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  S, Brandi
  S, C D
  S, Darrell — Former AH-64 Crew Chief
  S, Dave
  S, E J
  S, M J
  Sabo, Justin D
  Sadler, James — U.S.Army 1985 - 2005 82 ABN Div, Old Guard (3rd U.S. Inf Regt), 2 ID, 101 ABN (Air Assault), TRADOC...More
  Sadler , Sadler W. — AIRBORNE INFANTRY 11B 4-325 3-325 A.B.C.T. 1985-1988 82 ABN DIV 2-325 1988-1992 THE OLD GUARD 1...More
  Sadowski, Dennis d — looking for members hhc 3bde. camp evans rvn 69 motor pool, im Dennis Sadowski . went back in 2001 p...More
  Sadowski, Thomas J
  Saenko, Michael M
  Safrit, Shane S
  Saftchick, Alan m — Suffer from severe P.T.S.D., Widowed, one male child, had a drug problem when I returned- Felt like ...More
  Sage, Charlene — My fiance is in Iraq right now. He has 20 years active duty in the Army National Guard. I am very pr...More
  Sager, Racheal — Hi my name is Rachel. Im 18 years old and live in ohio. My brother is a staff sergeant in the army. ...More
  Sager, Richard C — Primary MOS 31E10 (Field Radio Repair) I was stationed with HQ & LT Maint., 801st Maint. BN 101st Ai...More
  Saget, Bob
  Sahlein, Joe J — 16B at B-3-1, Hermanie PA for 4 years 8 months and 11 days. Still dream about that site! Anyone re...More
  Sain, Bobby
  Sakala, Paul A. — 101st Abn, 2/187 - 1st Cav Honor Guard - 9th Inf Div - 82d Abn Div, 2/508 - 3 Army Tng Ctrs. 1SG of ...More
  Salas, Melan P.
  Salazar, Michael — 301st Tactical Psychological Operations Co (ABN)
  Salazar, Ruben R — Communications, Air Assault and Jungle Expert Training, Company Commander Driver, Battalion Command...More
  Salcedo, John — Forgot I had this account, need to update this first chance I get.
  Salgado, Joel T — married,now a full time civilian, Served two tours in Iraq with the 101st 1-327 2003-2004 and again ...More
  Salguero, Josue
  Salinas, Rolando A
  Salisbury, Robert D
  Salitis, Gregory A — Platoon Leader with A Co., 1-187th Infantry Regiment during Desert Shield/Storm Assistant S4 of 1-1...More
  Salkaus, Edward A
  Salone, Robert — a co 1/502
  Salsgaeva, Tamara
  Salvatore, Paul F — I was in Delta Company, 1/187th Inf., 1st Platoon from 1993 - 1997 and got out as a CPL.
  Salvina, Robert
  Samotuga, Alexei
  Sams, Trey
  Samson, Michael A
  sanchez, anthony
  Sanchez, Antonio
  Sanchez, Fritz S
  Sanchez, Jack — The early years of Vietnam, enough said
  Sanchez, Joe
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanchez, Louie — Severed in Nam 69 to 70 2/502 recon 101st. airborne.
  Sanchez, Luis E
  Sanchez, Mario N — Proud member of the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). Easy Co. 506 RCT 4th BCT!!! Messengers Of Death...More
  Sanchez, Patrick o — A Dragon soldier since 1983. I have served with the 45th, 22d, 63rd and 87th Chemical Companies. I...More
  Sanchez Lopez, Santos Jepse
  Sandage, Kevin j
  Sandberg, Tommy V — Was recently medically retired from the Army. Now adjusting to civilian life.
  Sanders, Barry E
  Sanders, Chuck R — 11B4P,Parachute Infantry 2/506, 2/502, 3/187 and 58th Scout Dog Plt.101st Abn.Div. VietNam.69-71. 1s...More
  Sanders, Harry D — C/1/506inf 3rd PLT. 75-76, CSC/1/506inf AT PLT 76-79
  Sanders, Natalie
  Sanders, Roger O — Operation Iraqi Freedom Viet-nam Deseret Storm
  Sanders-Fuller, Stephen C
  Sandlin, Matthew H
  Sandlin, Timothy s — Was stationed at Ft Campbell KY. I was with the 3/327th co B Bulldogs. Was a Sgt, team Leader. Was i...More
  Sandoval, Mario
  Sandre, Vincent
  Sandy, Jere S — I read a book for school
  Sanford, Joshua
  Sansone, Michelle L
  Santabalbina, Capt. Enrique J — Airborne and Special forces member
  Santiago, Carmen — In the beginning of time... there was Ft.Polk La..where my medical career began as a "Motor Medic" (...More
  Santiago, Juan M. — Regular Guy.
  santiago, karla
  Santos, Fred
  Santos, Stanley j
  Sapio, Michael
  Sarla, Tim — i did 20years in the infantry and the best unit there is and was would be 1-9inf (straight leg) out ...More
  Sarle, Kevin J
  Sarmiento, Don J
  Sas, Dave — Ft Campbell, Ky. 6 mo's in 67'. Medic trained but became Infantry after joining Recon. Went to 101st...More
  Sas, David J — I was in Vietnam from 1967 - 1968, with the recon patrol, and would like to find people I served wit...More
  Sass, Daniel W — I was a Artillery Forward Observer for the 1st/321st Artillery Vietnam, 71-72. I was an Artillery Gu...More
  Sassaman, David C — Did basic with B Btry 2/80 FA and AIT with E Btry 1/31 FA at Ft. Sill. Served with C 2/1 FA from Pi...More
  Sattler, Richard
  Saucedo, Moses R — I'm latino, about 5'10". Average, athletic. 36 years old. Not married and have no kids
  Sauls, Jeffrey
  Saulsberry, Travis A — Deployed to Kuwait with B. Co "Mortars"
  Saunders, Dave M
  Saunders, Michael T — 1/327 Charlie Company 2nd Platoon
  Saunders, Neil — Searching for anyone that was stationed with B Co. between Sept 2000 to Jan 2002.
  Sauri, Javier — from 1984 - 1991 US. Army 82nd Airborne 101st Airborne UNC Honor Guard Seoul, Korea
  Savage, Todd M — RTO C Co 2/502nd
  Savas, Timothy
  Savoy, Jennifer R — Getting married December 16th, then moving to Fort Campbell, KY!
  Sawchuk, Jacquelyn — Served as the Avionics Sgt in charge of the Avionics Pukes. One hell of team...LOL
  Sawhill, Jeffrey J
  Sawtelle, Joseph J — 3/502 Inf ( B co and then A co after the Gander crash), 2/36 Inf, 2/48 Inf, 766 Supply co
  Sayatovich, Milton E
  Sayers, James A — from 1979 till 1986 1st IDF germany Panzer Kaseren from 1986 till 1988 Ft.Campbell.KY. from 1988 t...More
  Sayles, Harry D.
