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  La Gosh, David
  Laack, David E.
  LaBreck, Wayne — I was stationed @Atrp-4-12th Cav. Ft. Polk LA from 03/1976 - 09/77 and then stationed @ Atrp- 1st Ca...More
  Lacarbonara, Angelo
  Lacarbonara, Angelo — e-4
  Lachner, Thomas W — was 3rd Bn 5th Cav but switched to this
  Lacy, Lyle
  Lacy, Robert L — C-3-1 Basic Training-Ft. Ord, CA.(Private E-2) Co P, Honor Guard, Ground Control Approach Radar Rep...More
  Ladd, Sean M
  Lafoe, James M — 6'2" 260 # Still have my hair,and am in good health as of now.
  LaFoe, James — not much here,worked hard,played hard and fought hard. went to Covington Indiana schools and worked ...More
  Lafrance, Dana J
  Lagerstrom, Rick J — Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon, C company 4/35 and 1/13 Armor; S2, 4/35 and 1/13 Armor; Dep S2, 1st Bde...More
  Lagosh, Dave — b26 crewman
  Laib, Steven w — 4-70 armor ferris barracks 1990-1992 2-34 armor ft. riley ks. 1992-1994
  Lain, Henry Blease — While in the U.S.Army, I was assigned as the Company clerk for the 596th Signal Co (SPT) , CPTs Ring...More
  Lakomia, Thomas
  Lall, Dolly
  Lamaster, James
  Lamb, Thomas J — Served with Detachment 1, 101 MI BN, 1 ID (Forward) from 1985-1991.
  Lambert, Josh D — Security Police SRA 419th Fighter Wing
  Lamitinia, Marshall T
  Lamm, Richard — 3rd MRB 99-01 1st MRB 01-03 1st AD 05-Present (Army, Germany)
  Lamont, Matthew
  Landers, Pam
  Landis ii, Dean C — Was a Sp5 as well as an officer. Interests include computer networking, reading, sociology and tech...More
  Landry, Alan
  Lane, Howard
  Lane, Terry
  Lange, Matthew A
  Langenberg, Calvin
  Langer, William
  langley, eric
  Langolf, James D — Asst S-4 NCO, Svc Battery Supply SGT, Section Chief
  Langston, Michael E — Born,Memphis,Tn. 1965.Traveled all over U.S. Currently looking for the right job in the right place.
  Lannen, Floyd W — member of HHC 2/81 armor, Erlangen,Germany
  Lanphear, Lisa L
  Lanphear-Vargas, Lisa L
  Lansberry, James
  Lapre, Lapre C — 6/14 FA Pinder Barracks Svc Battery 63D
  Larios, Daniel C
  Larrea, Joanne — Hello I am actually looking for anyone who was in Echo Co during 1989-1990. Any information would b...More
  Larson, Nick
  Laskowski, Greg
  Lassiter, Michelle
  Latham, Allen W. — Joined the service in 1971, spending time in La, Ga, Ca, Tx, Panama and Germany. I was in the MP's ...More
  Lau Hee, Walter — Bradley Gunner B31 B company 2nd Batt. 6th Infantry Reg. Erlangen Germany, Farris Bks 1989-1992
  Lauer, Charles L
  Laughter, Don
  Lavigne, Richard A. — U.S. Army veteran of 9 years. was honorably discharged in 2000.
