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  S, Brandi
  S, C D
  S, Darrell — Former AH-64 Crew Chief
  S, Dave
  S, E J
  S, M J
  Sabo, Justin D
  Sadler, James — U.S.Army 1985 - 2005 82 ABN Div, Old Guard (3rd U.S. Inf Regt), 2 ID, 101 ABN (Air Assault), TRADOC...More
  Sadler , Sadler W. — AIRBORNE INFANTRY 11B 4-325 3-325 A.B.C.T. 1985-1988 82 ABN DIV 2-325 1988-1992 THE OLD GUARD 1...More
  Sadowski, Dennis d — looking for members hhc 3bde. camp evans rvn 69 motor pool, im Dennis Sadowski . went back in 2001 p...More
  Sadowski, Thomas J
  Saenko, Michael M
  Safrit, Shane S
  Saftchick, Alan m — Suffer from severe P.T.S.D., Widowed, one male child, had a drug problem when I returned- Felt like ...More
  Sage, Charlene — My fiance is in Iraq right now. He has 20 years active duty in the Army National Guard. I am very pr...More
  Sager, Racheal — Hi my name is Rachel. Im 18 years old and live in ohio. My brother is a staff sergeant in the army. ...More
  Sager, Richard C — Primary MOS 31E10 (Field Radio Repair) I was stationed with HQ & LT Maint., 801st Maint. BN 101st Ai...More
  Saget, Bob
  Sahlein, Joe J — 16B at B-3-1, Hermanie PA for 4 years 8 months and 11 days. Still dream about that site! Anyone re...More
  Sain, Bobby
  Sakala, Paul A. — 101st Abn, 2/187 - 1st Cav Honor Guard - 9th Inf Div - 82d Abn Div, 2/508 - 3 Army Tng Ctrs. 1SG of ...More
  Salas, Melan P.
  Salazar, Michael — 301st Tactical Psychological Operations Co (ABN)
  Salazar, Ruben R — Communications, Air Assault and Jungle Expert Training, Company Commander Driver, Battalion Command...More
  Salcedo, John — Forgot I had this account, need to update this first chance I get.
  Salgado, Joel T — married,now a full time civilian, Served two tours in Iraq with the 101st 1-327 2003-2004 and again ...More
  Salguero, Josue
  Salinas, Rolando A
  Salisbury, Robert D
  Salitis, Gregory A — Platoon Leader with A Co., 1-187th Infantry Regiment during Desert Shield/Storm Assistant S4 of 1-1...More
  Salkaus, Edward A
  Salone, Robert — a co 1/502
  Salsgaeva, Tamara
  Salvatore, Paul F — I was in Delta Company, 1/187th Inf., 1st Platoon from 1993 - 1997 and got out as a CPL.
  Salvina, Robert
  Samotuga, Alexei
  Sams, Trey
  Samson, Michael A
  sanchez, anthony
  Sanchez, Antonio
  Sanchez, Fritz S
  Sanchez, Jack — The early years of Vietnam, enough said
  Sanchez, Joe
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanchez, Louie — Severed in Nam 69 to 70 2/502 recon 101st. airborne.
  Sanchez, Luis E
  Sanchez, Mario N — Proud member of the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). Easy Co. 506 RCT 4th BCT!!! Messengers Of Death...More
  Sanchez, Patrick o — A Dragon soldier since 1983. I have served with the 45th, 22d, 63rd and 87th Chemical Companies. I...More
  Sanchez Lopez, Santos Jepse
  Sandage, Kevin j
  Sandberg, Tommy V — Was recently medically retired from the Army. Now adjusting to civilian life.
  Sanders, Barry E
  Sanders, Chuck R — 11B4P,Parachute Infantry 2/506, 2/502, 3/187 and 58th Scout Dog Plt.101st Abn.Div. VietNam.69-71. 1s...More
  Sanders, Harry D — C/1/506inf 3rd PLT. 75-76, CSC/1/506inf AT PLT 76-79
  Sanders, Natalie
  Sanders, Roger O — Operation Iraqi Freedom Viet-nam Deseret Storm
  Sanders-Fuller, Stephen C
  Sandlin, Matthew H
  Sandlin, Timothy s — Was stationed at Ft Campbell KY. I was with the 3/327th co B Bulldogs. Was a Sgt, team Leader. Was i...More
  Sandoval, Mario
  Sandre, Vincent
  Sandy, Jere S — I read a book for school
  Sanford, Joshua
  Sansone, Michelle L
  Santabalbina, Capt. Enrique J — Airborne and Special forces member
  Santiago, Carmen — In the beginning of time... there was Ft.Polk La..where my medical career began as a "Motor Medic" (...More
  Santiago, Juan M. — Regular Guy.
  santiago, karla
  Santos, Fred
  Santos, Stanley j
  Sapio, Michael
  Sarla, Tim — i did 20years in the infantry and the best unit there is and was would be 1-9inf (straight leg) out ...More
  Sarle, Kevin J
  Sarmiento, Don J
  Sas, Dave — Ft Campbell, Ky. 6 mo's in 67'. Medic trained but became Infantry after joining Recon. Went to 101st...More
  Sas, David J — I was in Vietnam from 1967 - 1968, with the recon patrol, and would like to find people I served wit...More
  Sass, Daniel W — I was a Artillery Forward Observer for the 1st/321st Artillery Vietnam, 71-72. I was an Artillery Gu...More
  Sassaman, David C — Did basic with B Btry 2/80 FA and AIT with E Btry 1/31 FA at Ft. Sill. Served with C 2/1 FA from Pi...More
  Sattler, Richard
  Saucedo, Moses R — I'm latino, about 5'10". Average, athletic. 36 years old. Not married and have no kids
  Sauls, Jeffrey
  Saulsberry, Travis A — Deployed to Kuwait with B. Co "Mortars"
  Saunders, Dave M
  Saunders, Michael T — 1/327 Charlie Company 2nd Platoon
  Saunders, Neil — Searching for anyone that was stationed with B Co. between Sept 2000 to Jan 2002.
  Sauri, Javier — from 1984 - 1991 US. Army 82nd Airborne 101st Airborne UNC Honor Guard Seoul, Korea
  Savage, Todd M — RTO C Co 2/502nd
  Savas, Timothy
  Savoy, Jennifer R — Getting married December 16th, then moving to Fort Campbell, KY!
  Sawchuk, Jacquelyn — Served as the Avionics Sgt in charge of the Avionics Pukes. One hell of team...LOL
  Sawhill, Jeffrey J
  Sawtelle, Joseph J — 3/502 Inf ( B co and then A co after the Gander crash), 2/36 Inf, 2/48 Inf, 766 Supply co
  Sayatovich, Milton E
  Sayers, James A — from 1979 till 1986 1st IDF germany Panzer Kaseren from 1986 till 1988 Ft.Campbell.KY. from 1988 t...More
  Sayles, Harry D.