  Saylor, Deedee — NONE
  Sayre, David G — BCT/AIT 1986 PLDC 1989 DS-1990-1991 Air Assualt 1991 EFMB 1991 ITC 1990 BNCOC 1992 ACNOC 1994...More
  Scarborough, Glenn C
  Scarlett, Johnny W — Basic & AIT at FT.Benning 07-21-87/ 10-23-87 Served 2 years in BOEBLINGEN,GERMANY with the 1st/16th...More
  Schaefer, Richard A — Associate Degree from IVYTECH 1975 Retired from the US Postal Service, 2009
  Schaeffer, Martin K — served as a FIST in 1-9, 2-9, 3-9 and 4-9 FIST with the fomidable MANCHU Regt from 1983-1992. Opera...More
  Schafer, Justin P — I attended basic training at Ft. Benning, GA, Jan 2001. My lovely wife and I are now stationed at ...More
  Scharinger, Scott B
  Scheirer, Richard S
  Scheirman, Paul R — Was a 13F Plt Foward Observer in the 101st than became a COLT Team Cheif in Germany and Ft.Lewis. 1...More
  Scher, Gary A.
  Scherbinski, Matthew
  Scherer, John R
  Schieffer, Nicholas A
  Schildknecht, William J — Vietnam veteran, Officer (1st Lt) with 1/327th Infantry, Cobra Company and Tiger Force Recon, 101st ...More
  Schiller, Dave b — 2nd BN, 327th, Co.B
  Schillinger, Audrey J — My Fiances name is PFC.J.Falls he recently got deployed to Iraq and he is still in iraq today.I am...More
  Schimmelpfenning, James m
  Schindler, Michael S — Aloha; Maui has been my HQ. While serving the Army for 28 years, from 1970 to 1998. I retired as a F...More
  Schlachter, Guy D — I am a 19 years old and stationed in the 101st Airborne Division. I am an 11chuck and do my best. ...More
  Schleiden, Albert R — 1981-1984 Co. C 84th Combat Engineers, 1985-1987 Co. A 801st Maint., 1987-1988 61st Maint., 1988-199...More
  Schleiden, Albert R
  Schlind, Dany d
  Schlosser, John M — I served. "nuff said.
  Schmeeckle, Norman D — I was drafted April 26th 1970. I was wounded August 28th, 1971 about 2.5 klicks southeast of Camp Ev...More
  Schmeling, Rick
  Schmidt, Edward — Echo Company 3rd Engineer Battalion 1988-91...Echo Company 801st MSB 2003-04...Bravo Company 101 BTB...More
  Schmidt, Jim e — ABN 11H, 11B, 95B40. USAEUR / USAFE GLO 1980 1983 FOL III NORTHAG
  Schmidt, Michael R — Enlisted in the Army October 1993 Went to Ft. LeonardWood, MO for basic training and 88M AIT Assig...More
  Schmidt, William R — Served in C1/327 from April 91 till October 92 C1/501(ABN) from November 92 till November 95 C1/1...More
  Schmidtbauer, John R — 101st Airborne Division (Air Assualt) Asst S-3 Operation Officer for the birth of the 311th CEWI an...More
  schmitt, chris
  Schneider, Francis H
  Schoch, Nikko
  Scholar, Kenny D
  Scholl, Benjamin L.
  schommer, william
  Schoolcraft, Dale E
  Schooler, Jaymes A
  Schooler, Terry
  Schooley- Witter- Longacre, Lena D
  Schreier, Philip — Senior Curator, National Firearms Museum, NRA HQ Fairfax, VA Embedded correspondent 101st ABN DIV...More
  Schrepfer, David W
  Schriefer, Joseph K — B Co. 2/8th 1st Cav 65-66; USNS Geiger; B Co. 2/501 101 ABN 66-67; HHC 2/508 82 ABN 67-68. Private I...More
  Schritt, Donald d
  Schroeder, John d — i was member aco 3/502nd inf 2plt outlaws weapons squad and line squad also cco 3/502 inf 2nd plt 9...More
  Schroeder, Perry J — Sergeant E-5 with MOS of 97B, Special Agent, Military Intelligence. Basic at Fort Leonard Wood, MO,...More
  Schrum, Frank J — Duquesne University, Webster College, College of Lake County, former County Sheriff, certified Secur...More
  Schubert, Bruce — 98G (arabic linguist) w/ 311th MI Battalion ('86-'87)
  Schuelke, Korey
  Schuh, Nicholas W — Civi life isn't what I expected. I've started drilling and realized I should try getting back to ac...More
  Schulenburg, Steve
  Schulman, Martin
  Schultz, Nathan
  Schulz, Dave
  Schuman, Stephen — I went to basic in ft. lennard wood in c 795 "deathwolves". then i was at Fort Campbell. 101 MP CO. ...More
  Schumitsh, Jennifer C
  Schwartz, B
  Schwartz, David W
  Schwartz, Jeffrey A
  Schwartzman, Mitch S — Currently in Florida Married with one child
  Schwarzkopf, Eric K — Currently I am employed in Portland, Oregon as the Warehouse/Facility Corrdinator for Matrix Network...More
  Scimeca, Frank
  Scism, Tammy A
  Scoles, Larry R
  Scott, Brandon
  Scott, Dave
  Scott, Felecia
  Scott, Greg — Entered service 02/04/04. Assigned to 1-502 INF, 101st, July '04. Served as platoon RTO from Dec...More
  Scott, John C
  Scott, Larry n — Served in Panama Canal (1990), Gulf War(1990-1991), NTC. Platoon sgts. SSgt.Falu, SFC. Wooden. RAKKA...More
  Scott, Matt J — A 3-320th FA "Redknight Rakassans" B 2-2 FA B 4-319 AFAR
  Scott, Stephen G — 68D aviation units @ Ft. Campbell.
  Scott, Steven W. — I was in between Sep 85 and Jun 06, with a break 88-89. Served with 595 MP Co (86-88), 503d MP Co (...More
  Scott Jr, Wilburt B — I retired from the United States Army after 23 years of great service. I am presently working with a...More
  Scoviak, James D
  Scroggs, Larry — USMC 1965-69 MCAS El Toro 1966 11th Engineer Bn 1966-67 CAP Papa 2, Papa 3, 4th CAG RVN 1967 3/7 Inf...More
  Scruggs, Kevin L — 2-59th ADA Supply Clerk 2-37th Armor Supply Sergeant 3-187th Inf (RAKKASAN) 3-101 AVN Bn (S4 NCOI...More
  Scudder, Jeffrey C. — served spring of 76 to fall 78 in C Co.1/ we are 30 years later! I see a few names ...More
  Scull, Kenneth C — Commander, 1-14 Infantry
  Sdunek, Charles B — I arrived at Fort Benning for basic training/AIT early in the morning, New Years day, 1992. After c...More
  Seablom, Andrew M
  Seals, James c — was with C trp sept 74- dec 75
  Seaman, Joe — C 1/60th ABN in Ft Richardson, AK 1978 -- B 2/502 in Ft Campbell Ky 1980 -- TA btry 25 Arty in F...More
  seames, earl e — airborne infantry- 2 years
  Searles, John J
  Searles, John J
  Seate, C — Former U.S. Marine / 0311 SGT. 1994-2001 RSC Leeward gtmo,cuba , 3/2 , 2/2 , & S.O.I. instructor ...More
  Seaton, Rachel
  Seaton, Richard
  Seaton, Wiliam
  Sebree, Roger A
  Sebright, David C
  Secrest, Ron L — served in Bco. HHC and Aco. 326th Engrs. Desert Storm/Shield. Sapper Leader course (twice)-Mar '89...More
  Sedler Sr., Andy J
  Seguin, Ron K — Basic training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky then off to AIT at Fort Lenardwood for Road Grader Operato...More
  Seid, Guy A.