  Lavoie, Jeam m
  Lawless, Allen R — Completed a 20-year career principally as a musician. I served in the following assignments: USAS...More
  lawlis, steve — cavalry, inf,andrecon units worldwide
  Lawrence, Justin
  Lawrence, Larry R
  Laws, Stephen S — Was in A co. 501st A.B.C. from 1979-1983. I worked in I.D.S.M. shops, but was a detail driver for th...More
  Lawsing, Michael J
  Lawson, Jody S — 5/89 to 8/89 OSUT, Fort Knox, KY 9/89 to 9/91 A Troop, 1/1 CAV, Hindenburg Kaserne, Germany
  Lawson, Ronald
  Laya, Russell J
  Layden, John G — I was stationed in Coleman Barracks(B co 4/8 Inf) from January 1990 until our unit changed colors to...More
  Laymon, John H — Registered Nurse in the Army Reserves. Working as a civilian at Mayo Medical Center, ST Marys hospi...More
  Lazzari, Robert S
  League, Rodger
  Leal, Marvin R
  Leard, Daniel S. — MOS 13B4Q Redeye missile,. Armor, Air missile Artillery, Inf
  Leatongreer, Diane C — Worked in personnel enlisted and officer records , Daughter Suzette S. Military movies, I was stat...More
  Leavenworth, Kendrick L — Tactical Communications Operator and Mechanic
  Leblanc, Curtis M
  Leblanc, Taylor C — Medical platoon NCO for 1-41 Infantry out of Fort Riley, Kansas. I was involved with Operation deser...More
  Lebowitz, Ken — I served two tours of Germany with the 1st BN 37th AR BN 1st BDE, 1st AD. With a 6 mo. tour of Kosov...More
  LeClair sr, Lawrence M — My Father-in-Law serve in these QM Battlions while serving in the 486th QM REfrig Co.(MOBILE)(SEP) d...More
  Lee, Earl J
  Lee, Ginger
  Lee, Gregory G — 2-37 AR Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division in Friedberg, Germany OIF May 2003-July 2004 ...More
  Lee, James H
  Lee, Michael
  Lee, Scott A — Delta Company, 6th battalion, 6th infantry, Bradley Vehicle Driver, Desert Storm Veteran
  Lee, Thomas K — 11/70 - 06/71; AIT (05H), FT DEVENS 07/71 - 10/71; 05H/8TH RRFS, PHUBAI, RVN 10/71 - 12/71; MEDEVA...More
  Lee Jr, Thomas Clare — I served from 1984 to 1987 with 3/4 Cav 25th Inf Div Schofield Barracks, Hi and with HHC 6/6 Inf Reg...More
  Lee Jr, William R — Serving as a CGSOC Instructor with 11th Bn, 6th Bde, 108th Div (IT).
  Leedom, William E — I was always intested in weapons and the is how i cam to be a 18B in sf and i carried in my other un...More
  Leek, Illa — 1961-1961 co.d 1961-1962
  Lefebvre, George E — Born Bristol, CT attended StAnn's French Parochial School and Bristol High School. Graduated l958 j...More
  Lefever, Gary
  Legaspi, Reiner A
  Legerski, John
  Leggins II, Leevon — 71L Admin Specialist 1988-Present 12C Bridge Crewmember 1990-Present
  Lehman, Barry S
  Lehrer, Dave (Luke)
  Leib, Roger A — I was in 1st AD, Alpha Battery 1/22 FA at Pinder Barracks. Zirndorf, Germany. I was on the gun line ...More
  Leibl, Christina — 1987-1989 Housing Bamberg, Germany
  Leibl, Christina
  Leigh, Dan J
  Leighty, James D — I went to Basic Training at Fort McClellen on July 31, 1985. Drill Sgt Hernandez and Drill Sgt Young...More
  Leininger, Joshua
  Leininger, Kim R — none
  Leleux, Heath C — I was born in Crowley, La and grew up in many different states and countries due to my father being ...More
  Lemanquais, Anthony E — I'm married, a hard worker, very dedicated to my servic, have a long history of military members in ...More
  Lemieux, Joanne — My name during enlistment was Joanne Larrea, stationed at Monteith Barracks Fuerth Germany. Echo Com...More
  Lemmon, Michael P
  Lemon, Herbert
  Lenhardt, Robert — 1980-1982 1st. Armored Division ...More
  Lenz, John A — Did OSUT training in E Co. 2-81 in 1997, then went to Baumholder, GER until 1999. Came back to Knox...More
  Leon Gonzalez, Pedro Cesar
  Leonard, Garrett B — i am 6'3'' i can lift almost my entire bodyweight. I have a huge interest in joining the United Stat...More
  Leone, Larry A. — Enlisted in 80 as 96B. Assigned 501st MIB @Katterbach, WG. Army sent me back to college 85. Gradua...More
  Leppo, Emory E
  Leque, Christopher W — Station with Delta Company 2nd Btln. 67th Ar in Friedberg, Germany. Was on tank D-11 in the Gulf Wa...More
  Lesh, L. Kevin
  Lester, Boyd — PLL clerk from November 85-June 87
  Leszcynski, Kevin J — Served in Ft Riley, KS from 1986-87 then Stuttgart, Germany 1987-1990 as tank crewman on M60A1 and M...More
  Letherman, John K — Assigned to the 25th ID (L), Schofield Barracks, HI
  Letkiewicz, Mark
  Lett, Anthony D
  Leturgey, Taylor r
  Levasseur, Mario R — 93B Aeroscout Observer School, Ft Rucker '88. 2/1 CAV (1st AD fwd) Garsstedt, Germany 89-90. 5/6 ...More
  Leverton, Anneliese — no name, pinder barracks, APO 09170-circa 1943- 1946 Germany-possible asst. of church, very holy, ma...More
  Lewandowski, Bill
  lewandowski, loren
  Lewek, John
  Lewis, Anna
  Lewis, Charles D
  Lewis, Christopher G — OPS SGM in 4-10 MTN - Fort Polk, LA July 2014 - Present Student (Class 64) at USASMA - Fort Bliss, ...More
  Lewis, Debi d
  Lewis, Eldrick M — 13F
  Lewis, Eva B
  Lewis, Gabriel N — Got divorced on January 9, 2003, and remarried June 4, 2003. Wife: Carol. Father of four sons a...More
  Lewis, Gabriel N — Too long, too many units, too many branches.
