith — I served during the Vietnam and Cold War era. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Lewi...More
  sumpter, aubrey
  Surber, Frank F — Joined in 1971 Basic & 3 AIT's @ Ft Pk 7 Wks of INF 5of 36K then to 63B ETS'd middle of 1977 while ...More
  Surber, Stanley A — Basic Ft.Benning1965,AIT Ft.Ord 1966 ,C Co.3/23 Inf Korea 1966-67,HHC 4/54 Inf 1967-67,A Co.6/32 Arm...More
  Suter, Ralph E
  sutherland, jeff — I was stationed at Montieth barracks, Furth germany with Hq & A co. 123rd Mt battalion from 75-78
  Sutler, Michael K — Artillery, Infantry, Nuclear Weapons Instructor
  Sutter, Michael J
  Sutter, Michael J — Entered active duty in 1973, was assigned to 21 Replacement Germany, 2/78 FA BN Germany, 5th Main Su...More
  Sutton, Cornell — I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I left for the Army in January of 85'. I did my basic trainin...More
  Sutton, Edwin C
  Sutton, Sandra J — I was in the active army for 10+ years, joined NG and started college degree, deployed to Iraq 2006,...More
  Swan, Stephen M
  Swan, Steve R
  Swann, Michael
  Swanson, Anthony L — Army Training & Duty Stations. MOS: 41C/45G. Basic Combat Training (BCT): Tank Hill Ft. Jackso...More
  Swanson, Brent K
  Swanson, Kevin t — Soldiered 73~76 married twice (oops) 77~85 Soldiered 86~03
  Swars, Gregory J — I was there during the Grady Snell era.
  Swars, Gregory J
  Swart, Glenn — I was Statoin in the 23rd Engineers Company A 3rd Armor TDY at ft eutis VA then thransfered to ...More
  Swartz, Robert
  Swartzlander, Wilbert
  Swaser, Jeff R
  Sweet, Roy
  Sweet, Roy
  Sweet, Theodore J — (1990-91) SGM, 1/15TH INFANTRY, USAIS, FT BENNING, GA
  Sweigart, Frank
  Swenk, Neil — Born in Covington, Ky in April of 1985. I was on of those "bad influences" parents hated. My mom, ho...More
  Swenson, Brian
  Swinehart, Michael K — Trying to find lost DD214
  Swits, Robin — I now live in Florida and am looking to move back to NY within a few years. Since I have been inact...More
  Switser, Patrick M
  Swygart, Matt S.
  Sylvester, John
  Symington, Paul
  Szuszka, Brian K

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