  Seifert , Richard G
  Seiple, Robert H — Fort Dis-Basic, Fort Polk-AIT, Fort Benning-Shake and Bake School, Fort Carson-OJT, Vietnam, Valley ...More
  Seitz, Jason W
  Seivers, Evonda G — i married sgt. michael c. seivers on january 18,2003
  Selby, Teresa L
  Sell, John P
  Sellers, Ray
  Sellner, Karl a
  Seltz, Chris d
  Semenov, Rostislav U
  Sendejo, William — Served in Vietnam (Phu Bai) in the 159th Aviation, C Company, Gunner
  Sennabaum, David L — U S Army-Retired; Civilian Industry - Retired; Presently working as an Executive Protection Specia...More
  Sentmat, Gabriel J
  seonghwan, choi — beginer
  Sepulveda, Ralph J
  Sergent, Bryon R — well i've been in 10 yrs, 3 active dutyand 7 guard. I was a Rakkassan, and in Desert Shield, and Des...More
  Sergent, Bryon R — Served in the Persian Gulf with the 101st Airborne division, Cco 2/187 th infantry "HARDROCK CHARLIE...More
  Sergent, Bryon
  Serikaku, David Y — Medic with 3/319th FA, 173rd, 1970-71, and 1/502nd Recon platoon, 101st, 1971. CPT, Army Nurse Cor...More
  Serj, Baramba A
  Serna, Juan A
  Serra, Marc
  Serrano, Riky — If think u know me or wanna get to know me email me.
  Serrano, Victor M — Currently a MAJOR with the Puerto Rico National Guard. Tour as an enlisted soldier, SGT, at 507th T...More
  Sessions, Sam — Plt Ldr 4.2 CSC, XO Aco Mad Dogs 4/10 Inf. Staff Puke @ HHC after 4/10 became 1/187, Commander Bco 1...More
  Setchell, Douglas — B/229 Avn (AH) 1st Cav Div A/2/3 >199th (Task Force 3506 )3/506th > A Co>Recon> Battalion ammun...More
  Setiawan, Soni
  Severson, Garik — I was in the Army from July 1994- November 1998. I served in B co 3/502 Inf Ft.Campbell Ky for 2 yea...More
  Sexton, Jerry D — the 5/3rd i was in was located in Giessen
  SextonAdams, Cindy — D/158TH GHOSTRIDER...C/158TH PHOENIX...TF 160TH............HOWDY BOYS!!!! 1352'S done........let's ...More
  Seybert, Kevin w — I grew up in the army my Dad was stationed in in many places he was a Marine then joined the Army i...More
  Seyfert, Justin
  Seyler, Jennifer j
  Seymour, jr., John A — Abn Enlistee in Apr 1962 assigned to 3/508th Abn Inf at Ft Kobbe, Panama CZ in Nov62. Transferred i...More
  Shackelton, Jeff — Basic training at Ft. Benning GA. B co. 4/36th Inf.- Ft. Campbell KY. 101st Airborne (Air Assault) ...More
  Shadeed, John N
  Shadix, Darrens K
  Shafer, Joe
  Shafer, Julie A
  Shaffer, Andrew M — Sniper Instructor Medic Police Officer
  Shaftic, James J — Served in HHC AVN BDE from 1986 to 1990. Worked in the S3. I think the brigade commander at the ti...More
  Shamblen, James F — 101st ABN Div, 39th Eng BN (RVN), Engineer School, 1st SFG, 12th ENG BN, ROTC Marshall U, HQTRADOC, ...More
  Shambley, George W
  Shanabrough, Christopher — I am currently stationed here with the 4th BCT as a 68W. This is my first duty stationed and I am an...More
  Shanahan, Jeffery D — D Co 1/502nd Infantry
  Shank ii, John W — Retired as E-7 with 101st Airborne in 1997. Live in Elkhart, Indiana.
  Shanks, Claude — Born in Orlando Fla 1955 Raised in Danville IL.since 1957 Entered service May 23,1972 Discharged ...More
  Shannon, Judy l
  Sharapov, Sergey
  Sharatz, John
  Shark, Jesus L
  Sharp, Aaron E
  Sharp, Christopher l
  Sharp Jr, Charles W — Served with the Co A 1/507th/101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from 04/68 to 05/69
  Sharpe, Kenneth W
  Sharrow, Tom L
  Shaul, Ryan E — Gratuated from B CO 2/54 ITB DEC99 JUMP SCHOOL FEB00 JRTC x2 07OCT01 - 02APR02 DEPLOYED for OEF1 ...More
  Shavatt, Paul — UH-1 and OH-58 Pilot for 3rd Brigade 101st
  Shaver, Heather
  Shaw, Jerry E — PA working in spine
  Shaw, Myles J — GO ARMY
  Shaw, Myles j
  Shawver, Sabrina G — Spent 7 years active duty, then transferred to Louisiana Army National Guard. Worked full-time exce...More
  Shay, Tim a — /Then/ Loved isolation with the Donkeys and chickens on Diego, served as a MP 3 yrs, Construction En...More
  Sheagren, Chris A — B-52H Crew Chief 449 OMS Kincheloe AFB 1971-1972, A-37 Crew Chief Grissom AFB 1972-1973, F-1...More
  Shedd, John t
  Sheehan, Robert P — Armor, Mech Infantry, Airborne, Viet Nam, recruiting
  Sheep, Mad
  Sheets, Chris
  Sheets, Chris
  Shell, Adrian
  Shelly, Thomas A
  Shelton, Krystle l
  Shelton, Shay — Greetings Soldiers! I'm a military wife, showing my love and support for all the soldiers and famili...More
  Shenaur, Dolores A
  Shepard, Donald a
  Shepard, Marla
  Shepard, Merritt L — Joined the Army on 17 Dec 1975 in Richmond VA as a 76P. Retired on 1 April 1998 in Heidelberg Germ...More
  Shepherd, Edward t
  Shepherd, John — Former Regimental Surgeon of the worlds best aviation unit the 160th Special Operations Aviation Reg...More
  Shepherd, Lenard Lavon
  Sheppard, Michael s
  Sherer, Jeffery C — Joined The Army on 28Dec05, Graduate Basic and AIT on 21Apr06, reported to Fort Irwin, Ca. on 1May06...More
  Sherfield, Michael
  Sherick, Mark S — member of aero rifle platoon I corp from phu bai to quang tri to the laotian border.