  Saylor, Deedee — NONE
  Sayre, David G — BCT/AIT 1986 PLDC 1989 DS-1990-1991 Air Assualt 1991 EFMB 1991 ITC 1990 BNCOC 1992 ACNOC 1994...More
  Scarborough, Glenn C
  Scarlett, Johnny W — Basic & AIT at FT.Benning 07-21-87/ 10-23-87 Served 2 years in BOEBLINGEN,GERMANY with the 1st/16th...More
  Schaefer, Richard A — Associate Degree from IVYTECH 1975 Retired from the US Postal Service, 2009
  Schaeffer, Martin K — served as a FIST in 1-9, 2-9, 3-9 and 4-9 FIST with the fomidable MANCHU Regt from 1983-1992. Opera...More
  Schafer, Justin P — I attended basic training at Ft. Benning, GA, Jan 2001. My lovely wife and I are now stationed at ...More
  Scharinger, Scott B
  Scheirer, Richard S
  Scheirman, Paul R — Was a 13F Plt Foward Observer in the 101st than became a COLT Team Cheif in Germany and Ft.Lewis. 1...More
  Scher, Gary A.
  Scherbinski, Matthew
  Scherer, John R
  Schieffer, Nicholas A
  Schildknecht, William J — Vietnam veteran, Officer (1st Lt) with 1/327th Infantry, Cobra Company and Tiger Force Recon, 101st ...More
  Schiller, Dave b — 2nd BN, 327th, Co.B
  Schillinger, Audrey J — My Fiances name is PFC.J.Falls he recently got deployed to Iraq and he is still in iraq today.I am...More
  Schimmelpfenning, James m
  Schindler, Michael S — Aloha; Maui has been my HQ. While serving the Army for 28 years, from 1970 to 1998. I retired as a F...More
  Schlachter, Guy D — I am a 19 years old and stationed in the 101st Airborne Division. I am an 11chuck and do my best. ...More
  Schleiden, Albert R — 1981-1984 Co. C 84th Combat Engineers, 1985-1987 Co. A 801st Maint., 1987-1988 61st Maint., 1988-199...More
  Schleiden, Albert R
  Schlind, Dany d
  Schlosser, John M — I served. "nuff said.
  Schmeeckle, Norman D — I was drafted April 26th 1970. I was wounded August 28th, 1971 about 2.5 klicks southeast of Camp Ev...More
  Schmeling, Rick
  Schmidt, Edward — Echo Company 3rd Engineer Battalion 1988-91...Echo Company 801st MSB 2003-04...Bravo Company 101 BTB...More
  Schmidt, Jim e — ABN 11H, 11B, 95B40. USAEUR / USAFE GLO 1980 1983 FOL III NORTHAG
  Schmidt, Michael R — Enlisted in the Army October 1993 Went to Ft. LeonardWood, MO for basic training and 88M AIT Assig...More
  Schmidt, William R — Served in C1/327 from April 91 till October 92 C1/501(ABN) from November 92 till November 95 C1/1...More
  Schmidtbauer, John R — 101st Airborne Division (Air Assualt) Asst S-3 Operation Officer for the birth of the 311th CEWI an...More
  schmitt, chris
  Schneider, Francis H
  Schoch, Nikko
  Scholar, Kenny D
  Scholl, Benjamin L.
  schommer, william
  Schoolcraft, Dale E
  Schooler, Jaymes A
  Schooler, Terry
  Schooley- Witter- Longacre, Lena D
  Schreier, Philip — Senior Curator, National Firearms Museum, NRA HQ Fairfax, VA Embedded correspondent 101st ABN DIV...More
  Schrepfer, David W
  Schriefer, Joseph K — B Co. 2/8th 1st Cav 65-66; USNS Geiger; B Co. 2/501 101 ABN 66-67; HHC 2/508 82 ABN 67-68. Private I...More
  Schritt, Donald d
  Schroeder, John d — i was member aco 3/502nd inf 2plt outlaws weapons squad and line squad also cco 3/502 inf 2nd plt 9...More
  Schroeder, Perry J — Sergeant E-5 with MOS of 97B, Special Agent, Military Intelligence. Basic at Fort Leonard Wood, MO,...More
  Schrum, Frank J — Duquesne University, Webster College, College of Lake County, former County Sheriff, certified Secur...More
  Schubert, Bruce — 98G (arabic linguist) w/ 311th MI Battalion ('86-'87)
  Schuelke, Korey
  Schuh, Nicholas W — Civi life isn't what I expected. I've started drilling and realized I should try getting back to ac...More
  Schulenburg, Steve
  Schulman, Martin
  Schultz, Nathan
  Schulz, Dave
  Schuman, Stephen — I went to basic in ft. lennard wood in c 795 "deathwolves". then i was at Fort Campbell. 101 MP CO. ...More
  Schumitsh, Jennifer C
  Schwartz, B
  Schwartz, David W
  Schwartz, Jeffrey A
  Schwartzman, Mitch S — Currently in Florida Married with one child
  Schwarzkopf, Eric K — Currently I am employed in Portland, Oregon as the Warehouse/Facility Corrdinator for Matrix Network...More
  Scimeca, Frank
  Scism, Tammy A
  Scoles, Larry R
  Scott, Brandon
  Scott, Dave
  Scott, Felecia
  Scott, Greg — Entered service 02/04/04. Assigned to 1-502 INF, 101st, July '04. Served as platoon RTO from Dec...More
  Scott, John C
  Scott, Larry n — Served in Panama Canal (1990), Gulf War(1990-1991), NTC. Platoon sgts. SSgt.Falu, SFC. Wooden. RAKKA...More
  Scott, Matt J — A 3-320th FA "Redknight Rakassans" B 2-2 FA B 4-319 AFAR
  Scott, Stephen G — 68D aviation units @ Ft. Campbell.
  Scott, Steven W. — I was in between Sep 85 and Jun 06, with a break 88-89. Served with 595 MP Co (86-88), 503d MP Co (...More
  Scott Jr, Wilburt B — I retired from the United States Army after 23 years of great service. I am presently working with a...More
  Scoviak, James D
  Scroggs, Larry — USMC 1965-69 MCAS El Toro 1966 11th Engineer Bn 1966-67 CAP Papa 2, Papa 3, 4th CAG RVN 1967 3/7 Inf...More
  Scruggs, Kevin L — 2-59th ADA Supply Clerk 2-37th Armor Supply Sergeant 3-187th Inf (RAKKASAN) 3-101 AVN Bn (S4 NCOI...More
  Scudder, Jeffrey C. — served spring of 76 to fall 78 in C Co.1/ we are 30 years later! I see a few names ...More
  Scull, Kenneth C — Commander, 1-14 Infantry
  Sdunek, Charles B — I arrived at Fort Benning for basic training/AIT early in the morning, New Years day, 1992. After c...More
  Seablom, Andrew M
  Seals, James c — was with C trp sept 74- dec 75
  Seaman, Joe — C 1/60th ABN in Ft Richardson, AK 1978 -- B 2/502 in Ft Campbell Ky 1980 -- TA btry 25 Arty in F...More
  seames, earl e — airborne infantry- 2 years
  Searles, John J
  Searles, John J
  Seate, C — Former U.S. Marine / 0311 SGT. 1994-2001 RSC Leeward gtmo,cuba , 3/2 , 2/2 , & S.O.I. instructor ...More
  Seaton, Rachel
  Seaton, Richard
  Seaton, Wiliam
  Sebree, Roger A
  Sebright, David C
  Secrest, Ron L — served in Bco. HHC and Aco. 326th Engrs. Desert Storm/Shield. Sapper Leader course (twice)-Mar '89...More
  Sedler Sr., Andy J
  Seguin, Ron K — Basic training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky then off to AIT at Fort Lenardwood for Road Grader Operato...More
  Seid, Guy A.