  Lewis, Goodwin
  Lewis, Jessie
  Lewis, Joel
  Lewis, John A — Joined the army in October, shipped out in February, and now I'm stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. 1st A...More
  Lewis, John f — Had basic at DIX B 4-3,went to Benning for infanrty school was in E-1-1,was injuried in jump school,...More
  Lewis, Joseph — ARMY 2000-2007
  Lewis, Karl D
  Lewis, Thomas M
  Lewis, Tim
  Lewis, Tyree
  Lidderdale, Kenton
  Lightner, James j — Served with 1-4 ADA in Iraq.
  Liles, David M
  Lilley, M d
  Lilly, Robert L
  Limbaugh, Lisa
  Lincourt, Jeffrey M — Married with two children. In the Army from 1978 until 1982. Stationed in Nurnberg, Germany with 1...More
  Linder, Christopher N
  Lindgren, Kermit N — Sergeant Major for Metalworking Services Department and as Chief Instructor.
  Lindsay, Mark R
  Lindsey, Charlie R.
  Lingelbach, Debby
  Lingelbach, Jack
  Lingle, Jerry L
  Link, Christopher M.
  Linn, James E. — US Army BT & AIT: Ft. Sill, OK- Aug.1985 to Nov. 1985 MOS: 13M10 Erlangen, West Germany - 1st A...More
  Liscum, Emmanuel
  Lister, Brian J.
  Little, Carl c — stinger gunner,vulcan gunner,faar radar op,earlyearning systems op. team cheif,section cheif,AIT In...More
  Little, Christopher
  Littlefield, Errol G — Served at Ferris Barracks Erlangen Germany 91 to 93 Cco 2/6inf then we became 1/30 inf.I would like...More
  Litzau, Steven e
  Llamelo, Jason M
  Lloyd, Archie
  Lloyd, John M — JOHN M. LLOYD- Hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC and graduate of The Citadel (1998) as well as Colleg...More
  Lloyd, Stuart — Joined in April 1986 and got out in December 1997. Spent 3 years in Germany (1991-1994) MOS's includ...More
  Lobdell, Dale C
  Lockhart, Dale W — 34th Medical Battalion 1980-81 247 Medical company, 1st Armored Div Nuernburg Ger 1981-82
  Lockhart, Dale
  Locklear, L V — Former 19D10D30: 1-1 CAV (Budingen, Germany) 2ACR (Ft. Polk, LA) Currently a Police Corporal wi...More
  Lockrey, Gerald — 64c10
  Lockwood, Jack p — Im in the army....what more can I say?
  Lockwood, Jarrod — I was a 91W in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team 1st Battalion 6th Infantry Regiment.