  Sherman, John
  Sheron, David A — Retired from the 101st Airborne Division
  Sherrod, Jeffrey E.
  Sherron, Terry — served 326 med 101 abn 1973-75 in hdqs co,evac plt. ets 10/ 76-79. 25 enforcment.c...More
  Shervey, Dave M
  Sherwood, Tommie A — 3 years 1rst batt d co 187th
  Shew, Chris r
  Shields, J A — Company Commander, 2nd S&T BN
  Shields, Jeffery A — BBA UNT
  Shifflette, James B — 56-57 82d Sig Co 57-59 511th Sig Bn(Abn), 59-60 24th Sig Bn, (Abn) 60-63 228th Sig. Co 6...More
  Shifflette, Jim — Entered the Army in 1956 and went to Germany to the 11th ABN Div in Augsburg. Stayed in for 27 years...More
  Shipley, Dennis A
  Shipman, Jason
  Shirey, David
  Shirley, Don
  Shivler Jr., William K
  Shockley, Wayne R — Served 1971 in RVN with the 101st Rakkasans C co 3/187th, "Grunt"
  Shoe, Marvin l
  Shoemaker, Trent A — Currently a 15P (Aviation Operations Specialist) the the Florida Army National Guard (1-111th GSAB)
  Shoffield, Christi A
  Shofner, Thomas d
  Shonkwiler, Charles M
  Shoopman, Denny K — Enter Army in June 1961, Retired June 1988 as Command Sergeant Major. Served in Aviation units, two...More
  Shoots, Steven K — Airborne, Infantry, Mortars. 2-187th(Panama 84-86), 5-502(Berlin 88-91). 82nd(2/325 86-88), 1st In...More
  Shope, Matthew P
  Short, Jeremy P — I served in OIF 05-06 and OIF 07-09 with 2-502 IN. I am happily married to the woman of my dreams, ...More
  Short, Phillip M
  Shouse, Benona — Spent almost 8 years on Active Duty in the U.S. Army, then the rest in the Ky. National Guard. Retir...More
  Showen, Richard G
  Showers, Craig
  Shreiner, Tom G
  Shrewsbury, Lacey S — 101st wife here!!!! GO SCREAMING EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!! COME HOME SAFE SWEETIE!!!!!!!! 311 MI BN Delt...More
  Shriver, Monica S — I was in for 8 years. I am currently in School to get my RN degree. I Am also raising three childr...More
  Shuherk, Jeremy
  Shuler, Tim W
  Shuman, Chris K
  Shuman, Peter — I served from Dec 1978 - Jun 1996. I did 2 tours in Korea. 1980 -1981, 1/31 Inf. (mech) Camp Howze, ...More
  Shumate, Jimmy T. — Sr. Instuctor, Operations NCOIC,
  Shumilov, Alexander mr
  Sias, Paul G
  Sickmeier, David
  Sidebottom, Bill
  Sidney, Bryant Y — Joined Army in 1983.Basic training in Fort " Lost in the Woods" Missouri' AIT in FT Hwachuca Arizon...More
  Sierra, Roderick — I was stationed at Coleman Barracks in Mannhiemin in the 2/13inf. combat suport company,mortar plat...More
  Signer, Gary
  Silcox, Raymond A
  Siltman, Brock l
  Silvas, Greg
  Silverthorn, Gary L
  Simbeck, Danny W
  Simchik, Kim — Sorry not active army. I'm the mother of a Active member
  Simcox Jr, Andrew W — Was with the HHB 2/31 Filed Artilery as radio operator
  Simenson, Elaine
  Simeral, Eugene
  Simmonds, Rick
  Simmons, Bucky
  Simmons, Kena
  Simmons, Rickey E — Served from 1971 to 1973 with a 6 month 14 Days tour in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Divison.Und...More
  Simmons, Rickey E — I love to go Navada w/ the wife to get away from the city we go every year for our Anniversary this ...More
  Simmons, William L
  Simmons, William h
  Simmons III, Jordan M — Retired 1998.
  Simms, Charlie E
  Simms, Larry J — D trp 4/7 Cav Huey Crew chief
  Simms, Peter F
  Simms, Richard D
  Simon, John — My Grandpa Served in WWII who was killed 3 Dec 1944 in Lima, France while he and 3 other men of the ...More
  Simon, Kevin
  Simon, Michael — Served as FSO for D/3-502 IN, B/2-502 IN from 92-93 Served as Btry FDO & XO for C/1-320 FA 94-95 S...More
  Simon, Nick F — Was 67N40 in army. when I left the service I worked for awhile as a swithcan for the railroad.Then w...More
  Simons, Travis w
  Simpson, Doc David — Retired and loving it. Served with the 1st Inf. Div 1/18th Inf. 67-68 as a combat medic (91-B). ...More
  Simpson, Gary W
  Simpson, James J
  Simpson, January L
  Simpson, Kyle a
  Simpson, Shaun
  Sims, Shawn
  Sims, Walter — 1995 VP-30 Avionics Supervisor/ 1993 VP-30 FRAMP Avionics Sup 1990-93 VP-45 NATOPS IFT Evaluator ...More
  Sims, Walter R — U.S. NAVY 1993-95-VP-30/ AVIONICS INSTR. 1990-93-VP-45/CAC-4/NATOPS INSTR. 1986-90-VP-30 FRAMP/ I...More
  Sinclair, Lane h
  Singer, Michael
  Singleton, Bob
  Singleton, Henry
  Singleton, Lucille e
  Sinner, Ron L — A 5/21 saw two cohorts cycles go through the doors of the Battalion. Met alot of great men, had alo...More
  Sinnett, James E
  Siples, William E
  Sipple, Joseph L
  Sironel, Benjamin A
  Sisler, Joseph
  Sisson, Barbara A — My Units: F Co. 3/13th Inf. Regt Ft. Jackson, SC A Co. 16th Ord BN Aberdeen Proving Ground, ...More
  Sites, Jessica
  Sivolov, Vladimir N
  Sizelove, Todd j — My name is private sizelove and i leave to basic training on 20/01/09 to Ft. Jackson, SC Can anyone ...More
  Sizemore, Randall D — Retired CH-47 SIP/IFE. Now an FAA Inspector. Was C/2-17 Cav/101st in RVN, as well as Det 1/HHC/229...More
  Skatchkov, Alex v — it was good
  Skelf, Markus M — This is my first assignment on active duty, and Fort Campbell is my first Duty Station. Currently de...More
  Skimin, James
  Skinner, John W
  Skinner, Patrick L — Inf OCS grad, 1967;A/1/8thCav, 1st Cav Div 67-68; 3d SFGA, 68-69; 1/506th Inf, 101 Abn Div 69-70;2/5...More
  Skogman, Robert
  Slager, Chris — Served with Bravo Company 3/327 of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 1995 through 1998.