  Seifert , Richard G
  Seiple, Robert H — Fort Dis-Basic, Fort Polk-AIT, Fort Benning-Shake and Bake School, Fort Carson-OJT, Vietnam, Valley ...More
  Seitz, Jason W
  Seivers, Evonda G — i married sgt. michael c. seivers on january 18,2003
  Selby, Teresa L
  Sell, John P
  Sellers, Ray
  Sellner, Karl a
  Seltz, Chris d
  Semenov, Rostislav U
  Sendejo, William — Served in Vietnam (Phu Bai) in the 159th Aviation, C Company, Gunner
  Sennabaum, David L — U S Army-Retired; Civilian Industry - Retired; Presently working as an Executive Protection Specia...More
  Sentmat, Gabriel J
  seonghwan, choi — beginer
  Sepulveda, Ralph J
  Sergent, Bryon R — well i've been in 10 yrs, 3 active dutyand 7 guard. I was a Rakkassan, and in Desert Shield, and Des...More
  Sergent, Bryon R — Served in the Persian Gulf with the 101st Airborne division, Cco 2/187 th infantry "HARDROCK CHARLIE...More
  Sergent, Bryon
  Serikaku, David Y — Medic with 3/319th FA, 173rd, 1970-71, and 1/502nd Recon platoon, 101st, 1971. CPT, Army Nurse Cor...More
  Serj, Baramba A
  Serna, Juan A
  Serra, Marc
  Serrano, Riky — If think u know me or wanna get to know me email me.
  Serrano, Victor M — Currently a MAJOR with the Puerto Rico National Guard. Tour as an enlisted soldier, SGT, at 507th T...More
  Sessions, Sam — Plt Ldr 4.2 CSC, XO Aco Mad Dogs 4/10 Inf. Staff Puke @ HHC after 4/10 became 1/187, Commander Bco 1...More
  Setchell, Douglas — B/229 Avn (AH) 1st Cav Div A/2/3 >199th (Task Force 3506 )3/506th > A Co>Recon> Battalion ammun...More
  Setiawan, Soni
  Severson, Garik — I was in the Army from July 1994- November 1998. I served in B co 3/502 Inf Ft.Campbell Ky for 2 yea...More
  Sexton, Jerry D — the 5/3rd i was in was located in Giessen
  SextonAdams, Cindy — D/158TH GHOSTRIDER...C/158TH PHOENIX...TF 160TH............HOWDY BOYS!!!! 1352'S done........let's ...More
  Seybert, Kevin w — I grew up in the army my Dad was stationed in in many places he was a Marine then joined the Army i...More
  Seyfert, Justin
  Seyler, Jennifer j
  Seymour, jr., John A — Abn Enlistee in Apr 1962 assigned to 3/508th Abn Inf at Ft Kobbe, Panama CZ in Nov62. Transferred i...More
  Shackelton, Jeff — Basic training at Ft. Benning GA. B co. 4/36th Inf.- Ft. Campbell KY. 101st Airborne (Air Assault) ...More
  Shadeed, John N
  Shadix, Darrens K
  Shafer, Joe
  Shafer, Julie A
  Shaffer, Andrew M — Sniper Instructor Medic Police Officer
  Shaftic, James J — Served in HHC AVN BDE from 1986 to 1990. Worked in the S3. I think the brigade commander at the ti...More
  Shamblen, James F — 101st ABN Div, 39th Eng BN (RVN), Engineer School, 1st SFG, 12th ENG BN, ROTC Marshall U, HQTRADOC, ...More
  Shambley, George W
  Shanabrough, Christopher — I am currently stationed here with the 4th BCT as a 68W. This is my first duty stationed and I am an...More
  Shanahan, Jeffery D — D Co 1/502nd Infantry
  Shank ii, John W — Retired as E-7 with 101st Airborne in 1997. Live in Elkhart, Indiana.
  Shanks, Claude — Born in Orlando Fla 1955 Raised in Danville IL.since 1957 Entered service May 23,1972 Discharged ...More
  Shannon, Judy l
  Sharapov, Sergey
  Sharatz, John
  Shark, Jesus L
  Sharp, Aaron E
  Sharp, Christopher l
  Sharp Jr, Charles W — Served with the Co A 1/507th/101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from 04/68 to 05/69
  Sharpe, Kenneth W
  Sharrow, Tom L
  Shaul, Ryan E — Gratuated from B CO 2/54 ITB DEC99 JUMP SCHOOL FEB00 JRTC x2 07OCT01 - 02APR02 DEPLOYED for OEF1 ...More
  Shavatt, Paul — UH-1 and OH-58 Pilot for 3rd Brigade 101st
  Shaver, Heather
  Shaw, Jerry E — PA working in spine
  Shaw, Myles J — GO ARMY
  Shaw, Myles j
  Shawver, Sabrina G — Spent 7 years active duty, then transferred to Louisiana Army National Guard. Worked full-time exce...More
  Shay, Tim a — /Then/ Loved isolation with the Donkeys and chickens on Diego, served as a MP 3 yrs, Construction En...More
  Sheagren, Chris A — B-52H Crew Chief 449 OMS Kincheloe AFB 1971-1972, A-37 Crew Chief Grissom AFB 1972-1973, F-1...More
  Shedd, John t
  Sheehan, Robert P — Armor, Mech Infantry, Airborne, Viet Nam, recruiting
  Sheep, Mad
  Sheets, Chris
  Sheets, Chris
  Shell, Adrian
  Shelly, Thomas A
  Shelton, Krystle l
  Shelton, Shay — Greetings Soldiers! I'm a military wife, showing my love and support for all the soldiers and famili...More
  Shenaur, Dolores A
  Shepard, Donald a
  Shepard, Marla
  Shepard, Merritt L — Joined the Army on 17 Dec 1975 in Richmond VA as a 76P. Retired on 1 April 1998 in Heidelberg Germ...More
  Shepherd, Edward t
  Shepherd, John — Former Regimental Surgeon of the worlds best aviation unit the 160th Special Operations Aviation Reg...More
  Shepherd, Lenard Lavon
  Sheppard, Michael s
  Sherer, Jeffery C — Joined The Army on 28Dec05, Graduate Basic and AIT on 21Apr06, reported to Fort Irwin, Ca. on 1May06...More
  Sherfield, Michael
  Sherick, Mark S — member of aero rifle platoon I corp from phu bai to quang tri to the laotian border.