  Lodi, Apollo — Served proudly three years with A Co. 501st MI BN as a GSR. I functioned as the company Guide-on Ba...More
  Loewen, Troy J — Chemical Officer in 2BD, 1AD, 4/27 FA
  Logan, Gregory m
  Logan, Willie — frist duty station 2/5 cav,Aco 2/67ar Cco3/64ar Dco 2/8 A,B TRP 16CAV 2ID S3 TRING SGM Aco 3...More
  Logsdon, David p
  Logue, James B
  Lohrman, Tony — Eglin AFB 1986-1992 King Salmon 1992-1993 Goodfellow Fire School 1993-1997 Instructed Structural a...More
  Lombardo, Massimo
  Lomio, Anthony P
  Long, Charles
  Long, Jeffrey — I entered the Service in '83 to '87 did basic at Ft Jackson, went to Ft Hood, for 1-1/2yrs and then...More
  Long, Larry D — stationd with1st Battalion, 54th Inf, 1st Armored Division, Germany.(1972 - 1 976).MACV,Adv Team 51....More
  Lopau, Jeff — Spent 15 years active duty as a Stinger/Avenger Teamchief, Section Sergeant. Tours: Fort Hood 3, Ger...More
  Lopez, Alex
  Lopez, Isamu
  Lopez, Joe
  Lopez, Pedro
  Lopez, Rodney
  Lopez-ortiz, Ramon L
  Lopushansky, Charles J — 1988 Basic Training, Fort Jackson, SC 1988-1989 31K AIT, Fort Gordon, GA 1989-1994 HHB Divarty, 1s...More
  Lordi, Michael — Gunner, M1A1
  Lorenz, Gary
  Lott, Cecil — A native of MS and commissioned a 2LT of Armor in 1980. Education includes Armor Officer Basic Cour...More
  Lotter, Richard — Joined the Army in 84 been back and forth between Germany, Hood, Knox, Stewart and the sandbox sever...More
  Louvier, Todd A — Has in B Co 1/37 AR deplaoyed in Desert Storm.
  Love, Jeremiah T — 19K1000 M1A1 Armor Crewmember, now medically retired. Was in Friedberg GE 1-37 AR Bandits and C co ...More
  Loveland-Williams, Stephanie s — Was in Bad Kreuznach, Germany as part of the 141st Sig from 1991-1995, last name then was Loveland. ...More
  Lovell, John
  Lowery, Kelly
  Lowery, Steven J — Served with 1st BN 21st FA A btry 1st Cav Served with 6th Bn 14th FA A Btry 1st Armored
  Loy, Joseph Curtis — tank mechanic, then 1/32 disbanned and I worked at DOL for awhile rebuilding the hummvees then I was...More
  Loyd, Mike — served with 1-10 cav from 97-2002 1-37 armor 2002-2004 HHT 3RD ACR 2004-2006
  Lucas, Ed
  Lucas, Heather D
  Luciano, Derrick V
  Luevano, Alejandro — 1/28TH INF.(1995)FORT JACKSON 187TH ORD.BN.(1995)FORT JACKSON A CO. 123RD MSB,1ST ARMORED DIV....More
  Lugo, Ferdinand
  Luna, David a
  Luna, David r — asigned to c1/51 crailsheim frg feb 74 through apr 77
  Lundgren, Craig M
  Lusch, Stephen — Units served in: 1986-1990 B Co, 1/37 Armor, 1st AD Vilsec Germany 1990-1992 A Co, 3/70 Armor,...More
  Lush, Jeffrey
  Lusk, Timothy j
  Lusk, Timothy j — i was in the united states marine corps then switched over after i got wounded in iraq
  Luster, Shondale M — I'm a single father.Desert storm war vet.(earned two bronze starrs& other awards)Did most of my care...More
  Lutgens, Robert
  Lutteroty, Ray
  Lux, Russell
  Luzuriaga, Yandry
  Lyda, Jack D — T-37 FAIP, RF-4C, ALO, F-15E, Staff Officer, T-38 IP.
  Lydens, Thomas
  Lyles, Norman
  Lynch, Pat A — I was stationed in Furth, Germany at Monteith Barracks from 1974-1976.
  Lynch, William E — Mad dog FDC chiet Arty 75-87 VA Facility Management Lyons VA present
  lynch, william
  Lynch , Clifford M.
  Lynes, Steven P — Served as 13B, Cannon Crewmember in B Btry & HHB, 2/29 FA, Baumholder, Germany. Also with the 10th ...More
  Lyon, George Or Eddie E — CO. A 144TH SIGNAL BATTALLION , 4th Armored Division, GOPPINGEN GERMANY 1966-1969 SP-5 Looking ...More
  Lyon, James V
  Lyons, Brendan
  Lyons, John — Still active duty.
  Lysne, David M

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