  Slagle, Justin A
  Slaughenhaupt, Karl E — Infantry officer, served in C Company and HHC/2-502 Infantry (Strike Force) from 90-93, served in De...More
  Slayden, Dave N
  Sloan, B
  Sloan, Charles H — Served with the 101st ABN div from 1987 to 1989 A Co 801st. Korea 2nd IDfor 19 Months. Returned t...More
  Sloat, Charles M — Recently remarried with two children from previous marrage. I have recently enlisted in the Illinois...More
  Sluder, Larry M
  Slusser, Eddie A — 1 tour in korea may 2002- aug 2003
  Small, Zena
  Smallwood, Tiffany V
  Smart, James G
  Smart, Kenneth W
  Smart, Robert E
  Smart, Sean
  smekal, hans-peter
  Smentkowski, Michael D
  Smit, Morton J — US Army Service from 1941 (30th Inf 3rd Div), in Officer Class Parachute Tr, Ft Benning # 6, Cadred...More
  Smith, Aaron B — Was honored to have served with and led troops in OIF V while being in the 1st of the 505th PIR
  Smith, Aaron C — I am a 88M20 currently serving in OIFIII, stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY with the 4th BCT, 801st BSB
  Smith, Anthony — 3 yrs with A co. 2/187 inf.(97- 2000) 1 year camp giant south korea(00-01)
  Smith, Anthony — Currently a Drill Sergeant on Sand Hill, Ft. Benning, GA.
  Smith, Ben C — 20 yrs old married for 2 yrs and have one 2 yr old child and one on the way. This one is due on Marc...More
  Smith, Bob
  Smith, Bob a — none, just enthuasist
  Smith, Bob — Just an admirer
  smith, bonnie
  Smith, Brandie n
  Smith, Brandon
  Smith, Brian
  Smith, Bryan
  Smith, Carl — IN vietnan from 1970- 1971 HHC 2 bd 101st
  Smith, Carl — Basic training Ft Benning GA, 1990 September I was a Delta Dragon 1st of the 50th had no boot to fit...More
  Smith, Chester — lrp
  Smith, Chester
  Smith, Colin c — 3rd Plt. C co. 1/187 from 2-87 to 10-89. A co. 1/121 from 12-90 to 5-91 HHC 1st BDE 101st 6-93 to...More
  Smith, D D'Han D — Served in several units in the 101st: 801st Maint BN 3/187th Inf Regt. 426th S&T BN 801st MSB 4...More
  Smith, Damian
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Damon J
  Smith, Dan
  Smith, Dana m
  Smith, Danny — Recon 1/502nd Desert Storm Vet 1989 - Company RTO B Co. 1/502nd 1990 - Rifleman in 1st platoon,...More
  Smith, David
  Smith, David — Artillery Officer
  Smith, Debbie J — My youngest son, Specialist Luke Smith is in Alpha Co. 2-327th Infantry. He is currently deployed ov...More
  Smith, Dennis W — 101st ABN, DISCOM (73-75) USMA Prep Sch, NJ (75-76); Lowry AFB, CO (76-77); 48th Postal, FRG (78-...More
  Smith, Don — I was there at the named dates. Thought I would see what otehrs memories were like.
  Smith, Donald
  Smith, Donald E
  Smith, Earl W — Living in New Orleans .Doing Air conditioning and heating
  Smith, Eric J
  Smith, Gary f
  Smith, Gary J — 101 MP Co, 3rd Platoon, 1967 to 1969 84th Div (Reserves) 1983-1993
  Smith, Gee
  Smith, Gerald W — Born at Guthrie Oklahoma Joined OK National Guard 45 Inf Div 179th Infantry Army Rotc Guthrie High...More
  Smith, Greg A — USAR MAJ (Ret) Enlisted 1973-1977 PVT-SGT Correctional Lieutenant, Ca Dept of Corrections Retired. ...More
  Smith, Helena r
  Smith, Jarek
  Smith, Jeffrey E
  Smith, Jermaine C
  Smith, Jim
  Smith, Jimmie L — I joined the Army in 1975 and served in the 1st ID, 25th ID, 101st ID, and the Old Guard. I retired...More
  Smith, Jimmie — Retired Infantry 1983-2003 served in the 9th ID, 2nd ID, 197th BDE, 193rd BDE, 101st ABN, 82nd ABN
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John
  Smith, John D
  Smith, Keith — I have over 28 years service (Active and Reserve) prior to retiring in 2005. Before leavign active ...More
  Smith, Kelly L — Married my childhood sweetheart in 2006. Moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Clarksville, TN. I'm major...More
  Smith, Kenneth R — I was at Fort Campbell, Ky. 101st Airborne Division as an E-4 44E Machinist/Manint. From 1991-1992....More
  Smith, Kenneth F
  Smith, Larry J
  Smith, Larry j
  Smith, Lawrence S — Viet Nam . 1967 to 1968
  Smith, Lawrence S
  Smith, Marvin D
  Smith, Mary m — Hey my names mary marie smith and brother and my best freind is in the 2 / 502nd inf reg of teh 101s...More
  Smith, Max
  Smith, Mechelle
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Nate
  Smith, Nathan L
  Smith, Paul H
  Smith, Paul C — Army officer 1967-1982, VN vet, service in Germany 5 years. Served in 56Inf platoon (ABN)((Davy Croc...More
  Smith, Peter L
  Smith, Ralph D
  Smith, Richard D — O5G/97G Counter Signal Intelligence
  Smith, Richard a
  Smith, Rj — Served with the 1/506 Infantry
  Smith, Robert — What to say? I'm the guy who got stabbed by a crazy Panamanian outside the PX at ft Davis. Wish I'd...More
  Smith, Robert M — HS, 1968-Ft. Knox, Ft. Ord, RVN, 1968-1969 101st Airborne, A Co. 2/502 Inf. Ft. Hood-1970: USAR, 83r...More
  Smith, Robert — stationed with the 1st MI at Ft Riley
  Smith, Ryan
  Smith, Samuel G — Joined in 1977. Basic and AIT at Ft. Gordon, Ga. Duty at; Ft. Campbell, Vicenza Italy, Ft. Carson, M...More
  Smith, Scott J — Just looking for some old friends... Seeing if they are still around
  Smith, Scott H — Served with A/2/506 of the 101st for 2 weeks in 1967 till I volunteered for the 173d. Served with A/...More
  Smith, Stacy
  Smith, Stacy
  smith, steven
  Smith, Terry M
  Smith, Thomas H — Washington, D. C. native. Served with D Co. 1/502nd Inf. Regt., 101st Airborne Division from 5/89 t...More
  smith, todd
  Smith, Victor d
  Smith, Wardell — May1953- March1954 asgn to 40th Inf Div Korea, fought at punch bowl & heartbreak ridge. 1967 as...More
  Smith, Willie R — Originally from Virginia Beach, VA. Just got home 9/19/06 from Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division...More
  Smith, Willie R — Originally from Virginia Beach, VA. Just got home 9/19/06 from Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division...More
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  Smithers, Allen E
  Smock, Wesley M
  Smolinske, Thad A. — Served four and a half years as an Infantry soldier. Served in Desert Shield/Storm with the 101st Ai...More
  Smolinski, Thomas N
  Smothers, Ernest M
  Snedeker, Scott M — I am an IMA reservist that belongs to the 820th SFG
  Snell, Dallas D — I Did Basic at Ft Dix NJ in 1970. >Combat Development Experimental Command Fort Ord Calif. >...More
  Snell, Sheila S — Military brat in the Army, not sure for how long. So far this hitch has brought me two job specialti...More
  Snodgrass, Guy L — Married, 3 children, enjoy outdoor activites (Hunting, fishing, camping,etc)
  Snow, Jeffrey P
  Snow, Jimmy d — I served with 2/506 recon rangers 1967-1968 served with some of the best men in Viet Nam, Serv...More
  Snyder, Casey
  Snyder, David E
  Snyder, Jim N
  Snyder, M e
  Snyder, Shaun a
  Snyder, William B — Disabled Vet, injured while training for Dersert Storm.