  Sherman, John
  Sheron, David A — Retired from the 101st Airborne Division
  Sherrod, Jeffrey E.
  Sherron, Terry — served 326 med 101 abn 1973-75 in hdqs co,evac plt. ets 10/ 76-79. 25 enforcment.c...More
  Shervey, Dave M
  Sherwood, Tommie A — 3 years 1rst batt d co 187th
  Shew, Chris r
  Shields, J A — Company Commander, 2nd S&T BN
  Shields, Jeffery A — BBA UNT
  Shifflette, James B — 56-57 82d Sig Co 57-59 511th Sig Bn(Abn), 59-60 24th Sig Bn, (Abn) 60-63 228th Sig. Co 6...More
  Shifflette, Jim — Entered the Army in 1956 and went to Germany to the 11th ABN Div in Augsburg. Stayed in for 27 years...More
  Shipley, Dennis A
  Shipman, Jason
  Shirey, David
  Shirley, Don
  Shivler Jr., William K
  Shockley, Wayne R — Served 1971 in RVN with the 101st Rakkasans C co 3/187th, "Grunt"
  Shoe, Marvin l
  Shoemaker, Trent A — Currently a 15P (Aviation Operations Specialist) the the Florida Army National Guard (1-111th GSAB)
  Shoffield, Christi A
  Shofner, Thomas d
  Shonkwiler, Charles M
  Shoopman, Denny K — Enter Army in June 1961, Retired June 1988 as Command Sergeant Major. Served in Aviation units, two...More
  Shoots, Steven K — Airborne, Infantry, Mortars. 2-187th(Panama 84-86), 5-502(Berlin 88-91). 82nd(2/325 86-88), 1st In...More
  Shope, Matthew P
  Short, Jeremy P — I served in OIF 05-06 and OIF 07-09 with 2-502 IN. I am happily married to the woman of my dreams, ...More
  Short, Phillip M
  Shouse, Benona — Spent almost 8 years on Active Duty in the U.S. Army, then the rest in the Ky. National Guard. Retir...More
  Showen, Richard G
  Showers, Craig
  Shreiner, Tom G
  Shrewsbury, Lacey S — 101st wife here!!!! GO SCREAMING EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!! COME HOME SAFE SWEETIE!!!!!!!! 311 MI BN Delt...More
  Shriver, Monica S — I was in for 8 years. I am currently in School to get my RN degree. I Am also raising three childr...More
  Shuherk, Jeremy
  Shuler, Tim W
  Shuman, Chris K
  Shuman, Peter — I served from Dec 1978 - Jun 1996. I did 2 tours in Korea. 1980 -1981, 1/31 Inf. (mech) Camp Howze, ...More
  Shumate, Jimmy T. — Sr. Instuctor, Operations NCOIC,
  Shumilov, Alexander mr
  Sias, Paul G
  Sickmeier, David
  Sidebottom, Bill
  Sidney, Bryant Y — Joined Army in 1983.Basic training in Fort " Lost in the Woods" Missouri' AIT in FT Hwachuca Arizon...More
  Sierra, Roderick — I was stationed at Coleman Barracks in Mannhiemin in the 2/13inf. combat suport company,mortar plat...More
  Signer, Gary
  Silcox, Raymond A
  Siltman, Brock l
  Silvas, Greg
  Silverthorn, Gary L
  Simbeck, Danny W
  Simchik, Kim — Sorry not active army. I'm the mother of a Active member
  Simcox Jr, Andrew W — Was with the HHB 2/31 Filed Artilery as radio operator
  Simenson, Elaine
  Simeral, Eugene
  Simmonds, Rick
  Simmons, Bucky
  Simmons, Kena
  Simmons, Rickey E — Served from 1971 to 1973 with a 6 month 14 Days tour in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Divison.Und...More
  Simmons, Rickey E — I love to go Navada w/ the wife to get away from the city we go every year for our Anniversary this ...More
  Simmons, William L
  Simmons, William h
  Simmons III, Jordan M — Retired 1998.
  Simms, Charlie E
  Simms, Larry J — D trp 4/7 Cav Huey Crew chief
  Simms, Peter F
  Simms, Richard D
  Simon, John — My Grandpa Served in WWII who was killed 3 Dec 1944 in Lima, France while he and 3 other men of the ...More
  Simon, Kevin
  Simon, Michael — Served as FSO for D/3-502 IN, B/2-502 IN from 92-93 Served as Btry FDO & XO for C/1-320 FA 94-95 S...More
  Simon, Nick F — Was 67N40 in army. when I left the service I worked for awhile as a swithcan for the railroad.Then w...More
  Simons, Travis w
  Simpson, Doc David — Retired and loving it. Served with the 1st Inf. Div 1/18th Inf. 67-68 as a combat medic (91-B). ...More
  Simpson, Gary W
  Simpson, James J
  Simpson, January L
  Simpson, Kyle a
  Simpson, Shaun
  Sims, Shawn
  Sims, Walter — 1995 VP-30 Avionics Supervisor/ 1993 VP-30 FRAMP Avionics Sup 1990-93 VP-45 NATOPS IFT Evaluator ...More
  Sims, Walter R — U.S. NAVY 1993-95-VP-30/ AVIONICS INSTR. 1990-93-VP-45/CAC-4/NATOPS INSTR. 1986-90-VP-30 FRAMP/ I...More
  Sinclair, Lane h
  Singer, Michael
  Singleton, Bob
  Singleton, Henry
  Singleton, Lucille e
  Sinner, Ron L — A 5/21 saw two cohorts cycles go through the doors of the Battalion. Met alot of great men, had alo...More
  Sinnett, James E
  Siples, William E
  Sipple, Joseph L
  Sironel, Benjamin A
  Sisler, Joseph
  Sisson, Barbara A — My Units: F Co. 3/13th Inf. Regt Ft. Jackson, SC A Co. 16th Ord BN Aberdeen Proving Ground, ...More
  Sites, Jessica
  Sivolov, Vladimir N
  Sizelove, Todd j — My name is private sizelove and i leave to basic training on 20/01/09 to Ft. Jackson, SC Can anyone ...More
  Sizemore, Randall D — Retired CH-47 SIP/IFE. Now an FAA Inspector. Was C/2-17 Cav/101st in RVN, as well as Det 1/HHC/229...More
  Skatchkov, Alex v — it was good
  Skelf, Markus M — This is my first assignment on active duty, and Fort Campbell is my first Duty Station. Currently de...More
  Skimin, James
  Skinner, John W
  Skinner, Patrick L — Inf OCS grad, 1967;A/1/8thCav, 1st Cav Div 67-68; 3d SFGA, 68-69; 1/506th Inf, 101 Abn Div 69-70;2/5...More
  Skogman, Robert
  Slager, Chris — Served with Bravo Company 3/327 of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 1995 through 1998.