  Soedjadi, Hilmy — Served with C co 3/ 187 Inf (Choppin Charlie Rakkasan)
  Soileau, Jonathan D — Aco/HHC 3/327th Inf Rgt Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom Mar 03
  Solano, Omar
  Soldier, Strike
  Solero, Jose a
  Solero, Jose A
  Solis, Sue a
  Solner, Irene
  Solomon, Raymond E — 86-89 i was with C co 2nd/502nd inf,, 90-93 i was with the 4th and the 6th of the 502nd inf berlin b...More
  Solorzano, Luis
  Soltis, Bill
  Soltis, William George — Divorced twice, 6 great kids and one fabulous grandson
  Sommer, Clifton B
  Sommers, Robert W — 20 years Military service. 21 years Married College graduate with a degree in Social/Psychology
  Sonnenberg, Bryan l
  Sopp, Michael j
  Sopronenkov, Igor G — studient,internet,4 persons
  Sorenson, Joseph A
  Sorio, Mafi
  Sorrell, Darold Duayne — Assigned to the 7th infantry division DISCOM
  Sosa, Efren
  Sosa, Nadz D — adrenaline junky!
  Sotallaro, Vincent P
  Sotallaro, Vincent
  Soto, Israel
  Soto, Jason — 67T
  Soto-Solano, Alex — Member of C co. 1st Bn. 503rd (The Rock) Which then came to be C co. 5th Bn. 187th Inf. Reg. (R...More
  Sottana, Marco
  Soules, Timmie l
  Southern Cherokee, Eastern Band — The flag a eleven (11) white stars in a circle in the blue field, representing the states in the Con...More
  Southwell, Megan — Hi, Im Megan I am from a small town called Holly Pond located in Alabama. I cheered in high school...More
  Southworth, Mikeal S
  Souza, Dennis W
  Sowder, Larry D — I served with the 138th from Phu Bai till we lowered the colors in Danang in Feb 73, transfered to F...More
  Spalding, Rick
  Spanel, Dean
  Spann, Lebanon — Entered the Military in June 1971. Served in various units throughout service career. Most memorab...More
  Sparks, Shaun — My Son is renewing his enlistment from the 82nd Airborne to be with your battalion 101st airborne Di...More
  Speakman, Charles p
  Speakman, Harvey D
  Spears, Jimmy D
  Spears, Roberto A
  Spears, Roberto
  Speece, Timothy G — Current PSG of the Iron Rakkasans.... Scout...More
  Speicher, James M
  Spellman, Getta L
  Spencer, Dana R. — Served in AF from 1964 to 1972; retired disability. Interested in Civil War genealogy of Spencers; ...More
  Spencer, David S
  Spencer, Matthew G
  Spencer, Raymond C — I was with the ordance shop at Camp Pendelton and worked on the "G" model cobra. I got out of the Co...More
  Spencer, Scott — 2/502 HHC 1990-1993 Commo Plt
  Spencer Jr., Stephen W — 25 years now and still going,too many places to list .recruiter/Future Soldier Manager for the reser...More
  Speranza, Vincent J.
  Sperry, Brad
  Spillers, Billy — Electronic Communications type work for a long long time.
  Spivey, Beau d — My name is Cpl. Beau spivey. I am 20 years old. i enlisted as a calvary scout and eventuall became a...More
  Spivey, Carson G
  Spivey, Tony
  Splonskowski, Timothy J
  Spohn, Dennis S — Jump School and Basic at Ft Benning.Advanced Inf.Training and Pathfinder School.To Viet Nam in July ...More
  Spooner, Edward c
  Spooner, Steven L.
  Sporay, Ralph
  Sports, William r — C co.First 506 101 Airborne FT Cambell Ky 1966-1968 Phenix City Ala ...More
  Spoto, Joseph
  Spradley, Herman D — Engineer enlisted, Engineer Warrant Officer and Ordnance Corps Officer.
  Sprague, George A — Was assigned to the 503d in Frankfurt, Germany. Truely one of the best units I served in.
  sprawls, volney
  Sprayberry, Victor a.
  Spriggs Sr., Robert F — Vietnam 1965-1966 Retired 1971
  Springer, Bryant D
  Springer, Edward
  Springman, Tim M — served active duty 88-96 1st AD, 101st, 2nd ID,Ft. Stewart 24th and 3id ets'd aug 96 joined army res...More
  Springstun, Erock
  Spurlin, William
  squier, jeff — us army avation fort campbell ky, air assualt
  squindo, tom
  Squires, Mike g — i like to fight for the old glory.
  Sroufe, Dustin L
  Ssssssssssssss, Sssssssssss
  St, B — Been in the AF since 1998. Went to TACP training out of Basic and been with it ever since.