  Slagle, Justin A
  Slaughenhaupt, Karl E — Infantry officer, served in C Company and HHC/2-502 Infantry (Strike Force) from 90-93, served in De...More
  Slayden, Dave N
  Sloan, B
  Sloan, Charles H — Served with the 101st ABN div from 1987 to 1989 A Co 801st. Korea 2nd IDfor 19 Months. Returned t...More
  Sloat, Charles M — Recently remarried with two children from previous marrage. I have recently enlisted in the Illinois...More
  Sluder, Larry M
  Slusser, Eddie A — 1 tour in korea may 2002- aug 2003
  Small, Zena
  Smallwood, Tiffany V
  Smart, James G
  Smart, Kenneth W
  Smart, Robert E
  Smart, Sean
  smekal, hans-peter
  Smentkowski, Michael D
  Smit, Morton J — US Army Service from 1941 (30th Inf 3rd Div), in Officer Class Parachute Tr, Ft Benning # 6, Cadred...More
  Smith, Aaron B — Was honored to have served with and led troops in OIF V while being in the 1st of the 505th PIR
  Smith, Aaron C — I am a 88M20 currently serving in OIFIII, stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY with the 4th BCT, 801st BSB
  Smith, Anthony — Currently a Drill Sergeant on Sand Hill, Ft. Benning, GA.
  Smith, Anthony — 3 yrs with A co. 2/187 inf.(97- 2000) 1 year camp giant south korea(00-01)
  Smith, Ben C — 20 yrs old married for 2 yrs and have one 2 yr old child and one on the way. This one is due on Marc...More
  Smith, Bob
  Smith, Bob a — none, just enthuasist
  Smith, Bob — Just an admirer
  smith, bonnie
  Smith, Brandie n
  Smith, Brandon
  Smith, Brian
  Smith, Bryan
  Smith, Carl — IN vietnan from 1970- 1971 HHC 2 bd 101st
  Smith, Carl — Basic training Ft Benning GA, 1990 September I was a Delta Dragon 1st of the 50th had no boot to fit...More
  Smith, Chester
  Smith, Chester — lrp
  Smith, Colin c — 3rd Plt. C co. 1/187 from 2-87 to 10-89. A co. 1/121 from 12-90 to 5-91 HHC 1st BDE 101st 6-93 to...More
  Smith, D D'Han D — Served in several units in the 101st: 801st Maint BN 3/187th Inf Regt. 426th S&T BN 801st MSB 4...More
  Smith, Damian
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Dan
  Smith, Dana m
  Smith, Danny — Recon 1/502nd Desert Storm Vet 1989 - Company RTO B Co. 1/502nd 1990 - Rifleman in 1st platoon,...More
  Smith, David — Artillery Officer
  Smith, David
  Smith, Debbie J — My youngest son, Specialist Luke Smith is in Alpha Co. 2-327th Infantry. He is currently deployed ov...More
  Smith, Dennis W — 101st ABN, DISCOM (73-75) USMA Prep Sch, NJ (75-76); Lowry AFB, CO (76-77); 48th Postal, FRG (78-...More
  Smith, Don — I was there at the named dates. Thought I would see what otehrs memories were like.
  Smith, Donald
  Smith, Donald E
  Smith, Earl W — Living in New Orleans .Doing Air conditioning and heating
  Smith, Eric J
  Smith, Gary f
  Smith, Gary J — 101 MP Co, 3rd Platoon, 1967 to 1969 84th Div (Reserves) 1983-1993
  Smith, Gee
  Smith, Gerald W — Born at Guthrie Oklahoma Joined OK National Guard 45 Inf Div 179th Infantry Army Rotc Guthrie High...More
  Smith, Greg A — USAR MAJ (Ret) Enlisted 1973-1977 PVT-SGT Correctional Lieutenant, Ca Dept of Corrections Retired. ...More
  Smith, Helena r
  Smith, Jarek
  Smith, Jeffrey E
  Smith, Jermaine C
  Smith, Jim
  Smith, Jimmie — Retired Infantry 1983-2003 served in the 9th ID, 2nd ID, 197th BDE, 193rd BDE, 101st ABN, 82nd ABN
  Smith, Jimmie L — I joined the Army in 1975 and served in the 1st ID, 25th ID, 101st ID, and the Old Guard. I retired...More
  Smith, John
  Smith, John D
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, Keith — I have over 28 years service (Active and Reserve) prior to retiring in 2005. Before leavign active ...More
  Smith, Kelly L — Married my childhood sweetheart in 2006. Moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Clarksville, TN. I'm major...More
  Smith, Kenneth F
  Smith, Kenneth R — I was at Fort Campbell, Ky. 101st Airborne Division as an E-4 44E Machinist/Manint. From 1991-1992....More
  Smith, Larry j
  Smith, Larry J
  Smith, Lawrence S
  Smith, Lawrence S — Viet Nam . 1967 to 1968
  Smith, Marvin D
  Smith, Mary m — Hey my names mary marie smith and brother and my best freind is in the 2 / 502nd inf reg of teh 101s...More
  Smith, Max
  Smith, Mechelle
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Nate
  Smith, Nathan L
  Smith, Paul H
  Smith, Paul C — Army officer 1967-1982, VN vet, service in Germany 5 years. Served in 56Inf platoon (ABN)((Davy Croc...More
  Smith, Peter L
  Smith, Ralph D
  Smith, Richard a
  Smith, Richard D — O5G/97G Counter Signal Intelligence
  Smith, Rj — Served with the 1/506 Infantry
  Smith, Robert M — HS, 1968-Ft. Knox, Ft. Ord, RVN, 1968-1969 101st Airborne, A Co. 2/502 Inf. Ft. Hood-1970: USAR, 83r...More
  Smith, Robert — What to say? I'm the guy who got stabbed by a crazy Panamanian outside the PX at ft Davis. Wish I'd...More
  Smith, Robert — stationed with the 1st MI at Ft Riley
  Smith, Ryan
  Smith, Samuel G — Joined in 1977. Basic and AIT at Ft. Gordon, Ga. Duty at; Ft. Campbell, Vicenza Italy, Ft. Carson, M...More
  Smith, Scott H — Served with A/2/506 of the 101st for 2 weeks in 1967 till I volunteered for the 173d. Served with A/...More
  Smith, Scott J — Just looking for some old friends... Seeing if they are still around
  Smith, Stacy
  Smith, Stacy
  smith, steven
  Smith, Terry M
  Smith, Thomas H — Washington, D. C. native. Served with D Co. 1/502nd Inf. Regt., 101st Airborne Division from 5/89 t...More
  smith, todd
  Smith, Victor d
  Smith, Wardell — May1953- March1954 asgn to 40th Inf Div Korea, fought at punch bowl & heartbreak ridge. 1967 as...More
  Smith, Willie R — Originally from Virginia Beach, VA. Just got home 9/19/06 from Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division...More
  Smith, Willie R — Originally from Virginia Beach, VA. Just got home 9/19/06 from Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division...More
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  Smithers, Allen E
  Smock, Wesley M
  Smolinske, Thad A. — Served four and a half years as an Infantry soldier. Served in Desert Shield/Storm with the 101st Ai...More
  Smolinski, Thomas N
  Smothers, Ernest M
  Snedeker, Scott M — I am an IMA reservist that belongs to the 820th SFG
  Snell, Dallas D — I Did Basic at Ft Dix NJ in 1970. >Combat Development Experimental Command Fort Ord Calif. >...More
  Snell, Sheila S — Military brat in the Army, not sure for how long. So far this hitch has brought me two job specialti...More
  Snodgrass, Guy L — Married, 3 children, enjoy outdoor activites (Hunting, fishing, camping,etc)
  Snow, Jeffrey P
  Snow, Jimmy d — I served with 2/506 recon rangers 1967-1968 served with some of the best men in Viet Nam, Serv...More
  Snyder, Casey
  Snyder, David E
  Snyder, Jim N
  Snyder, M e
  Snyder, Shaun a
  Snyder, William B — Disabled Vet, injured while training for Dersert Storm.