  St John, Lane C — I was assigned to HHC 3/187th Mortars in early 1990 after my tour in Germany was up. We were deploy...More
  St. Pierre, David A
  St.Mary, Mary
  Stack, Kevin j — 1/327 C/co 2nd Plt "OUTLAWS"
  Stacker, Ronald
  Stacy, Brennan
  Stacy, James M
  Stafford, Ellis D
  Stafford, Larry — Had Larry set this up it would only say - "Remember my Buddies on the Wall", but I found his DD214.....More
  Stafford, William H
  Stager, Christopher
  Stagnolia, Steed K — 15 years total time in service (Active Duty/National Guard). Preserntly work at Tennessee Valley au...More
  Stahl, Dave
  Stahl Grant, Elaine M — I am currently serving with the 525 MI BDE. I am the Brigade S3 NCOIC and loving life on Airborne ...More
  Staley, Raymond
  Stallings, John c — what i do now is just sit at home and watch tv cause i don`t have but one car now. my wife uses it t...More
  Stallings, John C. — i was a doorgunner in the 101st airborne aslt hel. bat company A from 1970 to 1971. i also have many...More
  Stallworth, Judge
  Stamper, Douglas G — Born- Patuxent River,MD Enlisted US Army 1970 basic-Leonard Wood AIT-Ft Polk Abn&Pathfinder Ft Benni...More
  Stamper, Michael
  Stamper, Troy
  Stanbery, Clyde R — Served in the 502nd Replacement Detachment form 72-73: 3/3rd FA-84-86: 2AD DIVARTY- 86-88: HHC 3/66 ...More
  Standridge, Rickey S — Still working for the U.S. Army as a Defence Contractor With DynCorp, CSC. 51 years old and still go...More
  Stanifer, Jacob N — I now have a wonderful 14 year old daugther and a great wife also. if anybody knows me or just wants...More
  Stanley, David E. — My father, Msgt. William J. Stanley (Bill), served with the following Div - Regs: 1941/45 29th Inf ...More
  Stanley, Donald
  Stanley, John
  Stanley, Karen e
  Stanley, Owen R
  Stanley, Richard — Long Binh, Camp Eagle, LZ Sally June 1968 - May 1969 501st Signal 801st Maint
  Stanley, Wheeler J — july 1 1959 joined the Army went to Fort Campbell went to bac 65 Dec 59 Stayed at Campbell till Jan...More
  Stans, Jeff W
  Stanzak, James M — AH-64 Apache Crewchief C-3/227 AVN 12th Aviation Brigade
  Stapler, Hubert
  Stapleton, Bob — 2/502 abn inf 101st abn 66/68 c/co 1st plt point man
  Starcher, Marvin R
  Stark, W. O. — Units served in: B Co. 2/503, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Div.; D Co. 4/187, 101st Airborne (A...More
  Starr, Ronald l — served in a troop 2/17th air cavalry at ft. campbell, ky. from 1973-1976
  Starrett, Jeffrey s — enlisted, basic at ft. benning, asigned to 2/502 infantry ft. campbel, deployed to desert storm/shie...More
  Staub, Alex V
  Stauffer, Robert
  Stauffer, William N — VIET NAM WITH 3/506 HHC 101AB 5/68-5/69 VIET NAM WITH 2/506 HHC 101AB 11/69-11/70
  Stead Sr, David L — I was born in Cortland, New York in 1967. I graduated from Binghamton High School in Binghamton, New...More
  Steade, Roderick H — Aug 84 - Dec 84 B Co.; 12th Mp Bn Ft McClellan, AL; Dec 84 - Jul 86 HHC 2AD(FWD) Garlstedt, FRG; Ju...More
  Steadman, Don
  Stearns, Brian E — Basic Sand Hill 1993, Ft. Campbell, KY until 95, then DMZ of Korea till late 96
  Stearns, Larry
  stearsman, michael — radio/teletype operator in vietnam with 501st sig bn invietnam in 717 in long binh ammo dump in 72
  Steber, Jerome J — Electronic Repair Tech
  Steck, Robert
  Steddum, Jim — Legal Administrator with Army Judge Advocate General's Corps.
  Steeley, David T — Served with 7 ID light, Sapper Leader Course Training Detachment, 5th Eng. Bn., 82nd ABN, 549th MPs,...More
  Steeves, Alison
  Steferak, Dana A
  Stege, Kristin
  Steht, Lonnie L
  steinacker, andrew
  Steiner, Ray E
  Steinhoff, Tracy P — 92-94 Hohenfelz, GR 1/4 Inf. C Co. + 94-96 HHC 101st ABN DIV G3 OPS Service 92-96 Born and rais...More
  Stemp, Scott A
  Stengel, Joseph
  Stepek, Allyssa r
  Stephan, Eric H — I was born in Leominister Massachusettes. My mother and father both served in the Army in the medica...More
  Stephen, George E
  Stephens, Gary D. — Entered service in 1965 as a Nike-Hercules Fire Control Crewman. Received a Warrant Officer appointm...More
  Stephens, James A — My nickname was Horsecollar. I was assigned to Fb Judy in March 1968 then I was assigned to Fb Betty...More
  Stephens, Jon D
  Stephens, Kenneth E — Dr. Kenneth Stephens is a retired military (Army) First Sergeant. He served twenty-years in Army Avi...More
  Stephens, Lance
  Stephens, Michael D
  Stephens, Milton P — U.S. Army Jan 16,1968-Jan 22, 1971 Basic Sand Hill B co. 5th Bn. 1st Tng. Bde. Ft Bignning, GA. Jan...More
  Stephens, Robert L
  Stephenson, Amy L
  Stepp, K A
  Sterling, Tim d
  Stevens, Gary W — Operation Iraqi Freedom
  Stevens, James
  Stevens, Kyle A — I spent five years on active duty. Made two trips to Iraq. I am an 11 chuck but haven't seen a mor...More
  Stevens, Michael D
  Stevens, Patrick b
  Stevenson, Adam
  Stevenson, Brad
  Stevenson, Jamie
  Stevenson Iii, Oscar
  Stever, Michael
  Steward Jr, Robert W — D Co./HHC 3/502d 1/90-1/92 D Co. 3/187th 7/93-7/96
  Stewart, Allison L
  Stewart, Charles A — Was with the 187th RAKKSASAN's 3 battalion Dco (Wolfpack) Was on Air Assault going into Iraq. Aft...More
  stewart, connie
  Stewart, Duncan k
  Stewart, Frank
  Stewart, Harry
  Stewart, James l
  Stewart, Milton R
  Stewart, Ronald L — 36th TFW 36th CES Bitburg AB 1982-1985. 101st ABN DIV 326th ENGR BN 887th ENGR Co 1987-1992
  Stewart, William C
  Sticht, Eric j — i was in the army from 1992to1995 in the us infantry didnt do anything spectacular but am planning a...More
  Stidham, Joel
  Stigers, Mark
  Stiles, Robert — US Army retired
  Stilwell, David L
  Stinchfield, Chris — Served 1 yr tour at Camp Greaves
  Stinchfield, Christopher E — Served 1 year in So. Korea at Camp Greaves, from 1987-88. Was in Charlie Comapany 1st platoon 1/50...More
  Stitt, Robert
  Stitt, Stanley n — fat and drunk
  Stjohn, Mike
  Stockard, Jennifer E — I am 29, married, no children. I work as a print and photo journalist and assistant editor for "Duty...More
  Stocker, Gary — 101st Airborne, 1st of 327th
  Stockie, Brandon J
  Stoddard, Jancie
  Stoll, Doug A
  Stone, Jeremy J — I was apart of the chemical unit on post. My training didn't extend beyond AIT
  Stone, Marjorie R
  stone, steven
  Stone, William Scott — Currently teaching elementary.
  Stone, William J
  Stonehocker, James E
  Stoner, Jack w
  Storck, Nathan J. — IN PL and CO XO: 1/5 IN ROK, 88-90 IN CO XO, TOW PL, TOW CO XO: 2/187 IN 101st, 90-92 CO CDR: 108...More
  Storms, William
  Stottle, Leslie J.
  Stout, Dwayne
  Stout, Marcus — Retired disabled veteran. Do do to much because of limitations
  Stout, Robert R — Started my Army years in the 3/9th C Btry 1st plt and then went to Germany to 85th USAFAD, then into...More
  Stover, Craig W — Father of two and married to Monica. Worked in quality management since the military. I am currently...More
  Strader, Jim
  Strader Sr., Charles L — HQ CO. 325 INF DIV. & HQ&HQ 82nd DIV HQ.