  Soedjadi, Hilmy — Served with C co 3/ 187 Inf (Choppin Charlie Rakkasan)
  Soileau, Jonathan D — Aco/HHC 3/327th Inf Rgt Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom Mar 03
  Solano, Omar
  Soldier, Strike
  Solero, Jose a
  Solero, Jose A
  Solis, Sue a
  Solner, Irene
  Solomon, Raymond E — 86-89 i was with C co 2nd/502nd inf,, 90-93 i was with the 4th and the 6th of the 502nd inf berlin b...More
  Solorzano, Luis
  Soltis, Bill
  Soltis, William George — Divorced twice, 6 great kids and one fabulous grandson
  Sommer, Clifton B
  Sommers, Robert W — 20 years Military service. 21 years Married College graduate with a degree in Social/Psychology
  Sonnenberg, Bryan l
  Sopp, Michael j
  Sopronenkov, Igor G — studient,internet,4 persons
  Sorenson, Joseph A
  Sorio, Mafi
  Sorrell, Darold Duayne — Assigned to the 7th infantry division DISCOM
  Sosa, Efren
  Sosa, Nadz D — adrenaline junky!
  Sotallaro, Vincent P
  Sotallaro, Vincent
  Soto, Israel
  Soto, Jason — 67T
  Soto-Solano, Alex — Member of C co. 1st Bn. 503rd (The Rock) Which then came to be C co. 5th Bn. 187th Inf. Reg. (R...More
  Sottana, Marco
  Soules, Timmie l
  Southern Cherokee, Eastern Band — The flag a eleven (11) white stars in a circle in the blue field, representing the states in the Con...More
  Southwell, Megan — Hi, Im Megan I am from a small town called Holly Pond located in Alabama. I cheered in high school...More
  Southworth, Mikeal S
  Souza, Dennis W
  Sowder, Larry D — I served with the 138th from Phu Bai till we lowered the colors in Danang in Feb 73, transfered to F...More
  Spalding, Rick
  Spanel, Dean
  Spann, Lebanon — Entered the Military in June 1971. Served in various units throughout service career. Most memorab...More
  Sparks, Shaun — My Son is renewing his enlistment from the 82nd Airborne to be with your battalion 101st airborne Di...More
  Speakman, Charles p
  Speakman, Harvey D
  Spears, Jimmy D
  Spears, Roberto A
  Spears, Roberto
  Speece, Timothy G — Current PSG of the Iron Rakkasans.... Scout...More
  Speicher, James M
  Spellman, Getta L
  Spencer, Dana R. — Served in AF from 1964 to 1972; retired disability. Interested in Civil War genealogy of Spencers; ...More
  Spencer, David S
  Spencer, Matthew G
  Spencer, Raymond C — I was with the ordance shop at Camp Pendelton and worked on the "G" model cobra. I got out of the Co...More
  Spencer, Scott — 2/502 HHC 1990-1993 Commo Plt
  Spencer Jr., Stephen W — 25 years now and still going,too many places to list .recruiter/Future Soldier Manager for the reser...More
  Speranza, Vincent J.
  Sperry, Brad
  Spillers, Billy — Electronic Communications type work for a long long time.
  Spivey, Beau d — My name is Cpl. Beau spivey. I am 20 years old. i enlisted as a calvary scout and eventuall became a...More
  Spivey, Carson G
  Spivey, Tony
  Splonskowski, Timothy J
  Spohn, Dennis S — Jump School and Basic at Ft Benning.Advanced Inf.Training and Pathfinder School.To Viet Nam in July ...More
  Spooner, Edward c
  Spooner, Steven L.
  Sporay, Ralph
  Sports, William r — C co.First 506 101 Airborne FT Cambell Ky 1966-1968 Phenix City Ala ...More
  Spoto, Joseph
  Spradley, Herman D — Engineer enlisted, Engineer Warrant Officer and Ordnance Corps Officer.
  Sprague, George A — Was assigned to the 503d in Frankfurt, Germany. Truely one of the best units I served in.
  sprawls, volney
  Sprayberry, Victor a.
  Spriggs Sr., Robert F — Vietnam 1965-1966 Retired 1971
  Springer, Bryant D
  Springer, Edward
  Springman, Tim M — served active duty 88-96 1st AD, 101st, 2nd ID,Ft. Stewart 24th and 3id ets'd aug 96 joined army res...More
  Springstun, Erock
  Spurlin, William
  squier, jeff — us army avation fort campbell ky, air assualt
  squindo, tom
  Squires, Mike g — i like to fight for the old glory.
  Sroufe, Dustin L
  Ssssssssssssss, Sssssssssss
  St, B — Been in the AF since 1998. Went to TACP training out of Basic and been with it ever since.
  St John, Lane C — I was assigned to HHC 3/187th Mortars in early 1990 after my tour in Germany was up. We were deploy...More
  St. Pierre, David A
  St.Mary, Mary
  Stack, Kevin j — 1/327 C/co 2nd Plt "OUTLAWS"
  Stacker, Ronald
  Stacy, Brennan
  Stacy, James M
  Stafford, Ellis D
  Stafford, Larry — Had Larry set this up it would only say - "Remember my Buddies on the Wall", but I found his DD214.....More
  Stafford, William H
  Stager, Christopher
  Stagnolia, Steed K — 15 years total time in service (Active Duty/National Guard). Preserntly work at Tennessee Valley au...More
  Stahl, Dave
  Stahl Grant, Elaine M — I am currently serving with the 525 MI BDE. I am the Brigade S3 NCOIC and loving life on Airborne ...More
  Staley, Raymond
  Stallings, John C. — i was a doorgunner in the 101st airborne aslt hel. bat company A from 1970 to 1971. i also have many...More
  Stallings, John c — what i do now is just sit at home and watch tv cause i don`t have but one car now. my wife uses it t...More
  Stallworth, Judge
  Stamper, Douglas G — Born- Patuxent River,MD Enlisted US Army 1970 basic-Leonard Wood AIT-Ft Polk Abn&Pathfinder Ft Benni...More
  Stamper, Michael
  Stamper, Troy
  Stanbery, Clyde R — Served in the 502nd Replacement Detachment form 72-73: 3/3rd FA-84-86: 2AD DIVARTY- 86-88: HHC 3/66 ...More
  Standridge, Rickey S — Still working for the U.S. Army as a Defence Contractor With DynCorp, CSC. 51 years old and still go...More
  Stanifer, Jacob N — I now have a wonderful 14 year old daugther and a great wife also. if anybody knows me or just wants...More
  Stanley, David E. — My father, Msgt. William J. Stanley (Bill), served with the following Div - Regs: 1941/45 29th Inf ...More
  Stanley, Donald
  Stanley, John
  Stanley, Karen e
  Stanley, Owen R
  Stanley, Richard — Long Binh, Camp Eagle, LZ Sally June 1968 - May 1969 501st Signal 801st Maint
  Stanley, Wheeler J — july 1 1959 joined the Army went to Fort Campbell went to bac 65 Dec 59 Stayed at Campbell till Jan...More
  Stans, Jeff W
  Stanzak, James M — AH-64 Apache Crewchief C-3/227 AVN 12th Aviation Brigade
  Stapler, Hubert
  Stapleton, Bob — 2/502 abn inf 101st abn 66/68 c/co 1st plt point man
  Starcher, Marvin R
  Stark, W. O. — Units served in: B Co. 2/503, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Div.; D Co. 4/187, 101st Airborne (A...More
  Starr, Ronald l — served in a troop 2/17th air cavalry at ft. campbell, ky. from 1973-1976
  Starrett, Jeffrey s — enlisted, basic at ft. benning, asigned to 2/502 infantry ft. campbel, deployed to desert storm/shie...More
  Staub, Alex V
  Stauffer, Robert
  Stauffer, William N — VIET NAM WITH 3/506 HHC 101AB 5/68-5/69 VIET NAM WITH 2/506 HHC 101AB 11/69-11/70
  Stead Sr, David L — I was born in Cortland, New York in 1967. I graduated from Binghamton High School in Binghamton, New...More
  Steade, Roderick H — Aug 84 - Dec 84 B Co.; 12th Mp Bn Ft McClellan, AL; Dec 84 - Jul 86 HHC 2AD(FWD) Garlstedt, FRG; Ju...More
  Steadman, Don
  Stearns, Brian E — Basic Sand Hill 1993, Ft. Campbell, KY until 95, then DMZ of Korea till late 96
  Stearns, Larry
  stearsman, michael — radio/teletype operator in vietnam with 501st sig bn invietnam in 717 in long binh ammo dump in 72
  Steber, Jerome J — Electronic Repair Tech
  Steck, Robert
  Steddum, Jim — Legal Administrator with Army Judge Advocate General's Corps.
  Steeley, David T — Served with 7 ID light, Sapper Leader Course Training Detachment, 5th Eng. Bn., 82nd ABN, 549th MPs,...More
  Steeves, Alison
  Steferak, Dana A
  Steffens, Tanner
  Stege, Kristin
  Steht, Lonnie L
  steinacker, andrew
  Steiner, Ray E
  Steinhoff, Tracy P — 92-94 Hohenfelz, GR 1/4 Inf. C Co. + 94-96 HHC 101st ABN DIV G3 OPS Service 92-96 Born and rais...More
  Stemp, Scott A
  Stengel, Joseph
  Stepek, Allyssa r
  Stephan, Eric H — I was born in Leominister Massachusettes. My mother and father both served in the Army in the medica...More
  Stephen, George E
  Stephens, Gary D. — Entered service in 1965 as a Nike-Hercules Fire Control Crewman. Received a Warrant Officer appointm...More
  Stephens, James A — My nickname was Horsecollar. I was assigned to Fb Judy in March 1968 then I was assigned to Fb Betty...More
  Stephens, Jon D
  Stephens, Kenneth E — Dr. Kenneth Stephens is a retired military (Army) First Sergeant. He served twenty-years in Army Avi...More
  Stephens, Lance
  Stephens, Michael D
  Stephens, Milton P — U.S. Army Jan 16,1968-Jan 22, 1971 Basic Sand Hill B co. 5th Bn. 1st Tng. Bde. Ft Bignning, GA. Jan...More
  Stephens, Robert L
  Stephenson, Amy L
  Stepp, K A
  Sterling, Tim d
  Stevens, Gary W — Operation Iraqi Freedom
  Stevens, James
  Stevens, Kyle A — I spent five years on active duty. Made two trips to Iraq. I am an 11 chuck but haven't seen a mor...More
  Stevens, Michael D
  Stevens, Patrick b
  Stevenson, Adam
  Stevenson, Brad
  Stevenson, Jamie
  Stevenson Iii, Oscar
  Stever, Michael
  Steward Jr, Robert W — D Co./HHC 3/502d 1/90-1/92 D Co. 3/187th 7/93-7/96
  Stewart, Allison L
  Stewart, Charles A — Was with the 187th RAKKSASAN's 3 battalion Dco (Wolfpack) Was on Air Assault going into Iraq. Aft...More
  stewart, connie
  Stewart, Duncan k
  Stewart, Frank
  Stewart, Harry
  Stewart, James l
  Stewart, Milton R
  Stewart, Ronald L — 36th TFW 36th CES Bitburg AB 1982-1985. 101st ABN DIV 326th ENGR BN 887th ENGR Co 1987-1992
  Stewart, William C
  Sticht, Eric j — i was in the army from 1992to1995 in the us infantry didnt do anything spectacular but am planning a...More
  Stidham, Joel
  Stigers, Mark
  Stiles, Robert — US Army retired
  Stilwell, David L
  Stinchfield, Chris — Served 1 yr tour at Camp Greaves
  Stinchfield, Christopher E — Served 1 year in So. Korea at Camp Greaves, from 1987-88. Was in Charlie Comapany 1st platoon 1/50...More
  Stitt, Robert
  Stitt, Stanley n — fat and drunk
  Stjohn, Mike
  Stockard, Jennifer E — I am 29, married, no children. I work as a print and photo journalist and assistant editor for "Duty...More
  Stocker, Gary — 101st Airborne, 1st of 327th
  Stockie, Brandon J
  Stoddard, Jancie
  Stoll, Doug A
  Stone, Jeremy J — I was apart of the chemical unit on post. My training didn't extend beyond AIT
  Stone, Marjorie R
  stone, steven
  Stone, William J
  Stone, William Scott — Currently teaching elementary.
  Stonehocker, James E
  Stoner, Jack w
  Storck, Nathan J. — IN PL and CO XO: 1/5 IN ROK, 88-90 IN CO XO, TOW PL, TOW CO XO: 2/187 IN 101st, 90-92 CO CDR: 108...More
  Storms, William
  Stottle, Leslie J.
  Stout, Dwayne
  Stout, Marcus — Retired disabled veteran. Do do to much because of limitations
  Stout, Robert R — Started my Army years in the 3/9th C Btry 1st plt and then went to Germany to 85th USAFAD, then into...More
  Stover, Craig W — Father of two and married to Monica. Worked in quality management since the military. I am currently...More
  Strader, Jim
  Strader Sr., Charles L — HQ CO. 325 INF DIV. & HQ&HQ 82nd DIV HQ.