  Strait, Joseph J
  Strait, Joseph — I am a 15 year veteran of the US Army. I am joining this group because my father was a Firemen 2nd C...More
  Strang, Kevin J — Ok Im sure most of you remember me. Rangers lead the way!
  Strange, Brad M — Being a Jumpmaster is like being a Virgin.................If you are NOT no one wants to here your e...More
  strange, j.b. B — military retiree , 21 years service, honorably discharged, assigned to 11th abn division, served in ...More
  Straw, Gerald went by Jerry
  Strebel, Robert J
  Strebel, Robert J — - 4 years with US Navy (E-1 thru E-4) Basic Training, Deck hand, ...More
  Streetman, Brooke
  Streitenberger, Stephanie L — 3rd BDE 3rd STB Raakasans
  Strickland, Jeff
  Strieter, Kirk B — I originally enlisted in the army in November, 1985 as a 63E(M-1 hull mechanic) first assignment was...More
  Strnot, Leo
  Stroud, Bredget
  Stroud, Craig a — medic in the 101 and 1/31st camp howze,korea
  Struble, Mark And Katie
  Stuart, Kraig — Retired as Infrantry Capt. after 25 years with regular army/national guard Retired after 20 as poli...More
  Stubblefield, Lynn — Joined Mortar Battery 1/502 during 12/61. Jump Class Jan. 1962, No. 137. Swift Strike II, Oxford, ...More
  Studebaker, Michael E
  Sturgeon, Ron R
  Stutz, John D — 101st Airborne Mosul, Iraq-HHC Division 807th MDE BN - FT SAM HOUSTON 121st CH Det-USAR 90th RSG...More
  Suarez, Vicente
  Suber, Darlene — I am a wife of a retired military sgt. My husband has served with the 101st Airborne and the 146th ...More
  Subora, Jeffery l
  Sudakow, Kirill
  Suerth, Thomas E — 101st Airborn Div, Bravo Co: 3rd Bn/187th inf
  Sullen, Douglas
  Sullenger, Jason
  Sullivan, Barbara
  Sullivan, Bernard B — served in 319th from 1989-1993 my name is Sullivan, looking for all who served at that time
  Sullivan, Chris — light artillery
  Sullivan, Denise
  Sullivan, Donald L
  Sullivan, John l — 11th Airborne 1955 to 1958.24th Inf 1958 to 1959 101st 1959 to 1960 505th and 509th airborne brigad...More
  sullivan, john — good
  Sullivan, Karen
  Sullivan, Kevin T
  Sullivan, Michael P
  Sullivan, Morgan — I have been in the 101st for fiveyears including two deployments to Iraq with the 502nd Infantry Reg...More
  Sully, Owen L.
  Summer, Robert M
  Summers, Levi Keith — I served during the Vietnam and Cold War era. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Lewi...More
  Summey, Richard s
  Sumner, Wade
  Sumpter, Sarah B — Served 4 yrs. at Ft. Campbell Attached to B Co. 7/101 AVN Deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq ETSed ...More
  Sundt, John M — Stationed in C co 1/327th IN, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) 90-93. Up to 11B20. OCS Class 02-93 Ft ...More
  Sunhawk, Thomas
  Sunyog, John A — I was Stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky. with 2nd Battalion 320th Field Artillery (101st Airborne Divisio...More
  Sunyog, John A — I was stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky, B 2/320FA in 1996 and 97. I am now back in Mi (my home state) a...More
  Suriaga, Earl D — Aco 3/325 82nd Abn, 583rd Ord Co Germany, Bco 3/502 101st Abn, Hco 4th Avn Regt 8th ID Germany, Bco ...More
  Susi, John F — Company Clerk, Bravo Company, 326th En Bn, Vietnam, March 1969-January 1970.
  Sutter, Michael J
  Sutter, Michael J — Entered active duty in 1973, was assigned to 21 Replacement Germany, 2/78 FA BN Germany, 5th Main Su...More
  Sutton, Albert w
  Sutton, Edward
  Sutton, Joe B
  Sutton, Richard E — Currently living in Enid, OK. Both Sons deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Daughter currently going t...More
  Sutton, Robert J
  Sutton-Paltani, Bridget A — Recruiter at Elyria Recruiting Station, Guidance Counselor at Cleveland Meps, Station Cdr. E. Liverp...More
  Svec, Marcel
  Swafford, Gary
  Swan, Richard F
  Swank Ii, William J
  Swann, Steven W — COL,Medical Corps. Current: Command Surgeon and Director, Clinical Support Division, US Army Warrior...More
  Swanson, Dave — Ft. Campbell, KY. HQ & Co. A. 326th Med Battalion, E-4.
  Swanson, Gary T — 311th MI 90-91 GSR Desert Storm; 102nd MI A Co 91-92; 102nd B Co 2000; 104th MI B Co 92-94; 104th MI...More
  Swanson, Kevin t — Soldiered 73~76 married twice (oops) 77~85 Soldiered 86~03
  Swanson, Kevin t — retired, gone fish'n
  Swanson, Luke E
  Swanson, Luke — I served with the 502nd Inf. in both Berlin and the 101st. Served from 2/87 to 12/95. Berlin: 4/...More
  Sweeney, Jim — B/228th ASHB, 1st Cav. Div. 1966-1967. 205th ASHC, 1st Aviation Brigade - Feb. 1968 to May 1968 ...More
  Sweeney, Ron j — served V/N 1968 - 1969 Camp Eagle -
  Sweet, Steven D — learned then lived
  Sweitzer, Michael L — Member of 2-327 A-co 1992-1994 (Ft. Campbell) Patherfinder Det. 1994-1995 (Ft. Camp...More
  Swenson, Randy L — 146th ASA Co Korea / 609th Trans Co. Hunter AAF Ga. / Civilian / 2-37 FA Ft. Sill, Ok / 1-40 FA Germ...More
  Swetnam, Greg
  Swier, Richard M — Richard holds a Doctorate of Education, a Master?s Degree in Management Information Systems, and a B...More
  Swift, Michael R — Total Service 32 years. Republic of Vietnam service - 326th Medical Battalion, 101st Airborne Divis...More
  Swing, Joe M — 1981-1982: 101st Airborne Division, A Btry 2/31st FA; 1982-1983: 2nd Infantry Division, HHB a...More
  Swingholm, Matthew T.
  Swink, Charles F
  Swisher, Joseph a — 68J20 Aircraft Armament Currently living in River Rouge Mi Disabled American Veteran
  Switzer, Robert l
  Swor, Wayne P — My dad was a member of the 101st Airbourne during Vietnam, my stepdad was a career Air Force officer...More
  Sydnor, Keith
  Sykes, Dave — none
  Sylvester, Nicholas M
  Szachnitowski, Michael p — e co 705th msb,596th maint co,31st maint co , 626fsb

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