  Strait, Joseph J
  Strait, Joseph — I am a 15 year veteran of the US Army. I am joining this group because my father was a Firemen 2nd C...More
  Strang, Kevin J — Ok Im sure most of you remember me. Rangers lead the way!
  Strange, Brad M — Being a Jumpmaster is like being a Virgin.................If you are NOT no one wants to here your e...More
  strange, j.b. B — military retiree , 21 years service, honorably discharged, assigned to 11th abn division, served in ...More
  Straw, Gerald went by Jerry
  strck, strck — test
  Strebel, Robert J
  Strebel, Robert J — - 4 years with US Navy (E-1 thru E-4) Basic Training, Deck hand, ...More
  Streetman, Brooke
  Streitenberger, Stephanie L — 3rd BDE 3rd STB Raakasans
  Strickland, Jeff
  Strieter, Kirk B — I originally enlisted in the army in November, 1985 as a 63E(M-1 hull mechanic) first assignment was...More
  Strnot, Leo
  Stroud, Bredget
  Stroud, Craig a — medic in the 101 and 1/31st camp howze,korea
  Struble, Mark And Katie
  Stuart, Kraig — Retired as Infrantry Capt. after 25 years with regular army/national guard Retired after 20 as poli...More
  Stubblefield, Lynn — Joined Mortar Battery 1/502 during 12/61. Jump Class Jan. 1962, No. 137. Swift Strike II, Oxford, ...More
  Studebaker, Michael E
  Sturgeon, Ron R
  Stutz, John D — 101st Airborne Mosul, Iraq-HHC Division 807th MDE BN - FT SAM HOUSTON 121st CH Det-USAR 90th RSG...More
  Suarez, Vicente
  Suber, Darlene — I am a wife of a retired military sgt. My husband has served with the 101st Airborne and the 146th ...More
  Subora, Jeffery l
  Sudakow, Kirill
  Suerth, Thomas E — 101st Airborn Div, Bravo Co: 3rd Bn/187th inf
  Sullen, Douglas
  Sullenger, Jason
  Sullivan, Barbara
  Sullivan, Bernard B — served in 319th from 1989-1993 my name is Sullivan, looking for all who served at that time
  Sullivan, Chris — light artillery
  Sullivan, Denise
  Sullivan, Donald L
  Sullivan, John l — 11th Airborne 1955 to 1958.24th Inf 1958 to 1959 101st 1959 to 1960 505th and 509th airborne brigad...More
  sullivan, john — good
  Sullivan, Karen
  Sullivan, Kevin T
  Sullivan, Michael P
  Sullivan, Morgan — I have been in the 101st for fiveyears including two deployments to Iraq with the 502nd Infantry Reg...More
  Sully, Owen L.
  Summer, Robert M
  Summers, Levi Keith — I served during the Vietnam and Cold War era. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Lewi...More
  Summey, Richard s
  Sumner, Wade
  Sumpter, Sarah B — Served 4 yrs. at Ft. Campbell Attached to B Co. 7/101 AVN Deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq ETSed ...More
  Sundt, John M — Stationed in C co 1/327th IN, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) 90-93. Up to 11B20. OCS Class 02-93 Ft ...More
  Sunhawk, Thomas
  Sunyog, John A — I was Stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky. with 2nd Battalion 320th Field Artillery (101st Airborne Divisio...More
  Sunyog, John A — I was stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky, B 2/320FA in 1996 and 97. I am now back in Mi (my home state) a...More
  Suriaga, Earl D — Aco 3/325 82nd Abn, 583rd Ord Co Germany, Bco 3/502 101st Abn, Hco 4th Avn Regt 8th ID Germany, Bco ...More
  Susi, John F — Company Clerk, Bravo Company, 326th En Bn, Vietnam, March 1969-January 1970.
  Sutter, Michael J
  Sutter, Michael J — Entered active duty in 1973, was assigned to 21 Replacement Germany, 2/78 FA BN Germany, 5th Main Su...More
  Sutton, Albert w
  Sutton, Edward
  Sutton, Joe B
  Sutton, Richard E — Currently living in Enid, OK. Both Sons deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Daughter currently going t...More
  Sutton, Robert J
  Sutton-Paltani, Bridget A — Recruiter at Elyria Recruiting Station, Guidance Counselor at Cleveland Meps, Station Cdr. E. Liverp...More
  Svec, Marcel
  Swafford, Gary
  Swan, Richard F
  Swank Ii, William J
  Swann, Steven W — COL,Medical Corps. Current: Command Surgeon and Director, Clinical Support Division, US Army Warrior...More
  Swanson, Dave — Ft. Campbell, KY. HQ & Co. A. 326th Med Battalion, E-4.
  Swanson, Gary T — 311th MI 90-91 GSR Desert Storm; 102nd MI A Co 91-92; 102nd B Co 2000; 104th MI B Co 92-94; 104th MI...More
  Swanson, Kevin t — Soldiered 73~76 married twice (oops) 77~85 Soldiered 86~03
  Swanson, Kevin t — retired, gone fish'n
  Swanson, Luke E
  Swanson, Luke — I served with the 502nd Inf. in both Berlin and the 101st. Served from 2/87 to 12/95. Berlin: 4/...More
  Sweeney, Jim — B/228th ASHB, 1st Cav. Div. 1966-1967. 205th ASHC, 1st Aviation Brigade - Feb. 1968 to May 1968 ...More
  Sweeney, Ron j — served V/N 1968 - 1969 Camp Eagle -
  Sweet, Steven D — learned then lived
  Sweitzer, Michael L — Member of 2-327 A-co 1992-1994 (Ft. Campbell) Patherfinder Det. 1994-1995 (Ft. Camp...More
  Swenson, Randy L — 146th ASA Co Korea / 609th Trans Co. Hunter AAF Ga. / Civilian / 2-37 FA Ft. Sill, Ok / 1-40 FA Germ...More
  Swetnam, Greg
  Swier, Richard M — Richard holds a Doctorate of Education, a Master?s Degree in Management Information Systems, and a B...More
  Swift, Michael R — Total Service 32 years. Republic of Vietnam service - 326th Medical Battalion, 101st Airborne Divis...More
  Swing, Joe M — 1981-1982: 101st Airborne Division, A Btry 2/31st FA; 1982-1983: 2nd Infantry Division, HHB a...More
  Swingholm, Matthew T.
  Swink, Charles F
  Swisher, Joseph a — 68J20 Aircraft Armament Currently living in River Rouge Mi Disabled American Veteran
  Switzer, Robert l
  Swor, Wayne P — My dad was a member of the 101st Airbourne during Vietnam, my stepdad was a career Air Force officer...More
  Sydnor, Keith
  Sykes, Dave — none
  Sylvester, Nicholas M
  Szachnitowski, Michael p — e co 705th msb,596th maint co,31st maint co , 626fsb

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